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									INDUDGE   I GOLF

Clubbing It
I-Iot Gear to Drive You Into ~all                                                    TAYLORMADE Rll DRIVER
                                                                                     The most popular driver on the PGA by a wide
BY EVAN ROTI-lMAN                                                                    margin, the rl1 has a white crown--created             ro aid
                                                                                     alignment    and eliminate glare and hot spots-
                                                                                     that garners great attention.      But its 3D Tuning
                                                                                     system, which allows for independent           adjustments
                                                                                     of loft, face angle and flight path, is the key ro its
                                                                                     • $399.99;

                                                       PRAXIS PI
                                                                                                      F     0
                        Clubfitting    pioneer Henry-Griffitts'       newest
                        driver has a 450cc head that employs four-
                        piece construction     and a cup-face design for
                        stability and forgiveness, with weight placed
                        low and deep for a distance-maximizing               high-
                        launch, low-spin takeoff.
                        • $430-$445;

                                                                                     MIURA PASSING POINT 9003 IRONS
                                                                                     The latest forged irons from this small but highly
                                                                                     regarded Japanese manufacturer         sports subtle off-
                        TITLEIST 910H HYBRID                                         set, a wider sale for greater forgiveness, and a low
                        The new SureFit Tour dual-angle              hosel
                                                                                     center of gravity for a high, soft-landing       ball flight.
                        lets players make exacting        independent
                                                                                     • $1,800;
                        loft and lie adjustments       for personalized
                        performance,       while a more squared-off          toe
                        shape helps alignment.
                        • $259;

                        ASHWORTH              CARDIFF SHOES                          WILSON DP' IRONS
                        Golf shoe meets town shoe in this sure-                      The fifth-generation       Di super game-improvemenr
                        footed spikeless     number,     available    in navy,       irons use an ultra-wide      sale, low and long head de-
                        white and black, each fearuring           tumbled            sign, and a wide-tip shaft ro help create maximum
                        leather   uppers    with rich suede accents.                 distance and ease of use.
                        • $120;                                  • $849.99-$1,099.99;

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