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            How To Choose A Good Web Hosting

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There are many hosting providers on the net. Most of them claim “Unlimited
Webhosting” as everything is unlimited in your account. But, Really?

Nothing can be unlimited at all. Remember, all hosting companies had some
limits before. They now provide “unlimited” mostly because of competition.
They have to overcome competitor’s promise. Finally, nothing can beat


Disk space is limited. When you have loads of stuff in your account, not only
your website will go slow, but the hosting company will tend to warn your for
using too many resources.

Bandwidth is limited, or else they will not forbid downloading sites on shared

Domain names are unlimited? Yes, if you only park most of them. However, if
you are going to run unlimited domains with established websites, resources
are always limited. Just try to run 100 websites in an account and you will

Inodes are limited. We can understand inodes as “files”. Many hosting
companies will restrict the quantity of files saved on shared hosting or VPS.

CPU and memory is limited. This will greatly influence a server.

So, no matter how unlimited those hosting companies claim, it’s critical to know
what’s limited!

OK, let’s take a look on HostGator and DreamHost. They are both popular and
claim unlimited to disk space, bandwidth, domains allowed, FTP account,
MySQL databases, etc. But what’s limited actually?

HostGator has two limitations to share hosting.

1. 25% CPU usage for 90 seconds.
2. 250,000 inodes
If your websites on a HostGator account violates the above regulation, firstly
you will be warned and be told to adjust. After that, if your sites keep violating
for many times, the websites will be suspended. Fortunately, you can monitor
these metrics in cPanel, which makes it very possible to find out problems
before getting in trouble.

However, while DreamHost claim everything unlimited, they do not specify
what are limited. They only give out some concepts on what you should notice.
Please read their Unlimited Policy (marked date: July 5th, 2011). Furthermore,
DreamHost use their own control panel rather than cPanel. You cannot monitor
critical metrics on their control panel so that you could never know your sites
are in trouble.

Once if DreamHost think your websites are doing something they don’t like,
they will just disable all your websites and inform that they will terminate your
account within 14 days. All domains and data must be move away in 14 days
or else you can not touch them after the deadline.

It did happen to many people. Search “DreamHost termiate account”,
“DreamHost sucks” and other related keywords, there you will see the stories.
DreamHost is a bit rude to their customers.

Since nothing is really limited, I will prefer more specified regulations and more
easily to monitor. I hope DreamHost can be more transparent and more polite
to their customers in the future. But they are not doing well at present.
DreamHost has got a big F on Better Business Bureau and not accredited,
while HostGator scores A+ and BBB accredited (above data was marked on
July 5th, 2011)

So, as conclusion, I will highly recommend HostGator. What’s more, remember
not to put your domain and websites under same a hosting company.
NameCheap and HostGator is a perfect combo.


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