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Hawley LaneYouthActivity Centre


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									Hawley Lane Youth Activity Centre


St John Ambulance Hampshire is proud to welcome you to the Hawley Lane Activity Centre. This modern, specially designed centre offers people a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and challenges. We have specialist equipment and fully trained instructors in: Archery Air rifle and pistol shooting Pedal trikes Climbing Kurling Badminton Five a side football Volleyball Snooker

The centre is home to the Fox Lane Division of St John Ambulance, whose members enjoy its exceptional facilities. It is also available for hire. It is fully accessible and sleeping areas and a fully-equipped kitchen and dining area. Hawley Lane Activity Centre is opposite Lok ‘n’ Store, about 25 metres up the lane.

The indoor shooting range at Hawley Lane Activity Centre has four targets. We teach air rifle and pistol shooting and our instructors are trained by the National Small-bore Rifle Association (NSRA)

The large versatile hall at Hawley Lane Activity Centre is suitable for archery, kurling, five a side football, badminton, volley ball, pedal trikes (pictured below) and general social activities. ‘The trikes were the best fun! It’s different when you turn, you have to lean rather than use handle bars!’ Gavin, 17.

Hawley Lane Activity Centre’s bouldering wall gives people the chance to practise climbing under full supervision at a safe height, with safety helmets and crash mats.

Hawley Lane Activity Centre has a modern, professional kitchen with a hatch through to a dining area.

Upstairs accommodation includes meeting rooms, showers and space to create separate male and female sleepover areas (with door alarms) The centre is fully accessible to people with disabilities. There is a lift to the first floor and an induction loop.

Hawley Lane Activity Centre is available for hire.

St John Ambulance Hampshire Hawley Lane Activity Centre 99 Hawley Lane Farnborough Hampshire GU14 8JG

All enquiries to Mr John Robinson T 01252 512281

T 01252 323064 E hawleylane@hampshire.sja.org.uk

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