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                      A declaration of personal choice
I can choose my thoughts.

I can choose to be optimistic.

I can choose to be daring, innovative and high-spirited.

I can choose to change my mind.

I can choose to act differently than my past may dictate.

I can choose to acknowledge my mistakes – and move on.

I can choose to stop replaying my past.

I can choose to forgive myself.

I can choose whose love I will return.

I can choose who has access to my body.

I can choose to say no without giving an explanation.

I can choose to remember that nothing lasts forever – ‘this too shall pass’.

I can choose not to be defined by my external successes or failures.

I can choose to be different from my family without disrespecting them.

I can choose to focus on my strengths, and stop obsessing about my weaknesses.

I can choose to reinvent myself, or parts of myself that are no longer working for me.

I can choose to start over, every day, every hour, or even every minute.

I can choose to be happy.

Would you like to make your own list of personal choices? Perhaps you could put the word
‘choice’ in the centre of a blank page and write down your responses to it as they come to you.
You could also consider other people’s choices that you have admired, and draw inspiration
from them. You could reflect on what you would wish and choose for your loved ones – this
may broaden your perspective on choice.

Adapted from, Dowrick S (2005), Choosing happiness: life and soul essentials, Allen and
Unwin, Australia.

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