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         - Blackblade
Weapon                Cost     Damage        Critical    Range Inc.     Weight    Type Size Proficiency
Cat’s Claw           10 GP        1d4           x2           ----        ¼ lb.      S Unarmed Exotic
Pin Ring             200 GP        1           ----          ----        ----       P    T    Simple

Assassin’s Fan       60 GP        1d4        x3 19-20        ----        1 lb.      S     S      Exotic
Combat Fan           100 GP       1d6           x2           ----        3 lb.      S     S      Exotic
Hand Blade           20 GP        1d6        x2 19-20        ----        4 lb       P     S      Simple
Blade Necklace       200 GP       1d4           x2          10 ft.       1 lb.      P     S      Simple
Buckle Blade         100 GP       1d4           x2           ----        1 lb.      P     S      Simple
Baton                 5 GP        1d6           x2           ----        2 lb.      B     S      Martial
Discus                5 SP        1d4           x2          15 ft.       1 lb.      B     S      Martial
Bladed Discus         1 GP        1d6           x3          15 ft.       1 lb.      S     S      Martial
Throwing Knife        2 SP        1d2           x2          10 ft.       ¼ lb.      P     S      Martial
Rico Stone           10 GP        1d4           x2          10 ft.       ½ lb.      B     S      Exotic

Grooved Longsword 250 GP          1d8        x2 19-20        ----        4 lb.      S     M      Martial
Burning Longsword 400 GP          1d8        x2 19-20        ----        4 lb.      S     M      Martial
Singing Longsword 1000 GP         1d8        x2 19-20        ----        3 lb.      S     M      Exotic
Sword Cane          100 GP        1d6           x2           ----        5 lb.     S/P    M      Martial
Chain                1 SP         1d4           x2           ----        6 lb.      B     M      Simple
Ribbon Blade        600 GP        1d8        x2 18-20        ----        3 lb.      S     M      Exotic
Arm Spike           10 GP         1d6           x3           ----        4 lb.      P     M      Exotic
Bracer Spike        50 GP         1d6           x3           ----        8 lb.      P     M      Exotic
Crossbow, Double    150 GP      1d8 - 1         x2          60 ft.       8 lb.      P     M      Exotic
Crossbow, Disk      200 GP        ----         ----        100 ft.       6 lb.     ---    M      Exotic
   Disk (5)          1 GP         1d6           x2           ----        1 lb.      B     T        ----
   Disk, Bladed (5)  5 GP         1d8        x2 19-20        ----        1 lb.      S     T        ----
   Disk, Razor (5)  10 GP        1d10           x3           ----        1lb.       S     T        ----
Crescent Blade      25 GP         1d6           x4           ----        l lb.     S/P    M      Exotic

Grooved Greatsword   400 GP       2d6        x2 19-20       ----         14 lb.     S     L      Martial
Staff, Burning       500 GP     1d6/1d6         x2          ----          5 lb.     B     L   see description
Staff, Folding       250 GP   1d6-1/1d6-1       x2          ----          3 lb.     B     L      Simple
Heavy Arc Blade      150 GP    1d12/1d6         x3          ----         25 lb.    S/B    L      Exotic
Double Scythe        75 GP      1d8/1d8      x2 19-20       ----         12 lb.    S/P    L      Exotic
GreatBow             100 GP      1d10           x3         130 ft.        4 lb.     P     L      Martial
Composite Greatbow   300 GP      1d10           x3         150 ft.        4 lb.     P     L      Martial
Crossbow, Great      100 GP       2d6        x2 19-20      150 ft.       12 lb.     P     L      Simple
Crossbow, Triple     350 GP     1d10 - 1        x2         100 ft.       11 lb.     P     L      Exotic
Cat’s Claw: A leather glove with an iron blade at the tip of each finger. The cat’s claw is used to slash
        and scratch opponents.
Pin Ring: The pin ring is a cheap ring of any sort. A portion of the ring slides away to reveal a needle,
        which is usually poisoned. The needle can be found on a Search check (DC 15)
Assassin’s Fan: This weapon is a seemingly harmless women’s cloth fan. The cloth conceals the razor
        sharp iron ribs, which can be used to slash enemies. This weapon is very popular among female
        assassins, which is where it gets it’s name. The true nature of an assassin’s fan can be discovered
        on a Search check (DC 25).
Combat Fan: This weapon is favored among certain flash female gladiators. It is constructed of thin,
        interlocking sheets or razor-sharp metal. Though useless while closed, an open combat fan is a
        deadly weapon, and provides a +1 bonus to parry attempts. A closed combat fan is easily
Hand Blade: A very simple weapon, the hand blade consists mainly of a handle with two blades. The
        blades are perpendicular to the handle, so that one is on either side of the hand when the weapon is
Blade Necklace: The blade necklace is a thick, cheaply made metal necklace. Aside from being cheap
        jewelry, the necklace has another purpose. One of the rings comes off when pulled, revealing the
        short blade that it is attached to. Because most blade necklaces are fairly rugged looking, men can
        wear them without raising suspicion. A Search check can reveal the blade (DC 20).
Buckle Blade: Just like the blade necklace, but this one is in a belt buckle. Search DC is 20.
Baton: A short rod of wood or metal, the baton is useful for bludgeoning the crap out of stuff.
Discus: This is a disc made of metal, stone or some other heavy material. When thrown, the discus sails
        through the air, hopefully bashing its intended target. A Strength of 10 is required to effectively
        use a discus.
Bladed Discus: A discus that has been sharpened all the way around. Take care when throwing.
Throwing Knife: A small, aerodynamic knife made especially for throwing. While these weapons are too
        light to add a Strength bonus to their damage, up to three knifes can be throw in one action.
Rico Stone: A master alchemist stumbled upon this misleadingly small weapon while trying to create a toy
        for his son. The rico stone appears to be a perfectly round stone, but when thrown at something it
        bounces back with almost no loss of momentum. A person proficient with a rico stone can hit up
        to five targets in one throw. An attack roll is made for each target, with a cumulative –1 penalty
        for each successive target (target 1 at –1, 2 at –2, 3 at –4, 4 at –8 and 5 at –16). If the stone misses
        any target, it misses every following target. Instead of choosing a target to attack, the thrower can
        target himself to have the stone return to his hand. To catch the stone, the thrower must succeed a
        reflex save with a DC of 15 + the attack penalty.
Grooved Longsword: This weapon is the same size as a standard longsword, and is used in the same
        manner. The only differences are that the blade is covered in shallow grooves, and the hilt is
        hollow with a removable bottom. When the sword is swung, any liquid in the hilt flows out the
        blade along the grooves, coating the blade. The hilt can hold half a pint of liquid, about enough for
        20 swings. Note: It is very dangerous to fill the hilt with oil. If the oil on the blade is ignited, there
        is a 50% chance that the oil in the hilt will explode, causing 2d6 damage and destroying the
Burning Longsword: This weapon is very similar to the grooved longsword, and can be used in the same
        way. The only visible difference is a small clip on the hilt. The clip is meant for a slow match, and
        the sword itself is meant to be filled with oil. When the sword is swung, oil coats the blade and is
        ignites doing an additional 1d6 points of fire damage. There is no chance of the hilt exploding.
Singing Longsword: This weapon functions exactly like a normal longsword, except for the narrow
        grooves on the blade. When the sword is swung at certain angles, these groove emit beautiful,
        flute-like tones. Anyone with the skill Perform (Bladesong) can use this weapon as an instrument.
        Furthermore, they can perform while in combat, taking a –4 penalty to both attack and Perform
        rolls. While Performing in combat servers no practical use, it is quite incredible to see. Singing
        longswords are incredibly hard to make. No one with under 15 ranks in Craft (weapon) has a
        chance of making a singing longsword.
Sword Cane: The sword cane is a long, narrow blade concealed in a sheath which makes it look like a
        walking cane. The sheath is locked in place to prevent accidental removal, so unsheathing this
        weapon counts as a partial action. A Search check (DC 20) will reveal the weapon for what it is.
Chain: Not much in the way on complexity here. This is a 6’ length of chain useful for whacking things.
         + 1 to trip checks.
Ribbon Blade: This complex weapon is a razor sharp metal ribbon on a hilt. Because it is made of
         complex, interlocking metal loops, it cam be made stiff or flexible with a flick of the wrist. This
         weapon is so hard to use that unproficient users get –6, not –4.
Arm Spike: A blade that is about one foot longer that the user’s forearm. The bottom of the weapon is
         strapped to the arm just above the elbow, and there is a handle to grip about a foot from the tip.
         This weapon cannot be disarmed.
Bracer Spike: Like the arm spike, but with an attached bracer. Provides +1 AC, but incurs a –3 attack
Crossbow, Double: This weapon is similar to the light crossbow, except two bolts can be loaded.
         Unfortunately, this lowers the crossbow’s range and power. The listed damage is for one standard
         arrow. If two bolts are loaded, the bow does 2d8 – 2 damage. Loading one bolt is a partial action,
         loading two is a full action.
Crossbow, Disk: This is a light crossbow that has been modified to fire disk-like projectiles. Loading is a
         partial action.
         Disk: A thin, round metal projectile fired from a disk crossbow.
         Bladed Disk: As the disk, but it is sharpened.
         Razor Disk: As the disk, but it is very sharp.
Crescent Blade: This is a metal crescent which has all of it’s edges sharpened. When thrown, the crescent
         travels to its target in an very unpredictable path. Because it always comes from an unexpected
         angle, the crescent blade ignores the first two points of a targets Dexterity bonus to AC. Anyone
         not proficient with this weapon has no hope of hitting a target with it.
Grooved Greatsword: Same as the grooved longsword, except it’s a greatsword.
Staff Burning: This steel staff can be filled with a pint of oil. When the ends are twisted, they burst into
         flame. The staff will burn for two hours on a pint of oil. When lit, each end does an additional 1d4
         points of fire damage and sheds a 40 ft. radius of light.
Staff Folding: This is a metal staff that can fold up to a length on 1’6”.
Heavy Arc Blade: The main part of this massive weapon is a seven-foot metal pole. On one end, it has a
         huge arc shaped blade. On the other, it has a lead filled metal ball, to counter balance the blade.
         Either end can be used to attack. This weapon requires a Strength of 16 to use.
Double Scythe: A long shaft with a scythe on each end. Duh.
GreatBow: This weapon is both stronger and larger that the longbow.
Composite Greatbow: This is even stronger that the greatbow.
Crossbow, Great: This massive crossbow takes a Strength of 14 to even aim. It takes a person with under
         16 Strength two full actions to load, or only one full action if the user’s Strength is 16 or over.
Crossbow, Triple: A heavy crossbow that has been altered to take three bolts. Loading one bolt is a full
         round action. Loading three bolts takes two full round actions.

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