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           The Association for Global Logistics & Transportation

 65TH Annual NDTA Transportation and
        Logistics Forum & Expo
               “RISING to the Challenge”
                        September 10-14 ,2011
                             Phoenix, AZ

                  EXPO DATES
  Monday, September 12th | Tuesday September 13th
Join Military, Government and Commercial LOGISTICIANS and TRANSPORTERS to share knowledge,
network and connect with peers working across the Global Enterprise. This year, NDTA will com-
memorate its 65th Forum Anniversary and you are invited to the CELEBRATION!

                                                          WHY Exhibit?
      Network with the TOP LEVEL GOVERNMENT AND INDUSTRY DECISION MAKERS in the freight and passenger transportation,
       travel, distribution, security, hotel, and personal property moving and storage business that ATTEND THE NDTA FORUM & EXPO!
      Build RELATIONSHIPS with mid-level managers – industry, military and government.
      STAY AHEAD OF THE GAME when it comes to understanding the government’s latest rules, regulations and procedures.
      Get CURRENT on developments in intermodal, surface, ocean, air shipping and government travel.
      UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to interact with all of the military services and government at one time & place.
      FUTURE AND CURRENT CUSTOMERS will be there with your COMPETITORS.
      A PLATFORM to demonstrate your latest equipment, products and services.
      Guaranteed high exhibit hall traffic due to DEDICATED EXPO PERIODS.

                       WHO Attends?                                                         WHO Exhibits?
 JCS, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, DTMO, US-                   Companies that want to do business in the
 TRANSCOM, MSC, AMC, SDDC, DHS, DOT, TSA, NAVSUP, NOLSC,                                Defense Transportation System
 DLA, DOD, GSA , FEMA, AFMC, and other federal government organi-                  Airlines ● Railroads ● Trucking ● Ocean Carriers
 zations.                                                                        Barge Carrier ● Port Authorities ● Marine Terminals
                                                                             Waterways ● Container Leasing ● Transportation Security
 These are the DECISION MAKERS when it comes to moving supplies,                   3 PL ● Intermodal Transportation ● Distribution
                                                                                  Supply Chain ● Logistics ● Aerospace Consulting
 assisting military and government travelers who need lodging,               Transportation Labor ● Education Travel Agencies ● Hotels
 rental vehicles or travel arrangements, freight shipping, household          Rental Car Companies ● Hospitality ● Charter Operators
 goods movement, security, distribution, and logistics buying, routing          Information Technology ● Industry Media Forwarders
 and servicing decisions.                                                           Brokers ● Consolidators ● Hazardous Material
                                                                                   Specialized Haulers ● Package Express Carriers
                                                                                    Vehicle Manufacturers ● Deployment Services
 Their areas of authority range from individual military installations            Transportation Publishing ● Industry Associations
 up through regional and national and international levels. From 2nd             Shipbuilding ● Pallet Manufacturing ● Warehousing
 LT and junior NCO’s to four star generals. They attend the NDTA               Intransit Visibility ● Computer Science and Technology
                                                                               RFID Co. ● Computer Software Developers ● Pipe Line

                                                                                         Hyatt Regency Phoenix
                                                                                        Please visit www.ndtahq.com
Take advantage of the new Exhibitor Lounge                                 for more details about lodging and to make reservations.
which will be strategically placed in the Expo Hall.                                        NDTA Group rate: $169
Use it for out of the way meetings, food breaks, or                                 NDTA Government/Military rate: $106
                                                                                           ($30 below per diem rate!)
just to relax for a few minutes.

                                   For more information and special combination packages,
                                  contact Denny Edwards or Lee Matthews at (703) 751-5011
                                            or denny@ndtahq.com or lee@ndtahq.com

                                      Ask for special booth discounts if you advertise in the
                                                 Defense Transportation Journal.

            Exhibit Schedule (as of 5/13/2011.)
Sunday, September 11th
    8:00am-Noon      Exhibit Set-up Time (Vehicles only)
    Noon-6:00pm      Exhibit Set-up Time
Monday, September 12th
    8:00am-11:00am Exhibit Set-up Time
                     Exhibits must be complete by 11am
    11:30am-2:00pm Grand Opening—Exhibits (Period
Tuesday, September 13th
    7:30am-9:00am Exhibits (Period 2) w/Breakfast in
                     Expo Hall
    11:30am-2:00pm Exhibits Revisited (Period 3)
    2:30pm-6:00pm Exhibit Tear-down time
Wednesday, September 14th
    1:30pm-2:00pm Exhibitors' Grand Prize Drawing
                     (Exhibitors need not be present.)

                  NON-NDTA               CORPORATE     MIL/
 BOOTH TYPE                  CORPORATE
                  MEMBER                   MEMBER      GOVT

 STANDARD         $2,995     $1,995      $1,695       $1.595

   PREMIUM        $3,695     $2,695      $2,395       $2,195
(indicated by *
  in booth on
   floor plan)
 LOCATION (L)     N/A        $13,995     N/A          N/A
ALL LETTERED      $7,495     $5,495      $4,995       $4,850
JUNIOR/VALUE $1,595          $1,295      $995         $1,295
 (Half of stan-
dard booth. No
discounts avail-
    TRUCK/      $2,500       $2,500      $2,500       $2,300
(Plus minimum
of one standard
 No discounts

     Visit www.ndtahq.com to Reserve Your
    Booth Space or for sponsorships and to
   get more program/schedule information.

                                                               Please see Web site to see up-to-date
                                                                       interactive floor plan
                          SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES

  Be an NDTA Forum Sponsor and have your company name and logo displayed at the Forum, in the printed programs and directory, listed in the pocket schedule, fea-
  tured in the Defense Transportation Journal, listed on the NDTA Website and NDTAGram and highlighted throughout the Forum area. If you have any questions, please
  contact either Denny Edwards or Lee Matthews at (703) 751-5011 or denny@ndtahq.com / lee@ndtahq.com.

                                                   CATEGORY A: PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM EVENTS
                                                                                                                  Please indicate sponsorship choice below by °
   DAY       ITEM#                                        DESCRIPTION
                                                                                                                   SOLE SPONSOR               CO-SPONSOR
   Sun.                                                                                                       $25,000 (includes $10,000 donation to the
               A1         SOLD NDTA Scholarship Event at Corona Ranch Hosted by YRC Worldwide SOLD
 Sept. 11                                                                                                         NDTA Scholarship Fund.)
               A2                         Forum Opening Ceremony and Official Welcome                         □ $7,995                   □ $4,495
               A3                  Spouse/Guest Activities Program (Mon-Tues., Sept. 12-13) Both Days         □ $5,000                   □ $2,650
               A4                            Featured Speaker Program (Opening Day - AM)                      □ $6,495                   □ $3,399
 Sept. 12      A5          SOLD Military Units Awards Ceremony Hosted by Transportation Institute SOLD        $ 10,000
                                SOLD Professional Dialogue Sessions (PM - Multiple Sessions) SOLD
               A6                                                                                             $ 5,395
                                               Sponsored by Maersk Line, Limited
                                                                                                              $25,000 (includes $10,000 donation to the
               A7                 SOLD NDTA Scholarship Networking Event at Alice Cooper SOLD                     NDTA Scholarship Fund.)

               A8                           Featured Speaker Program (AM - 2 Speakers)                        □ $6,495                   □ $3,395
  Tues.                                SOLD Roundtable Discussion Session (AM) SOLD
 Sept. 13
                                           Sponsored by Supreme Group (USA), LLC
                                                                                                              $ 4,750                    □ $2,595
                               SOLD Professional Dialogue Sessions (PM - Multiple Sessions) SOLD
              A10                                                                                             $ 5,395
                                              Sponsored by Maersk Line, Limited

              A11                            Featured Speaker Program (AM - 2 Speakers)                       □ $6,495                   □ $3,395
 Sept. 14                                SOLD Roundtable Discussion Session (AM) SOLD
              A12                                                                                             $ 4,750
                                            Sponsored by Supreme Group (USA), LLC
Continuous    A13                          Guest/Spouse Hospitality Suite Host (4 days)                       □ $3,000                   □ $1,950
                                                      CATEGORY B: FOOD AND BEVERAGE EVENTS
                                                                                                                  Please indicate sponsorship choice below by °
    DAY        ITEM #                                       DESCRIPTION
                                                                                                                    SOLE SPONSOR                CO-SPONSOR

                 B1                                    Networking Breakfast @Hyatt                            □ $6,650                   □ $2,495
                 B2                                        A-35 Breakfast                                     □$4,995                    □ $2,750
  Sept. 11       B3                                  Morning Networking Refreshments                          □ $4,800                   □ $2,650
                 B5                              Grand Opening of Exhibits (Period 1)                         □ $16,995
                 B6          SOLD Ice Cream Bars (Both Periods) Sponsored by AVIS Budget Group SOLD           $5,800
                 B7                       Afternoon Networking Refreshments @ Convention Center               □ $4,800                   □ $2,650
                                                       Networking Breakfast @ Hyatt                           □ $6,650                   □ $2,495
                                                     Morning Networking Refreshments                          □ $4,800                    □ $2,650
                 B10             SOLD Exhibits Revisited (Period 2) Hosted by The Pasha Group SOLD            $16,995
  Sept. 12       B11                      Afternoon Networking Refreshments @ Convention Center               □ $4,800                   □ $2,650
                 B12               SOLD Chairman’s Awards Dinner Reception Hosted by APL SOLD                 $12,995
                 B13     SOLD Chairman’s Awards Dinner Hosted by InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) SOLD $30,000

                 B14    SOLD Wine for Chairman’s Awards Dinner SOLD Sponsored by Baggett Transportation $ 7,700

                 B15               Post-Awards Dinner Reception/Entertainment/DJ/A-35 Duck Race               □ $9,800                   □ $5,100
                 B16                                   Networking Breakfast @ Hyatt                           □ $6,650                   □ $2,495
  Sept. 14       B17                                 Morning Networking Refreshments                          □ $4,800                   □ $2,650
                 B18                                International Awards Luncheon                             □ $14,900                  □ $7,400

                                                         Available for reservation online at www.ndtahq.com
                                                          CATEGORY C: PRINTING (All w/Sponsor’s Logo)
                                                                                                                    Please indicate sponsorship choice below by °
   DAY       ITEM #                                          DESCRIPTION
                                                                                                                SOLE SPONSOR
               C1                SOLD Pocket Schedule Sponsored by National Air Cargo SOLD                      $5,900
               C2         SOLD Conference Note Pads (4 Days) Sponsored by Rock-It-Cargo, USA LLC SOLD           $2,300
               C3         SOLD Forum Registration Directory - Back Cover Advt. Sponsored by Hertz SOLD
               C4                       Forum Registration Directory - Inside Back Cover Advt.                   □ $5,600
Continuous     C5          Forum Registration Directory - Inside Front Cover - Non Exclusive - Logo Only         □ $2,800
               C6           SOLD Forum Large Padfolio (9’x 12’) Sponsored by Maersk Line Limited SOLD           $9,700
               C7                                    Forum Junior Padfolio (6’ x 9’)                            □ $5,289
               C8           SOLD Pocket/Purse Note Pad (3’x 5’) Sponsored by National Air Cargo SOLD            $3,950
               C9      SOLD Exhibitors and Sponsors Printed Directory Sponsored by National Air Cargo SOLD      $5,995
               C10                       SOLD Forum Newspaper Sponsored by Hertz SOLD                           $6,500

                                                           CATEGORY D: FORUM SERVICES (Continuous)
                                                                                                             Please indicate sponsorship choice below by °
ITEM #                                           DESCRIPTION
                                                                                                           SOLE SPONSOR                     CO-SPONSOR
                              SOLD Bus Transportation Shuttle Service SOLD
  D1                                                                                                 $6,900
                          Sponsored by Transportation Management Services (TMS)
  D2                  SOLD Rest & Relaxation Lounge Sponsored by R & R Trucking SOLD                 $6,500
  D3                                               Cyber Café                                        □ $8,850
  D4                                 Basketball Shoot for Scholarship Fund                           □ $1,450
  D5                                 A-35 5K Run for Scholarship Fund                                □ $5,135 Exclusive Sponsor □ $1,000 Contributing Sponsor
                    SOLD Registration Pavilion (includes lanyard and badge holder) SOLD
  D6                                                                                                 $15,999
                                             Sponsored by DHL
  D7                            Name Badge w/Sponsor’s Logo on reverse.                             □ $4,300
               SOLD Souvenir Photography Service at Chairman’s Awards Dinner Reception SOLD
  D8                                                                                                 $5,299
                                             Sponsored by APL
  D9                     SOLD Express Shipping Service Sponsored by UPS SOLD                         $2,190
 D10                          Forum Directional Signage w/Sponsor’s Logo (4 Days)                   □ $4,400
 D11                  SOLD Forum Wrap Up Video Sponsored by Southwest Airlines SOLD                 $8,500
 D12                  SOLD Forum Official Rental Car Company Sponsored by Hertz SOLD                $3,330
 D13                  SOLD Forum HQ Shipping Support Sponsored by DB Schenker SOLD                  $3,555
 D14                                      Forum Commemorative Coin                                  □ $4,200
 D15                       SOLD Forum Photo Album in DTJ Sponsored by UPS SOLD                      □ $4,450
                                                  CATEGORY E: ADVERTISING/ LOGO EXPOSURE (Continuous)
                                                                                                              Please indicate sponsorship choice below by °
ITEM #                                          DESCRIPTION
                                                                                                  SOLE SPONSOR
  E1           SOLD NDTA Monogrammed Garment Bag Sponsored by Fikes Truck Line SOLD               □ $2,750
  E2                   Jumbo Banners w/Sponsor’s Logo (Hotel & Convention Center)                 CALL NDTA
  E3         SOLD Hotel Room Keys Sponsored by Maersk Limited w/Logo and Advertising SOLD         $9,300
                SOLD Escalator or elevator or hallway advertising Forum Schedule signs SOLD
  E4                                                                                              $1,900
                                        Sponsored by Farrell Lines
  E5                       SOLD Forum Tote Bags Sponsored by Landstar SOLD                        $9,400

  E6                            Bus Seat Head Rest Covers w/Sponsor’s Logo                        □ $2,880                           □ $1,660
  E7                   Embroidered Easel Covers w/Sponsor’s Logo (Multiple locations)             □ $3,300
  E8                   ―Support the Troops‖ Wrist Band on Sponsor’s Presentation Card             □ $4,200
  E9         SOLD ―Support the Troops‖ Patriotic Lapel Pin Sponsored by Chalich Trucking SOLD     □ $4,200
 E10                     Hallway Logo Flags/Signs w /Sponsor’s Logo (Multiple locations)          □ $4,895
 E11                                  Floor Graphics w/Company Logo                               □ $4,990
 E12                          NDTA Slot Machine (7 positions available on machine.)               □ $1,450
 E13                  Giant Helium Balloon w/your logo (Call NDTA for location criteria.)         □ $2,970
                      CATEGORY F: GENERAL FORUM SUPPORT Please indicate sponsorship choice below by ° . Also available online.
 □ F1 SUPER Sponsor : $12,500 │ □ F2 Platinum Sponsor: $9,400 │ □ F3 Gold Sponsor : $7,400 │ □ F4 Silver Sponsor: $5,500 │ □ F5 Bronze Sponsor: $600

                                                  Available for reservation online at www.ndtahq.com
                        Spouse/Guest Activities Program - (A3)                                                     Jumbo Banners w/Sponsor’s Logo - (E2)
On Monday, visit Heard Museum and Tuesday, visit the Desert Botanical Gardens. Bus               The first thing attendees see in the Atrium or going down to the Expo Hall.
transportation and lunch will be included each day.                                                                          (Multiple locations.)

                      Featured Speaker Program – (A4, A8, A11)                                       Hotel Room Keys and Sponsors Advertisement – (E3)
Host the Professional Speaker Program (not individual speakers) for each day. Printed Sponsor’s message is on one side and NDTA’s logo with future meeting schedule is on
programs with speaker bio and host logo would be distributed to all attendees. Com- the other. Attendees receive keys at official forum hotels registration desk.
pany logo displayed on media screen.

                      Professional Dialogue Sessions – (A6, A10)                                  Patriotic Lapel Pins on Sponsor’s Presentation Card – (E8)
Host the Professional Dialogue Sessions each day. Company logo displayed on media Pins are distributed as sponsor desires: at Registration, at Opening Session, or in Forum
screen and area signage.                                                          bags. Sponsors logo may be printed on each Presentation Card.

                                                                                                        Yellow Rubber ―Support the Troops‖ Wrist Band on Sponsor’s
                           Guest/Spouse Hospitality Suite - (A12)                                                        Presentation Card – (E9)
This is the traditional gathering place for spouses and guests to relax, meet each other,                               Same as Lapel Pins, above
and plan the day’s activities. Host would be acknowledged with signage, and at their
option, a small table display for their literature.                                                          Embroidered Easel Covers with Company Logo - (E7)
                                                                                          Every NDTA Forum sign in the meeting areas and hotel will be displayed on easels fitted
                           Networking Breakfast - (B1, B8, B16)                           with a rich fabric cover with your custom embroidered logo. Your exposure on the ea-
Held Monday and Wednesday morning for early arrivals outside the general session sels covers will be visible for the entire five days of the Forum, even as the individual
room immediately before the professional sessions start. Host signage will be displayed signs change.
in the area. (Price per day - 2 days available, please specify your choice. )
                                                                                                                       Hall of Flags Logo Signs – (E10)
           Post Chairman’s Award Dinner Reception/Entertainment/DJ - (B15)                An appropriate ―add-on‖ sponsorship for any organization. Include your flag in an ap-
This is the former SatoTravel Hospitality Reception. Host will customize the event and propriate display of support for NDTA and all the men and women in our Armed Forces.
determine menu, entertainment and format as well as appropriate sponsor signage and
recognition. (Now available again for sponsorship, after many years!)
                                                                                                                     NEW Floor Graphics – (E11) NEW
        Morning or Afternoon Networking Refreshments – (B3, B7, B9, B11, B17)             Large color floor posters with your company’s logo grabs your attention as you enter the
Hosts may have a literature table and one representative next to the refreshments in main entrance of the hall. Can also be used in your booth, and at other sponsorship
addition to signage in the area. (Price is per break - 4 breaks available, please specify events.)
your choice.)

                        Forum Sponsoring Patron Recognition – (C4)                                                   NDTA Slot Machine - (E12)
Be recognized in the popular Forum Registration Directory with your logo proudly dis- Your company logo on the reels replaces the traditional cherries, plums and oranges.
played. This very economical sponsorship puts your company’s logo in the spotlight in Winners go to your booth to collect their prize. Plus $10,000 cash jackpot. No cost to
this sought after listing of all Forum attendees. (Note: listing is not exclusive, other play (not gambling.)
logos will be listed also)
                                                                                                           Comprehensive General Forum Support – (F1 - F5)
                           Forum Bus Shuttle Transportation - (D1)                       These Forum-wide supporters apply their contributions to the operations and production
Coaches will shuttle attendees to and from professional and social events throughout of the entire Annual Forum and Exposition. Participation available at four different
the Forum. Transportation host acknowledgement and signage would be displayed on levels with corresponding degrees of recognition: Super Sponsor, Platinum Sponsor,
every coach during every Forum day time event. Headrest covers with sponsors logo on Gold Sponsor, Silver Sponsor, and Bronze Sponsor.
every seat are an available extra cost option.

                       Exhibit Hall Rest & Relaxation Lounge – (D2)                                          NEW Giant Helium Advertising Balloon - (E13) NEW
Seated neck and shoulder massages are provided in the lounge during all exhibit peri- Its hard to miss the huge 10 ft diameter balloon floating over your exhibit booth. Alter-
ods. Sponsor’s fee includes exhibit booth next to the lounge.                            natively, float your logo balloon in our new ―Balloon Garden‖ in the Hyatt’s breathtaking
                                                                                         seven story atrium lobby.
                                     Cyber Café – (D3
A central location in the facility where all attendees can check their emails during the
Forum. Sponsor acknowledgement could be on screen and/or with appropriate sign-

                                Basketball Shoot - (D4)
Help contribute to the NDTA Scholarship Program—3 shots for $5 dollars. Sponsor the
NEW NDTA Basketball Game. We have room for two large company logos on the back
board – one could be yours (or take two positions). Special prizes to the best shooter.

                                Registration Pavilion – (D6)
The first thing that greets Forum attendees; the Pavilion will include Welcome Stations,
Hospitality Desk, and traditional Registration Counters. Light refreshments and wel-
coming amenities packages are additional options. All signage is in the sponsor’s cor-
porate colors.

                                 Souvenir Photography - (D8)
What better remembrance of the Forum than having your picture taken in your best
finery at the prestigious Chairman’s Awards Dinner? Individual, couples, and table
shots will be available, all with your company’s acknowledgement.

                          Forum Directional Signage – (D10)
Signage is required in multiple locations throughout the five days of the forum to give
attendees directions and identify events. Every sign placed would acknowledge the
sponsors with their logo.

                       NDTA Monogrammed Garment Bag - (E1)
Why stuff your Tux or Evening Gown in a crammed suitcase? Carry it on wrinkle-free in
                         this handsome custom garment bag.

                              The Association for Global Logistics and Transportation
                           NDTA 65TH ANNUAL FORUM & EXPOSITION
                                                        “RISING to the Challenge”
                                                           September 10-14, 2011 | Phoenix, AZ
                           Please submit form to NDTA by mail — NDTA, 50 South Pickett Street, Suite 220,
                            Alexandria, VA 22304, fax (703) 823-8761 or email to denny@ndtahq.com or
                                    lee@ndtahq.com. We can also be reached at 703-751-5011.

                                                                             Basketball Shoot                   itor-S
                                                                             w/Sponsor’s Logo                Dire ponso
                                                                                                                   c    r
                                                                                                             Item tory
                                             tion                                Item D4
                                           istra                                                            $5,9 C8
                                       Re g y                                    $1,450                           95
                                  rum irector ailable
                               Fo D             v
                                           er A
                                       Cov      3
                                Ins ide Item C

                                                                                                           Hotel Room Keys
                                                                               Jumbo Welcome Banners       w/Sponsor’s Logo
                                                                                  w/Sponsor’s Logo             Item E3
                                                                                     (Call NDTA)               $9,200
                                                                                       Item E2

Embroidered Easel Covers
   w/Sponsor’s Logo
        Item E7
                                              Formal Photography
                                       @Chairman’s Awards Dinner Reception
                                               w/Sponsor’s Logo                                               Patriotic Wrist Band
                                                    Item D8                                                      (or) Lapel Pin
                                                    $5,200                                                     w/Sponsor’s Logo
                                                                                                                  Item E8, E9

                                                                                       Logo Garment Bag
                                                                                       w/Sponsor’s Logo
                                                                                            Item E1

NEW Giant Helium Advertising
                                                NEW Floor Graphics NEW
       Balloon NEW
                                                  w/Sponsor’s Logo
    w/Sponsor’s Logo
         Item E13                                      Item E11                                                       NDTA Slot Machine
                                                        $4,990                                                    $1,450 per position on reels
                                                                                                                      w/Sponsor’s Logo
                                                                                                                          Item E12
                                                                                     Hallway Logo Flags
                                                                                     w/Sponsor’s Logo
                                                                                          Item E10
                                                                           Partial List of Previous NDTA Exhibitors
9-11 Air Cargo                 Boykin Management               DHL Express                      IGOV                             Nations Express                    RJR – VetCom                       U-Haul International
A. Duie Pyle                   Boyle Transportation            DHL Global Forwarding            IMA                              Naval Supply School                Robbins Motor Transit              Ultraseal International
A & A Transportation           Braklok-Wapner                  DHS/NCS (GETS)                   Inchcape Shipping Svcs. (ISS)    Naval Surface Warfare Center       Rock-It Cargo                      Union Pacific Railroad
AAFES                          Bridge Terminal Transport       DLA Distribution                 Innovata                         Navatech USA                       Rosenbluth International           Uni-Pak
AAL                            Brown & Root, KBR               DPS Joint Program                InnSuites Hotels                 NDTA A-35 Committee                RPS, Inc.                          UNISYS
AAR Mobility Systems           BTC Mgmt. Systems, Inc.           Management Office—             Integres Global Logistics        NDTA European Region               Ruthern Transportation             Unit Loading Concepts
AAT Carriers                   Budget Truck Rental, LLC          Household Goods                Integrity Transportation         Networks Enterprises, Inc.         Ryder System                       United Parcel Service
ABF Freight System             Bryne Transportation Services   DoD Business Transformation         Services                      New Otani Hotel, Los Angeles       S.M.I.S                            United Seamen's Service
ABF-U-Pack                     C.L. Services                     Agency                         Institute of Trans. Engineers    New Yorker Hotel                   SABRE                              United Van Lines
ABS Quality Evaluations        C2 Freight Resources            DoD Logistics-AIT                Intellitrans                     NITAAC                             SAIC                               Universal Truck
Accor Hotels                   CACI International              Dollar Thrifty Automotive        Intercomp Company                NOLSC                              Sammons Trucking                   University of Phoenix
Ace Doran                      California Maritime Academy       Group                          InterContinental Hotels, (IHG)   NORAD/USNORTHCOM                   San Diego CVB                      University of Tennessee
ACE Rent-A-Car                 Canal Barge Co.                 Douglas Trucking                 Intermarine, Inc.                Norfolk Airport Authority          Sandia National Labs.              UPS
ACE Transportation             Candlewood Suites               Drury Hotels                     Intermec Technologies, Inc.      Norfolk Southern Railroad          Savi, A Lockheed Martin            US Airways
ACME Truck Line, Inc.          CAPS Logistics                  DynaTouch                        Intermodal Transportation        North American CLS, Inc.           Company                            US Army CASCOM
Advantage Rent-A-Car           Carden Jennings Publishing      E.J. Brooks Co.                    Institute - Univ. of Denver    North American Van Lines           Scan Logistix Inc                  US Army PD TIS
AFCEA-TechNet                  Carlson Hotels Worldwide        Earth Biofuels                   Interstate Worldwide             Northrop Grumman                   Schneider National                 US Army Strategic Mobility Div.
Agility Defense & Govt. Ser-   Carnegie Logica Group           EER Systems                        Relocation                     Northwest Airlines                 SDDC 598th 599th                   US Bank/PowerTrack
vices                          Cartwright Companies            El Camino Trailways              International Longshoreman's     Norwegian Cruise Lines                Transportation Group            US Coast Guard
AHI Corporate Housing          CAST Transportation             Employer Supt Guard Reserve        Assn.                          NYK Logistics (Americas)           SDDC Headquarters                  US Dept. of Energy
Air Cargo Carriers, Inc.       Castle Hotel and Resorts        Enterprise Database Corp.        IOMM&P                           OAG Worldwide                      SDDC Safety Office                 US Dept. of Transportation
Air Compassion for Veterans    Cavalier Logistics              Enterprise Rent-A-Car            ITLT Solutions                   Oakwood Worldwide                  SDDC-TEA                           US Marine Corps
Air Mobility Command           Cendant Mobility                Equity Corporate Housing         ITS, Inc.                        Odin Technologies                  Sea Containers America             US Merchant Marine Academy
Air Partner                    Cendant, Inc.                   Erudite Company                  ITW Envopak - Americas           Office-Chief of Trans., USA        Sealed Air Corporation             US Suites
Air Trans                      Central Delivery Service        Estes Forwarding Worldwide       J. B. Hunt Transport, Inc.       Ogden Government Services          Security Moving & Storage          US Travel Systems
AirNet Systems, Inc.           Central Gulf Lines              ETA-CMST                         JAS Forwarding                   Old Dominion Freight Line          Segway LLC                         US Xpress Enterprises
AIT Worldwide Logistics        Century Products LLC            Europcar                         Joint Theater Distribution       Omega World Travel                 Service by Air                     USA Rent A Car
aka Luxury Suites              CEVA Logistics                  Evergreen Intl. Airlines         Joint Total Asset Visibility     Online Systems                     SGM Enterprises                    USA1 Logistics
Alamo Rent-A-Car               Chain Express Corporation       EWA Technologies                 JPMO                             OOIDA/First Observer               SGTP                               USAA
Alaska Cargo Transport         Challenge Air Cargo             Executive Club Suites            Kalitta Charters                 Oracle Government                  Sheraton Greenboro Hotel           USAF Logistics Mgmt. Agency
Alaska Marine Lines            Channel Island Hotels           Executive Moving Services        Kalyn/Siebert, Inc.              ORBCOMM                            Shuert Industries                  USO World Headquarters
Albert Moving & Storage        Chapman Freeborn                EXEL                             Kansas City Southern R.R.        ORBIS Corporation                  Signature Inn Hotels               USTRANSCOM
Aldmyr Systems                    Airchartering                ExpressJet Airlines, Inc.        KGL Transportation               Orlando C&VB                       Silver State Trailways             USTRANSCOM-GTN
Alexander & Baldwin            Charleston CVB                  Extended Stay America            Kopcke Trading Intl.             Oshkosh Defense                    Sixt rent a car                    USTRANSCOM-JMPO HHG
  Foundation                   Charleston Marine Containers    FACTS                            Korea Express Co./GFEZ           Osprey Lines                       SkyBitz, Inc.                      UTi Worldwide
Alien Technology               Chicago Tag and Label, Inc.     Faith + Gould                    Kuehne + Nagel, Inc.             OTO Development - Hotel Mgt.       SLT Express Way, Inc.              UTSI
Alion Science & Technology     Choice Hotels International     Farrell Lines                    La Quinta Inns                   Overdrive Transportation           Smart Moves                        UTXL
ALK Associates, Inc.           CitiCapital Relocation          Federal Highway Admin.           LabelMaster Software             Overnite Transportation            Smithsonian Museum                 Value Rent-A-Car
Alliance Shippers              Citicorp Diners Club            FedEx Custom Critical            Landstar Express America         P&O Nedlloyd/Farrell Lines         Sonic Delivery                     Van der Heijden Distribution
Allied Van Lines               City Rent-A-Car                 FedEx Freight                    Landstar System                  Pace International LLC             Southern Motor Carriers            Van der Vlist
American Air Cargo             Civilian Logistics Career       FedEx Government Services        Lannes Williamson Pallets        Pak Shaheen Group                  Southwest Airlines                 Vanguard Car Rental
American Airlines                Management Office             FedRooms                         Lexington CVB                    Palladian Intl.                    Southwest Mobile                   Venture Transport
American Backhaulers           Clark Atlanta University        Fikes Truck Line                 LimitLess International Inc.     Panalpina, Inc.                    SR International Logistics, Inc.   Video Overseas
American Bus Association       Clayton State                   Final Mile Logistics             LINCPAC Materials Handling       Panther Expedited Services         SS United States Foundation        Virginian Suites
American Express               CMOS, TOPS - SDDC               Fine Hospitality                 Lockheed Martin                  The Parking Spot                   Stanley Associates                 VISA
American Freight Transport     Coach USA                       FlightWorks                      Lockheed Martin Mission          Pasha Group                        Starkville Trailways               Vobecky Diversity Logistics
American Management            Coachwork Holdings              FMN Logistics                       System                        Patriot Systems                    Staybridge Suites                  Waikiki Beach Marriott
  System                       Coakley & Williams              Four Points Sheraton             Lodging Success Program          Paul Arpin Van Lines               Stellar Systems                    Walker International
American Military University   Coastal Maritime                Fox Bus Lines                    Logistics Management Insti-      Payless Car Rental                 Sterling Commerce                  Warren Transportation
American Roll-On Roll-Off      Coldwell Banker Brown           Fox Car Rental                   tute                             PCI Products Company               Stevens Worldwide Van Lines        WaterLink Pakistan PVT Ltd.
 Carrier                       Cole Motorsports, Inc.          FranklinCovey                    Logistics Proponency Office      PEO EIS TIS                        Stonepath Logistics                WESRAMP
American Society               Colonial Williamsburg Hotels    FRAPORT                          LOGSA                            PEO STAMIS                         Stonier Transportation             Westpark Hotels
 Transportation & Logistics    Combined Transport              FSO TO GO, Inc.                  Los Angeles Athletic Club        Perkins Specialized                Studio Plus Hotels                 Women in Military Service
American Trucking              CompuMove                       Gabriel Technologies             Lowry Computer Products            Transportation Contracting       Suburban Franchise Systems           Foundation
  Associations                 Computer Data Systems           Garrett Container System         LTD Hotel Management             Perot Systems                      Suddath Van Lines                  Worldspan
Americar Rental Systems        Computer Sciences               Gaylord Hotels                   Lykes Brothers Lines             Phoenix CVB                        Super 8 Motels                     WorldTravel Partners, L.P.
AmeriSuites                    COMSAT Maritime Services        Gelco Government Network         Lynden, Inc.                     PIERS, Journal of Commerce         SuperClubs Resorts                 Worldwide Aeros Corp.
AmSafe Defense                 Comtech Mobile Datacom          General Dynamics                 M&P Corporation                  Pilot Freight Services             Supply Tech                        Wyndham Hotels & Resorts
AMTI an Operation of SAIC      Consolidated Safety Services    General Freight Services Inc./   M2 Transport                     PM J-AIT                           SupplyCore                         Wynne Residential Corp.
AMTRAK                         Consolidated Traffic Mgmt.        Coyote Logistics LLC           Mabro Auto Transport             PM-TIS                             Supreme Group USA, LLC             XIO Strategies
ANC Rental                     Services                        GEO Decisions                    Mack Trucks                      PMO-DTS                            SurfAir                            YRC Worldwide
Anchorage C&VB                 Container Systems, Inc.         Georgia Tech                     MacSema                          PODS Enterprises                   Symbol Arts
Anteon Corporation             Contractors Cargo Co.           Givens Transportation            Maersk Line Ltd.                 Pony Express Delivery Services     System One
APL Limited                    Con-Way Air                     Global Freight Management        Magno International              Port Authority of NY & NJ          Tapestry Solutions, a Boeing
Apollo Travel System           Con-Way Truckload Services      Global Van Lines                 MAGTEC                           Port of Beaumont                   Co.
ARBO Box                       Cordant, Inc., a Tracor Co.     GOPAX, Mil Business Program      Mainfreight USA                  Port of Bremerhaven                Taylor Data Systems
Ardent Software, Inc.          Cornerstone Systems             Goverline                        Manhattan Associates             Port of Corpus Christi             TC Foundation
Ari-Hetra                      Corporate Express               Graebel Van Lines                Manugistics, Inc.                Port of Lake Charles               TDT Logistics
ARINC                          Corporate Flight Management     Greatwide Truckload              MARAD – DoT                      Port of Los Angeles                Team Worldwide
Armed Services YMCA            CorTrans Logistics, LLC           Management                     Marine Terminal Corporation      Port of Oakland                    TechMate International
Army Air Force Exchange        COSMOS Containers               Greyhound Lines, Inc.            Marriott International           Port of Port Arthur                Teledyne Brown Engineering
Services                       Courtyard/Fairfield Inn         GSA Global Supply                Marriott ExecuStay               Port of San Diego                  Tennessee Steel Haulers
Army TC Museum                 COVAN Worldwide                 GSA-FSS                          Marriott Waterside Norfolk       Ports America Group                TESLA Industries
Arrow Trucking                 Crossroads Carriers             GSA Travel Transportation        Matrics                          Positive Edge                      Textainer Equipment Manage-
ARTBA                          Crowley Logistics               GTE Airfone, Inc.                Matson Integrated Logistics      Power Source                       ment
Artmore Hotel                  Crowley Maritime                GTrans                           Matson Navigation                PowerTrack, US Bank                Textron Marine
ASL Group                      Crowne Plaza Colorado           GTS Group                        Mayflower Transit                Preferred Systems Solutions        Text-Trieve
Assn. of American Railroads      Springs                       Gwangyang Bay Area/FEZ           McCollister’s Transportation     Preston Trucking                   The Grimes Companies
Associated Global Systems      Crowne Plaza-Universal Hotel      Authority                         Group                         Prime Hospitality                  The Hertz Corporation
Aston Corporate Suites         CRST Logistics                  Habitat Apartments               MEBA Engineering School          Priority Solutions International   The Journal of Commerce
Aston Resort Quest Hawaii      CSI Military Services           Handlery Union Square Hotel      MechSim                          PRTM Management                    Thermodynamics
Atlanta Marriott-Cobb CVB      CSX Transportation              Hanjin Intermodal America,       Mega System, Inc.                  Consultants                      TNT North America
Atlas Worldwide Holdings       CT Consulting                      Inc.                          Memphis CVB                      PSI                                TOPS
ATS Specialized, Inc.          CTL Logistics                   Hapag-Lloyd USA, LLC             Mercer Transportation Co.        PTDAAS                             Total Quality Logistics (TQL)
Auto Driveaway Co.             Cubic Global Tracking           Hawthorn Suites                  Microtel Inns/Hawthorn Suites    PulseTech Products                 Total Seal
Avenue Plaza Hotel & Spa         Solutions                     HAZMAT                           Mid-Atlantic Safety Products     QUALCOMM, Inc.                     Totem Ocean Trailer Express,
Avis/Budget Group              CWA                             Hershey Area CVB                 Midwest Express                  Quality Hotel Courthouse           Inc.
Awardco Freight Mgmt. Group    CWT/SatoTravel                  Hershey Resorts                  Mi-Jack Products, Inc.           Plaza                              Trailer Transit, Inc.
Ayaya International Movers     D&H Logistics                   Hilton Garden Inn - Miami        MilitaryAvenue.com               Quality Inn Iwo Jima               Trailways Transportation
B.F. Saul Co.                  DAC Services                    Hi-G-Tek, Inc.                   Military Family & Spouse         R&R Trucking                       System
Barrett Mobil Home             DAMCO                           Hilton Hotels Corporation           Travel Network                R.K. Jackson Logistics, Inc.       TransAir
Baymont Inns and Suites        Danzas AEI                      Holiday Inn BWI Airport          Military Freight Haulers         R+L Global Logistics               TransAm Trucking
BDM International, Inc.        Data Systems Hardware           Holiday Inn Express              Military Living Publications     Radiant Logistics Partners         Transgroup Worldwide
Bearing Point                  Days Inn                        Holiday Inn Harrisburg West      Military Logistics Forum/KMI     Radisson Hotels                    Transport Security
Bekins Van Lines Co.           DB Schenker                     Holiday Inn National Airport     Media                            RailTex Service                    Transportation Mgmt. Training
Bell Additives Inc.            D-Day Museum                    Holiday Inn on the Hill          Military Sealift Command         Raith-CTS Logistics                Transviz
Bennett Motor Express          Defense Distribution Center     Home2 Suites by Hilton           Military Times Group             Rand McNally - TDM                 Travel-MENUCO
Bennett International Group    Defense Logistics Agency        Homestead Studio Suites          Mississippi State University     Red & Blue Auto Rental             Travelodge Hotels
Bernstein Companies            Defense News                    Horizon Lines                    MIT                              Red Roof Inn                       Tri State Motor Transit
Best Transport                 Defense Transportation          Hotel at Turf Valley             mLINQS                           Reliant Airlines                   TriEnda
Best Western Hotels            Journal                         Howard Johnson International     Mobility Resources Associates    Renaissance Montgomery             Tri-State Expedited
  Worldwide                    Defense Travel Management       Howland Group/DRMEC              MTC Technologies                 Reno-Sparks CVB                      Service, Inc .
Black Rhino Products             Office (DTMO)                 Hub Group                        National Air Cargo               Rentacrate LLC                     Tri-State Motor Transit Co.
BLG Logistics Automobile       Defense Travel System           HudsonMann, Inc.                 National Car Rental              Reserve Officers Association       Truckload Carriers Assoc.
BNSF Railroad                  Delaware River Maritime         Hyatt Hotels and Resorts         National Forwarding              Resorts Condominium, Intl          TRX, Inc.
Boars Head Hotel               Delta Air Lines                 i2 Technologies                  Natl. Highway Traffic            Ridgeway International             TTX Company
Boeing                         Department of Transportation    IBM                                 Safety Admin.                 Right-O-Way Transportation         Tucker Company
Booz Allen Hamilton            Deutsches Touring               ICODES                           National Van Lines               Riverside Strongbox                Tyden Brammall

                                 The Association for Global Logistics and Transportation
                               NDTA 65TH ANNUAL FORUM & EXPOSITION
                                                    “RISING to the Challenge”
                                                  September 10-14, 2011 | Phoenix, AZ | Hyatt Regency
                                Online: www.ndtahq.com | Fax: 703-823-8761 | Mail: NDTA, 50 South Pickett St., Suite 220, Alexandria, VA 22304-7296

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                               Please forward company logo in jpeg or other high resolution (min. 300 DPI) format to:
                                    Denny Edwards/Lee Matthews at denny@ndtahq.com and lee@ndtahq.com.
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          $12,500 +                   $9,401 to $12,499                  $7,401 to $9,400                     $5,501 to $7,400                  up to $5,500
                                                                                             Company name listed on NDTA Website and NDTAGram.
             Level IV and all Sponsorships include recognition to the right >>>>
                                                                                             Company name listed in the Exhibitor/Sponsor Directory.
                                                                                             Company name published in the DTJ.
                                                                                             Company name displayed prominently in the Exhibit Hall.
                     Level III Sponsorship includes all of the above, plus additional        Four color logo added to the Exhibit Hall sponsors’ signage.
                                                       recognition to the right >>>>         Priority booth selection for 2011 NDTA Forum.
                     Level II Sponsorship includes all of the above, plus additional         Company name, four color logo and booth photo published in DTJ.
                                                      recognition to the right >>>>          Company acknowledged from the podium.
                      Level I Sponsorship includes all of the above, plus additional         Podium time to present company or booth prizes during exhibit peri-
                                                      recognition to the right >>>>           ods.

                      Super Sponsorship includes all of the above, plus additional
                                                                                             Mini-Article published in the NDTAGram
                                                    recognition to the right >>>>            Total and exclusive naming rights, signage, hall decoration, banner
                                                                                              display, and a/v presentation at the sponsored event.
                                                                      GRAND PRIZE DRAWING

□ Yes          □ No                                         We will provide prizes valued over $200 for the Grand Prize Drawing.

□ Yes          □ No                                  We will provide prizes valued between $20 and $200 for the Grand Prize Drawing.

□ Yes          □ No                                 We will provide prizes of nominal value (less than $20) to be distributed at our booth.

                           Deadlines to receive recognition of your sponsorship in printed Forum materials are:
                    COB August 10, 2011 to be included in the Official Forum Program and Advance Registration Directory
                            and COB September 1, 2011 to be included in the Exhibitor and Sponsor Directory.

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