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_Artex '94 Emblem_


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                                   28/2 Grushevskogo Street, Kyiv 01021 Tel.: (044)
                                        253-0009   Fax: (044) 253-0663 e-mail:
                                       office@artex.com.ua http://artex.com.ua

ARTEX.94 Business Information
ArtEx - the art of creating excursion tours

ARTEX.94 is a multifield Ukrainian tourism operator. Excursion air tours and vacations in the countries of
Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Islands. Castles. Europe-wide bus tours. "Own car" tours.
Corporate, business, treatment, health-improvement, sports, event-based, educational tours. Best price-quality
ratio. Online hotel booking and car rent worldwide. Airline ticket offices. 20 years of professional experience
in tourism.

Address: 01021 Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel.: (044) 253-000-9, fax: (044) 253-06-63
28/2 Grushevskogo Street, Office 54 (Arsenalna Metro Station), Kyiv 01021

Company's Director
Oleg Genrikhovich Pikerskiy
ARTEX-94 Travel Company Director since 1994.
Has over 16 years of professional experience in the field of tourism. Prior to 1990 was an executive producer
at O. Dovzhenko Film Studio, where he worked for 15 years.
Possesses higher education qualifications. Graduated from Kyiv Institute of National Economy. Since 1994,
he has been the head of Artex-94 Travel Agency. He learned a field that was once new for him, having
"clung" to it with all of his heart. At present, he directs all of his energy and love for people precisely at this
sphere. Honored Tourism Worker of Ukraine. Awarded with the Parliamentary Diploma "For
Outstanding Merits In Favor of the Ukrainian People".

- is a company that works under the direct contract with international car rental networks HERTZ and AVIS;
- implements programs in association with the Italian Institute of External Commerce (ICE);
- is an officially accredited tourist operator with virtually all Embassies of Schengen states;
- was the official partner of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine during the 20 th 2006 Summer
Olympics in Turin;
- has been the official partner of the Ukrainian Boxing Federation for more than 10 years;
- was the official contractor serving during the participation of team Ukraine in the World Football
Championship in Germany;
- is the agent of "Gulliver's Travel Associates" - worldwide online hotel booking;
- is an IATA-accredited agent;
- is an agent of leading international companies;
- is a multidirection tourism operator for the countries of Europe (Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Greece,
Spain, Italy, Cyprus, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, Finland), South-Eastern Asia
(Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China),
the Middle East (UAE), Israel,
South America (Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Peru and more),
Australia and Oceania (New Zealand, Fiji),
Africa (SAR, Zambia, Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania), Egypt,
Australia, and New Zealand,
Indian Ocean islands (Mauritius, Maldives, Seychelles), and Caribbean Basin Islands, Pacific
Ocean islands (French Polynesia, Tahiti, Bora-Bora, Rangiroa), Japan etc.

Main tourist product types

   Classic tourism             Business tourism           Event-based tourism               VIP tourism
Excursion air tours          Exhibitions                  Sports                       Treatment and SPA,
                                                                                       Thermal resorts
Excursion bus tours          Congresses                   Concerts and shows           Hunting and safari
Ski resort tours             Incentive tours              Festivals                    Yachting
Beach vacations              Seminars                     Olympic games                Diving
Own car tours                Corporate tours              Europe and World             Wine tours
Exotic tours                 Business trips               Shopping                     European castles
Wedding tours                                                                          Islands
                                                                                       Lake resorts

ARTEX Air ticket booking unit is:
- booking and sale of tickets for regular flights of partner airlines
- selection of optimal trip routes and conditions in line with client preferences and budget
- development of special rates and conditions for companies and organizations
- hotel booking and car rental ordering
- delivery of airline tickets in Kyiv free of charge
- passenger insurance
- flexible system of discounts


                                                          Tours In Own Cars
                                                          Educational Tours
Excursion Air Tours
Weekend In Europe (4-5 Days)                              Castles And Monasteries
Excursion Bus Tours                                       Islands
                                                          Lake Resorts
Ski Resort Tours (Airline, Bus)
                                                          Sea And River Cruises
Exotic Tours
                                                          Wedding Tours
Business Tourism (Mice) / Exhibitions
                                                          Health Tours, Thermal Spa, Spa
Corporate And Incentive Tourism
                                                          Pilgrimage Tours
Treatment Tours, Spa
                                                          Booking Online
Thermal Resorts
Event-Based Tourism
                                                          Medical Tourism
Vip Tours

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