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					East Mountain Demonstration Project:

        Project Description

                     26 State Street
              Montpelier, Vermont 05602
                     (802) 229-1440

                 September 16, 2003
 East Mountain Demonstration Project | Project Summary

                                 East Haven Windfarm plans to install four 1.5 megawatt
                                 (MW) wind turbines on the summit of East Mountain in
                                 East Haven, Vermont, in the fall of 2004. The site was a
                                 United States Air Force radar base until it was abandoned in
                                 1961. There is a paved road to the open summit at an
                                 elevation of 3,400 feet, where the neglected metal buildings
                                 from the 1950s still stand, rusting in the wind.

                                 More than five years of wind data, gathered at the summit
                                 and at nearby Burke Mountain, provide confidence that the       Beginning
                                 long-term average wind speed is close to 20 miles per hour,
                                 which will allow modern 1.5 MW wind turbines to deliver         in the fall of
                                 electricity to the local utility at below market rates. These
                                 four turbines will provide about 30% of the Village of          2004, the
                                 Lyndonville Electric Department’s (VLED) energy needs,
                                 the equivalent of the annual electricity consumed by about      four-turbine
                                 3,000 Vermont homes.
                                                                                                 project will
East Haven Windfarm hopes to eventually install 50 turbines on the ridges of East Mountain,
as well as East Haven and Seneca Mountains in the towns of East Haven and Ferdinand.             generate
When completed, this larger, 75 MW project would provide 50% of the electricity for the
entire Northeast Kingdom, cleanly, renewably and inexpensively.                                  about 30
Before undertaking the development of such a large project, East Haven Windfarm plans to         percent of
install four turbines as the Demonstration Project described here.
This Project will demonstrate on a small scale:
        •   The visual appearance of modern, utility-scale wind turbines
        •   The delivery of clean, low priced electricity to the Northeast Kingdom
        •   The impacts of wind turbines on tourism and property values
        •   The environmental impacts of wind turbine installation and operation
        •   The performance of wind turbines in East Mountain’s harsh natural environment

East Haven Windfarm has title to the necessary land and easements required for the
Demonstration Project. We plan to apply for the required Vermont Section 248 Certificate of
Public Good in the fall of 2003 and to complete the project in the fall of 2004. Any future
development of additional turbines would be a separate project that would require a new and
separate permitting process.

 East Mountain Demonstration Project | Visual Appearance

The closest clear view of the Demonstration Project from a permanent residence is
approximately six miles away from the installation site. At this distance one of the wind
turbines would be well hidden by an aspirin tablet held at arm’s length.

The turbines stand about 220 feet tall at the hub and will be spaced approximately 900 feet
apart. The three blades are colored black and are 115 feet long. The blades turn at 15
revolutions per minute, which appears slow to the eye. The distance from permanent
habitation will reduce their visual impact, as will the fact that the towers will be painted a
pale gray-blue to match the average cloudy sky.

                                                                The turbine towers will be         The wind
                                                                equipped with FAA-approved
                                                                lighting, in the interest of       turbine
                                                                aviation safety. The precise
                                                                nature of that lighting is still   blades will
                                                                being worked out with the
                                                                FAA, but East Haven                rotate at 15
                                                                Windfarm intends to minimize
                                                                the visibility of the lighting     revolutions
                                                                from the ground to the greatest
                                                                extent possible.                   per minute,

                                                                Many people who have seen          which
                                                                modern wind turbines describe
                                                                them as graceful and               appears
                                                                fascinating to watch. Others
                                                                feel that wind turbines are an     slow to the
                                                                appropriate addition to
                                                                Vermont’s working landscape,       eye.
                                                                which has seen many uses in
                                                                the past several hundred years.
                                                                We recognize that aesthetic
                                                                values vary. However, anyone
                                                                who can see the wind turbines
                                                                from their home will benefit
                                                                from receiving the electricity
                                                                they produce.

                                                              The Demonstration Project will
                                                              allow Vermonters to make
                                                              informed decisions for
                                                              themselves about the visual
         Elevation drawing of a 1.5-MW wind turbine           impact of wind turbines prior to
                                                              larger scale development. We
                                                              are confident that once
constructed, the Demonstration Project will be met with the same level of broad public
approval that modern windfarms around the world have received, including Vermont’s
Searsburg project.

East Mountain Demonstration Project | Sale of the Produced Electricity

 •   The electricity produced by the Demonstration Project will be sold directly to VLED,
     to be used by regional business and residential electric customers.

 •   The four turbines will provide about 30% of electricity consumed in VLED’s service

 •   The effective price to VLED will be approximately 10% below the ISO-New
     England electricity market price. VLED will then be able to pass this cost savings on
     to its customers.                                                                       The effective

 •   All energy produced by the installation will be delivered to VLED’s transmission        electricity
     system via a 34.5 kV line running from East Mountain to a substation in Burke.
                                                                                             price to

                                                                                             VLED will be

                                                                                             about 10


                                                                                             below the



                                                                                             market price.

                Utility pole mounted with Hendrix transmission line similar to the
                  type that will be used in the proposed Demonstration Project

 East Mountain Demonstration Project | Tourism and Property Values

Modern wind turbines have been widely installed around the United States in recent years,
with more than 1,000 turbines projected to be installed in 2003. However, there are only
twelve modern turbines in all of New England, including 11 in Searsburg, Vermont.

Experience from Searsburg and elsewhere has demonstrated that windfarms have no adverse
impact on tourism. In fact, windfarms throughout Europe, the Americas, and elsewhere often
serve as tourist attractions. For example, every announced educational tour of the Searsburg
facility has reportedly been filled almost immediately since 1997, and the Mount Snow
Chamber of Commerce has stated that “tourists think very well of those windmills.” This
experience has been mirrored in Madison County, New York, where a new windfarm has
become a top tourist attraction. In the resort community of Palm Springs, California, over     The
10,000 visitors tour the nearby windfarm each year. Windfarms are also proven tourist
attractions in Australia, with 85,000 vehicles entering a viewing area of a windfarm in        Searsburg
Queensland in one year’s time.
                                                                                               Town Clerk
A 2002 survey found that 91% of visitors to an area in Scotland known for its “beautiful
scenery and views” responded that the presence of three large commercial windfarms now in      and Lister
operation would make no difference in whether they visit again in the future. An additional
four percent said the windfarms made them more likely to return to the area, and 80% said      has said that
they would be interested in actually visiting a windfarm.
Contrary to the fears of some, the evidence from around the United States is that windfarms
do not decrease property values. A recent study by an independent energy policy organization   values have
in Washington, DC, found that in nine out of ten cases they examined (including Searsburg),
property values inside the “view shed” of a windfarm actually increased faster than those in   not
comparable areas with no view of the windfarm. Local realtors in communities around
Searsburg, as well as the Town Clerk and Lister have stated that property values have not      decreased
decreased due to the windfarm there.
                                                                                               as a result of
In addition, there is good reason to believe that the increase in recreational opportunities
created by enhanced public access to East Mountain enabled by the windfarm will further        the nearby
augment tourism. East Haven Windfarm plans to:

    •   Remove the old buildings on the summit                                                 windfarm.
    •   Preserve one of the radar buildings as a Cold War interpretive center and scenic
        viewing platform
    •   Allow all-season public recreational access to the summit, consistent with prudent
        safety precautions
    •   Provide tourist facilities
    •   Coordinate with NEK stakeholders on recreational operations
    •   Provide Vermont state police and local emergency service radios repeaters

 East Mountain Demonstration Project | Turbine Installation and Operation

The installation of the four turbines on the summit of East Mountain will take approximately
five months. The installation process will require the use of large cranes and some heavy
equipment, all of which will be brought to the summit on the existing access road.

Installation of the turbines on the summit of East Mountain will demonstrate that land
clearing required for roadways, foundations and tower erection will have no significant
environmental impact. The amount of cleared space required for construction is about half an      Environ-
acre per turbine, including the roadway between them. In this case, virtually all of this space
is already cleared, and in some places covered with blacktop or concrete, left behind by the      mental
radar base. As a result of the site’s history, environmental impacts from construction will be
particularly minimal. In addition, expert analyses show that the environmental impacts of the     impacts from
Project’s operation, including its impact on birds, will also be minimal.
The impact of the wind turbines on birds and other wildlife will be examined closely by East
Haven Windfarm in connection with the required Vermont Section 248 Certificate of Public          will be
Good permitting process. It should be noted that the frequency of bird collisions with modern
wind turbines has been minimized with advances in tower design and turbine siting strategies.     minimal and
Appropriately sited windfarms are now generally recognized to pose less of a hazard to birds
than many other routinely built structures, and wind energy has been endorsed by major            will be
conservation groups such as the Audubon Society and the Sierra Club.

                                                                                                  examined in




                                                                                                  Act 248



                           Old radar base on the summit of East Mountain

 East Mountain Demonstration Project | Turbine Performance

Once the Demonstration Project is operational, the performance of the wind turbines will be
continually monitored to confirm the historically measured wind data and verify the projected
turbine performance characteristics.

Because of its northern mountaintop location, the East Mountain Demonstration Project will
be in a unique position to contribute to a greater understanding of how wind turbines operate
in severe climates. An important role of the project will be the evaluation of the effects of
extreme cold weather and blade icing on turbine availability and power output. East Haven
Windfarm intends to work with wind energy industry researchers on a collaborative study of
ways to reduce icing losses on wind turbines in northern climates.
                                                                                                The Project


                                                                                                contribute to

                                                                                                a greater


                                                                                                standing of

                                                                                                how wind


                                                                                                operate in




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