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									                   DR. ANNE- BEATRICE KIHARA

                          CURRICULUM VITAE
Personal information
Date of Birth:                16th July 1964

Marital status:               Widowed

Permanent address:            P.O. Box 66607-00800 Nairobi

Telephone number:             +25420726360

Mobile contact:               +254722414468

E-mail address:               ruby_medical@yahoo.com

Fax Number:                   +25420343037

Religion:                     Protestant

Nationality:                  Kenyan

Languages:                    English, Swahili, French, Kikuyu

Confident, determined and capable individual with commitment and zeal to tasks

Professional Qualification
September 1994 – July 1999:          University of Nairobi; College of Health
                                     Sciences. Pursued and completed Masters in
                                     Obstetrics/ Gynecology (M. Med Obs /Gyn)

September 1993 – August 1994:          Kerogoya District Hospital; Central
                                       Province, Kenya

                                       Medical Officer In Charge of Maternity

July 1993 – September 1993:            Ol- Kalaou District Hospital, Rift Valley
                                       Province, Kenya

                                       Relieving Duties as Head of Maternity

June 1991 – July 1993:                 Registered as Qualified Medical
                                       Practitioner, Nyeri Provincial General

                                       Posted by the Ministry of Health as a
                                       Medical Officer and responsible for the day
                                       to day running of the Maternity/ Gynecology

August 1990 – May 1991:                Nyeri Provincial General Hospital;

1984 – July 1990:                      University of Nairobi; College of Health
                                       Sciences. Awarded Degree in Bachelor of
                                       Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (M.B, ch. B)

Courses, Workshops and Conferences attended
Minilaparotomy training at Nyeri Provincial General Hospital under University of
Nairobi / JHPIEGO

Reproductive Health Update course at Machakos Hospital under JHPIEGO

Genital tract infection in relation to Family Planning at Kenyatta National Hospital
under the National STD Committee University of Nairobi / JHPIEGO

Post partum placement of IUD (PPIUD) at Nyeri Provincial General Hospital
                                   Maternity Unit

Norplant training at the University of Nairobi / Family Planning Sector Kenyatta
National Hospital

Laparoscopic Course for Diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in Gynecology

Ultrasound and its uses in Obstetrics and Gynecology, PCEA Kikuyu Hospital

PMTCT training Course, Isaac Walton Embu; University of Nairobi / NASCOP,

Clinical training skills Course JHPIEGO, Windsor Hotel Nairobi, 2006

Rolling out Preservice abortion care training in East Africa: Workshop for Senior
                                       trainers, IPAS, Kampala, 2007

MIPESA (Malaria in pregnancy in Eastern Southern Africa) Regional Workshop,
Rwanda, Sponsor DRH/ WHO, 2008

Pedagogical skills training Workshop for College of Health Sciences staff,
University of Nairobi, 2008

ECSAOGS Conference at Whitesands Hotel Mombasa, Hosted by KOGS,
                                February 2009

ECSAOG rapportured session on Abortion morbidity and mortality, February 2009

GOWE – Women Entrepreneurs - Expand your business Workshop at Silver
                                Springs, Nairobi, April 2009

Value Clarification and attitude transformation Training of trainers workshop,
                                        IPAS Lake Naivasha Country club, October

KOGS Annual Scientific Conference, Laico Hotel, Nairobi, 2010

Facilitated Workshops

PMTCT Grand Round One Kenyatta National Hospital, UON

STI/HIV training at Kakuma Refugee Camp for Clinical Officers, IRC


Training of trainers AMTSL (Active management of third stage of labor),
                                    Kakamega - JHPIEGO

AMTSL training for midwives at Soi Lodge Baringo, JHPIEGO

PMTCT training for nurses from Kenyatta/ Pumwani Hospital, Marble Arch Hotel

PMTCT Grand Round Two Holiday Inn- Mayfair Hotel, UON

Comprehensive abortion care (CAC) undergraduate preservice seminar at the
                                   UON/Obs-Gyn Department 2008

Comprehensive abortion care (CAC) Workshop for health care providers at Family
                                  Health Options of Kenya/IPPF-AFRO, 2009

Values Clarification and attitude transformation (VCAT) on Abortion workshop
                                        for Health care providers at Family Health
                                        Options Kenya/ IPPFAFRO, 2009


Chapter Eleven in Clinicians’ guide to Quality Outpatient diagnosis a manual for
Eastern Africa By Jane Y Carter; AMREF


Safe Motherhood Manual draft; IPPF-AFRO 2008

Comprehensive Abortion Care draft; IPPF-AFRO 2008


Documentary on Abortion conjunction with IPPF-AFRO

Free communication (oral) presentation/International Journal of Gynecology and
                                     Obstetrics 10752(2009) S220

Research and Projects undertaken
1. To determine patterns of early Perinatal morbidity/ mortality associated with
   augmentation of labor with oxytocin at Nyeri Provincial General Hospital

2. Knowledge attitude and practice of breast self examination among women
   seeking Family planning services

3. Co investigator in QAP Collaborative Maternal Health evaluation in Kenya in
   Kisii, Meru and Mombasa, 2006

4. Output based Aid – Reproductive Health (OBA-RH) Project in Kiambu District
   Collaboration of Ministry of Planning and Development Kenya / Germany;
   2007 to date

5. Introduction of the new model of antenatal care at Tigoni District Hospital
   WHO-HRP/ UON- Currently commenced

Professional Experience
2005 to date:

 I.      Duties undertaken within the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at
         the University of Nairobi include:

      1. Pedagogical teaching of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

      2. Knowledge and skills imparting during the ward rounds, tutorials, various
         clinics and theatre sessions for undergraduate and postgraduate students

      3. Supervision of the Postgraduate students in research.

      4. Provision of mentorship to Undergraduate and postgraduate students.
5. Conducting workshops, seminars, research and projects within the

6. Continuous medical updates from attendance of Conferences, workshops, e-
   learning, internet and journals

7. Other responsibilities within the department: include Supervision of the Part
   I Masters students and the IT Champion.

8. Consultancy services in Reproductive Health trainings, workshops and
   Community based Education forums.

Student research supervised:

   1. The prevalence of urinary tract infections among antenatal mothers seen
      at the Mater Hospital, Dr. Eunice Muthoni Njeru, 2006

   2. The prevalence of near miss maternal morbidity at Provincial General
      Hospital Nyeri, Dr. Koba Geoffrey, 2007

   3. Effects of non- closure as compared to closure of the peritoneum at
      Caesarian section on the intraoperative and early post operative
      outcomes, Dr. Maureen Mutua, 2008

   4. Correlation of ultrasound findings and clinical findings in the
      management of ectopic pregnancies at Kenyatta National Hospital, Dr.
      Jacques Z. Radiology Dept., 2009

      Ongoing supervision:

   5. Antepatum hemorrhage and maternal outcomes reviewed at Kenyatta
      National Hospital, Dr Bosco,2010

   6. Antibiotic prophylaxis amongst women undergoing elective caesarian
      section, Dr. Macharia 2010

   7. Poor obstetric outcome in antenatal mothers presenting with reduced fetal
      movement at Kenyatta National Hospital, A cross sectional study Dr.
      Kibet, 2010

         8. Uptake of provider initiated counseling and testing among acute
            Gynecology patients at the Kenyatta National Hospital, Dr. Kaliti 2010

         9. Factors influencing early diagnosis of cervical cancer, Dr. Machena R,

      1999 – 2002:

II.      Consultant services in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the P.C.E.A
         Kikuyu Mission Hospital included:

      1. Acute coverage of

            a. Casualty Attendance to Obstetrics/ Gynecology Patients

            b. Emergency Surgery in Obstetrics and Gynecology

            c. Admissions within the Obstetrics/ Gynecology Unit

            d. Coverage of antenatal and Gynecology Clinics

      2. Daily ward rounds coverage of in-patients in Obstetrics and Gynecology

      3. Initiation of the STI/HIV and PMTCT Programme of counseling and

      4. Continuous evaluation programme in:

            a. Training classes, ward rounds, Prenatal mortality meetings,
               continuous medical education forums, theatre sessions for elective
               obstetrics and gynecology cases

      5. Overseas programme involved in teaching/ training of medical students on
         exchange programme in screening, clerkship and provision of treatment or
         surgical management of cases within my discipline. Grading and remittance
         of performance reports to their respective institutions.

      6. Continuous medical education of medical, paramedical and various
         community groups in Reproductive Health at weekly meetings
       7. Involvement in the renovation and refurbishing of the Obstetric/ Gynecology

1995 – 2002:

III.      AMREF Clinical Outreach Services

Conducted clinical Outreach in Obstetrics/ Gynecology in various towns in Kenya
namely: Maralal, Marsabit, Moyale and in Tanzanian Hospitals namely: Haydom,
Turiani, N’Kinga, Michukwi, Nzenga, Shirati and Kibondo. During these
missions it involved teaching, training and screening of clients and provision of
medical or surgical treatment.

Continuous medical education in various Reproductive Health topics to the various
medical cadres and within the respective surrounding community.

2000 to date:

IV.       Private Consultancy Services

  I.      Part time Private Consultancy services have been provided in various
          Hospitals namely:

                Kenyatta National Hospital, The Nairobi Hospital,The Karen
                Hospital, Ruby Medical Centre, Avenue Nursing, M.P. Shah
                Hospital, Nairobi Womens’ Hospital, PCEA Kikuyu Mission
                Hospital, Family Helath Options of Kenya Maternity, AAR Sarit
                Centre, Masaba Hospital, Radiant Maternity Hospital, Limuru
                Nursing Home, Midhill Nursing Home.

 II.      Provision of technical assistance and training to various groups, Institutions
          and Organizations.

III.      Capacity building of my practice through attendance of Conferences,
          workshops, CME provided by KOGS, KMA, Nairobi Hospital, Karen
          Hospital and various pharmaceutical firms; reading of various reputable
          Journals and internet as an information resource.
1990 – 1994

Hospitals worked in as a Medical Officer of Health included: Aga Khan Hospital-
Nairobi, Karira Mwea Hospital, Nyeri Nursing Home, Kerogoya Nursing Home,
Private Clinics run by Dr. S. Thuo, Dr. E.N. Mate and Dr. Gachengechi, PCEA
Kikuyu Hospital, Karel Health Services.

Associate member of the following bodies
Kenya Obstetrics and Gynecology Society- Currently the assistant secretary

University of Nairobi Alumni Association

Kenya Medical Association

The Nairobi Hospital – Kenya Hospital Association

Kenya Medical Women Association

Reproductive Health and Reproductive Alliance

Afya Cooperative Society

National AIDS Research Eastern Southern Africa (NARESA)

Kenya National Art and Craft Society

Waziri Welfare Association

Sigona Golf club

Academic interests

      Adolescent Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights

      Family planning

      Fetal medicine

        Media as a channel to disseminate Reproductive Health

Education Background
1970-1975:                Lavington Primary School

1975 – 1976:              Westlands Primary School

                          Certificate of Primary Education – 32 points

1977 – 1980:              Limuru Girls High School

                          Kenya Certificate of Education – 1st Division

1981 – 1982:              Limuru Girls High School

                          Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education – 2Principals,

1982 – 1984:              Worked at the General Post Office carrying out clerical
                          duties in the Salaries section. Obtained basic computer
                          skills in batching, lotus, Word perfect and laptop design.
                          Undertook basic typing course at Queensway Secretarial

1984:                     Pre- University training at the National Youth Service.
                          Obtained the Cane of Honor for the best recruit.

1989:                     Control of meningitis outbreak in Nairobi, Kibera in
                          conjunction with staff from CDC Atlanta and Pediatric
                          Department, KNH

                          Community based medicine in Machakos – Mitaboni
                          with Community Health Department, KNH

Travelling, Golf, Current affairs, Investment strategies, Art and craft

1. Prof. Koigi Kamau

     University of Nairobi

     Chairman - Obs/ Gyn Department

     P.O.Box 20723

     Nairobi , Kenya

     Tel:   +254 02 726360/ +254722714402

2. Prof. Karanja J.G.

     University of Nairobi

     Obs/ Gyn Department

     P.O.Box 20723

     Nairobi, Kenya

     Tel: +254722513881

3. Dr. Kudoyi

     Kenyatta National Hospital

     Obstetrics and Gynecology Department

     Private Bag

     Nairobi, Kenya
    Tel: +254722745527

4. Mr. Chege Frank

    P.O. Box 56411-00200

    Nairobi, Kenya

    Tel: +254723402286


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