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					                       Reaching the Unreached...
                       Reaching the Unreached...

                                                        North Zone
                                                        Yuva FOGSI
                                                            23 - 25 JULY 2010
                                                                        Venue :
                                                              Hotel Clark Inn
                                                                  Organized by :
                                                   Gorakhpur Obs & Gyn Society

                                                             If undelivered, please return to :
                                                                 Dr. Sadhana Gupta
                                                                   Organizing Chairperson
                                                    Jeevan Jyoti Hospital & Medical Research Centre
                                                          Bobina Road, Gorakhpur - 273 001, UP
                                                           Tel. No. : 0551 - 2330173, 2334233
                                                             Email :

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               Dear Friends,
               It is our pleasure to invite you to Gorakhpur in North Zone Yuva FOGSI from 23rd – 25th
               July 2010.
               Yuva FOGSI conferences are unique events of FOGSI, where enthusiastic Youth meet
               with experienced and stalwarthy in the field of obstetrics and gynecology.
               The themes of NZY FOGSI conference are Pediatric & Adolescent Gynecology, Safe
               Obstetric Practice and Gynecological Cancers. The three Pre-Congress Workshops are
               on “Practical Management of Infertility and Endocrinology”, “Ultrasound Imaging & Birth
               Defect”, and “Medico Legal Issues in Obs Gyn”. Thus in the conference each delegate will
               find topic of his / her scientific interest and be benefitted in updating themselves in
               dealing with almost every Gynecological and Obstetrical problems right from pediatric
               group to elderly age.
               Gorakhpur is an ancient, religious as well a fast developing city of Eastern U.P.
               Gorakhnath temple is considered one of the important pilgrimage while Geeta Press is a
               household name all over India even abroad for their publication of religious and spiritual
               books. Gorakhpur is known for its laurets like Munshi Prem Chand, Firaq Gorakhpuri,
               sports persons like Syed Modi, Narendra Hirwani and Social reformers and freedom
               fighters like Baba Raghav Das, Hanuman Prasad Poddar. Parinirvan place of Lord
               Buddha-Kushinagar is 50 kms away from city, where thousand of devotees visit from all
               over the world. Maghar, nirwan place of Great Saint and Poet Kabir is 25 kms away from
               here. Godly beautiful country Nepal is only 100 kms away from Gorakhpur, where one
               can choose to visit Kathmandu, Pokhra and Tansen.
               Organizing committee has tried its best to have scientific session with expert nation wide
               experts faculties and making your stay comfortable at Gorakhpur.
               Please block your 3 days 23rd to 25th July for North Zone Yuva FOGSI 2010 for great
               academic feast and warm hospitality.
               Looking forward to see you at Gorakhpur.

                               Organizing Chairpersons                     Organizing Secretaries

                            Dr. Sadhana Gupta   Dr. Reena Srivastava   Dr. Ranjna Bagchi   Dr. Amrita Jaipuriar

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                                        INVITED FACULTIES
               Dr. A.K. Debdas, Jamshedpur             Dr.   Kirti, Merrut                           Dr.   Renu Mishra, Delhi
               Dr. Abhilasha, Merrut                   Dr.   Kusum Gopal Kapoor, Patna               Dr.   Renuka Sinha, Delhi
               Dr. Alka Mathur, Gurgaon                Dr.   Laxmi Maru, Indore                      Dr.   Richa Singh, Agra
               Dr. Alok Vashistha, Haridwar            Dr.   Laxmi Maru, Indore                      Dr.   Ritu Joshi, Jaipur
               Dr. Alpesh Gandhi, Ahemdabad            Dr.   Laxmi Shirikhande, Nagpur               Dr.   Roja Olyai, Gwalior
               Dr. Amit Patki, Mumbai                  Dr.   Madhu Jain, Varanasi                    Dr.   S.K. Das, Delhi
               Dr. Amrita Chaurasia, Allahabad         Dr.   Madhu Lumba, Kanpur                     Dr.   S. Shanthakumari, Hyderabad
               Dr. Anjoo Agrawal, Lucknow              Dr.   Madhu Nagpal, Amritsar                  Dr.   S. Sharma, Jhansi
               Dr. Anuradha Khanna, Varansi            Dr.   Madhuri Patel, Mumbai                   Dr.   S.K. Das, Delhi
               Dr. Arun Tiwari, Agra                   Dr.   Mala Arora, Faridabad                   Dr.   Sabita Agrawal, Allahabad
               Dr. Asha Kumar, Bhopal                  Dr.   Mala Srivastava, Delhi                  Dr.   Sangeeta Raman Jogi, Bilaspur
               Dr. Basab Mukharjee, Kolkata            Dr.   Mandakini Parihar, Mumbai               Dr.   Sanjay Gupte, Pune
               Dr. Behram Anklesaria, Ahmedabad        Dr.   Mandakini Pradhan, Lucknow              Dr.   Sarita Agrawal, Raipur
               Dr. Bharti Dhore Patil, Pune            Dr.   Manindar Ahuja, Faridabad               Dr.   Sarita Bhalerao, Mumbai
               Dr. Bharti Maheshwari, Merrut           Dr.   Manish Banker, Ahemdabad                Dr.   Saroj Singh, Agra
               Dr. Bhupendra Ahuja, Agra               Dr.   Manju Geeta Misra, Patna                Dr.   Saroj Srivastava, Lucknow
               Dr. Chandrawati, Lucknow                Dr.   Manju Shukla, Lucknow                   Dr.   Seema Hakim, Aligarh
               Dr. Charu Mittal, Gwalior               Dr.   Manju Verma, Allahabad                  Dr.   Sheela V. Mane, Banglore
               Dr. D.K. Dutta, Kolkata                 Dr.   Narendra Malhotra, Agra                 Dr.   Shikha Singh, Agra
               Dr. Deepika Dekka, Delhi                Dr.   Neelam Ohri, Varanasi                   Dr.   Shirish Patwardhan, Pune
               Dr. Dilip Walke, Pune                   Dr.   Neera Agrawal, Bairelly                 Dr.   Shushila Khandwal, Jhansi
               Dr. G.K. Tripathi, Azamgarh             Dr.   Neetu Dhabai, Faridabad                 Dr.   Shyam Pyari Jaiswar, Lucknow
               Dr. Geeta Khanna, Lucknow               Dr.   Neetu Singh, Kanpur                     Dr.   Sonal Kulshershtha, Gwalior
               Dr. Girija Waugh, Pune                  Dr.   Nidhi Gupta, Agra                       Dr.   Suchitra Pandit, Mumbai
               Dr. Harbhajan kaur Shergill, Amritsar   Dr.   Nidhi Khera, Delhi                      Dr.   Sujata Mishra, Cuttak
               Dr. Harsha Khullar, Delhi               Dr.   P.K. Srivastava, Lucknow                Dr.   Sujata Sharma, Amritsar
               Dr. Harshad Parasnis, Pune              Dr.   P.S. Mittal, Gwalior                    Dr.   Sumita verma, Faizabad
               Dr. Hema Divakar, Banglore              Dr.   P.C. Mahapatra, Bhubhneshwar            Dr.   Sunita Tandulwadkar, Pune
               Dr. Hema Shobhne, Jhanshi               Dr.   P.K. Shah, Mumbai                       Dr.   Tamkeen, Aligarh
               Dr. Hemprabha Gupta, Lucknow            Dr.   Parag Biniwale, Pune                    Dr.   Tarini Taneja, Muzaffarpur
               Dr. Hiralal Konar, Kolkata              Dr.   Parul Kotdawal, Ahmedabad               Dr.   Tushar Kar, Cuttak
               Dr. Indrani Ganguli, Delhi              Dr.   Prashant Acharya, Ahemdabad             Dr.   Uma Singh, Lucknow
               Dr. J.B. Sharma, Delhi                  Dr.   Preeti Kumar, Lucknow                   Dr.   Urmila Karya, Meerut
               Dr. Jaideep Malhotra, Agra              Dr.   Pushpa Shelty, Gurgoan                  Dr.   Usha Sharma, Merrut
               Dr. Jay Prakash Shah, Ahemdabad         Dr.   R.N. Goel, Agra                         Dr.   V.K. Poddar, Kolkata
               Dr. Jaya Chaturvedi, Dehradun           Dr.   Rachna Agrawal, Meerut                  Dr.   Vandana Bansal, Allahabad
               Dr. Jaya K Gedam, Bilaspur              Dr.   Ragini Agrawal, Gurgaon                 Dr.   Veena Agrawal, Gwalior
               Dr. Jyoti Bindal, Gwalior               Dr.   Ragini Mehrotra, Allahabad              Dr.   Vibha Mishra, Varanasi
               Dr. Kanti Bansal, Ahmedabad             Dr.   Rajay Ray, Raurkela                     Dr.   Vidhya Chaudhary, Jhansi
               Dr. Kiran Kurkoti, Pune                 Dr.   Rekha Bhagwani, Bhopal                  Dr.   Vinita Das, Lucknow
               Dr. Kiran Pandey, Kanpur                Dr.   Renu Makkar, Lucknow                    Dr.   Yashodhra Pradeep, Lucknow

                                 F O G S I               O F F I C E                      B E A R E R S
                               Dr. Sanjay Anant Gupte                    Dr. C. N. Purandare                       Dr. P. C. Mahapatra
                                          President                       Immediate Past President                      President Elect

                               Vice Presidents                 Office Bearers                                   Vice President Elect
                               Dr. Rishma Dhillon Pai          Dr. P. K. Shah, Secretary Gen.                   Dr. Nandita Palshetkar
                               Dr. Jaideep Malhotra            Dr. Nozer Sheriar, Deputy Secretary Gen.         Dr. Milind Shah
                               Dr. P. K. Shekhran              Dr. H. D. Pai, Treasurer                         Dr. Mala Arora
                               Dr. Tushar Kar                  Dr. Girija Wagh, Joint Secretary                 Dr. Krishnendu Gupta

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                                              P           R           O             G               R        A
                                         WORKSHOP - HALL A : Infertility and Endofert
               1. Overview of Infertility Key Note Address              c. Ageing Infertile Women
               2. Basic Evaluation                                      d. Idiopathic Infertility
                  a. Female Factor                                      c. Semen Banking
                  b. Male partner                                    6. Symposium – Thyroid & Prolactin
                  c. Newer Investigation in Infertility                 a. Reproduction and Thyroid
               3. Treatment option                                      b. Hyperprolactinemia
                  a. Ovulation Induction – Option and choosing       7. Clinical Endocrinology & PCOS
                     the best                                           a. Managing Cosmetic Problem
                  b. Understanding the down regulation                  b. Modern Management of DUB
                  c. Endoscopic Surgery – Role in Infertility           c. Current Trend in Management of Menopause
                  d. Medical & Surgical Management Option in         8. Panel Discussion on Recurrent Pregnancy
                     Male Infertility                                   Loss
               4. Intrauterine Insemination – Triumph in low         9. ART
                  success zone                                          a. An overview - What every gynecologist
               5. Difficult Situation in infertility                       should know
                  a. Endometriosis                                      b. Needs and Challenges of ART in low
                  b. Fibroids                                              resource country

                                 WORKSHOP - HALL B : Ultrasound Imaging & Birth Defect
               1. Biophysics of Ultrasound and Other Imaging         4. USG in Gynecology
                  Technology                                            a. Benign Adnexal Mass – Diagnosis and
               2. USG in Obstetrics                                        Clinical Approach
                  a. Predictive outcome of pregnancy in 1st             b. Role of USG in Genital Tract Malignancy
                     trimester                                       5. USG in Infertility
                  b. Predictive tool in management of IUGR              a. USG Basic Evaluation and Monitoring
                  c. Expectation & limitations of Obstetrics USG           Infertile Women
               3. Birth Defect Workshop                                 b. Role of USG in Male Infertility
                   a. What are Birth Defect Overview                 6. Controversies
                   b. First trimester USG Chromosomal Markers           a. PC PNDT Act
                   c. Biochemical Marker for Birth Defect               b. Number of Scan in Obstetric patients -
                   d. Second Trimester USG Chromosomal                     Guidelines
                      Marker                                            d. 3 D / 4 D Scan – Use and Abuse
                   e. Invasive Test                                     e. Tubal Evaluation by various Imaging
                   f. Management Strategies for Birth Defect               Modalities
                   g. Preventive Strategies

                                 WORKSHOP - HALL C : Medico Legal Issues in Obs & Gyn
               1. Medical Ethics and Legal Issues in Obs &           4. Panel Discussion – Role Play – Bridging the
                  Gyn Practice – Key Note Address                       gaps in Communication in Different Situation
               2. Do We Know Laws                                    5. Difficult situations – how to deal
                  a. PC & PNDT Act                                      a. Forgotten Mops
                  b. MTP Act                                            b. Deaths on Operation Table
                  c. Sterilization & Family Planning – Govt Policy      c. Dealing with Fresh stillbirth
                  d. ART – Medico Legal Issues                          d. Legal Notice What Next
               3. Time to Change                                     6. Indemnity Policy – See, Think and Choose
                  a. OPD Prescription                                   Right one
                  b. Investigation legal status                      7. Mute Court – Audience interaction – Legal
                  c. Informed Consent                                   Cases
                  d. Missed Diagnosis – Where do you stand

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             M           M                 E                                A         T                          A
                                                    DAY 1 - 24th July 2010 Saturday
               Time          Hall A – Obstetric Hall                        Time          Hall B – Gynec Hall
               09:00-10:00   Symposium Safe Motherhood                      09:00-10:00   Adolescence :
                             Committee :
                                                                                          a. Amenorrhoea
                             a. Anemia – Still a Challenge
                             b. Obstetric Sepsis – Current                                b. PCOS in Adolescence
                                Scenario                                                  c. Endometriosis in Adolescence
                             c. PPH – Update
                             d. Hypertensive Disorder in                                  d. Adolescent Sexuality and
                                Pregnancy                                                    Contraception :
               10:00-11:00   Symposium Medical Disorder in                  10:00-11:00   Symposium Genital Cancer :
                             Pregnancy Committee :
                             - Obstetrical Problem – Medical                              a. Gestational Trophoblastic Disease
                                Solution                                                  b. Optimizing the prognosis of Ovarian
                             a. Diabetes in Pregnancy
                             b. Epilepsy in Pregnancy
                             c. Heart disease in Pregnancy                                c. Diagnosis and Improving Prognosis
                             d. Thyroid Disorder in Pregnancy                                of Endometrial Cancer
               11:00-11:40   Panel on Antepartum Obstetric                                d. Screening Guideline and Early
                             Hemorrhage                                                      Diagnosis of Carcinoma Breast
               11:40-12:10   Art Commerce and Science of
                             Doctrine                                       11:00-11:40   Panel on Postmenopausal Bleeding
               12:10-13:00   Dr. J.R. Khodaiji’s Oration – Color
                             Doppler in Obs & Gyn

                                            13:00-14:00 PM – LUNCH & Poster Judging
               14:00-17:00   A s s i s t e d Va g i n a l D e l i v e r y   14:00-15:00   Symposium on HIV AIDS Committee :
                             Workshop :                                                   a. Antenatal and Labor Management
                             a. Inauguration and massage by                                  in HIV +ve Women
                                President Dr. Sanjay Gupte                                b. Operating on HIV +ve Women
                             b. Instrumental Delivery – Spectrum                          c. Post Exposure Prophylaxis
                             c. Analgesia                                                 d. Infertility and Contraceptive issues
                                a. Vacuum extraction                                         in HIV +ve couple
                                b. Perineal Injury                          15:00-16:00   Symposium on Family Welfare
                             d. Drill – Vaginal Breech Delivery,                          Committee – Update on
                                Shoulder Dystocia                                         ontraception :
                             e. Medico Legal Issues                                       a. Nuva Ring
                             f. Internal Iliac Artery ligation                            b. Patch
                             g. Obstetric Catastrophe                                     c. Female Condom
                                                                                          d. Single Rod Implant
                                                                                          e. Newer Oral Hormonal
                  Time            Hall C & D                                                 Contraceptive
                  08:00-09:00                                               16:00-17:00   Debates :
                                  Free Papers                                             a. Premarital HIV Testing should be
                  17:00-18:00                                                                made Mandatory            Yes/No
                                                                                          b. Universal TSH screening in all
                                                                                             antenatal patients        Yes/No
                  Time            Hall C
                                                                                          c. Time for Universal Cord Blood
                  10:00-12:00     EMOC training programme                                    Banking                   Yes/No
                                  for medical officers (Safe                              d. HPP Screening should be sole
                                  Motherhood Committee)                                      Primary Screening modality for
                                                                                             CaCx                      Yes/No
                  14:30-16:30     QUIZ - Why Mothers Die                                  e. Mammography for all for screening
                                                                                             of breast cancer          Yes/No


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                 G              L            A              N           C              E
                                                  DAY 2 - 25th July 2010 Sunday
               Time           Hall A – Obstetric Hall                Time            Hall B – Gynec Hall
               09:00-10:00    Late Pregnancy Complication –          09:00-10:00     Symposium Genital Cancer :
                              Best Practice Best Outcome :                           a. Screening Methodology in Cancer
                              a. Preterm Labor                                          Cervix
                              b. Rh –ve in pregnancy                                 b. HPV Vaccine Current Status
                              c. TORCH in Pregnancy                                  c. Treatment Modality in CIN and
                              d. Induction of Labour                                    Early Cancer
                                                                                     d. S c r e e n i n g , D i a g n o s i s a n d
                                                                                        Management of Ca Vulva

               10:00-11:00    Symposium Clinical Research            10:00-11:00     Symposium Food and Drug
                              Committee :                                            Research Committee :
                              a. Research in India and Abroad                        a. Gn Rh Analogue
                              b. Stem Cell Research – Update                         b. Metformin in Obs & Gyn Practice
                              c. How to Present a Good Paper                         c. Antibiotics in Pregnancy
                              d. How to Publish a Paper                              d. Misoprostol

               11:00-12:00    Picksep workshop on Research           11:00-12:00     Medical abortion - where we are in
                              Methodology                                            India
               12:00-12:40    Dr. P Banerjee Oration – Prenatal diagnosis & Fetal Therapy – Current Scenario
               12:40-13:10    Yuva Oration “Reaching the Uncreached goals of establishing uniform standard of Obs &
                              Gyn Procedures all over India”

                                                        13:00-14:00 PM – LUNCH
               14:00-15:00    Controversies (Practical Obs.          14:00-15:00     Can you Manage?
                              Committee) :                                           a. Mullerion Agnesis
                              a. APLA Syndrome                                       b. Pediatric Genital problem
                              b. Cesarean Section – Difficult                        c. Precocious Puberty
                                                                                     d. Puberty menorrhagia
                              c. MRP trips and tricks
                              d. Fetal distress in labor             15:00-16:00     Share the experience : Frame the
               15:00-16:00    Share the experience : Frame the                       Sexuality in Obs & Gynae practice -
                              Guidelines :                                           Are we overlooking?
                              On the cutting edge - HRT in India
               16:00-17:00    Public Forum – Reaching the
               17:00-18:00    Valedictory Function

                             Time                                       Hall C & D

                             08:00-09:00                             Free Papers

                             Time                                         Hall C

                             10:00-12:00        Paramedical Training Module on Critical Care
                                                    aegis of Rural Obstetric Committee

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                                            TOURS & TRAVELS
               Gorakhnath Temple : Gorakhnath Temple in Gorakhpur is standing on the 52 acres of the land.
               It is exactly positioned in the heart of the city on Gorakhpur-Nepal state highway. This temple is a
               good example of peeth of the Nath sect along with Indian sculpture. The most attractive feature
               of this temple is the garbh griha where sage Gorakhnath is portrayed as a manifestation of Lord
               Shiva in deep meditative posture. His very sacred charan paduka has been placed close to his
               meditation site. It is said that this temple is erected at the spot where Gorakhnath did meditation
               in Treta Yug. It is only 3 Km from the venue.
               Geeta Press : Gita Press is the world famous publisher of the Hindu religious books. All 18 parts
               of “SHREE MAHABHAGWAT GITA” is written on its marble - walls. Other wall hangings and
               paintings reveal the events of life of Lord Rama & Krishna. All sorts of Hindu religious books and
               handloom-textiles are sold here on subsidised rates. Geeta Press is only 3 Kms. from the venue.
               Geeta Vatika : It is the only place in the world where continuous prayers are offered for Radha,
               the divine love of Lord Krishna. The highlight here is a temple dedicated to Radha and Krishna.
               Geeta Vatika is only 3 Km. from the venue.
               Maghar : Great Saint and poet Kabir breath his last breath at Maghar where most of his beautiful
               poems were composed. It was here that he gave the message to his countrymen to live in peace
               and religious harmony. The co-existence of 'Samadhi' and 'Makbara' at his burial place in Maghar
               attracts a large number of followers. It is only 20 Km from the venue.
               Kushinagar : Kushinagara was a small town in the days of the Buddha. But it became famous
               when the Buddha died here, on his way from Rajgir to Shravasti. His last memorable words were,
               “All composite things decay. Strive diligently!” This event is known as the ‘Final Blowing-Out’
               (Parinirvana) in Buddhist parlance. Since then the place has become a celebrated pilgrim centre.
               The serenity and the beauty of this pilgrimage site attract visitors from all parts of the world. This
               place holds an identity and significance as one of the most holy sites for the Buddhists.
               Kushinagar is spread over an area of 6 sq km. There is much tourist attraction. It is 50 Km from
               Ayodhya : With little over 10 sq km in area, lying on the banks of the river Ghagra or Saryu, this
               ancient city is believed to be the birth place of Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord
               Vishnu. The holy book of Hindus- the Ramayana- says, the city was founded by Manu. Later, it
               became the capital of the descendants of the Surya dynasty. Lord Rama was the most celebrated
               King of this dynasty. Known as 'Kosaldesa' in ancient times, the place has been described as "a
               city built by gods and being as prosperous as paradise itself", in the Atharvaveda. It is 132 Km
               from Gorakhpur.
               Nepal : Surrounded by the lofty heights of the Himalayas, Nepal is a land of eternal beauty and
               attraction. It's a land of colorful cultures, ancient history and people, picturesque scenery and
               some of the best walking on earth. It is popularly known for the highest mountain peak of the
               world, Mount Everest which stands tall at 8848 metres. And it is only 100 Km from the Gorakhpur.
               Lumbini : Lumbini is located in the south-central Terai of Nepal, situated in the foothills of the
               Himalayas. For millions of Buddhists the world over, it evokes a kind of holy sentiment akin to the
               significance of Jerusalem to Christians and Mecca to Muslims. Lumbini is the place where Lord
               Buddha - the apostle of peace, and the Light of Asia - was born in 623 B.C. For centuries,
               Buddhists the world over knew that the general area of Lumbini was where the Lord was born. In
               the words of those famous Chinese pilgrims of antiquity, Huian Tsang and Faeihan, 'Lumbini -
               where the Lord was born - is a piece of Heaven on Earth, where one could see the snowy
               mountains amidst a splendid garden, embedded with stupas and monasteries!'. A famous
               landmark is the Ashoka Pillar raised by the great Emperor who adopted to Buddhism. Lumbini is
               125 Km from Gorakhpur.
               Kathmandu : A 218 square miles of land, situated above 4400 ft above sea level with three
               historic, artistic and cultural towns namely Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur together form what
               is known as the `Kathmandu Valley'. Kathmandu is the hub of Nepal's traditional culture and arts.
               Pashupatinath temple one of important hindu pilgrim is in Kathmandu. This is the place for rest,
               relaxation and easy-day sightseeing of historic and artistic temples and monuments, and
               mountain views. Being the capital city of Nepal, it offers much services including international
               airlines, hotels and other facilities. One also enjoys Kathmandu for night life, shopping and of
               course for the mountain views.
               Pokhra : Pokhara is situated at about 827 meter from sea level, and is located 124 miles (about
               200 km) west of Kathmandu and can be reached by plane in 35 minutes or in 5 hours by bus.
               Pokhara is the next destination after Kathmandu for many adventure and pleasure trips in and
               around Pokhara. Pokhara is often called the enchanting Himalayan valley with a heart of major
               actions and adventures. Surrounded by beautiful snow-caped mountains, with a magnificent lake
               of crystal-clear pure Himalayan water, all-year round pleasing weather, and friendly Pokhralis will
               greet you with a smile and leave you with the most unforgettable moments in your life. So pack
               up your bag, load your camera, and get ready for Pokhara experience!
               For details of tours program and package please see the attached registration form.

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                        REGISTRATION / ABSTRACT
               Participants are encouraged to register for the conference early to take advantage of early
               registration fee incentives and to ensure that their reservation requirement are met. To register,
               please complete the attached Registration Form and return it to the NZYFOGSI 2010 secretariat.
               Category                                 15th May                1st June Onward               Spot
               FOGSI Member                            1500 + 500                   1800 + 700             2100 + 900
               Non Member                              1700 + 600                   2000 + 800            2300 + 1000
               Junior delegate < 40 Yr.                1000 + 500                   1300 + 700             1600 + 900
               Accompanying Person                        1200                          1500                  1800
               (Residents are required to send certificate from HOD along with registration form).
               Registration fee includes conference kit, lunches & inaugural dinner.
               SPOT Registration will be provided delegate kit subject to availability.
               MODE OF PAYMENT : All payment must be made by cash or DD in favor of “NZYFOGSI 2010”
               payable at Gorakhpur.
               Please send the registration form along with DD at secretariat address.
               Please mark workshop of your choice.

                                         HOW TO REACH GORAKHPUR
               Gorakhpur is well connected via air from Delhi (5 days Mon. to Fri. a week). And well connected via
               train from all over India, many overnight train from Delhi (Vaishali Ex. Gorakhdham Ex. Sapt Kranti
               Ex.), Lucknow (Gorakhnath Ex. Bihar S Kranti Ex. Sapt Kranti Ex.), Varanasi (Chaurichaura
               Ex. MUV LJN Ex.), Bhopal (Kushinagar Ex. RaptiSagar Ex.), Jhansi (Kushinagar Ex. GWL BJU
               Mail), Gwalior (GWL BJU Mail), Tundla (Vaishali Ex.). Lucknow and Varanasi is another nearest air
               port (5 hours journey from Gorakhpur).

                                          SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACT
               Any registered delegate of 'NZYFOGSI 2010' can submit an abstract for Oral and Poster
               presentation, only one abstract can be submitted by per person (presenter).
               Each session of oral and poster presentation will have various prizes. Please submit certificate by
               head of the department/President or Secretary of the local society with the abstract. Last date of
               abstract submission is 07/07/2010. Abstract should be structured and limit to 250 words. Submission
               by email is preferred.
               Structure of Abstract :
               - Title should be UPPER CASE
               - Abstract should contain institution, city, author details
               - Abstracts should be structured in three sections, clearly mentioned as:
                 Introduction, Material and Methods, Results and Conclusions
               - Figures and tables are not acceptable in the abstract
               The Abstract review committee and the scientific committee reserve the right to accept and will
               decide the mode of presentation.
               Best Paper Award “FOGSI GSK Yuva FOGSI Oncology” by Dr. C.N. Purandre on theme on
               ONCOLOGY. Prize constitutes Rs. 15000 cash and Certificate.
               You are requested to strictly adhere to the above guidelines for Abstract submission as your paper will be
               printed in the same format as submitted in the souvenir.

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                               ORGANIZING COMMITTEE
               Patrons                            :   Dr. Radha Jina, Dr. L. N. Seth, Dr. Neela Rai Sharma
               Chairperson                        :   Dr. Sadhana Gupta, Dr. Reena Srivastava
               Secretaries                        :   Dr. Ranjna Bagchi, Dr. Amrita Jaipuriar
               Treasurer                          :   Dr. Anubha Gupta
               Scientific / Workshop              :   Dr. Sadhana Gupta, Dr. Reena Srivastava, Dr. Savita Agrawal, Dr. Tanu
                                                      Verma, Dr. Surheeta Kareem, Dr. Madhu Gulati, Dr. Meena Agrawal,
                                                      Dr. Hema Shobhne, Dr. Vani Aditya, Dr. Renu Mohan, Dr. Shivani Verma,
                                                      Dr. Ranjna Bagchi
               Registration                       :   Dr. Meenakshi Gupta, Dr. Shivani Verma, Dr. Aruna Agrawal
               Free Paper                         :   Dr. Neela Rai Sharma, Dr. Amrita Jaipuriar, Dr. Reena Srivastava
               Poster                             :   Dr. Vani Aditya, Dr. Renu Mohan
               Souvenir                           :   Dr. Amrita Jaipuriar, Dr. Pratibha Gupta, Dr. Madhubala
               Quiz                               :   Dr. Sarita Bhalerao, Dr. Seema Hakeem, Dr. Charu Mittal, Dr. Amrita
               Audio Visual                       :   Dr. Smita Jaiswal, Dr. J. P. Jaiswal, Dr. Rinkoo Jha, Dr. Shalini Gupta
               Travel / Accommodation             :   Dr. Savita Agrawal, Dr. Alpna Agrawal, Dr. Pratibha Gupta
               Tours / Travel                     :   Dr. Aruna Chaparia, Dr. Chitwan Singh
               Cultural                           :   Dr. Smita Modi, Dr. Madhubala, Dr. Aruna Chhaparia, Dr. Babita Shukla
               Decoration                         :   Dr. Renu Chandra, Dr. Deepti Chaturvedi, Dr. Subhra Singh, Dr. Shalini
               Stall                              :   Dr. Madhubala, Dr. Anubha Gupta, Dr. Kiran Kushwaha
               Photography                        :   Dr. Deepti Chaturvedi, Dr. Shubhra Singh, Dr. Poonam Tiwari
               Reception Committee                :   Dr. Kamlesh Arora, Dr. B. Sharma, Dr. Shashi Prabha Gupta, Dr. Manju
                                                      Agrawal, Dr. Kiran Kushwaha, Dr. Nishat Abidi, Dr. Sufia Abbasi, Dr. Usha
                                                      Asthana, Dr. Jaishree Mall, Dr. Saiba Nadeem, Dr. Kiran Srivastava,
                                                      Dr. Anita Vaishya, Dr. Asha Mall

                                                                  CONTACT US
               Dr. Meenakshi Gupta                                 09559825572                                         Registration
               Dr. Amrita Jaipuriar                                09415088877                                         Free Papers & Quiz
               Dr. Savita Agrawal                                  09336403285                                         Accommodation & Pickup
               Dr. Aruna Chhaparia                                 09450439368                                         Tours & Travels
               Dr. Vani Aditya                                     09919521195                                         Posters
               Dr. Sadhana Gupta                                   09839614738                                         For any Queries
               Hotel                               Category                       Tariff                    Tel Nos                       Distance
               Clark Inn                              A                           3200                      2205015                         Venue
               Park Regency                           B                           1000                      2204967                        0.5 Km.
               Shivoy                                 B                           1400                      2338448                        1.0 Km.
               President                              B                            900                      2337654                        0.5 Km.
               Chaudhary                              B                           1700                      2200611                        1.0 Km.
               Gokul                                  B                            950                      2203954                        1.5 Km.
               Vivek                                  B                            900                      2330296                        1.0 Km.
               Royal Residency                        B                           1150                      2338331                        0.5 Km.
               Bobina                                 B                           1100                      2336663                        1.5 Km.
               l The above special discounted rates are for NZYFOGSI delegates only. l There are many other higher categories rooms are available.
               l Taxes as applicable
               Delegates can contact directly to the hotels or conference secretariate for accommodation and refer NZYFOGSI conference

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                             COMPLIMENTS FROM

                         Reaching the Unreached...

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