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Applications are invited from suitably qualified Mauritian candidates residing within the
Beau Bassin-Rose Hill township for the award of two scholarships for a maximum of 5 years
offered jointly by the Municipal Council of Beau Bassin-Rose Hill and its sister city
Changzhou of China under Changzhou Government Scholarship Programme leading to a
Bachelor’s Degree for academic year 2011- 2016 starting in early September 2011.

 2.    Fields of Study

 2.1 The courses offered are in the priority fields of:

      1. Chemical Engineering & Technology
      2. Computer Science & Technology
      3. Electronic Information Engineering
      4. Pharmaceutical Engineering
      5. Business Administration
      6. Information Management & Systems

 2.2 However other fields of study leading to a Bachelor’s Degree Programme as offered
     by the Changzhou University may also be opted for.
     Candidates may consult the profile of the University of Changzhou which
     has been posted on the following website of the Municipal Council of
     Beau Bassin-Rose Hill:
      Application forms may also be downloaded from the above website.

 3. Eligibility Requirements

      (i) SC/GCE “O” Level with credits in at least five subjects obtained at one and the
           same sitting.
      (ii) HSC/GCE “A” Level with 3 subjects at Principal Level obtained at one and the
           same sitting.

 4. Age Limit

      Candidates should not be more than 22 years of age at closing date of application
      i.e. Monday 13 June 2011.

 5. General Conditions

      5.1   Candidates must be available in person for an interview at the Municipal
            Council of Beau Bassin-Rose Hill by the end of June 2011.

     5.2   Only the best candidates will be called for interview following which two will be
     5.3   The Municipal Council of Beau Bassin-Rose Hill will be responsible for the
           relevant international travel expenses, overseas travel accident insurance
           and travel emergency medical insurance of nominees.
           Nominees wishing to visit Mauritius during holidays will have to do so at
           their own expense.
     5.4   Changzhou will cover tuition fee (RMB 15 000 yuan per person/year), lodging
           (RMB 15 000 yuan per person a year), teaching materials (RMB 400 yuan per
           person a year), health check (RMB 800 yuan per person/year) and a
           comprehensive medical insurance in China (RMB 500 yuan per person/year)
           which amounts to RMB 158 500 per student in five years. (Approx. MUR 635,000.-
           per year).
     5.5   Nominated candidates will spend the first year in Changzhou University to learn
           chinese language. On passing the test of HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) they will
           be admitted to their four years’ learning of major courses in Chanzhou University.
           In case they fail the HSK test, their scholarship programme will be stopped. On
           completion of all the required courses and passing the tests, nominees will be
           conferred the bachelor’s degree. The duration of study of the students in
           Changzhou University will be five years. Re-sit, if any, will be at the nominee’s
           own costs.
     5.6   During their stay in China, nominees should abide by laws of China and the
           regulations of Changzhou University and take care of their own safety.
     5.7   The detailed arrangement of the nominees’ life and learning will be done in
           accordance with the stipulation of Changzhou University.
     5.8   Candidates should ensure that originals along with copies of certificates,
           transcripts of results/marksheets and all other relevant documents relating to
           their qualifications are submitted to the Municipal Council of Beau Bassin-Rose
           Hill by the 13 June 2011. Non submission of same will result in elimination from the
           selection exercise.
     5.9   Once nominated, candidates will be expected to:

          (i) submit a medical certificate and to produce another one certifying that they
                are free from AIDS;
          (ii) submit a character (morality) certificate; and
          (iii) make arrangements for two academic referees to provide a sealed letter of
                recommendation attesting the quality of the candidate’s academic
     5.10 Beneficiaries of scholarships will be required to enter into a bond, thereby
          committing themselves to return to Mauritius immediately after completion of
          their studies. In case the nominees intend to pursue further studies in China,
          immediately after the Bachelor Degree Course, the Municipal Council must be
          informed accordingly for enforcement of the bond.
     5.11 Where the nominated candidate fails to complete the study programme or is
          disqualified from the course owing to unsatisfactory attendance and conduct
           he/his sureties shall become jointly and severally liable to pay the bonded
          amount to the Municipal Council of Beau Bassin Rose Hill.

 6. Mode of Application

 6.1 Applications must be made on the prescribed form available at the Counter (Chief
     Executive Department), Municipal Council of Beau Bassin-Rose Hill, Town Hall Yard,
     Rose Hill or may also be downloaded from the following website:

     6.2  The completed forms along with all supporting documents should be submitted
          to the Chief Executive, Municipal Council of Beau Bassin-Rose Hill by Monday 13
          June 2011 at 1600 hrs at latest.
     6.3 Responsible parties of applicants not in Mauritius may apply on behalf of their
     6.4 Incomplete, inadequate or inaccurate applications will not be retained for
     6.5 Application sent by fax will not be considered.

 7. The Municipal Council undertakes to issue a communiqué on its website to inform
    applicants of the outcome of the nomination exercise, within seven days of

 8. The Council reserves the right to cancel the above exercise, without giving any
    justification at any time prior to award and will not be held liable.

Town Hall                                                         RASHID MOHIT
ROSE HILL                                                         AG CHIEF EXECUTIVE

26 May 2011


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