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Fraxel Laser Noted for Predictable Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing by jizhen1947


									Fraxel Laser Noted for Predictable
Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing

    For years, what physicians (and their patients)                                  “We do see more edema and occasionally some erythe-
have desired is an aesthetic procedure that offers the                               ma which clears up in a few days. Patients come in
benefits of skin resurfacing without the associated risks                            before the weekend and are back at work on Monday.
and downtime of traditional ablative devices. Intro-                                 They are very happy with the results.”
duced in late 2004, over 750 physicians worldwide have                                   Dr. Mazer also uses Fraxel Laser Treatment for
found the solution: the Fraxel® SR laser from Reliant                                melasma. “I have been waiting for a long time for a
Technologies (Mountain View, Calif., U.S.).                                          laser that would effectively treat melasma,” he said.
                                                                                     “There is a study showing that about 60% to 70% of
                                         Luigi Polla, M.D.                           patients see good results, and my experience has been
                                                                                     exactly the same.”
                                         Forever Laser Institute
                                         Geneva, Switzerland                             “Just as with skin rejuvenation, I was disappointed
                                                                                     when I used lower energy devices to treat acne scars,”
                                                                                     said Dr. Mazer. “I have better, more consistent results
                                                                                     with the Fraxel laser and I can treat [Fitzpatrick] skin
     “I think the concept of the Fraxel laser is revolu-                             types I through VI. It was not possible to treat types IV
tionary,” said Luigi Polla, M.D., of the Forever Laser                               through VI with other lasers.”
Institute, Geneva, Switzerland. “You create tiny 0.1                                     “The Fraxel laser is superior for acne scarring,”
mm diameter injuries so that the skin immediately                                    reported Dr. Polla. “Improvement is more obvious, more
begins the healing process, and with such a small                                    visible. We may completely erase superficial scars, and
injury you will not see scarring. I have a wide variety                              even deeper scarring may improve, which I had never
of lasers in my office and none impresses me as much                                 seen with a laser before. In the process of resurfacing I
as the Fraxel laser. For rejuvenation, results are                                   have sometimes seen worsening of these types of deep,
always exactly as expected.”                                                         small diameter scars with other lasers.”
     “I haven’t been so excited about a laser since I used                               “For acne scars and other scarring, I regularly see
my first pulsed dye laser in 1991,” said Jean Michel                                 results after the second treatment,” added Dr. Polla.
Mazer, M.D., a dermatologist and laser therapist based                               “Sometimes my patients are happier after just one
in France. Dr. Mazer uses the Fraxel laser for wrinkles,                             treatment. I had one young lady who was scarred after
facial rejuvenation, and acne scars. “The higher ener-                               a car accident, and she was absolutely excited because
gies of previous lasers I used were effective but there                              people around her noticed the results immediately.”
           Photos courtesy of
     Jean Michel Mazer, M.D.

                                                                                                    Lawrence Bass, M.D.
                                                                                                    Director of Minimally Invasive Plastic Surgery at
                                                                                                    New York University
                                                                                                    New York, N.Y., USA

                                                                                         “I believe the Fraxel laser has given us a no recov-
                                                                                     ery means of improving acne scars, in particular pit-
                                Melasma before Tx                  After Fraxel Tx   ted acne scars that don’t respond ideally to any
                                                                                     modality, but seem to respond, at least to an extent, to
was risk of hyperchromia or hypochromia. For the past                                Fraxel treatments,” said Lawrence Bass, M.D., direc-
six months we have been using the Fraxel laser at                                    tor of Minimally Invasive Plastic Surgery at New
higher energies with less risk and reduced downtime,                                 York University. “I’ve also found that hypertrophic
and we achieve good results reliably,” he explained.                                 scars or old thickened scars from surgery or trauma

XX              European Aesthetic Buyers Guide Spring 2006
like acid burns can be nicely flattened with a series of       stated that they often combine Fraxel resurfacing
Fraxel treatments.”                                            with Botox treatment.
   “Typically, you can expect to achieve about a 50%               “To me, the Fraxel laser is in a class by itself in
reduction in scar depth after a series of treat-               Europe,” Dr. Mazer said. “With it we can treat various
ents,” explained Dr. Bass. “The Fraxel laser allows            conditions all over the body, not just the face. You can-
you to vary both the density and depth of micro-               not use other lasers on the neck or chest, for example.”
thermal zones. The ability of the Fraxel laser to pro-
vide a very deep thermal effect, even compared to                              Jean Michel Mazer, M.D.
ablative laser resurfacing, is what makes this tech-                           Dermatologist
nology successful at treating acne scars, and in par-                          Medicine of Paris
ticular pitted acne scars.”                                                    Paris, France
    The low risk associated with the Fraxel laser
brings an added benefit, according to Dr. Polla. “You
can have a nurse or technician perform Fraxel proce-           In aesthetic medicine “it is essential to stay on top of
dures,” he said. “They must be well trained, but the           current technology,” stated Dr. Polla. “Fraxel laser
low risk of side effects makes it ideal for delegation         treatment brings that contemporary edge to aesthetic
to others in the office.” Drs. Polla and Mazer both            medicine in Europe.”                                  I

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