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Platelet-Rich Plasma
Accelerates Healing

New Helmet Technology

Roaring Fork Valley
ACL Injury Prevention Program
Good Luck Chris Klug
Joint Surgeries and Sports Injuries
Heal Faster with C P M Rehabilitation.
Continuous Passive Motion keeps synovial joints moving after surgery and between PT visits.
       • Maintain and increase range of motion (ROM)
       • Reduce swelling
       • Reduce pain
       • Inhibit scar tissue formation

The Medcom Group rents CPM machines, foot pumps and SCDs with home set-up and personalized attention.
Contact us before surgery to get true hospital-to-home consistency in supplies and service.     
the medcom group, ltd.                      Your Hospital to Home CPM Provider.                         Call 1.800.780.4276
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       Aspen Club Sports Medicine        Our expertise includes complex sports medicine surgery, spine surgery, and total hip and knee
          Aspen Sports Medicine
                                          PRogRessive CaRe               Our orthopaedic surgeons are trained in minimally invasive surgical
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                                         including Platelet--Rich Plasma (PRP) and other biologics to enhance your recovery. Furthermore, we are
        Heritage Park Care Center        leaders in the field of sports medicine research. This year our team is researching head trauma in snow
          Levy Physical Therapy          sports with the Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club.

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      Roaring Fork Physical Therapy
          Sports Physical Therapy
                & Pilates
         Trailhead Technologies
                                         George D. Trantow, FACHE                                                      George D. Trantow
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                                         Executive Director, Aspen Orthopaedic Associates

                     7    | Platelet-Rich Plasma                    14 | Should I Have My Broken
    table of

                            Accelerates Healing                            Clavicle Surgically Repaired?

                     9    | Research Project -                      15 | Aspen-Bariloche Medical
                            New Helmet Technology                          Exchange Program
                     10 | Meet Our Doctors
                                                                    16 | Congratulations To Ted Davenport
                     12 | What is a Physician Assistant?
                     13 | Roaring Fork Valley                       18 | Personalized Rehabilitation
                            (ACL) Injury Prevention Program                In Your Own Backyard

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                                        A s p e n O r t h O pA e d i c A s s O c i At e s
  Sport-SpecIfIc rehAbILItAtIon

  Good Luck Chris Klug                                                                 Special Thanks
  Aspen Orthopaedic Associates and Dr. Tom Pevny are proud to                   Aspen Orthopaedics Associates would like to extend special thanks
  treat Chris Klug as a patient. Please join me in supporting Chris             to Dr. Glenn Kotz of Mid-Valley Family Practice & Sports Medicine and
  and wishing him luck in his bid for the 2010 Winter Olympics!                 Karen Eberhardt, RN of Aspen Orthopaedic Associates for volunteering
                                                                                your time!
  Dr. Pevny says, “Chris is a patient of mine who has overcome
  tremendous adversity to achieve amazing goals. Along with
                                                                                Glenn and Karen traveled to Canberra, Australia for the Mountain
  orthopaedic injuries, Chris was the first Olympian to compete
                                                                                Bike World Championship, September 1 to 6, 2009 to volunteer as
  after receiving an organ transplant. He won an Olympic bronze
  medal in the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics and is a                     the team medical staff for the USA Mountain Biking Team. Volunteering
  several-time US National Champion.”                                           as the team medical staff is a huge responsibility, time consuming and
                                                                                extremely exhausting. Thanks for making sure our athletes stay healthy
  To learn more about Chris Klug please                                         and safe!

  Dear Dr. Pevny,
  Thank you for putting me back
  together more than once and being
  a part of the team that’s helping
  me pursue my Olympic dreams.
  It has all been downhill fast.                                                                                                                          5
  Sincerely, Chris Klug

                                                        Chris Klug

    Congratulations                                                             Dr. Mark Purnell (of Aspen Orthopaedic Associates), Dr. Glenn Kotz
                                                                                and Karen Eberhardt, RN have been volunteering as the medical staff
                                                                                with USA Cycling since 1995. They volunteer their time to treat the
                                                                                USA Cycling Athletes so they can gain experience treating high-level
                                                                                athletes and keep up to date on new and innovative treatment methods.
                                                                                This experience allows them to provide better care to their competitive
                                                                                and recreational athlete patients that live in the Roaring Fork Valley.
                                                                                Thank you for being dedicated to providing the best possible care to
                                                                                our community!
Dr. Mark Purnell   Dr. Tom Pevny      Dr. Tito Liotta   Dr. N. Lindsay Harris
  Congratulations to Dr. Mark Purnell, Dr. Tom Pevny, Dr. Tito Liotta, and
                                                                                                                          Dr. Kotz assists an athelete
  Dr. N. Lindsay Harris of Aspen Orthopaedic Associates for passing the
                                                                                                                          in proper bike position to
  American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine Certification                                                     prevent injury.
  This subspecialty exam in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine is limited to
  surgeons who have demonstrated qualifications beyond those expected
  of other orthopaedic surgeons by virtue of additional education, a
  practice characterized by a majority of cases in orthopaedic sports
  medicine, and contributions to this field of medicine.
  The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery functions to serve the
  best interests of the public and medical professionals by establishing
  educational standards for orthopaedic surgeons and by evaluating
  the initial and continuing qualifications and knowledge of orthopaedic

                                v i s i t u s O n t h e w e b : w w w. O r t h O p. c O m
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    acute sports injuries, post-operative rehabilitation, or chronic repetitive stress injuries.               IT Consulting
            Services Include:                       •   Personal Training                                      Infrastructure
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            • Biomechanical Evaluations             •   Active Release Technique
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            • Sports Performance                    •   Pilates

           B.J. Williams, PTMS, Susan Chelec, MSPT, Pete Holman, MSPT
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                                                        A s p e n O r t h O pA e d i c A s s O c i At e s
Platelet-Rich Plasma
Accelerates Healing
by n. Lindsay harris, md and Andrew i. Larson, bsme
Aspen Orthopaedic Associates                                                                                                   Dr. N. Lindsay Harris
Aspen sports medicine Foundation                                                                                               presenting our research
                                                                                                                               findings at the 2009

                                                                                                                               Annual Meeting of the
        spen Orthopaedic Associates and the         biologics potentially allow for less-invasive
                                                                                                                               American Academy of
        Aspen Sports Medicine Foundation            procedures, faster healing, and shorter hospi-                             Orthopaedic Surgeons
        research reveals platelet-rich plasma       tal stays. Some examples of biologics in or-                               in Las Vegas.

(PRP) accelerates healing of damaged tissue.        thopaedics are bone grafts to help remodel
                                                    areas around fractured bone; tissue engineer-
In a specialty as ever-advancing as orthopae-       ing, such as collagen scaffolds to aid in re-
dics, it is integral to maintain a commitment       constructing various types of tissue; and PRP,
to research and technological improvement.          which is used to initiate a healing response
Aspen Orthopaedic Associates is at the fore-        within damaged tissue, offering the potential
front of this initiative and has spearheaded        for an alternative to replacement and earlier
research in conjunction with the Aspen Sports
Medicine Foundation, Colorado State Uni-
versity, and the University of Colorado.            PRP in The news                                                                                            7
                                                    PRP was in the headlines this year as two of the
This year, the research projects have focused       biggest stars of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Hines
on investigating the uses of (PRP) and its abil-    Ward and Troy Polamalu, used PRP therapy to
ity to accelerate a healing response within         heal their injuries prior to leading their team to
numerous types of injuries. Dr. N. Lindsay          a Super Bowl victory. PRP is derived by plac-
Harris represented Aspen Orthopaedic Asso-          ing a small amount of the patient’s blood in         instincts of platelets without triggering the
ciates and the Aspen Sports Medicine Founda-        a filtration system or centrifuge that rotates at    clotting response for which platelets are
tion while presenting his research on PRP in        high speed, separating red blood cells from          typically known. On its own, PRP therapy
                                                                                                         has the potential to heal stubborn injuries
February of 2009 at the American Academy            the platelets that release proteins and growth
                                                                                                         like tennis elbow and knee tendinitis.
of Orthopaedic Surgeons in Las Vegas.               factors involved in the body’s self-healing pro-
                                                    cess. A small amount of highly concentrated
                                                                                                         It is important to note that PRP is not appropriate
BiologiCs ReseaRCh                                  platelets are then injected into the damaged         in all cases. A clear understanding of the
In the recent past, orthopaedic surgeons have       area, which has the ability catalyze the growth      repair response, the development of PRP thera-
made breakthroughs in treating variety of           of new soft tissue or bone cells. Because this       py, and the variables that may affect the body’s
musculoskeletal diseases and injuries with im-      substance can be injected where blood would          response to PRP therapy is necessary to make
proved implants and biologics. For patients,        rarely flow otherwise, it can deliver the healing    informed clinical judgments on its use.

FiguRe 1: A torn meniscus undergoing a heal-
ing response generated by a PRP injection to the
area showing “synovial-like” in-growth of tissue.

                                                          FiguRe 2: A PRP-Treated Achilles Tendon showing areas of new collagen formation.

                                v i s i t u s O n t h e w e b : w w w. O r t h O p. c O m

                                      Powerful * Close
                                Powerful * Easy * Easy * Close
                                                           Powerful • Easy • Close
     Powerful – More power forpowerscans means you get the clearest images possible. possible. We
           Powerful – More MRI for MRI scans means you get the clearest images We
               industry industry leader, GE, and proven platform, 1.5 Tesla. We chose a
     chose the chose theleader, GE, and their mosttheir most proven platform, 1.5 Tesla. We chose a
                group with sub-specialist for every body part.P o w e
     radiology radiology group with sub-specialist for every body part. r f u l . . .
                                                                  More power for MRI scans means you get the clearest images possible.
     Easy – We make We make ityou – for you – appointments around your schedule, same-day, next-
            Easy – it easy for easy appointments around your schedule, same-day, next-
               * Easy * We participate with many insurance plans. chose the
  Powerful day. choice. Close We participate with many insurance plans. industry leader, GE, and their most proven platform, 1.5
    day. It is your It is your choice.
                                                                  Tesla. We chose a radiology group with subspecialists for every body part.
     Close – Close – Conveniently located on to work, toE a s y. . . play or in the
for MRI scansConveniently located on your way your wayhome, play or shopping shopping in the
                                                             work, home,
                means you get the clearest images possible. We
     Midvalley Wellness Wellness Center/WINWe chose a
GE, and their most provenCenter/WIN Institute. Institute.
               Midvalley platform, 1.5 Tesla.                     We make it easy for you - appointments around your schedule: same-day,
pecialist for every body part.                                    next-day. It’s your choice. We participate with many insurance plans.

 or you – appointments around your schedule, same-day, next- l o s e . . .
         Powerful * Easy * Close
  participate with many insurance plans.                        Conveniently located on your way to work, home, play or shopping in the
                                                                  Midvalley Wellness Center/WIN Institute.
ated on your way to work, home, play or shopping in the
 /WIN Institute.
                                                           Insurance:We accept               Health
wer for MRI scans means you get the clearest imagesCommunityWorker’sPlan, Aetna, Cofinity, Sloans Lake,Rocky
                                                                                   possible. We
                                                           Healthcare, Pacificare, Medicare,        Compensation, GreatWest and

                                                           Mountain Health United
er, GE, and their most proven platform, 1.5 Tesla. Plans.Lake, United a
     Insurance: We accept Community Health Plan/Aetna, Cofinity/Sloans Lake, We chose
              Insurance: We accept Community Health Plan/Aetna, Cofinity/Sloans
               Healthcare/Pacificare, Worker’s Compensation, GreatWest and Rocky Hospital
      Healthcare/Pacificare, Medicare,Medicare, Worker’s
ub-specialist for every Mountainpart. Plans. Compensation, GreatWest and Rocky and many local doctors.
                                 body Mountain Health Plans. with Aspen Valley
                                                                 1460 East Valley Road, Suite 102, Basalt, CO 81621
                             with Aspen Valley Hospital Hospital local doctors.
                  Affiliated Affiliated with Aspen Valley and manyand many local doctors.
sy for you – appointments around your schedule, same-day, next- 927-3476 Call 384-8460 • Fax
                              Valley Road, Suite 102, Basalt, CO 81621
                    1460 East1460 East Valley Road, Suite 102, Basalt, CO 81621
 We participate with many insurance plans.
Community Health Plan/Aetna, Cofinity/Sloans Lake, United
                                          384- 8460 r t h
                                    Call A s p e n
                                             Call 384-
 Medicare, Worker’s Compensation, GreatWest and Rocky O 8460 O pA e d i c A s s O c i At e s
     Mountain Health Plans.          Fax 927- 3476 3476
                                              Fax 927-
Research Project
                      with Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club
New Helmet Technology Measures Head Trauma
in Adolescent Skiers and Snowboarders
by Zachary stutzman, Atc
Aspen Orthopaedic Associates
Aspen sports medicine Foundation

         s falling leaves turn to falling snow, the time is coming to
         get our skis, boots, and neon one-pieces out of storage and
         make sure we are fully prepared to hit the slopes in style.
One piece of equipment not to be overlooked, however, is a proper
helmet. Helmets have been shown to decrease head injuries by up
to 60%. Furthermore, as head injuries account for up to 15% of
all ski and snowboard injuries, proper headwear is important. In
fact, major head trauma from skiing or snowboarding is the second
leading cause of recreational death in Colorado.

Concussion awareness has become a ver y important issue
in all aspects of athletics, including skiing and snowboarding.
Concussion, as defined by the most recent consensus statement,
is a complex pathophysiological process affecting the brain                                                                                      9
and is induced by traumatic biomechanical forces. Worldwide,
experts are working to better understand the causes and possible
complications that arise from even “minor” head injuries. As re-
ported in the news recently, head injuries seen even as a “bump”
on the head can lead to catastrophic results if not treated in a timely
manner. Guidelines for when a person may return to activity
are also continually being updated as new research becomes
Up to 70% of all head injuries reported in skiers and snowboarders
are considered concussions. But, data on concussion in adolescents
and recovery are very scarce. To improve the knowledge base in                                     A young member
this field, this season Aspen Orthopaedic Associates and the Aspen                                 of Aspen Valley Ski &
Sports Medicine Foundation are teaming up with the Aspen Valley
Ski & Snowboard Club (AVSC) and Simbex Technologies to
                                                                                                   Snowboard Athletic Club.
conduct a study of concussions in adolescent skiers and
snowboarders. This study will focus on the different types of im-
pacts experienced by the athletes and the possible underlying
issues and their symptoms. We will also look to evaluate the
relationship between cognitive and postural testing and
self-repor ted concussion symptoms in adolescent skiers and               We are also proud to include the state-of-the-art Head Impact
snowboarders.                                                             Telemetry System (HITS) in a number of the AVSC helmets this year.
                                                                          This technology enables us to record and analyze every head impact
Symptoms of head trauma include: headache, feeling in a fog,
                                                                          sustained by athletes who wear these helmets. Able to fit into the
amnesia, behavioral changes, dizziness and/or drowsiness.
                                                                          already popular Giro Nine.9 helmet, this technology will allow us to
This novel study will be one of the first to follow young snow athletes   evaluate possible concussion-causing impacts like never before.
after an injury to help determine proper course of treatment.
Researchers will use balance, cognitive, and computerized testing         While on the hill this year, have fun, be safe, and be aware of the
currently being implemented at the college and professional levels        signs and symptoms of concussion. If you observe or experience any
to determine neurocognitive function before and after injury. With        symptoms of head trauma after a head impact, see a doctor to ensure
this complete array of testing, we expect to learn a great deal about     proper treatment and prevent possible complications.
differences in recovery in adolescents and adults.

                          v i s i t u s O n t h e w e b : w w w. O r t h O p. c O m
     Meet our Doctors
     Aspen Sports Medicine Foundation                                 Dr. N. Lindsay Harris and Dr. Mark L. Purnell: presented their
     The Physicians at Aspen Orthopaedic Associates sponsors          research on Platelet-rich plasma at the annual American
     a non-profit organization called the Aspen Sports Medicine       Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery meeting in Las Vegas during
     Foundation. This Foundation is dedicated to the promotion,       February 2009.
     support, and sponsorship of education and research in the
     field of sports medicine.                                        Aspen–Bariloche Medical Exchange
                                                                      Dr. Mark Purnell, Dr. Tito Liotta, Dr. N. Lindsey Harris, and
     Education                                                        Dr. Eleanor F. von Stade have been working to improve
     Dr. N. Lindsay Harris and Dr. Ferdinand Liotta co-hosted the     patientcare for the Aspen and Bariloche communities through
     2008 Rocky Mountain Shoulder & Elbow Society Meeting             education, philanthropy, and cultural exchanges since 2001.
     in Aspen, Colorado during August 2008.

     Dr. Ferdinand Liotta, continues to offer quarterly educational   Orthopaedic Overseas
     opportunities to health care providers in our community.         Dr. Robert Derkash has volunteered for Orthopaedics
     The goal of this series is to provide affordable continuing      Overseas for more than 30 years. He has traveled to many
     educational opportunities on the most current methods in         countries including: Mexico, Honduras, Nepal, India, Vietnam,
     sports medicine rehabilitation within the Roaring Fork Valley.   and Bhutan. Orthopaedic Overseas is dedicated to improving
                                                                      the availability and quality of health care in developing
     Research                                                         countries through training and education. Today, Dr. Derkash
     Dr. Mark L. Purnell published an article titled “Anterior
                                                                      is the Program Director for Sihanouk Hospital in Phnom
10   Cruciate Ligament Insertions on the Tibia and Femur and
                                                                      Penh, Cambodia. He also volunteered in Sierra Leone, West
     Their Relationships to Critical Bony Landmarks Using High-
                                                                      Africa, February 2009 working on orthopaedic injuries for the
     Resolution Volume-Rendering Computed Tomography” in the
     American Journal of Sports Medicine, November 2008.

                        Robert S. Derkash, M.D.                                              Tomas Pevny, M.D.
                                                                                             Specializes in Sports
                        Specializes in Hand Surgery
                                                                                             Medicine & Joint Replacement
                        Sees patients at our Glenwood, Basalt,                               Sees patients at our Aspen, Basalt,
                        & Rifle offices.                                                     & Telluride offices. Vice-President,
                                                                                             Aspen Sports Medicine Foundation.

                        Mark L. Purnell, M.D.                                               Ferdinand J. Liotta, M.D.
                        Specializes in Sports Medicine                                      Specializes in Sports Medicine

                       Sees patients at our Aspen, Basalt, &                                 Sees patients at our Glenwood Springs,
                       Telluride offices. President, Aspen Sports                            Basalt, & Eagle offices. Co-Director
                       Medicine Foundation.                                                  of Education, Aspen Sports Medicine

                                       A s p e n O r t h O pA e d i c A s s O c i At e s
Robert F. Adams, M.D.                              Eleanor F. von Stade, M.D.
Specializes in                                     Specializes in Sports Medicine
General Orthopaedics
Sees patients at our Glenwood                      Sees patients at our Aspen, Basalt,
Springs & Rifle offices.                           Glenwood, Rifle, & Telluride offices.
                                                   Co-Director of Education, Aspen
                                                   Sports Medicine Foundation.

Thomas A. St. John, M.D.                           Stanley D. Gertzbein, M.D.,
Specializes in Spine                               F.R.C.S. (C)
& Joint Replacement                                Specializes in Conservative
                                                   Spine Care
Sees patients at our Glenwood,                                                             11
                                                    Sees patients at our Aspen office.
Basalt, & Telluride offices.

N. Lindsay Harris, M.D.                            John R. Freeman, M.D.
Specializes in Sports Medicine                     Specializes in Sports Medicine

Sees patients at our Aspen, Basalt, &              Sees patients at our Aspen office.
Telluride offices. Fellowship Director,
Aspen Sports Medicine Foundation.

Noel E. Armstrong, D.P.M.                          Robert P. Mack, M.D.
Specializes in Podiatric                           Specializes in General
Medicine                                           Orthopaedics & Back Pain
Sees patients at our Glenwood Springs,             Sees patients at our Aspen office.
Aspen, Basalt, & Rifle offices.

                                                      Robert P.
                                                      Mack, M.D.
     v i s i t u s O n t h e w e b : w w w. O r t h O p. c O m
     physician Assistant
     What is a Physician Assistant?
     Physician assistants are health care professionals that are       Physician assistants are trained in the same medical model as
     licensed and credentialed to practice medicine under the          physicians. They undergo training in a condensed time frame
     supervision of a physician. As part of their responsibilities,    and then can further enhance their training in a residency
     physician assistants conduct physical exams, assist in surgery,   program or with their physician supervisors.       Physician
     and write prescriptions. Physician assistants also order and      assistants must also pass a national medical certification
     interpret tests in the scope of diagnosis and treatment of        board and recertify every six years with additional 100
     illnesses.   Within the physician-PA relationship, physician      hours of continuing medical education every two years. All
     assistants have autonomy in medical decision making and can       the physician assistants who practice at Aspen Orthopedic
     provide a wide range of diagnostic and treatment options.         Associates are nationally certified.

                            Izaak Fitzgerald, PA-C
                            Earned his Masters of Physician Assistant Studies at Marquette
                            University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


                                                    Lyndsey Haynie, PA-C
                                                    Earned her Masters of Physician Assistant Studies at Wake Forest
                                                    University School of Medicine in Winston, North Carolina.

                           Daniel Armstrong, PA-C
                            Earned his Masters of Physician Assistant Studies at Seton Hill
                            University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

                                                     Emily Schrobilgen, PA-C
                                                      Earned her Masters of Physician Assistant Studies at Seton Hill
                                                      University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

           New Physician                                Please join us in welcoming Rachael Wymer, PA-C
                                                        and Natalie Arena, PA-C.
                                    A s p e n O r t h O pA e d i c A s s O c i At e s
The Roaring Fork Valley Anterior Cruciate
Ligament Injury Prevention Program
Added to Aspen Middle School Physical Education Curriculum

by Andrew i. Larson, bsme
Aspen Orthopaedic Associates
Aspen sports medicine Foundation

      he Aspen Sports Medicine Foundation and the
      physicians of Aspen Orthopaedic Associates are
      continuing to provide The Roaring Fork Valley
Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury Prevention Program.
This program is developed and designed according to the
latest research in the field of sports medicine, which has
shown not only to dramatically decrease ACL and knee
injuries, but to also enhance overall athletic ability and
performance. We are proud to announce that we will be
introducing the program into the physical education curric-
ulum in the Aspen Middle School during the spring semester
of the 2009-2010 academic year. We are currently working
with other area schools to try and expand their program and
build it into their curriculum.

Starting in the Fall of 2006, our program has been offered
to Aspen Middle School and Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard
Club student athletes during preseason training to equip these
young athletes with the tools and knowledge to prevent ACL
injuries. During each session, trained physical therapists and
athletic trainers guide participants through specific exercises
while evaluating technique and strength. This six-week neuro-
muscular training program is designed for athletes who are
interested in reducing their chances of knee injury as well
as attaining a higher level of athletic performance. Through-
out this program, we evaluate each participant to examine
changes in his or her muscular strength and form.

We live in a unique community with a large number of competitive
and recreational athletes of all ages who participate in a variety
of sports with potential for ACL and knee injuries. Our aim in
providing this program is to ensure that athletes gain injury
prevention knowledge and training to decrease the number of
ACL injuries in our community.

    To learn more about The Roaring Fork Valley ACL Injury
  Prevention Program and opportunities to participate please
 contact Andrew I. Larson, Aspen Sports Medicine Foundation,
            Director of Research at (970) 925-3646.

                            v i s i t u s O n t h e w e b : w w w. O r t h O p. c O m
     QUESTION                                                                 “In September 2009
                                                                              I broke my clavicle
     Should I Have My                                                         during a mountain
                                                                              bike crash. Thanks
     Broken Clavicle                                                          to Dr. Pevny I’m
                                                                              already back
     Surgically Repaired?                                                     on the bike and
     by eleanor F. von stade, md
                                                                              lifting weights
     Aspen Orthopaedic Associates                                             in preparation
     Aspen sports medicine Foundation                                         for the

           ractures of the clavicle, or collarbone, comprise                  ski season!”
           approximately 5% of all emergency room fracture visits,
                                                                              - Chris lane
           and are a common sports injury seen most frequently
     in cycling (think Lance Armstrong, Tyler Hamilton, etc.),
     snowboarding and horseback riding. Traditionally the vast
     majority of clavicle fractures have been treated non-opera-
     tively with a sling or a brace. Recent studies, however, have
     shown that certain patterns of clavicle fractures, particularly
     those where the ends of the bones are significantly displaced,
     do not heal well and will often lead to unsatisfactory results in
     patients, who complain of poor shoulder function and pain.
     The results of these studies, coupled with the development of
     stronger, safer plates and screws has led many sports medicine
     surgeons to recommend surgically “fixing” clavicle fractures,
     either with a plate and screws or a long screw.
                                                                            Chris Lane is a resident of the Roaring Fork Valley, avid outdoorsman, and
     The hardware then holds the collarbone in an anatomically              Vice President of Environmental Affairs for Xanterra Parks & Resorts.
     aligned position to allow better healing and function. The
     rigid fixation of the fracture prevents movement and leads to          The surgery to fix a broken collarbone can usually be done as
     a quicker reduction in patients’ pain, and an earlier recovery         a same-day procedure without an overnight hospital stay, and
     of function than non-operative treatment.                              physical therapy can begin immediately in most cases. The
                                                                            majority of patients may start moving their arms immediately,
                                                                            and may begin working on strength once the bone begins to
                                                                            show signs of healing usually takes approximately 6-8 weeks.
                                                                            While pain and function improve more quickly when surgery is
                                                                            performed, the bone still takes the same amount of time to heal,
                                                                            a total of approximately12-14 weeks.

       Hardware holds the collarbone in an anatomically aligned position.   Complications such as infection and failure to heal are rare,
                                                                            but can occur. The most common “complication” is painful
                                                                            hardware. Many people want their plates or screws removed
                                                                            once the fracture has healed as the hardware can be
                                                                            prominent and can rub on backpack straps and clothing. The
                                                                            newest generation of plates are better molded to the bone
                                                                            and may solve this problem. Lance just got one for his clavicle
                                                                            fracture; let’s see what he does with his!

                                              A s p e n O r t h O pA e d i c A s s O c i At e s
Medical Exchange Program
                                                                         Dr. Ejnar Eriksson &
by Griff smith                                                           Dr. Mark Purnell Volunteering
Aspen sister cities                                                      in Bariloche, Argentina.

bariloche coordinator

Laura morris pritchard
Aspen Orthopaedic Associates
Aspen sports medicine Foundation

     he Aspen-Bariloche Medical Exchange Program works
     to improve patient care for the Aspen, Colorado and
     Bariloche Argentina communities through education,
philanthropy, and cultural exchanges. We are proud to
be one of the few medical exchange program originally
organized through the International Sister Cities Program.           Since the first visit to Bariloche in 2003, the Aspen-Bariloche
                                                                     Medical Exchange Program has successfully exchanged
The Aspen–Bariloche Medical Exchange Program began forming delegations of medical professions to Aspen and Bariloche.
shortly after San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina was named one The focus of the medical professionals is to improve patient care in
of Aspen’s Sister Cities on November 12, 2002, and following one both communities through education, philanthropy and cultural                 15
of Argentina’s worst economic disasters. During this economic        exchanges. The members of this program use the philosophies
tragedy, the value of the Argentine peso declined to less than one of Maimonides’ Goldern Ladder of Tzedakah to describe our work.
quarter of its value and funding for the only public hospital in Moses Maimonides, a rabbi, physician, and philosopher in
Bariloche, Hospital Zonal Ramón Carillo, was                                                 Andalusia, Morocco, and Egypt during the
drastically reduced. At the same time, the                                                   Middle Ages stated in the top rung of
Ramón Carillo Hospital, outdated and already         “help a person help                     Tzedakah’s Golden Ladder, “Help a person
facing minimal government financial support,                                                 help himself. Prevent poverty by giving some-
was faced with the daunting task of being the himself. Prevent poverty one a gift or a loan or find work for him so
only medical provider to more then 500,000                                                   that he will not need to appeal for help.” By
indigent people in the Bariloche community            by giving someone                      following Maimonides’ Golden Ladder of
and surrounding region. Luckily, through this                                                Tzedakah, we believe that our program is
new Sister Cities relationship, the medical            a gift or a loan or                   unique and has made such a lasting impact
professionals working at the Ramón Carillo                                                   on both the Aspen and Bariloche comminutes
Hospital were able to contact Aspen Valley          find work for him so                     because we incorporate the importance of
Hospital to make a desperate plea for help.                                                  knowledge exchange. The medical profession-
                                                     that he will not need                   als from Aspen are able to teach their counter-
Dr. Scott Gallagher and Dr. Mark Purnell                                                     part in Bariloche newer techniques and how
visited Bariloche in early 2003 to explore            to appeal for help.”                   to use the modern medical equipment we are
the possibility of creating a medical exchange                                               providing.
program. At the Hospital Zonal Ramón                    - Moses Maimonides                   In response, the medical professionals in
Carillo they found a government-supported
                                                                                             Bariloche teach their Aspen counterpart
hospital that has had little improvement since
                                                                                             how to perform medical procedures with-
its creation in 1938; equipped with only the most basic medical
                                                                     out modern equipment and little supplies. This knowledge is
equipment and not enough staff for the growing numbers of patients.
                                                                     very valuable as disaster and emergency management become
Fortunately, they also discovered a very dedicated and well trained-
                                                                     more important.
team of medical professionals who were interested in participating
in an exchange of ideas and medical technology. Shortly thereafter, Today the Aspen-Bariloche Medical Exchange Program has partnered
Aspen Valley Hospital, The Aspen Valley Medical Foundation, and with Project C.U.R.E. to continue shipping desperately needed medical
Aspen Sister Cities teamed up to send the first of several shipments supplies to the Hospital Zonal Ramón Carillo.
of medical supplies to the Hospital Zonal Ramón Carillo. Thus,
                                                                                To make a donation, volunteer, or learn more about the
the foundation, for the Aspen-Bariloche Medical Exchange Program              Aspen-Bariloche Medical Exchange Program please contact
was formed.                                                                 Laura Pritchard at (970) 920-4151 or

                             v i s i t u s O n t h e w e b : w w w. O r t h O p. c O m
     To Ted Davenport for Winning the World
     Heli Challenge in Lake Hawea, New Zealand
     by Laura morris pritchard
     Aspen Orthopaedic Associates
     Aspen sports medicine Foundation

     Ted Davenport turned pro in 2005 after winning the overall European
     Freeski title as well as placing in the top five at the infamous Verbier
     Extreme. In this same season, he also started filming with Warren
     Miller and Teton Gravity Research. Unfortunately just after turning
     professional, his career had a rocky progression plagued by several
     injuries. Just when he felt fully healed and strong again, he’d have
     another accident.

     Riding the momentum of a successful season, Ted was back in Europe
     for the 2006 Verbier Extreme. A week before the contest, Ted was
     B.A.S.E. jumping off of a 1300-foot cliff in France when his canopy
     malfunctioned at deployment. He slammed into the cliff face about
16   700 feet off the ground and broke all the metatarsals in his left foot
     on impact. He was dragged down the cliff’s face until he managed
     to turn his parachute away from the wall and fly to the landing zone.
     He promptly went to the hospital in France and then, as quickly as
     possible, flew home into the caring hands of Tom Pevny, MD, and Vicki
     Hale, LVM.

     After many months of rehabilitation, Ted was back in action for the
     2007 season, but once again got hurt. This time, he hit a tree after
     jumping off a cliff while riding a snowmobile. In this accident, he tore
     his Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) and had to return to the operating
     room. Ted says, “It’s very true that the human body can come back
     even stronger after an injury. When you’re hurt you become more
     tuned into what you were previously able to do. Therefore, you work
     as hard as you can to get back to that level and beyond.”

     Ted is now 100% recovered due to his constant dedication to rehabbing
     his injuries. He believes that coming back from an injury is not just
     healing from the injury/surgery itself, but rather constantly working on
     range of motion, physical fitness, and working toward an even higher
     level of performance. Ted says, “Coming off my win at the World Heli
     Challenge, I’m super stoked to give it my all this season and beyond!
     My knee is feeling better than ever. Thanks Dr. Pev! I’m confident that
     by working hard on staying strong, and training on and off the snow,
     I’ll continue to have success in all disciplines of professional skiing!”

     Note: Ted kindly gave us this interview after climbing the west face of
     Mount Eiger; one of the tallest peaks in Europe. He then traveled to Lauter-
     brunnen, Switzerland which is known as the world’s epicenter for big-wall
     jumping, where he B.A.S.E jumped off the north face (4000-foot vertical
     drop) and flew for more than 30 seconds. Good luck this ski season!

                                                A s p e n O r t h O pA e d i c A s s O c i At e s
   LEVY PHYSICAL THERAPY         •Pre/Post Surgical
                              •Pre/Post Surgical Rehab• Rehab•
                                    •Sports Injuries•
                                         •Sports Injuries•
                                 •Acute/Chronic Pain•
                                      •Acute/Chronic Pain•
                                   •Back/Neck Pain•
                                •Sports Performance•
                                        •Back/Neck Pain•
                                     •Bike Fittings•
                                     •Sports Gym•
                                   •Full RehabPerformance• Affiliated with Aspen Valley
                                         •Bike Fittings•           Ambulatory Surgery
                                                        MidvalleyHospital and many local doctors. Center
                                  •Direct Insurance Billing•
                               Alpine Bank Building-Willits 1450 East Valley Road, Basalt, CO
                                       •Full Rehab Gym•More and more people are choosing same-day
                             (970)927-3883•Preferred Provider                   970-544-1360
                                                                   surgery. Thanks to current technology, many
                                       •Direct Insurance Billing• procedures that once required several days’
                     More and more people are choosing same-day hospitalization can now be offered safely
                                                                       surgery. Thanks to current technology,
                                   Alpine Bank Building-Willits offered a one-dayand effectively on a on
                     required several days’ hospitalization can now effectively on safely outpatient basis.
                                 (970)927-3883•Preferred efficient
                     Same-day surgery fits today’s lifestyle, is Providerand surgery fits today’sproviding the same
                                                                                     economical, lifestyle,
                                                                     is efficient and economical, providing the
                     for select procedures.                              same quality of care as hospitals for
                                                                                    select procedures
                                   “Dedicated to High Quality Healthcare in a Caring and Cost-Effec
                                                                        “Dedicated to High Quality
                                                      Affiliated with Aspen Valley Hospital and many local doc
                                                                       in a Caring and Cost-Effective
                                                                               Environment”               17

                                                                     Midvalley Ambulatory Service
                                                                     1450 East Valley Road, Basalt, CO

                                                                  Midvalley Imaging Center
                                                               1460 East Valley Road, Basalt, CO
                                                                     Custom Publishing Design Group
                                                                       has assisted many companies
                                                                     TEL. 970-384-8460 in
                                                                         producing beautiful, full-color
                                                                      FAX 970-927-3476

                        Powerful – More power for MRI scans means you get the clearest images possi
                       leader, GE, and their most proven platform, 1.5 Tesla. We chose a radiology group w
                                                                          body part.
                     Easy – We make it easy for you – appointments around your schedule, same-day, ne
                                                               participate with many insurance plans.
                                                                      Call us if you’re interested in
                           Close – Conveniently located on your buying an advertisement in or shopping in
                                                                way to work, home, play
                                                                      this magazine. Institute.

                                                   Affiliated with Aspen Valley Hospital and many local docto

             v i s i t u s O n t h e w e b : w w w. O r t h O p. c O m
     Personalized Rehabilitation
     Care in Your own Backyard
           ehabilitation is a key discipline in assessing and treating
           individuals of all ages, to help improve their mobility, re-
           store function, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent
     disabilities. A quality rehabilitation program is the combination
     of a skilled therapist, personal rapport between the therapist and
     the patient, and easy access to rehab service. Pioneers Medical
     Center Rehabilitation & Wellness Center offers all three.

     PmC Rehabilitation & wellness Center (R&WC) located
     in Meeker, in the northwest region of Colorado, is professionally
     staffed with two Physical Therapists, skilled in Manual Therapy,
     two Occupational Therapists, specializes in Hand Therapy, and
     a Speech Therapist. Our licensed therapists work with patients
     of all ages who need specialized assessment and therapy due
     to developmental, neurological, surgical, or accident recovery
     challenges. “Our therapists work closely with the patient and the
     referring physician to provide the best care possible, and to help
     enable the patients to lead independent, productive, and satisfy-
     ing lives,” says Gina Spaay, P.T., PMC R&WC Manager.
     The PmC therapy team provides many services in the community
     and through the PMC Medical Center. Therapists provide Home
     Health Care, and Workers Comp Rehabilitation. Additionally,
     they offer rehabilitation to hospital inpatients, and post-injury and
     post-surgical outpatients. PMC therapists evaluate and treat sub-
     acute patients and serve long-term care residents of the PMC and
     Walbridge Memorial Wing.

     “The therapy care offered at PMC is very comprehensive,
     but most importantly it is personalized,” continued Spaay.

     when asked what the PmC therapists
     enjoy about their job, they replied;
     • “Helping people achieve their goals, to ameliorate pain
       and restore function” –Gina Spaay, P.T.

     • “Working with people, helping them return to,
        or exceed previous levels of function.”
        —Christer Ljungqvist, P.T.

     • “The patients themselves,”—Geri Camera, O.T.

     • “The best part of assisting a therapist is guiding
        people down that path toward independence.”
        —Joy Thayer, Office Manage/Rehab Aide

                                           A s p e n O r t h O pA e d i c A s s O c i At e s

Thank You                   for all your support.
To better serve you, PRC has opened an additional
facility in Glenwood Springs.

              Physical Therapy and Pilates
                 v i s i t u s O n t h e w e b : w w w. O r t h O p. c O m

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