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									       Board Replacement
Laminate-Angle/Angle & Lock & fold
           Tools for Board Replacement

•Circular saw
•3/8” bit
•Utility Knife
•Nail set
•Blue tape
•Dust broom
•Dust pan
• Adhesive
             Mark the Damaged Board
•   Identify the damaged board.
•   Place blue 3m 2080 masking tape around the perimeter of the
•   Mark the four corners with a circle.
•   Draw lines parallel to the long edge of the board 1” from the edge.
•   Draw diagonal lines from the corners to the center of the board
             Drill the four corners
Use a nail set or center punch to start holes using care not to damage
  adjacent flooring.
    Drill holes at each corner using a 3/8” drill bit
    only through the thickness of the board to
    minimize damage to the underlayment.
Set the circular saw to the thickness of the replacement

Make cuts, using circular saw, be careful not to cut into
  adjoining boards that do not need to be replaced.
Cut along the marking lines
Stop at the drilled holes
Remove Center Section
Remove the end Pieces
Remove the 2 side pieces
   Prepare Replacement board
• For the Angle/Angle board remove both
  the short tongue and the short groove.
  Also you have to remove either the long
  groove or the long tongue, not both one or
  the other, using a utility knife or table saw.

• For the Lock N Fold board remove the
  long tongue and the short grove only.
Angle/Angle Board Prep

                     Or remove
                     long tongue

       Remove              Both
      Short tongue

       Lock N’ Fold Board Prep

Remove Long
Tongue             Remove Short Groove
Apply glue around the perimeter of
          the repair area
          Installing the Replacement Board
Install Replacement board by engaging the long tongue edge to the long
              groove edge on the floor, and angling into place.
    If you removed the long tongue engage the long groove under the
                     tongue on the board on the floor.
         Installing the Replacement Board
                     Lock N’ Fold
Install Replacement board by engaging the long groove edge to the long
            tongue edge on the floor, and angling into place   .

                           Insert groove
              Finished Repair

Lock N Fold


Clean excess adhesive using clean, damp, white terry
                 cloth type towel.

   Weight replacement board in place for 8 hours

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