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location breakdown_monster_butler


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									’Monster Butler’                                                                                        2010.11.02.

                                   LOCATION BREAKDOWN FOR “MONSTER BUTLER”
                                                       (October 18, 2010)

    BRIEF SYNOPSIS: A man going under the name Roy Fontaine is a con artist, who manages to trick several
people out of their money and jewelry. As a child he was abused by his father for being a homosexual/bisexual,
which seems to have lead to his destructive behavior. After several prison terms and prison breaks he decides to
  take a job as a butler with an aristocratic family and lawfully serve them. However, they dismiss him after an
   incident and he turns into a monster – even worse than before his new job. He goes back to his life as a con
 artist and kills several people along the way, including the victims of his deception, as well as his accomplices,
        who often act as the bisexual man’s lovers. In the story he travels between London and Scotland.
INT/EXT     D/N             SET                  SET DESCRIPTION/           LOCATION            REMARKS
                                                       ACTION                 IDEAS
EXT        N       Highway - Scottish     Police car driving in the
                   lowlands               blizzard. Police block with fight

INT         N      Coctail bar (frame shot)   Party scene, man in tuxedos

EXT/INT     N      Blenheim House Hotel       A hotel in Scotland where Roy        *
                   - ext                      checks in before he is caught
                   - dining room
                   - reception
                   - Highlander bar
                   - hotel office
EXT/INT     N      Police station:            In Scotland. Cops take Roy           *
                       - office               here, but he escapes through
                       - toilet               the toilet window.
                       - exterior/parking
’Monster Butler’                                                                  2010.11.02.

EXT         N      Road outside of police   Roy flags down car.

INT         N      Room?                    Roy tells his story to somebody

INT         N      Cell at police station   Roy is kept here after having
                                            been captured.

EXT/INT     D      Parkhurst Prison         One of the several prisons        *
                   - cell block             where Roy served time. Other
                   - exterior               inmates cheer as he marches
                                            His sister is waiting for him
EXT         D      Ipanema beach, Brazil    Beach scene

EXT/INT     D/N    Train to London          A train where Roy and his         *
                      - restaurant car      accomplice mug passengers,
                      - carriage            and have fun (and sex) in the
                          compartments      toilet.
                      - corridor in 1st
                      - 1st class
’Monster Butler’                                                                  2010.11.02.

                      -   toilet

EXT         N      Platform at Waterloo      Train station

EXT/INT     D      Wiggy Ayton’s shop,       A taxidermy store and
                   Soho, London              workshop with stuffed animals.
                                             It’s shady.

EXT/INT     D      Forecourt Luxury Hotel,   A very elegant hotel, where      *
                   London                    Roy arrives disguised as a
                   - exterior                sheik.
                   - hotel lobby             He escapes from penthouse
                   - penthouse suite         suite through bathroom
INT         N      Hall of a flat            Roy meets her
’Monster Butler’                                                                   2010.11.02.

EXT/INT     D      Blickling Hall, Norfolk:   A castle/residence in Norfolk,
                   - exterior                 red brick. It’s a museum where
                   - state bedroom            Roy and lover take a tour and
                                              jump into an exhibited bed…

EXT         D      Elegant jewelers, Bond     Shop exterior

EXT         D      London streets
                   - driving shots
                   - back alley for chase

EXT         D      Road x many                Road, crossroad with bushes.

EXT         D      Church in Hendon

INT         D      Hotel for wedding          A hotel in a London suburb,      *
                   scene:                     where Roy’s sister’s wedding
                   - banquet room             reception takes place
’Monster Butler’                                                                     2010.11.02.

EXT/INT     D      Blundeston Prison:                                            *
                       - exterior
                       - mess hall
                       - laundry room
                       - gym
                       - warder’s mess
                       - kitchen office
                       - vent room
                       - workshop
                       - visiting hall
                       - cell
                       - officer’s room
                       - cell block catwalk
                       - roof
                       - prison yard
                       - wall
EXT         N      Near Blundeston            A series of locations where Roy
                   prison:                    and accomplice are chased by
                       - Somerton             police after their escape from
                           junction           the prison. They take a skiff to
                       - bridge               escape down the river, then
                       - below bridge         find a van that they steal.
                       - gully
                       - riverbank
                       - row of houses
INT         D      Kitto’s (accomplice)       Room and bathroom scenes
                   girlfriend’s bungalow,
’Monster Butler’                                                                2010.11.02.

EXT         D      Reservoir                  Van is pushed into the water

INT         N      Disco, Soho, London        Disco with a lively crowd,
                                              packed dancefloor

EXT         N      Flood-lit footballfield,   Football field in suburban
                   Finchley                   London. (not a stadium, but for
                                              a local team)

EXT         N      Edwardian house,           Suburban house in London
                   Finchley road

INT         N      Cheap hotel room           Room and bathroom.
                                              Depressed Roy gets drunk.

INT         D      Transport café             A café where workers have
                                              their coffee in the morning and
                                              read the paper
’Monster Butler’                                                                  2010.11.02.

INT         D      Gent’s outfitters       A shop where elegant butler’s
                                           outfit can be bought

EXT/INT     D/N    Glenfinnan Hall:        Scottish home of an aristocratic   *
                      - exterior           family. It’s elegant and is in
                      - driveway           the countryside. 2 wings,
                      - study with books   stables, outbuildings, cottages,
                      - dining room        many rooms, stairs. 2 young
                      - sitting room       adults and their parents live
                      - drawing room       there, with some staff
                      - library            members.
                      - ballroom
                      - conservatory
                      - 4 x bedroom
                      - kitchen
                      - butler’s panty
                      - landing
                      - elevator
                      - terrace
                      - swimming pool
                      - gun room
                      - horse paddock
                          and stables
                      - garden
                      - grounds for
                      - chapel ruins
’Monster Butler’                                                                    2010.11.02.

INT         D/N    Roy’s cottage at           A cottage where Roy lives while
                   Glenfinnan Hall:           working for the family at
                      - Bedroom               Glanfinnan Hall. On their
                      - spare room            grounds.
                      - kitchen

EXT         D      Holyroodhouse Palace:      Residence of the British
                   - main gates and lawn      monarch in Edinburgh where
                                              there is a reception.

INT         D/N    Cells in various prisons   Frame shots of Roy in prison      *
                   x2 (Perth, Stirling)

EXT         D      Roy’s former home          A home from where he was
                                              banished by his father. (frame

EXT/INT     D/N    Elliotts’ flat             22 Richmond Court, Sloane         *
                   - sitting room             Street
                   - Walter’s (old man)       London downtown apartment
                   study                      of a wealthy elderly couple in
                   - Walter’s bedroom         an Edwardian house.
                   - Dorothy’s (old
                   woman) bedroom
                   - Roy’s room
                   - entrance to building
’Monster Butler’                                                                2010.11.02.

                   - rear staircase
                   - rear parking area

INT         N      Lancelot Bar,          A smoky, loud bar in the          *
                   Knightsbridge          neighborhood of Elliott’s flat.
                                          There’s a drag show.

EXT         D      Nursing home           A nursing home for wealthy

INT         N      Opera house            Opera and audience                *
                     - stage and
                     - dress circle bar

EXT         N      Bar                    People walk out of bar            *

EXT         D      Betting shop, King’s
’Monster Butler’                                                                 2010.11.02.

EXT         D      Ironmongers, Lanark    A shop selling household
                                          metalware in a small Scottish

EXT         D      Dalchonzie road with   Snowy Scottish countryside         *
                   ruined barn            with hills, there is a ruined
                                          barn and an embankment,
                                          where a corpse can be buried

EXT/INT     N      Hotel in Perthshire:   Hotel in the Scottish              *
                      - Walter’s suite    countryside
                      - Dining room of
                      - Hotel reception
EXT         D      Mountains East of      Stunning, snowy landscape
                   Inverness              with road and T junction, copse
                                          of trees. Old man takes a walk
                                          in beautiful landscape and then
                                          is murdered and buried.
EXT/INT     D/N    Cottage outside        A rented cottage where Roy
                   Glasgow                can hide. Fireplace, can sleep 3

INT         D      Antique store, Perth   An antique store that is
                                          decorated for Xmas
’Monster Butler’                                                             2010.11.02.

INT         D      Adam’s office, Chelsea    Policeman’s office          *
                   police station

INT         D      McClean’s office,
                   Lothian division,

EXT         N      Bridge over stream        Where body can be dumped.

EXT         D      Car rental office’s lot

EXT/INT     D      Violet’s house:           Family Xmas dinner scene
                      - dining room
                      - exterior

EXT         D      Garage                    A car mechanic’s workshop
’Monster Butler’                                                                  2010.11.02.

INT         D      Car hire office, Godfrey   A car rental place in London
                   Davis, London

EXT         N      Road near Dunbar           Heavy snow, car driving scene

EXT/INT     D/N    Musselburgh police         A police station in front of    *
                   station:                   which a crowd gathers to see
                   - infirmary                the now famous “Monster
                   - exterior                 Butler” Roy

INT         D      Sauna in London            (intercut)

INT         D      Ritzy restaurant           (intercut)

INT         D      Saville road shop for      (intercut)
                   elegant suits

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