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Celebrating as 787 Soars in First Flight
    The first flight of the first Boeing 787
on Dec. 15 was a cause for celebration,
District 751 members said.
    Thousands of members lined the Paine
Field runway to watch the first flight in
person while thousands more watched
on TV or over the Internet as the world’s
first composite airliner rotated back and
climbed into the mid-winter gray sky.
    “I could see it just as the nose came up
and the wings started to bend,” said Dan
Stieben, a Steward on the 787 line who
watched at Paine Field. “It gave me such
a rush, the hairs stood up on the back of
my neck. I was shaking, nervous, wait-
ing in anticipation.”                               Thousands of Everett members crowded the flight line eager to witness the 787’s first flight, which marks the
    Randal Fleehart had been at the first           beginning of a ‘new generation’ of planes built with lightweight composites. 787 workers were excited to be a part of
flights of the 767 and 777, but said this           this historic event. Inset above L to R: Mike Fox, Bill Bush, Daovone Vannaxay, Randal Fleehart, Becky Carlyle.
was the most memorable one, “just be-               struggled with years of disappointments,   hard work they’d put into getting the first got here,” he said. “It was our baby.
cause there have been so many delays                delays and doubts, said member Gizem       plane flying.                               We’d go in, take out the changes we’d
and frustrations.”                                  Moore, who watched on TV with her             Member Jim Wallingford left a job at     just put in and do new changes.”
    “It didn’t use a lot of runway, and it          Everett colleagues as the plane touched    a mortgage company 2 1/2 years ago to          Likewise, member Danny Boglivi
was pretty quiet,” Fleehart said. “It was           down in the rain at Boeing Field.          take a job as a 787 mechanic. Until it      spent most of a year working on just one
one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever             “Everything’s been negative,” Moore     went out to the flight line in November,    assignment. “I worked the 47/48 join for
seen.”                                              explained. “Now, it’s just that            he’d spent his entire Boeing career work-   10 months,” he said. “We replaced al-
    All in all, it was a great moment for a         everybody’s proud.”                        ing just on Plane 1.                        most every fastener on it.”
factory – and a Company – that has                     Members talked about the years of          “It’s been that same airplane since I                      Continued on page 4

FABulous Work at Auburn on 787                                                                                                     Contract Ratified at GKN
                                                                                                                                       Twenty members at the GKN Chemtronics plant in
    The highest concentration of skilled Machinists for                                                            Loretta          Kent overwhelmingly ratified a new two-year contract
building complex airplane parts and assemblies resides                                                             Castillo         on December 10 by 94 percent. While the new contract
at Boeing Fabrication’s Auburn plant. These talented                                                               explains to      is effective January 11, 2010, members are already
individuals make the most complex aerospace parts in                                                               Business         enjoying the benefits of the new agreement. Members
the world, hold them to extremely tight tolerances, work                                                           Rep Mark         received a $2,000 ratification bonus on December 18.
closely with engineering and make modifications as                                                                 Johnson             Union members appreciated the new contract that
                                                                                                                   the process
required throughout the entire manufacturing process.                                                                               featured many improvements and absolutely no
    Making parts for sustaining programs and airplanes                                                             ments her        takeaways. Despite the good contract, members are still
is just a small part of the work done for Boeing at this                                                           crew             hoping there will be new life for the Kent facility, which
plant. The Auburn site is home to several manufactur-                                                              implemented      Boeing sold to GKN in early 2002. Currently, 100
ing business units, including Auburn Machining and                                                                 to make          percent of their work is tied to the F-22, which is
Emergent Operations (AMEO), where one-of-a-kind                                                                    787 work         scheduled to come to an end late next year.
replacement machined parts are manufactured on an                                                                  more                With the potential plant closure, the Union entered
emergency basis to keep commercial airplane produc-                                                                efficient.       bargaining for a new contract focused on obtaining a
tion lines moving.                                                                                                                  safety net to help members transition if the plant should
    Boeing has eagerly tapped into the incredible depth           making the flight a reality.                                      close. The contract also had to provide enough incen-
of resources Auburn has to offer to assist both the 787               “Our members are excited to show they can deliver             tives for members to stay working at GKN so the
and 747-8 new airplane models. Members throughout                 high-quality parts on time every time,” said Business             Company could fulfill the F-22 contract.
Boeing Fabrication have worked on various parts and               Rep Heather Barstow. “They want to play a larger role                “The contract was fair. It was all pluses and improve-
assemblies for the 787 and 747-8. As the 787 took its             in both the 787 and 747-8. Initially, they were not slated        ments with no takeaways, which is huge in this economy.
first flight on December 15, many Auburn members                  to get this much work on the new airplanes; however,              I wish we had more work because that is our biggest
beamed with pride knowing they played a role in                   their skills, efficiency and quality have resulted in a lot       concern,” said member Steve Hefford. “I want to thank
                                                                  of additional work on both the new planes.”                       the Union for their help and support in negotiating this
                                                    Thomas            “Nearly every job is needed yesterday so our mem-                                                Continued on page 2
                                                    Martinez      bers regularly step up and volunteer for overtime and do          L to R:
                                                    explains      whatever is necessary to meet the deadlines and keep              Gary
                                                    to            the assembly lines moving,” she added. “Because em-               Halibur
                                                    Business      ployees are working under pressure, they have to make             and Peter
                                                    Rep           every part right the first time – a credit to their skills and    Guerrero
                                                    Heather                                                                         count the
                                                    Barstow                                                                         ballots as
                                                    the               Shop A-3250 houses one of the larger machine
                                                                                                                                    Ron Lee
                                                    emergent      shops in Boeing. Nearly every member there has over               looks on.
                                                    787 work      20 years’ seniority and has worked on multiple airplane
                                                    they have     models. This extensive experience helps minimize scrap
                                                    done.         rate, rework and waste, which is particularly challeng-
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                 Members at Monarch Machine                                                                        Throughout the region                              President's Message ...... 2
                 appreciate the strong relationship                                                                751 members have                                   Political Action ............... 3
                 between Union and management                                                                      volunteered for                                    Community Service ...... 6
                 that has helped make them                     from the Officers,                                  community service                                  Retirement ...................... 9
                                               12         Business Reps & Staff of 751                                                     6                          Want Ads ........................ 10
                                                                                                                                                                      Eastern Washington .... 12
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                                           REPORT FROM THE PRESIDENT
Your Skills and Expertise Made 787 First Flight a Reality
by Tom Wroblewski,                                      seven days a week to make their          tracts, workers no longer have to line up      for all they’ve done in the past year to
District President                                      Dreamliner a reality, executives         outside the Boeing gates each day, hoping      support the membership.
                                                        branded you unreliable and turned        to get picked for a day’s work by a friendly       But most of all, I’d like to thank all of
    It flew. At long last,                              their backs on Puget Sound, and our      foreman. Today’s Machinists have con-          you, the 25,000-plus members of Dis-
the first 787 has climbed                               decades of shared success.               tract rights and benefits that those early     trict 751, for the work you do every day,
into the gray winter sky                                   But even with all these delays        aerospace mechanics could only dream of,       and for all the work that you’ll do in the
above Paine Field, prov-                                and disappointments, what you have       and our Union now proudly includes thou-       year to come.
ing to the world once again                             achieved is nothing short of out-        sands of workers who work for companies            Every year, it seems, we look forward
the value of having skilled                             standing. You have solved the prob-      and agencies across the Northwest, in a        to the New Year with hopes that things
and dedicated profession-                               lems created by outsourcing. You         wide range of skilled trades.                  will be better than the last. We already
als like you.                                   have invented new processes and adapted              But one thing hasn’t changed, and that’s   know we’ll have challenges in 2010 –
    Throughout all the delays, I always         time-honored techniques to the new reali-        the principle of solidarity, and the funda-    what with the tanker, and the 787 surge
knew one thing: if there was anyone on          ties of the 21st century. You’ve installed       mental truth that workers standing united      line and all the other issues we face.
earth who could take all those pieces of        parts, then gone back to remove, rework          are more powerful than any individual.             But it’s my sincere belief that if we
plastic, titanium, chips, wire and steel from   and re-install them – again and again.               Over the decades, our members have         act together, in solidarity, we will over-
all over the world and build them into a        You’re the fixers, the re-workers and the        accepted and lived by this principle, and      come these challenges, and truly make
21st century airplane, it was you, the mem-     problem solvers, and I’m proud to have all       the result is what we have today: family-      2010 a happy and prosperous new year,
bers of District 751, who just proved again     of you as my brothers and sisters.               wage jobs with excellent benefits; joint       for ourselves, our families, our commu-
why you’re truly first in aerospace.                So congratulations to every single Dis-      safety and training programs between           nities and our employers.
    In Everett we still remember “The           trict 751 member who had a part in the 787       the Union and the Company; pensions                So enjoy your Union won winter break.
Incredibles” and how 40 years ago they          program, from the fin fabricators in             and savings programs so that members           Wishing you and yours all the best.
built the first 747s and the first 747          Fredrickson to the emergent-part machin-         can enjoy the retirements they deserve.
factory almost simultaneously; the way          ists in Auburn, from the test mechanics in           Our Union Stewards and Business                     District Lodge 751,
our members and our SPEEA brothers              Seattle’s Developmental Center to every-         Reps play a huge role in enforcing our                 International Assn. of
and sisters slept in their cars as the dead-    one in Everett who’s played a part, from         contracts every day, making sure that
line approached so they could work an           the tool room to the flight line to facilities   our members are safe from arbitrary or                    Machinists and
extra hour each day; the way bold Seattle       workers who keep the lights on, and espe-        unjust actions by managers. And to ev-                  Aerospace Workers
executives bet the Company on the all-          cially the final assembly mechanics.             ery one of them who answered a
new jet – but did so knowing they had the           What you have achieved in the face of        member’s question about the contract,
best aerospace workers in the world be-         adversity is just as incredible as the ac-       or intervened on a member’s behalf, I                  Tom Wroblewski
hind them to deliver on their promises.         complishments of our Union forebearers,          offer my sincerest thanks.                                President, Directing
    It is a glorious heritage, and one we       and when the 100th anniversary of Dis-               A special thanks also goes to all those             Business Representative
can be proud of.                                trict 751 is celebrated, a quarter-century       who took part in volunteer activities dur-
    So many things were different with the      from now, your stories will be among the         ing the year, whether it was in support of               Susan Palmer
787. This time, timid executives in Chi-        ones to be told to inspire the next genera-      Guide Dogs of America, or the Machin-                     Secretary-Treasurer
cago were afraid to risk the Company’s          tion of aerospace manufacturing heroes.          ists Non-Partisan League, or one of the
money, so they devised the outsourcing              And speaking of history, 2010 will           Machinist Volunteer Program initiatives                     James Coats
plan that has gone so horribly awry. They       mark the 75th anniversary of the found-          – building wheelchair ramps or helping                      Sergeant-at-Arms
gave away work to contractors that could        ing of District 751 in Seattle.                  at a mission or collecting food for North-
have – should have – been done more-                A lot has changed since Sept. 23, 1935,      west Harvest. The good work you do in
efficiently by you. And here at the end –       when 751 was first founded as a Local            the community cannot be praised enough.
                                                                                                                                                         Tommy Wilson
even as you were working 12-hour days,          Lodge. Thanks to a series of Union con-              I’d also like to thank the Union staff             Heather Barstow
                                                                                                                                                           Don Morris
                                                Contract Ratified at GKN                                                                               Ray Baumgardner
                                                                                                                                                        Richard Jackson
                                                Continued from page 1                               • Rate range minimums increased by                  Mark B. Johnson
                                                contract. We recognize a lot of time and         $2 per hour.
                                                                                                    Negotiations for the Union were led
                                                                                                                                                           Jon Holden
                                                effort went into securing this agreement.”
                                                    Members had identified severance,            by District President Tom Wroblewski,                      Brett Coty
                                                wages, bonuses, health care after layoff         Aerospace Coordinator Mark Blondin,                     D. Joe Crockett
                                                and holding down health care costs as            Business Reps Heather Barstow and                        Ron Bradley
                                                key issues, and the Union delivered on           Mark Johnson, and Communications Rep
                                                                                                 Connie Kelliher. The Union will con-
                                                                                                                                                       Emerson Hamilton
                                                each of them. Highlights of the new
                                                agreement include:                               tinue to look for additional work that                 Charles G. Craft
                                                    • General wage increases in both years       might fit the skill and manufacturing               Steve Warren (Eastern WA)
                                                of the contract. 3.5 percent first year and      base of this company to potentially keep                 Stan Johnson
                                                2.5 percent in the second year. Keep in          the plant open in the event the F-22 work            Union Business Representatives
                                                mind that GKN nationwide has frozen              package is concluded.
                                                                                                                                                                Union Offices:
                                                pay for executives                                                                               • 9125 15th Pl S, Seattle; 206-763-1300
                                                and limited all others                                                                           • 201 A St. SW, Auburn; 253-833-5590
                                                to a maximum 2 per-                                                                              • 233 Burnett N., Renton; 425-235-3777
                                                cent increase.                                                        Left: Gregg                • 8729 Airport Rd, Everett;
                                                    • $2,000 ratifica-                                                Johnsen machines            425-355-8821
                                                                                                                      a part for the F-22        • 4226 E. Mission, Spokane
                                                tion bonus.                                                                                       (509) 534-9690 or 1-800-763-1305
                                                    • Retention/layoff                                                aft boom.
                                                                                                                                                     Toll-free to Seattle from:
                                                benefit equal to four                                                                                  Nationwide 1-800-763-1301
Labor History Calendar $5                       months pay.                                                                                                Tacoma 253-627-0822
                                                                                                                      Below: Bernard                    Hotline: 1-800-763-1310
    You can get your labor history all              • Option to divert                                                Upham welds an                     Web site: www.iam751.org
year long by purchasing a 2010 Labor            some or all of reten-                                                 F-22 part at GKN.
History Calendar for just $5. The Dis-          tion/layoff benefit to
trict 751 Labor History & Education             401K.
Committee has these educational calen-              • Health care cov-                                                                               751 AERO MECHANIC
dars available for purchase at the Everett,     erage for four months
                                                following layoff.
                                                                                                                                                        Connie Kelliher, Editor
Seattle, Renton, and Auburn Halls.                                                                                                                       Bryan Corliss, Editor
                                                    • Two months of outplacement assis-                                                                Member of The Newspaper Guild,
                                                tance to help employees transition to                                                                          CWA #37082
                                                next job.                                                                                         District 751 AERO MECHANIC ( ISSN 0894-7864,
                                                                                                                                                  USPS 008-660) is published Monthly except Bi-
                                                    • Health care will remain at current con-                                                     monthly in December/January by Aerospace In-
                                                tribution levels throughout the life of the                                                       dustrial District Lodge 751, 9125 15th Pl. S.,
                                                                                                                                                  SeattleWA 98108. $3.50 of the annual dues goes
                                                contract. Other GKN sites have seen a tre-                                                        toward a one-year subscription to the Aero Me-
                                                mendous cost shift in health care coverage.                                                       chanic. $4 per year for non-members by District
                                                    • One additional day of vacation for                                                          Lodge 751, International Association of Machin-
                                                                                                                                                  ists and Aerospace Workers, AFL-CIO, 9125 15th
                                                all employees.                                                                                    Pl. S., Seattle, WA 98108. Periodicals postage
                                                    • COLA will continue to be paid out                                                           paid at Seattle, WA. POSTMASTER: Send ad-
                                                                                                                                                  dress changes to District 751 Aero Mechanic,
                                                semi-annually.                                                                                    9125 15th Pl. S., Seattle, WA 98108
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                                                              POLITICAL ACTION
Seattle Flight Services Fight to Protect Pilots and Save Jobs
by Mark O’Connell,
                                                                                                                            Members              ton pilots that he has protected for a quarter
Seattle FSS, IAM Union Steward
                                                                                                                            enlisted the         of a century, Jaggers worries about spe-
    The Flight Service Specialists of                                                                                       assistance of        cialists being laidoff in this economy. “It
Lockheed Martin organized last spring                                                                                       Congressman          doesn’t make sense that the President and
with the International Association of Ma-                                                                                   Jim McDermott        Congress are hosting job summits and
chinists. Flight Service is a nationwide                                                                                    to prevent           looking for ways to put people back to
operation with 725 bargaining unit mem-                                                                                     Lockheed             work,” he noted, “while their largest con-
bers in three “hub” facilities and 10 sites                                                                                 Martin’s             tract is laying people off.”
across the nation. Seattle Flight Service                                                                                   proposed                 Pilots are worried about the effects of
at Boeing Field currently employs 11                                                                                        closures. L to R:
                                                                                                                                                 Seattle’s closing. “It’s going to make life
                                                                                                                            Matt Colburn,
members.                                                                                                                                         miserable for pilots,” says Brian Heil,
    Flight Service Specialists provide                                                                                      Jim McDermott,       first officer for a Northwest-based re-
critical safety pre-flight and in-flight                                                                                    Mark O’Connell       gional airline. “We fly to a lot of small
services to small commercial, military,                                      TAKE ACTION NOW:                               and Don              airports in the Northwest and rely on
and general aviation pilots. Services in-                                    Complete postcards available at Union          Wiggins.             Flight Service for first-hand knowledge
clude filing flight plans, providing                                         offices or go online to www.goiam.org,
                                                                                                                                                 of weather and locations. Someone in
                                                                             under IAM Activist Center, click on the link
weather and safety notice information,                                                                                                           Arizona is not familiar with us and won’t
                                                                             ‘Tell Congress to Stop AFSS Downsizing’
and initiating search and rescue when                                                                                                            understand.”
necessary. Additionally, specialists pro-       request a Congressional hearing about these     to Lockheed Martin. This is the largest              Jim Owenby, safety officer for a re-
vide live weather information via radio         actions and the Federal Aviation                non-defense contract ever awarded by the         gional airline, worries about pilots at-
to airborne pilots. Flight Service Sta-         Administration’s (FAA) tepid response to        government. In 2005, FSS had 58 facilities       tempting to brief themselves on the
tions (FSS) are the entryway and safety         the announcement.                               and 1650 specialists. In the four years of its   Internet. “Briefer’s expertise and expe-
guardian of the nation’s air traffic con-           We need your help to let Congress           contract, Lockheed Martin closed 45 sites        rience cannot be substituted for down-
trol system.                                    know that Seattle Flight Service must           and laid off or offered early retirement to      loaded weather from the Internet,” he
    On November 18, 2009, Lockheed              stay open to protect our pilots and avia-       hundreds of specialists. Because it is a         said. He is also concerned about the lack
Martin announced the closure of seven           tion safety. Cards are available to send to     fixed-cost contract, Lockheed Martin has         of local area knowledge of weather pat-
non-hub sites, including Seattle, and the       Washington’s two Senators, Maria                an inherent incentive to reduce workforce        terns and airport conditions of briefers
elimination of 150 specialists, about 18        Cantwell and Patty Murray, and your             to the straining point in order to maximize      far removed from the pilot’s location.
percent of the total workforce. Closures        local U.S. Representative. See your             profit. Now, seven additional closures are       “Briefers are not going to have intimate
are effective February 1, 2010.                 Union Steward and complete the cards at         proposed, which includes Seattle.                knowledge in areas they will be work-
    With the help of District 751’s Legisla-    your earliest convenience — only your               Safety has suffered. Numbers of total        ing. It’s a formula for trouble,” he said.
tive Department, members of Seattle FSS         name and address are needed, and the            services have dropped, but operational               Northwest pilots prefer Seattle brief-
are fighting to stay open to provide critical   Union will pay the postage. Another             errors have quadrupled under Lockheed            ings due to knowledge of unique local-
services to keep pilots in the Northwest        option is to visit www.goiam.org and on         Martin’s watch. This increase is a result        ized weather conditions caused by the
safe. Members met with Congressman Jim          the right side under IAM Activist Cen-          of specialist unfamiliarity with local ar-       Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Moun-
McDermott in September about the possi-         ter, click on the link “Tell Congress to        eas due to closures and consolidation.           tains. Private Pilot Jeff Jorgenson of
bility of closure and to raise concerns about   Stop AFSS Downsizing.” Your voice                   Ray Jaggers is a specialist who has          Seattle said, “If I call Flight Service, I
safety issues under Lockheed Martin’s           will help protect this vital service and the    briefed in Seattle for almost 25 years. If the   expect to talk to someone who knows
management. Since the announcement of           jobs of many IAM members.                       closure occurs, more than 200 years of           where I’m going.” Jorgenson continued,
the closure, 751 Political Director Larry           The FAA ran this function of air traffic    accumulated knowledge like his will sim-         “Hubs don’t have the capacity to under-
Brown has intensified efforts in both the       control until 2005, when it privatized FSS      ply disappear from the aviation commu-           stand all of the diverse weather patterns
Senate and House of Representatives to          in a $2.1 billion, 10-year contract awarded     nity. In addition to the safety of Washing-                           Continued on page 8

                                                                                                 Trade Adjustment Assistance
                                                                                                 Secured for Laid-off Boeing Workers
                                                                                                     Several thousand laid-off Boeing Co.   means that laid-off Boeing workers –
                                                                                                 workers have been granted additional fed-  including those who aren’t Machinists
                                                                                                 eral assistance under the Trade Adjust-    Union members – may be eligible for a
                                                                                                 ment Act because of action taken by the    range of federal benefits, which can in-
                                                                                                 International Association of Machinists.   clude:
                                     Photo courtesy of Bill Burke, Page One Photography
                                                                                                     The Act provides special assistance       • Up to $16,000 for training (if needed)
IAM GVP of Transportation Robert Roach Jr testifies before the National
                                                                                                 to workers who have lost their jobs due    for an in-demand industry;
Mediation Board on the need to revise election rules for airline and rail
workers. Under current rules, anyone who does not vote in the election counts                    to foreign competition. This ruling cov-      • An additional one to two years of
as a ‘no’ vote against Union representation.                                                     ers Boeing workers at plants throughout    payments similar to unemployment in-
                                                                                                 Puget Sound and in Portland, OR, who       surance if a laid-off worker needs it to

NMB Rule Change is Historic                                                                      were laid off on or af-
                                                                                                 ter May 22, 2008. The
                                                                                                                                                                finish training or find
                                                                                                                                                                employment (up to
                                                                                                 benefits will be ex-                                           156 weeks);
Opportunity for Unions                                                                           tended to cover any
                                                                                                 workers laidoff over
                                                                                                                                                                    • An 80 percent tax
                                                                                                                                                                credit on healthcare
   More than 30 people spoke at the             which is critical to workers’ rights as          the next two years.                                            coverage premiums;
National Mediation Board’s (NMB) pub-           more and more airlines merge.                        District 751 hosted                                            • Job Search assis-
lic hearing in early December on the                Under the proposed rule change, union        more than a dozen ori-                                         tance including help
proposed rule change to implement a fair        representation elections will be deter-          entation sessions in De-                                       to cover travel ex-
representation election voting process          mined in the same way that American              cember for laid-off                                            penses to a scheduled
for air and rail workers.                       voters choose their presidents, senators         Boeing workers who                                             job interview and up
   Current NMB rules count eligible             and state legislators – by a majority of         now are eligible for fed-                                      to $1,500 in job search
voters who do not participate in the elec-      voters who choose to cast ballots.               eral job retraining ben-                                       allowances.
tion as having voted against union repre-           Airline executives and their corpo-          efits.                                                             • Support to help re-
sentation, explained IAM Transporta-            rate allies are mounting an intense cam-             “The Machinists                                            locate to a new job; and,
tion GVP Robert Roach, Jr., who testi-          paign against the rule change, which             Union is dedicated to                                              • A partial wage
fied on behalf of present and future IAM        would close a loophole they hoped to use         helping improve not Business Reps Chuck Craft and              subsidy for workers
members. So you begin each election             to de-unionize large portions of the highly      just the lives of our Bretty Coty attended training on         over 50 who are re-
with everyone down as a ‘no’ vote.              unionized airline industry.                      members, but others Trade Act benefits.                        employed in a lesser-
   “The NMB should support a process                With progressive issues like health          throughout our com-                                            paying job.
where each person has the opportunity to        care, the Employee Free Choice Act and           munities. Even though only a small por-       Trade Act benefits are administered
choose for themselves if they want to           regulation of the financial industry mired       tion of our members (a few hundred) will   in Washington by local WorkSource of-
vote ‘yes’ or vote ‘no’, and those who          in partisan wrangling, the NMB pro-              be eligible, TAA provides a substantial    fices. For details on how to apply, con-
abstain from voting for whatever reason         posal to strengthen voting rights for trans-     safety net for other Boeing employees      tact your nearest WorkSource office or
do not influence the outcome of the elec-       portation workers stands out as a golden         impacted by layoff. We hope word gets      go online at www.go2worksource.org.
tion,” said Roach.                              opportunity to quickly achieve positive          out and those affected will take advan-    Information also is available from the
   The IAM is encouraging all members           change for workers in an industry that           tage of these tremendous benefits,” stated Department of Labor online at
and family members to contact the NMB           desperately needs it.                            District 751 President Tom Wroblewski.     www.doleta.gov/tradeact.
and support this long needed rule change,                                                            The Trade Adjustment declaration
Page 4             751 AERO MECHANIC                Dec 2009/Jan 2010

Steward’s Persistence                                                                                                                                                   Business
                                                                                                                                                                        Rep Brett
                                                                                                                                                                        Coty (l)
Delivers $1,500 Back Pay                                                                                                                                                Steward
    787 Union Steward Allen Neph is             not get the rate right, but the Union can
continually helping members in his area         help correct it. There are probably a lot                                                                               (center)
with contract issues. Recently, he had          of others in the same situation.”
the chance to assist a fellow Union Stew-          Hetland originally hired into Boeing                                                                                 Allen Neph
ard who was not being compensated at            in 1997 before getting laidoff in 1999.                                                                                 for his
the proper pay rate.                            He rehired in 2007 and questioned the                                                                                   efforts that
    As a result of Allen’s efforts, Union       rate, but was told it was correct.                                                                                      delivered
Steward Joel Hetland received a pay                “It had been so long since I worked at                                                                               Joel $1,500
adjustment and back pay of over $1,500          Boeing, I decided not to push the issue,”                                                                               in back pay
to correct a 22 cents an hour error that        Hetland recalled. “I came back to Boeing                                                                                to correct a
had compounded since his rehire date in         because they had great benefits – not for                                                                               pay issue.
January of 2007.                                the wages. But after Allen asked several
    “I appreciate having Union represen-        times, I decided to have him look into      Neph’s persistence, “I know as a Stew-          Nearly every week as a Union Steward I
tation to pursue this issue on my behalf –      the matter.”                                ard Allen Neph has corrected this type of       put the skids on vendors doing rework to
especially after so much time had passed.          After HR told Neph the pay was           error for several other members. If he          keep our jobs secure,” stated Hetland.
While 22 cents an hour doesn’t sound            correct, he pursued the matter with com-    believes the pay amount is wrong, he            “Members need to communicate with their
like much, it adds up and continues on          pensation who reviewed Hetland’s work       simply won’t take no for an answer and          Stewards to ensure the Company lives up
each pay check going forward,” Hetland          history, determined there was indeed a      will continue to move it up the ladder          to their end of the contract. Anyone who
stated. “This is something I feel other         discrepancy, and ordered the adjust-        until he gets it resolved.”                     has been rehired should double check to
members should look into if they have           ment and back pay.                              “As a Steward, I am just a small cog in     ensure they receive the proper pay rate.
been laidoff and are rehired. Boeing may           Business Rep Brett Coty applauded        the wheel, but like Allen, I am here to help.   That is the value of Union membership.”

Celebrating the Historic First 787 Flight
Continued from page 1                                                                                            Member Randy
    Many of the members talked about                                                                             Brevick (far left)
having to deal with problems caused by                                                                           said “It was nice to
the 787’s suppliers.                                                                                             watch something
    “We’ve pulled fasteners out of holes                                                                         you’ve worked on go
that are supposed to be .190 (inches) and                                                                        up in the air.”
they’re .215 or something,” said Steve                                                                           Everett employees
Menli, a veteran 787 mechanic. “It’s                                                                             applaud as the 787
                                                                                                                 successfully landed
just been tearing it apart and putting it
                                                                                                                 at Boeing Field.
back together – many times.”                                                                                     Thousands watched
    Those constant changes to fix the                                                                            on monitors
suppliers’ errors have made things very                                                                          throughout the
difficult for inspectors, said member                                                                            factory.
Manuel Gross, who was recalled from
layoff almost two years ago to do 787     tion to make sure they get the right tool    1/2 or three years for this,” he said. “I            Local 1951 President Ken Howard
Quality Assurance.                        for the right job,” she said.                wasn’t going to miss it, even if I was on            teaching a safety class at the
    With Boeing’s legacy airplanes, there     Other Boeing employees – like our        vacation.”                                           HAMMER Training Center to ensure
is a defined set of drawings to work against,
                                          brothers and sisters from SPEEA – also           “It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportu-            new hires have the skills and
he explained. But with the 787, the draw- performed well, members said.                nity,” added Becky Carlyle, a longtime               knowledge to perform their work in
ings have been continually changing.          Member Mike Fox described how he         747 mechanic who transferred over to                 a safe, effective manner.
    Gross noted that mechanics would in-  worked closely with SPEEA engineer           the 787. “I felt like I was really part of
stall a part that he’d certify as being cor-
                                          Bill Bush to                                                              something
rect. Then a few weeks later, they’d re-  solve problems                                                            new.”
                                                                                                                                            Stimulus Dollars Boost
move that part to do some other re-work.  with the leading                                                              Dignitaries         Hanford Employment
In the process, the drawings would change and trailing                                                              had a lot to say
and the part couldn’t be reinstalled be-  edges of the                                                              after the first         Continued from page 12
cause it was no longer certified.         wings. That                                                               flight. U.S.
    “I can’t just reinstall that part oncework paid off                                                             Senator Maria           of the few places to train their own work-
we do the removal,” he said. “It takes a  when the plane                                                            Cantwell                ers onsite. That is a testament to our
while to prove that part is supposed to beleft the ground,                                                          called        the       Worker Training Program. It is great to
there, and it was installed the way it wasFox said.                                                                 Dreamliner the          see a buildup of new faces on the site.
supposed to be installed. It’s very com-      “Oh       hell District President Tom Wroblewski (r) gives            latest in a “long       Nearly every bargaining unit here has
plex. It’s a complex airplane and it      yeah,” Bush ex- his reaction to local reporters.                          list of break-          seen their numbers grow thanks to the
doesn’t seem like they (management)       ulted. “It’s not a                                                        t h r o u g h           federal stimulus dollars – including Ma-
understand it’s complex.”                 3-D animation for a change.”                 Boeing aircraft created in Washington,”              chinists Union members.”
    On the other hand, 787 workers in         All the delays had dampened enthusi-     and she praised “Boeing’s exceptionally                  Senator Patty Murray recently visited
Everett praised the skills of their Union asm in the days before the first flight,     productive and skilled workforce in Wash-            the HAMMER Center to see how some
brothers and sisters who contributed to   said Hulse.                                  ington state who made this historic first            $1.96 billion in stimulus funds are being
the program.                                  There is a mood,” she said. “We’re       flight a reality.”                                   spent.
    “We’ve got a lot of support from the  holding back. We went to the rollout and         Many – including Boeing Commer-                      Earlier this year Department of
grind shop, and a lot of support from     then nothing, and then they had the taxi     cial Airplanes CEO Jim Albaugh –                     Energy’s Environmental Management
Auburn, making our parts,” said Paul      thing, and then nothing. There’s been a      praised the work Union workers did to                Assistant Secretary Dr. Ines Triay also
Schubert, a 787 Steward. “Tooling has     lot of let-downs.”                           make it all possible.                                toured the site to observe how the stimu-
been really phenomenal, coming up with        All that changed when the plane fi-          “Today’s a day to celebrate,” said Dis-          lus funds were being used and sat in on
our tools. Those guys are wizards.”       nally flew, and not even the winter          trict 751 President Tom Wroblewski.                  several of the HAMMER training
    Older Machinists, such as tool room   weather could cool members’ enthusi-         “We’ve had a lot of disappointments and              courses. The goal is to reduce life cycle
lead Melinda Hulse, said they’d worked    asm, said Brett Coty, the Business Rep       disagreements during the Dreamliner’s                costs, speed up cleanup and reduce the
hard to mentor the many new hires         for the 787 workers.                         development, but today we celebrate to-              overall footprint of Hanford.
Boeing brought in for the 787 program.        “I have a lot of faith in the work our   gether. Our members did an outstanding                   The hiring at Hanford has spilled over
    “We always ask them the right ques-   members do,” he said before the flight.      job and overcame some incredible chal-               into the rest of the community, creating
                                                      “That plane’s going to fly and   lenges, and I couldn’t be more proud of              demand for retail goods and leading to a
                                                      it’s going to do well and our    them. The 787 wouldn’t be flying today               tight market for rental housing. The re-
                                                      members are going to be proud.”  without the dedication, skills and devo-             sult? Benton and Franklin counties had
                                                          That was certainly the case, tion of our members.”                                some of the state’s lowest unemploy-
                                                      said 787 mechanic Daovone            With the first flight concluded, second          ment rates in October, at 5.7 and 6.3
                                                      Vannaxay, who spent two hours    shift showed up on time ready to work.               percent, respectively. The statewide av-
                                                      shivering so she could see her       “We’re trying to get the next one up,”           erage was 9.3 percent that month, and
                                                      first jet fly.                   said Vannaxay. “We’ve got to keep going.”            nationwide, joblessness was at 10.2 per-
                                                          “It was so cool to see your      But they still took a moment to reflect          cent.
                                                      hard work flying,” she said. “It on what they’d achieved.                                 Hanford employment is expected to
                                                      was worth it, once it was up. It     “It’s the first composite airplane,”             peak in 2010.
                  Photo courtesy of Boeing media      was worth all the hard work.”    said Stieben, the Steward. “It’s a huge
The 787 took flight at 10:27 am on Dec. 15.               Fox agreed. “We waited 2     deal. It’s bigger than what we realize.”
                                                                                             Dec 2009/Jan 2010                   751 AERO MECHANIC                   Page 5

FABulous Work at Auburn on the 787
Continued from page 1                        complex airplane parts. Most employees
                                             are classified as N0309 and cross trained                                                                           Kelly Mayer (l)
ing in an area where one-of-a-kind and       – to give Boeing additional flexibility                                                                             explains a
last-minute parts are continually being      and members the opportunity to work on                                                                              program for a
                                             a wide range of challenges.                                                                                         one-of-a-kind
                                                                                                                                                                 part to
    Members in Auburn continually up-            As a result of this tremendous skill
                                                                                                                                                                 Business Rep
date their skills, learn new programs, and   base, AMEO has become one of the top                                                                                Heather
implement new processes to remain on the     suppliers for both the 787 and 747-8                                                                                Barstow. As a
cutting edge and ensure they remain the      programs.                                                                                                           result of the
best at their trade. Boeing has also in-         “We have to be innovative and make                                                                              tremendous
vested in the site by purchasing machines    some parts from dash M tags rather than                                                                             skill base,
like the three spindle machines, which       using engineering drawings to get them                                                                              Auburn
recently utilized all three spindles for the right,” stated 35-year member John                                                                                  Machining and
first time to assist with 787 parts in an    Woodward, who is also a team leader.                                                                                Emergent
effort to get the plane back on schedule.    “This is only possible when you have                                                                                Operations has
                                             years of experience. The true skills are                                                                            become one of
    When members in A-3250 were given
                                                                                                                                                                 the top
an opportunity to take on additional 787     making it work and knowing how to
                                                                                                                                                                 suppliers for
work, they willingly accepted the chal-      work around any problems you encoun-                                                                                both the 787
lenge and regularly volunteer for overtime   ter, which is why the parts were sent here                                                                          and 747-8
– even on holiday weekends.                  to begin with.”                                                                                                     programs.
    “Anything we can do to help. We want         “Initially, we were not supposed to
                                                                        make any 787
                                                                        parts, and Au-     though this 787 work is very labor inten-
                                                                        burn had virtu-    sive, they willingly took it on in addition
                                                                        ally no budget     to their regular work, which has meant
                                                                        for that plane.    lots of overtime and weekend work.
                                                                        Now I hear we         After the first sets, there were more
                                                                        are the chief      design changes. Since then, the crew has
                                                                        supplier of        dramatically improved and refined the
                                                                        emergent           process with each new part to become
                                                                        parts. It speaks   more efficient. One member noted, “We
                                                                        to our skills      want to prove we deserve this work. The
                                                                        and commit-        longer it stays here, the better our chances
                                                                        ment,” Wood-       and the more we can make improve-
                                                                        ward added.        ments.”
                                                                                                                                        Julio Colon works on a part in
                                                                            Because           Word has it that the East Finish Shop
                                                                        they have the      will be building these parts through at
                                                                        best capability    least Airplane 37. Members would like        chines.
                                                                        to support the     to see it become permanent.                      Like other shops, members in SPF are
                                                                        programs and          Loretta Castillo, Karen McCloskey,        continually updating their process to be
Steward Johnny Davis (l) and Scott Stueber (r) show
                                                                        mitigate late      Dave Sichmeller and Perry Fernau are         more efficient. Since producing the first
Business Rep Mark Johnson improvements in fabricating
the 787 heat shields.                                                   engineering        other members in the East Finish Shop        787 heat shield, they have gone from mak-
                                                                        change activ-      helping with the wing body join parts.       ing it in two pieces to a one piece shield.
to get the 787 flying and certified. That is ity and/or to replace parts that have been    Credit must also be given to Team Leader         “When the heat shield was in two
why we are here,” stated 751-member          damaged, these shops have seen addi-          Neal Corsack whose knowledge, experi-        pieces, it had to be assembled. We de-
Julio Colon.                                 tional work. About 80 percent of the          ence and assistance early in the process     cided to simplify the process – saving
    Bruce Anderson, who has worked on        work in AMEO is vendor non-support –          ensured the tight                                                  time and money,”
737, 747, 757, 767, 777 and AOG on           regardless of the airplane program. Be-       schedule was met.                                                  said Union Steward
707 and 727, reported, “We are team          cause it is emergent, there is very little       “It is great to be a                                            Johnny Davis.
players and want the plane to be suc-        repetition in their work – making their       part of the 787 air-                                                   This is the only
cessful. Boeing’s reputation is on the       job more interesting and challenging.         plane. When I heard                                                shop at Boeing that
line. With 32 years at Boeing, we all            “We do just about everything. There       the news that the plane                                            does this type of su-
have a big stake in the success of that and  are so many miscellaneous jobs we never       flew with the part that                                            per plastic forming
every airplane.”                             see again. We learned to multi-task to be     I worked on – it makes                                             work. “We were al-
    “With all the new technology and         more efficient. While running a pro-          you feel good,” said                                               lowed to bid on 787
computers, 787 work is a bit more chal-      gram, I work on the next part of the          Castillo.                                                          work, and we were
lenging. Everyone had to learn new soft-     process,” noted 31-year member Tho-              Union Steward Jim                                               chosen because we
ware,” Anderson added. “QTTP deliv-          mas Martinez. “Sometimes I get so fo-         Rice reported, “Every-                                             were the smart busi-
ered the training, and our members used      cused it is like I am inside the machine      one was glued to their                                             ness decision,” said
educational benefits for on-hour train-      working, and I tune out the rest.”            computer screen to                                                 751 member Scott
ing. In addition, we have new machines           “The work here is never the same          watch the first flight.                                            Stueber. “Other
that we can program and run multiple         from day to day. They only want one or        Then at 10:27 a.m.,                                                companies have the
jobs at the same time – giving us greater    three of the same parts at the most, but it   loud shouts, high                                                  capability, but not
                                                                                                                       Mike Crawford works on a
efficiency and capability.”                  is always challenging and interesting.        fives, and fist bumps 787 heat shield.                             like us. We are the
    The need for emergent support (espe-     We can make anything, and everything          erupted throughout                                                 only ones who can
cially with the new airplanes) highlights    is needed yesterday. You get to make          the shop. Everyone was proud that the        keep up with the rate and have capacity.
the importance of Auburn’s Machining         something and see the progress instantly.     parts they worked on made a difference       We’re ready to take on additional work
and Emergent Operations (AMEO).              The sooner they get it, the happier they      and they helped make it successful.”         and look forward to the opportunity.”
Since the Auburn plant opened in 1966,       are,” noted 20 year member Kelly Mayer.          The 17-68 building has members who            Members remain anxious to continu-
it has become the industry leader with a         In the 17-45 East Finish Shop, mem-       work full-time on 787 production parts       ally expand their role in both current and
reputation for quickly delivering unique     bers stepped forward to help with the         rather than working on emergent parts or     future airplane models. Machining com-
quality parts. Like the other shops in       wing-to-body join parts for the 787. Al-      vendor fixes. In the Super Plastic Forming   plex parts, learning new software, utiliz-
Auburn, members in AMEO have ex-                                                           (SPF) shop, our members build the 787        ing robotics, and cell manufacturing are
tensive experience with the least senior                                                   heat shields and tail cone muffler. Mem-     all ways Auburn stays at the cutting edge
person having at least 20 years building                                                   bers here are classified as cellular techni- for Boeing Fabrication and ensures their
                                                                                           cians, which gives Boeing more flexibility   continued success.
                                                                                           and allows members to run multiple ma-

                                                           Above: Bruce Anderson
                                                           sets up a program.

                                                           Photo Left: L to R: Glenn
                                                           Lahde, Ron Cimmer and           Shop A-3250 has stepped up to help with 787. L to R: Business Rep Heather
                                                           Kelly Peterson discuss          Barstow, Steve Steelsmith, Steve P. Jones, Julio Colon, Bruce Anderson, Kelly
                                                           changes to a part.              Peterson, John Lopez, Glenn Lahde, and Don Kosai.
Page 6               751 AERO MECHANIC             Dec 2009/Jan 2010

Luau Delivers for Tsunami Victims Machinists Of
   A packed house at the Seattle Union
                                                                                                                                   Throughout the year, 751 members donate thou-
Hall escaped the dreary Seattle winter and
                                                                                                                               sands of hours of volunteer time to make the
for several hours were transported to the
                                                                                                                               community a better place to live and to help others.
tropics as 751 hosted a luau. The event was
                                                                                                                               As the year winds down, the Machinists Volunteer
organized by employees and managers in
                                                                                                                               Program (MVP) ramped up its efforts to help
the Everett Wire Shop to raise money to
assist victims of the recent tsunami in Sa-
                                                                                                                                   When the City of Auburn called requesting
moa. To date the event raised $8,000 for
                                                                                                                               volunteers for emergency sandbagging along the
World Vision and more money was still
                                                                                                                               Green River to prevent potential flood damage,
coming in. Boeing agreed to match what
                                                                                                                               our members responded in force for this very
the luau raised.
                                                                        Both the                                               physical project.
   District 751 member Ioane Fanene had                                 hula and                                                   On another weekend, volunteers spent a day
five members of his extended family killed in                           fire dancers                                           cleaning barrels for the Salvation Army toy drive
the tsunami, as well as many childhood friends.                         put on a                                               and preparing tags for the giving trees.
The event was a way people could come                                   great show.                                                Wearing Machinists Union colors volunteers
together to help the victims.
                                                                        Left: Steward                                          descended on Westlake Center on Friday, Decem-
   Those who attended were treated to a
                                                                        Ray Meduna                                             ber 4 to assist the Salvation Army with holiday
delicious roasted pig dinner and tropical foods,
                                                                        and Fe                                                 bellringing during the annual Figgy Pudding Car-
authentic music, as well as hula and fire
                                                                        DeJesus were                                           oling Contest. Streets closed for the festivities and
dancing. The hula dancers invited some to go                            among the                                              Machinists rang bells on every corner to collect
on stage and learn the hula, which entertained                          many                                                   money for this worthy charity.
everyone!                                                               attending.                                                 On Saturday, December 5, Machinists were again
                                                                                                                 Business      out in force to help with the annual King 5 Northwest
                                                                                                                 Rep Jon       Harvest Food Drive at the Everett Mall, Tacoma Mall
                                                                                                                 Holden        and Auburn U.S. Bank. Over 100 Machinists turned
                                                                                                                 had his       out to help despite the extremely cold weather and
                                                                                                                 entire        with the incredible outpouring of generosity, every
                                                                                                                 family at     volunteer was needed to handle the donations. The
                                                                                                                 the event.    one-day event raised over $184,000 (and still count-
                                                                                                                 His wife
                                                                                                                               ing, thanks to U.S. Bank’s branch food and fund
                                                                                                                 works in      raiser) and 250,000 pounds of food, totaling 1,063,308
                                                                                                                 the Everett
When they pulled people on stage to learn the hula,                                                              wire shop.
Steward Wilson “Fergie” Ferguson stole the show with his
grass skirt and coconuts.

Shoot for a Cure Raises Thousands for Leukemia
   District 751 was the host and primary      Photo right:
sponsor of the first-ever Union Sportsmen’s   Local C
Alliance (USA) “Shoot for the Cure” sport-    President                                                    Below:
ing clays shoot. The event was held in No-    John Lopez                                                   Stosh
                                              takes aim.                                                   Tomala
vember at the Sumner Sportsmen’s Associa-
tion. It attracted 63 shooters from Unions                                                                 sends a
around Puget Sound, and raised                                                                                                 Above: Joe Smith stands among the thousands o
                                                                                                           clay flying
$21,000 for leukemia research                                                                                                  sandbags.
                                                                                                           for Jay
and wildlife conservation.                                                                                                     Below: Steward buildup a sandbag wall to prote
   District 751 was represented                                                                                                nearby apartments from flooding.
                                                                                                           to shoot.
by 11 shooters at the event. The
District’s donation was made in
honor of the late Jimmy Darrah,                                                                                                                                                   right:
who died in August after being                                                                                                                                                    751
diagnosed with leukemia.                                                                                                                                                          volun
Darrah, who was the District’s                                                                                                                                                    conve
grievance coordinator at the Above L to R: Business Reps Don Morris and Jon                                                                                                       on a
time of his passing, was an ac- Holden watch as Tom Wroblewski takes a shot.                                                                                                      load
tive outdoorsman.                                                                                                                                                                 food
                                                    Photo                                                                                                                         donat
                                                    right:                                                                                                                        at
                                                    Business                                                                                                                      Taco
                                                    Reps Joe                                                                                                                      Mall.
                                                    (l) and                                                                    While sandbagging
                                                    Ron                                                                        was strenuous work,
                                                    Bradley                                                                    Stewards enjoyed
                                                    were on                                                                    helping to prevent
District Sec-Treasurer Susan Palmer takes aim       the same                                                                   potential flooding.
while Business Rep Heather Barstow waits her turn. team.                                                                       Steward Gordon
                                                                                                                               Talmadge noted,“I
                                                                                                                               ran into some people I
Various Events/Fundraisers Bring $$ for Guide Dogs                                                                             went to school with,
                                                                                                                               and we reminisced            Carlos Lopez was one of
    Throughout                                                                                                                 about old times while        many who responded wh
the year various                                                                                                               helping others.”             the City of Auburn
events were held                                                                                                                                            requested sandbagging he
to raise funds for
Guide Dogs of
America. Here
are just a few of
the results from
r e c e n t
    Overall Dis-
trict 751 was the     Local C presented a check to Guide Dogs for $12,890 from
top contributor       their various fundraiser. L to R: Susan Palmer, Dave Henry,
for 2009 giving       Tom Wroblewski and John Lopez at the check presentation.      Above: Steward Brent Sanchez (l) sold
an impressive         Winners in the Local C holiday raffle were: $1,000 gift       Paul Edwards (r) the winning big
$228,700 – a          card - Keight Zanghi. $250 gift cards - David Callahan and    screen TV ticket for Local A’s holiday
new record for        Patrick Kerrigan. $125 gift cards - Michelle Erickson and     raffle. Member Mark Flanders (not
751.                  Mike Ballew. Fred Meyer $20 gift cards - Dan Briones and      pictured) won the Wii game system.
                      Vickie Klingman.
                                                                                                       Dec 2009/Jan 2010             751 AERO MECHANIC               Page 7

ffer Helping Hands Throughout the Region
      meals for people in need across Washington.                                                                                                                   751
         Steward John Lispie noted, “ Northwest Harvest                                                                                                             Volunteers
      was a blast – very, very cold but lots of fun. I could                                                                                                        filled the
      not believe the turn out both volunteers and dona-                                                                                                            staging at
      tions. That’s a big deal. I will be going back every                                                                                                          Westlake
      year. I have been a Steward for 12 years, and this
      was the first time for me. I ended up staying from                                                                                                            taking the
      7 am to 1 pm.”                                                                                                                                                Salvation
         Other recent community projects involved:                                                                                                                  Army
         • Building 12 wooden storage shelves for the                                                                                                               kettles out
      Volunteers of America warehouse in Everett.                                                                                                                   to collection
         • Preparing and serving meals at                                                                                                                           sites in the
      both the Tacoma Rescue Mission                                                                                                                                area.
      and the Everett Gospel Mission.
         • Adopt-a-Road cleanups.
         • Constructing wheelchair
      ramps for area residents.
         • Assisting KSER Public Ra-
      dio with a station cleanup.
         Events are as varied as our
      members. The goodwill contin-
      ues long after the projects are
      complete – showing the commu-
      we are
      here to

                                                      Above: Mike and Susan                                                        Above: Ron McGaha (center) donated his
                                                      Cummins brought their                                                        change from the entire year to the Salvation
                                                      grandson Kellen to help.                                                     Army Kettle that Paul Burton (l) and Cliff
                                                                                                                                   Goetsch were staffing.
                                                      Photo left: Soliciting NW
                                                      Harvest donations at the
                                                      Auburn collection site.
                             Below: Stewards took a break from sandbagging

                                                                                                                     Photo left:
                                                                                                                     at the
                                                                                                                     Mall haul
                                                                                                                     received to
of                                                                                                                   feed the less
                                                                                                                     fortunate.    Members carried boxes of food donations to the
 ct                                                                                                                                Northwest Harvest trucks at the Everett Mall.





                                                                                         Some of the 751 volunteers helping with the King 5 Northwest Harvest Food Drive at the
                                                                                         Auburn location on December 5.



                                                                             Photo above, right and below: 751 Volunteers at
                                                                             the Tacoma Rescue Mission on various weekends.

              Above: 751
              volunteers who
              storage shelves at
              the Volunteers of

              Photos left and
              right shows our
              building the                                                                                                                     George Braun and Brian Pankratz
              storage shelves.                                                                                                                 making food at the mission.
Page 8            751 AERO MECHANIC                Dec 2009/Jan 2010

Montgomery Ward’s Not-So-Merry Christmas in 1944
 by Rosanne Tomyn                          stance that would ultimately make the             ment actions to enforce col-
    The Christmas season brings with it    Christmas season of 1944 a nightmare              lective bargaining agree-
many things. There’s the music. There’s    for his company.                                  ments and workers rights
the eggnog. Sometimes there’s even snow.      In 1942, President Franklin D.                 were only a disguise for
But, more than anything, Christmas in      Roosevelt created the National War La-            leading the nation into a
America means shop-                                        bor Board in an attempt to        government of dictators.”
ping. And retail stores all                                avert strikes in critical             Thinking that Avery had
across the country wait                                    industries that supported         learned his lesson, the Chi-
eagerly to cash-in on the                                  the war effort across the         cago plant was returned to
merry season of giving.                                    country. During WWII,             management in May. But it
Unfortunately for one re-                                  Montgomery Ward &                 didn’t take long for Avery
tailer, Montgomery                                         Company was relied upon           to move forward with more
Ward & Company, the                                        as a supplier of clothing,        illegal, anti-labor activities.
Christmas season of                                        auto parts, and many other        Later that year, the Con-
1944 brought with it                                       items considered critical         gress of Industrial Organi-
some strong lessons as                                     to winning the war over-          zations (CIO) won an elec-
well.                                                      seas.                             tion at the Chicago loca-
    Founded as the                                             Just two years later, in      tion only to be ignored by
world’s largest catalog Rudolph the Red-Nosed              1944, Avery refused to rec-       Avery.
retailer in 1872, Mont- Reindeer was introduced in a       ognize the agreements that            Still dismissive of gov-
gomery Ward & Com- 1939 Montgomery Ward                    the United Mail Order,            ernment authority and flip-
pany was a household catalog insert. Robert L. May,        Warehouse, and Retail             pant about his duty to treat Sewell Avery, chairman and president of
name for decades. who created Rudolph’s cartoon Employees’ Union had pre-                    workers fairly, Avery ulti- Montgomery Ward, being physically removed from
Known also for its “un- and wrote the famous story         pared the year prior. After       mately forced President his office in 1944 by the National Guard after
veiling” of Santa’s fa- while employed at the catalog      multiple orders to comply         Roosevelt to seize Mont- defying a Presidential order. The photo ran in papers
vorite helper, Rudolph, store, wasn’t given any rights     that were sent by the Na-         gomery Ward facilities nationwide and sent a strong message that the
                                                                                                                                  unfair treatment of workers would not be tolerated.
in its 1939 Christmas to the story until 1947.             tional War Labor Board            across the country. By De-
catalog, the company was the retailer to   went ignored, Roosevelt called on the Army        cember 27, locations in New York,                  cade until he was replaced as president
beat in catalog-order retail sales at the  National Guard to seize the company’s             Michigan, California, Illinois, Colorado,          and chairman, in 1954 his previous in-
beginning of the twentieth century. A      main plant in Chicago. As they seized the         and Oregon were all officially seized by           discretions came back to haunt him. Ex-
leader in retail even during the Great     plant on April 24, the National Guard was         the Secretary of War. On December 28,              actly ten years after the government sei-
Depression, Montgomery Ward em-            forced to physically remove a livid Avery,        the army seized all catalog operations in          zure of Montgomery Ward & Company,
ployed over 70,000 people by the early     who screamed “let go of me, you New               Chicago, resulting in an order pile-up of          Avery resigned in the face of a certain
1940s.                                     Dealer!.” A photograph of the chairman            10,000 per day.                                    unseating by fellow board members. He
    Led by Sewell Avery, an anti-New       being carried out of his office ran in news-          Though Avery regained control of Mont-         was replaced by John Barr who would
Deal businessman bred of lumber barons     papers nationwide, and sent a strong mes-         gomery Ward & Company as the new year              never be able to regain the strength the
in Michigan, the retailer refused to sign  sage to employers that there would be             began, the experience taught top board brass       company had seen prior to Avery’s anti-
contracts with employees in early 1944.    serious consequences for any company              a tough lesson. By the close of 1944, the          union leadership.
Avery, who fought against unions at all    that opposed workers’ right to organize.          retailer saw year-end sales figures that showed        This Christmas, as we walk the local
costs, found himself in a bitter struggle     In response, Avery told the media              Sears, Roebuck & Company leading Mont-             malls and supermarkets looking for that
with the President and the National War    “…the government has been coercing                gomery Ward by nearly 40%. For the first           perfect meal for big family gatherings, the
Labor Board in April of that same year.    both employers and employees to accept            time since the company’s foundation, it was        perfect red dress for our youngest girls and
It was his staunch and illegal anti-labor  a brand of unionism” and that govern-             falling behind its two largest competitors,        that perfect video game for our oldest boys,
Once an                                                                                      Sears and JC Penney, in overall sales. And         we should remember the strength of the
industry                                                                                     the board knew exactly who to blame.               unions that made it possible for retail work-
leader,                                                                                          Associate General Council to the               ers to organize. We should remember the
Montgomery                                                                                   AFL-CIO, Damon Silvers, wrote that,                president that made retail workers and
Ward never                                                                                   because of the actions that led to its             others all over the country a priority during
regained the                                                                                 seizure, Montgomery Ward was “the                  the Christmas season. And the movement
strength it saw                                                                              Wal-Mart of its day.”                              that made it possible for retailers to see
prior to WWII
                                                                                                 After the end of WWII, Avery contin-           such sales by helping everyday working
and Sewell
Avery’s anti-                                                                                ued to conduct business in a way that              people earn wages and paid time off that
labor actions.                                                                               both the union and the board considered            allows them to celebrate the holidays as
                                                                                             out of touch. And, though it took a de-            they should be celebrated: with family.

McGinnis Receives ‘Heart of Bates’ Award -
Machinists Scholarship Endowed
    Retired 751 Business Rep-                                                                          fied students at Bates Techni-
resentative and Joint Programs                                                                         cal College. The McGinnis
Executive Director John                                                                                family and District 751 jointly
McGinnis was recently honored                                                                          contributed $12,000 to the              Lockheed Martin has proposed
with the “Heart Of Bates Vi-                                                                           Bates Foundation, which will            closing the Seattle facility, affecting
sion Award”.                                                                                           provide student assistance in-          11 members and could dramatically
    The award was presented at                                                                         definitely into the future. In-         impact flight safety for this region.
the Bates Technical College                                                                            terest earned on the endow-
Foundation Annual Banquet “for                                                                         ment will allow for a $500              Fighting to Save Seattle
an individual whose efforts con-                                                                       annual scholarship to be
tribute to the growth of the col-                                                                      awarded, which can be used to           Flight Services Jobs
lege and the community.” John                                                                          cover tuition, books or tools.          Continued from page 3
has been a longtime supporter of                                                                       Students in the machinists and          in an area as large as the west.”
career and technical education in Secretary-Treasurer Susan Palmer (l) and District President sheet-metal programs are eli-                        The Department of Homeland Security
the State of Washington and at Tom Wroblewski (r) congratulated John McGinnis on the                   gible. The foundation hopes to          and the Department of Defense have issued
Bates Technical College. John       “Heart of Bates” award and announced the establishment             increase the payout over time.          increased security measures and flight re-
was appointed to Bates’ Board of    of an endowed scholarship to support qualified students at             District President Tom              strictions for the 2010 Vancouver/Whistler
Trustees as the Labor Represen-     Bates Technical College.                                           Wroblewski presented the                Olympics for pilots coming through Se-
tative from 1991-94. He also                                                                           Union contribution at the ban-          attle from around the country and the world.
served on the Washington State Workforce      When receiving the award John stated          quet and stated, “We are happy to be able          Seattle FSS is scheduled to close three days
Training and Education Coordinating           “This Heart of Bates Vision Award is a        to present this gift to Bates in recognition       after these measures go into effect.
Board from 1997-2005.                         meaningful tribute recognizing my leader-     of John’s service and look forward to meet-            Furthermore, no other facilities are
    Although retired from the Machinists      ship and ability in a long career of activism ing the first scholarship recipients, who          capable of backing up the western hub in
Union, he continues to promote education      in this community and the State. I am         will be announced this spring.”                    Arizona in case of system failures or
and currently serves as the Chairman of the   deeply humbled by this great honor.”              John thanked District 751 for their            emergencies. “I think there is a genuine
Bates General Advisory Committee – as-           In conjunction with the ceremony           participation in this endeavor. Personal           disconnect when you try to manage some-
sisting the president of the college. In      District 751 President Tom Wroblewski         contributions to this scholarship can be           thing this large from that far away,”
addition, John is a member of the Bates’      announced the establishment of the IAM        made to Bates Technical College Foun-              Jorgenson said. “There is too much room
Machinist Advisory Committee and the          751/McGinnis Family Scholarship – an          dation, 1101 S. Yakima Ave, Tacoma,                for error.”
Machinist Joint Apprenticeship Program.       endowed scholarship to support quali-         WA 98405, Phone: 253-680-7160
                                                                                                Dec 2009/Jan 2010                    751 AERO MECHANIC                Page 9

                                                          RETIREMENT NEWS
A Festive Feast for the Holidays
   Hundreds of 751 retirees kicked off the holiday season
by attending the annual retired club Christmas luncheon on
December 14. The
Seattle Hall was
packed and retirees
enjoyed a delicious
turkey lunch, fes-
tive       music,
reaquainting with
old friends and
making new ones.
                                                                                                                                            Helen and Leroy Miller announced
                                        Betty Degerstrom                                                                                    their 60th wedding anniversary at
                                                                Retirees enjoyed a delicious turkey lunch complete with the                 the luncheon. Their anniversary is
                                        and James Evanson
                                                                trimmings and pumpkin pie.                                                  Dec. 18.
                                        wore santa hats
                                and his
Hundreds of prizes were donated Holm
to help kick start the holiday  who
season.                         was a
                                Rosie                                                       Secretary-Treasurer Susan Palmer visits          Teresa Moore was festive in her
                                the Riveter and is featured in October of                   with past Sec-Treasurer Jerry Dargitz.           candy cane hat posing with Frank
                                the 2010 Women In Industry calendar.                                                                         “Bob” Agnew.

Liz Menzel selected wine
glasses when her number was
drawn in the prize raffle.
                                    Retirees enjoyed holiday music before the formal program began. The Seattle Union Hall was packed for the annual event.

Walt Berg Passes at Age 90                                                                                                                     Union Retirees:
                                                                                                                                                 Congratulations to the following
   Walter Berg, who served as both           dent through the successful contract talks                                                        members who retired from the Union:
President and Secretary-Treasurer of         of 1968, where the Union won pension                                                                 Dennis G Anderson
District 751 and was a member for more       improvements, wage and cost-of-living                                                                Andrew Andringa
than 50 years, passed away on Oct. 24 at     increases, and the first Boeing dental plan.                                                         Dennis M Anthony
the age of 90.                                  Berg believed it was important to have                                                            Roger W Beck
   The son of Swedish immigrants, Berg       the Union involved in the political system                                                           Patricia D Briggs
was born on Dec. 19, 1918, in Harper,        at both the federal and state levels and                                                             Joe S Brinkman
Wash.                                        continually lobbied for workers’ issues.                                                             Ronnie R Burtis Sr
   Berg hired on at Boeing in 1940,             Berg was the Union’s leader during                                                                James W Eagan
working as a structural mechanic. He         the launch of the 747 program – and                                                                  Rodney W Fowler
was active in the Union, holding various     during the dark days that followed                                                                   Duane A Harper
Local Lodge leadership positions from        Congress’s decision to kill the Super                                                                Cherly J Healy
Steward to Local Lodge President and         Sonic Transport, which led to the                                                                    James L Holt
District Council Delegate.                   “Boeing Bust” of 1970-71.                                                                            Sharon L Hopkins
   In 1957, Berg ran unopposed and was          Berg lost his re-election for District                                                            Hernan A Hoyos
elected District Secretary-Treasurer.        President in 1970, but continued on as a                                                             Robert D Jasper
   In 1965, it was a time of turmoil.        Local C officer and District Council            Lobbying for jobs and support of the
                                                                                                                                                  Alvina R Kittelman
                                                                                             Supersonic Transport in the late
District President John Sullivan suffered    delegate, and was later appointed to be                                                              Paula J Lauterbach
                                                                                             1960’s: L to R: 751 President Walter
a heart attack and died the same day as      a Grand Lodge Rep, a post he held until         Berg, 751 Sec-Treas. Ray Johnson and                 Craig D Le
Union members gathered to approve the        his retirement.                                 IAM Leg. Director George Nelson.                     Gerald E Lindsay
contract and end a 19-day walkout.              Berg retired from Boeing in 1981,                                                                 Kristin E Love
   Berg led the Union through the after-     and from the IAM in 1990 – after col-           of his years at his home in Gig Harbor,              Ricky A Ludington
math, and continued as District 751 Presi-   lecting his 50-year pin. He spent the rest      with his wife of the past 30 years, Arlene.          Rosie M Mack
                                                                                                                                                  Ronald S Musolf
Remembering Long-Time Business Rep Jerry Shreve                                                                                                   Donald J Nichols
                                                                                                                                                  Joseph P Ryan
                                                                                                                                                  Timothy D Valvoda
   Jerry Shreve, who served as a Union Business                                      positions, including Local E President, Record-              Robert L Woodruff
Representative from 1981 through January 2004,                                       ing Secretary and District Council Delegate.                 Denis E Youngson
passed away on December 4.                                                              In 1981, he was elected as a Business Repre-
   Jerry hired into Boeing in June 1955 and worked                                   sentative and enjoyed serving the membership
for over 25 years as an Electronic and Mechanical                                    full time and working to protect their rights and
                                                                                                                                             WANTED: KITCHEN HELP FOR 751
Inspector. He was featured on the cover of the                                       ensure the contract was enforced. Jerry was re-
                                                                                                                                                       RETIRED CLUB
February 14, 1966 edition of Aviation Week &                                         elected to five additional terms until he retired in    Help is needed in the kitchen for
Space Technology while working on the Lunar                                          February 2005.                                         Retiree Business Meetings that take
Orbiter.                                                                                Although Jerry was perceived by many to be           place every second Monday of the
   Immediately after hiring into Boeing, Jerry                                       soft spoken, co-workers at the Union described         month at 11AM. Additional help can
became active in the Union and began working his                                     him as tenacious and passionate when fighting             be used each Monday. A small
way up through the leadership ranks – serving as                                     for the rights of a member.                              stipend is offered. If interested,
                                                     Jerry Shreve served as
Union Steward and holding various Local Lodge        BR from 1981 to 2004.
                                                                                                                                                 please call 206-764-0340
Page 10             751 AERO MECHANIC                  Dec 2009/Jan 2010

                                           WANT ADS         ATTENTION TO                              MISCELLANEOUS
                                                                                                                                                        ELECTROLUX STYLE R NEW FILTER
                                                                                                                                                        BAGS, for canister type vacuum cleaner, 43
                                                                                                                                                        bags for $25.00. 253-852-6809
                                                              AD RULES                             CABLE CHAINS, 2 pairs, new fit 235/758 and
TOY POODLES, just in time for Christmas,                                                           many other sizes, $35.00 each. 206-762-4732          EUREKA STYLE disposable dust bags for
                                                    Each single ad must be 25 words or
two black female puppies, adorable, playful,                                                                                                            upright – 16 for $12.00. Collectible shoebox,
                                                    less. Use a separate piece of paper or
loving, 2 months old, shots, dewormed, $325         ad blank for each ad, as they are pre-         USED RCA COLOR TV, works good,                       cardboard, holds 9 pair, $20.00. 253-852-6809
each. 360-691-5890                                  classified physically. Ads are free            $35.00. Assorted decorative bear plates, 8
                                                    only to members - active, laid-off, or         inch, $1.00 each. 425-226-7252                       PICTURE OF THE BEETLES, 12x37, 1987,
DOG HOUSE, never used, 2 years old, paid            retired. For best response, include                                                                 $35.00. Oak frame, 12x36, $20.00. 253-852-
$110, will sell for $90 or best offer. 206-772-     phone number instead of addresses              BRAND NEW ALUMINUM CRUTCHES,                         6809
3074                                                in ad copy. Members' "cottage                  never used, $45. 253-862-2040
                                                    industries" will be OK in ads, but no                                                               JARS, quart and pint, 60 for crafts not usable
WANTED: Free cats for retired member. If            commercial ads. When using own                 COMPUTER STAND & HUTCH, on                           for canning, $25.00 all. 253-852-6809
you have any cats you would like to give            paper for ads, include information             wheels, has 2 3-4 shelves with pull-out key-
away, please give me a call on 425-251-
8168. I love cats. I have a large garage, which
                                                    required on regular ad blank.
                                                     Deadline For Next Issue
                                                                                                   board shelf, oak laminate, measures 59H x
                                                                                                   31W, good condition, $65. 425-432-6134
cats have access in and out of, as well as a             January 12th                                                                                   FRALEY MT. RIVER RANCH, 5 acre
large wooded area and outbuildings. The                                                            HALLMARK KIDDIE CAR CLASSICS,                        wooded lot, just a few minutes east of Ar-
perfect home for cats.                                                                             large collection of cars, sidewalk, mini, and        lington, WA, electricity and telephone are
                                                  1600 SF CREEKFRONT RAMBLER in 95                 large all for sale at the retail price on box. All   underground, $67,521. 360-435-2430
SCHNAUZER PUPPIES, ready for Christ-              acre gated community, 3bed, 2bath, fire-         are in original boxes with packaging and cars
mas, AKC reg., tailes docked, see pix on          place, covered patio and carport, deck, ga-      in new condition. 425-432-6134                       MOBILE HOME, 55+ park, 2 million dollar
Kjiji Auburn Area, $600 for females, $500         rage, 20 miles east of Arlington. $175,000.                                                           view, Redondo Beach, South of Des Moines,
for males. 253-833-0842                                                                            2007 CHEVY _ TON WHEELS, caps, and                   1,856 sq. ft., perfect condition, $124,000 or
                                                  2008 VSI PARK MODEL CABIN, like new,             lugs, 265/70 R17, Goodyear Wranglers, about          offer. 253-839-9169.
 COTTAGE                                          on deeded lot in Lost Lake Resort, near          _ tread, $250 OBO. 253-922-6291
 INDUSTRIES                                       Lacey, WA, tons of amenities with indoor/
                                                  outdoor pool and private fish stocked lake in    CHANDELIER, eight lights, heavy metal
                                                                                                                                                        GREENWOOD AZALEA GARDEN,
                                                                                                                                                        Renton, WA, 2 adjoining lots, $5000 for
                                                  gated resort, for families or snowbirds,         trim with glass sides, $30. 206-937-8731             both. 425-255-1184
AFFORDABLE PROFESSIONAL PHO-                      $145,000. 425-432-6134
TOGRAPHY, Studio J Images is a local                                                               OSTER MIXING SET, all parts, bowls com-              PROPERTY ON WILLPAPA RIVER, one
photography company offering professional         KONA, HAWAII oceanfront condo. Enjoy 2           plete, nice Christmas present, $90. 253-875-         10.933 acres, $99,000 after down $644.79
wedding, anniversary, engagement, preg-           Bd/2 Bath fully equipped condo – pool,           7944                                                 per month. One 12.933 acres, $105,000 after
nancy, family, graduation, and specialty pho-     jacuzzi, private lanai, DSL, color TV w/                                                              down, $752.26 per month. 10% down, 6%
tography. All digital packages available or       VCR/DVD.                      $1175/wk.          DELUXE CHILD’S CARRIAGE, $35. 206-                   interest, 20 year contract. 360-249-5083
design your own package. Flexible, reliable,      www.banyantreecondo.com 206-938-9214             935-6535.
and eager to be a part of your event or special                                                                                                         2004 DUPLEX, excellent condition, zoned
occasion. Ask about our SPECIAL FOR               1600 SF CREEKFRONT RAMBLER, in 95                ADULT SKIS with binding and poles, best              (commercial), L.I.C. low intensity comm..,
MACHINISTS MEMBERS. More infor-                   acre gated community, 3BD/2BA, fireplace,        offer. 206-935-6535.                                 2BR/2BA, 2 car garage, sewer, bus line one
mation and slideshows at \o “blocked::http:/      covered patio and carport, deck, garage, 20                                                           block. 360-275-0974
/studiojimages.net/” http://studiojimages.net/    miles east of Arlington, $175,000. 425-743-      2 SHEETS _” PLYWOOD, $15. Wet/dry
or call Beth at 402-730-8663.                     9488                                             vac. 206-935-6535.                                   SIDE-BY-SIDE PLOTS, Auburn Mountain
                                                                                                                                                        View Cemetery, next to veteran’s section, 2
ARE YOU LOOKING FOR SOMETHING                     LAKERIDGE AREA HOME, for rent or                 LEATHER COUCH & MATCHING                             or more $1650 each, 6 available if you want
TO DO IN YOUR RETIREMENT? Sunset                  sale, open floor plans, newly remodeled, six     CHAIR, $300 OBO, above average condi-                a family section. 360-494-4118
View Garden Club meets the third Thursday         minutes to Renton Boeing, Harley riders get      tion. 253-863-7299.
of each month at the Golden Pine Apart-
ments, 2901 10th NE, Renton, WA. Every-
                                                  reduced rent, $950/month or $219 owner
                                                  contract. 425-679-1839                           KENMORE 3-DRAWER STORAGE CEN-                           RECREATIONAL
one is welcome. Contact 425-255-8195 or                                                            TER, $100 OBO. 253-863-7299                             MEMBERSHIP
425-255-0859 for more information                   FURNITURE AND                                  HIS & HERS SCHWIN MOUTNTAIN                          MEMBERSHIP WITH WORLDMARK, for
PHOTOGRAPHER. VERY affordable digi-                 APPLIANCES                                     BIKES, above average cond. 253-863-7299              less than _ of retail, go anywhere, anytime,
tal wedding photography. Save money. Also                                                                                                               approximately 3 weeks of red season annu-
available for family portraits, senior pictures   ANTIQUE TRUNK/COFFEE TABLE,                      SAXAPHONE – TENOR – SELMER,                          ally, $15,000. 253-221-1499
and special events. Call about Christmas          carved elephants on four legs, copper bind-      $1950. 425-255-1184
events now. 206-240-9773                          ings riveted, $110. 206-937-8731
                                                                                                   GREENWOOD MEMORIAL PARK
                                                                                                                                                           REC VEHICLES
GOLD’S GYM, RENTON, 10728 NE Carr                 ANTIQUE ARMOIRE, metal, four-way                 CEMETARY, lot 503, block 39, space 4,                31 FT ALEGRO MOTERHOME & ’98
Rd. Take advantage of Special Boeing Em-          mirror, wash basin, a steal at $110. 206-937-    section Azalea, $7500 firm, selling now for          CHEVY 5 SPEED PICKUP, both run great,
ployee Rate - simply present your Boeing          8731                                             $7997. 206-767-3228                                  1988 motorhome comes with tow package and
badge for discount! Family Owned & Oper-                                                                                                                pickup comes with canopy, $10K for all, con-
                                                  TWO GLASS END TABLES & COFFEE                    RETIREES FROM SHOP 2-2165, KENT                      sider selling motorhome without tow package
ated by Boeing Employee Michael Cavaiani,
                                                  TABLE, new exercise bicycle, $50. 360-           Space Center, Bldg 18-62, meet for breakfast         and truck. Call Robert at 253-846-1736
a strong Union brother! One time processing
                                                  387-6904                                         monthly. Please join us. For details contact
fee of $49, single monthly membership dues                                                                                                              1991 KOMFORT 5TH WHEEL TRAILER,
of $29, family add-ons $20. Personal Train-
ing rates available at $49 per session (reg          HELP WANTED                                   ALBUMS: 13 Readers Digest albums,
                                                                                                                                                        26 foot, in good cond, sleeps 4-, $5,000. 206-
$60). 425-793-5457                                KITCHEN HELP FOR THE DISTRICT 751                Beethoven and popular music etc, 12 Ger-
                                                  RETIREE CLUB, help is needed in the
                                                  kitchen for Retiree Business Meetings that
                                                                                                   man records, 40 VHS recorded movie tapes,               SPORTING GOODS
                                                                                                   $1.00 tapes and each record. 253-852-6809
backflow testing and repair needs. $5 dis-        take place every second Monday of the month                                                           WEATHERBY VANGUARD 30/06 stain-
count for members. $10 discount for seniors       at 11AM. Additional help can be used each        CHRISTMAS WRAP and ribbon, $10.00                    less synthetic Leopold VX-1, 3_ boxes pre-
and veterans. Licensed, bonded, insured - a       Monday at the weekly meetings. A small           all. 253-852-6809                                    mium ammo, like new, $350, cash and ID
service disabled, veteran-owned small busi-       stipend is offered. If interested, please call                                                        required. 360-652-7962
ness. Call 253-217-7751 or e-mail                 206-764-0340                                     2 CHRISTMAS SNOW DOMES, six inch
laketappsbackflow@comcast.net                                                                      musical, 2 porcelain lighted houses, Santa’s         PACKBOARD WITH ROPES and straps,
                                                  IN HOME CAREGIVER needed for retired             and ski shop, Dickens Collection 1 – Xmas            military type, $30. 253-941-5987
STUDIO IV SALON & DAY SPA offers a                Boeing IAM worker, lives in Burien, 3 hours      porcelain carolers, $8.00 each. 253-852-6809
wide range of services and highly trained         twice per week or more. 206-242-2635
staff. $5 off any service for Aerospace Ma-
chinists members. Located in Auburn at 119
East Main St. Walk-ins welcome or call 253-            Circle One:    ANIMALS       ELECTRONICS & ENTERTAINMENT                                  PROPERTY
333-8617 for an appointment.                                          BOATS         FURNITURE & APPLIANCES                                       RECREATIONAL MEMBERSHIP
                                                                      TOOLS         RECREATIONAL VEHICLES                                        SPORTING GOODS
TATTOO SPECIALS of the month, all                                     HOUSING       MISCELLANEOUS                                                VEHICLES
Boeing employees and families 25% off,                                AUTO PARTS & ACCESSORIES                                                   COTTAGE INDUSTRIES
Underground Tattoos. 253-590-3892
                                                    Ad (25 word limit. Please
  ELECTRONICS &                                     print)._____________________________________________________________________________________
  ENTERTAINMENT                                     ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
WURLITZER ORGAN 435, funmaker spe-
cial, Mediterranean pecan, work books and           ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
music, $110. 206-937-8731
COMPUTER SET, older, has Windows ’98,
10GB, 192MB Ram, no internal modem, but             Phone (or Address)
has Ethernet connection port, comes with moni-      ______________________________________________________________________________________________
tor, tower, keyboard, mouse, and speakers, all
in excellent working cond, $75. 425-432-6134        The following information must be filled in for your ad to appear:

   HOUSING                                          Name __________________________________________________________ Clock Number _________________________________

HOME FOR SALE, 3BD/2BA, living, din-                Address _______________________________________________________ Shop Number __________________________________
ing room, 2 car covered carport, storage
shed, 2 years old, $78,000 cash. Call Ron            Mail Coupon to AERO MECHANIC NEWSPAPER, 9125 15th Pl. S., Seattle, 98108 Deadline is Jan. 12th!
                                                                                                   Dec 2009/Jan 2010                         751 AERO MECHANIC                    Page 11

                                                  2010 IAM Scholarship Competition
used 5 hours, cost $600 sell for $250, N.             The IAM Scholarship Competition is
Arlington. 425-422-4908                           open each year to members of the IAM                   Request For an Application Form - 2010 Scholarship Form
  VEHICLES                                        and their children
                                                  throughout the
                                                                                                       Please send me an Application Packet for the 2010 IAM Scholarship
1979 LINCOLN MARK 5, running condi-                                                                  Competition. I understand that this request is not an application and that the
                                                  United States and                                  completed Application Packet must be postmarked no later than Feb. 26, 2010.
tion, no-dents, classic, call for more informa-
tion. 425-988-3500                                Canada.                                              REMINDER: Please check the appropriate box below and the requested
                                                      Scholarships                                   application will be mailed to you. As an IAM member who will have 2 years'
1966 CHEVY CAPRICE, very rare muscle              for a bachelor’s                                   continuous membership in the IAM as of Feb. 26, 2010, I am requesting an
car, 396 big block Muncie m21 close ratio 4       degree or a two-                                   Application Form for:
speed 12 bolt posi-traction 3:73 ratio original                                                             Child of Member requesting a College Scholarship
butternut yellow paint, beautiful black bench
                                                  year vocational/technical certification are
seat interior, four wheel disc brakes with two    determined in a competition among eli-
inch prop spindles, and drilled and slotted       gible applicants that is judged by an                      Child of Member requesting a Vocational/Technical Scholarship
rotors all around, much more. 509-731-0267        independent selection committee.
                                                                                                             IAM Member requesting a College or Vocational/Technical Scholarship
                                                      Awards to members are $2,000 per
2006 NISSAN 350-Z, with only 6,000 miles,                                                           Print your name and address clearly:
looks and smells like new, extended war-          academic year. They are granted for a
ranty ends in 2014 or 100,000 miles, $25,000.     specific period from one to four years
425-760-6354.                                     leading to a bachelor’s degree or a two-
                                                  year vocationa/technical certification.
129,500 miles, excellent condition, $2200             Awards to Children of Members
OBO. 360-893-6438                                 are:
                                                                                                       IMPORTANT: Complete this coupon             Mail to: IAM Scholarship Program
                                                      College – $1,000 per academic year.
1971 CHEVROLET C-10 LT-1, all new parts                                                                AND attach a SELF-ADDRESSED                          9000 Machinists Place, Room 117
                                                  All awards are renewable each year, un-              LABEL for reply.                                     Upper Marlboro, MD 20772-2687
front to rear, exceptional value, over 15,000
in parts last three years, must see, propane
                                                  til a bachelor’s degree is obtained or for
powered, $6500 OBO. 206-246-5184                  a maximum of four years, whichever
                                                  occurs first.                                 der contract with the IAM,                    on a full-time basis, maintaining qualifying
  FREE                                                Vocational/Technical School –                • may apply, whether entering col-         grades,
1 LEG BLACKSMITH VISE, free, you haul.            $2,000 per year until certification is        lege or vocational/technical school as a          • will be eligible if the parent died after the
425-255-1804.                                     reched for a maximum of two years,            freshman or at a higher level with some       son or daughter entered high school, if the
                                                  whichever occurs first.                       college credits already completed,            parent had two years of "continuous good-
FREE POOL TABLE, full size, very good                 Eligibility for Competition                  • may apply as a full-time or part-        standing membership" at the time of death,
cond, balls and sticks, don’t use anymore, want
garage to park car, you move. 253-939-0102            Any Applicant Must Be Either--            time student,                                     • A "continuous good-standing member-
                                                      • an IAM member, or                          • if not a winner, may apply again         ship" is understood to be a period of member-
FREE ELECTRIC STOVE, slide-in, color:                 • the son, daughter, stepchild or le-     the following year.                           ship during which the member continuously
almond. 253-588-6266                              gally adopted child of an IAM member.            Child of a Member Applicant--              has paid monthly dues uninterrupted by with-
  WANTED                                              A Member Applicant--
                                                      • must have two years of continuous
                                                                                                   • must have one living parent with
                                                                                                two years of continuous good-stand-
                                                                                                                                              drawal cards,
                                                                                                                                                    • the IAM member must maintain con-
UNUSED SWING SET, 253-875-7944.                   good-standing membership up to and            ing membership up to and including            tinuous good-standing membership through-
WANTED: Free cats for retired member. If          including the closing date of the compe-      the closing date of February 26, 2010,        out the life of the award.
you have any cats you would like to give away,    tition which is February 26, 2010,               • must be planning to graduate dur-            For complete 2010 Scholarship Competi-
please give me a call on 425-251-8168. I love         • the IAM member must maintain            ing the winter or by the end of the spring    tion Guidelines, visit www.goiam.org/
cats. I have a large garage, which cats have      continuous good-standing membership           2010 school year (i.e., normally a high       iamscholarship. NOTE: Completed Applica-
access in and out of, as well as a large wooded   throughout the life of the award,                                                           tion Packets must be postmarked no later
                                                                                                school senior or completing the last
area and outbuildings. Perfect home for cats.
                                                      • must be working in a company un-        year of college preparatory work),            than February 26, 2010. No exceptions what-
                                                                                                   • must plan to take a regular col-         soever will be permitted even if a third party
                                                                                                lege or vocational/technical program          is responsible for the delay.
Notice of Nomination & Election
for District Vice President                                        New Officers Accept the Oath of Office
   To the fill the vacancy for the unexpired term of
District Vice President, the Union will hold nomina-
tions for the position at the Jan. 26, 2010 District
Council meeting to be held at the Seattle Union Hall,
9125 15th Pl S, Seattle, convening at 5:30 p.m.
   To be eligible for nomination, members must be a
seated District Council delegate as well as meeting all
the “Qualifications of Candidates” listed in the District
By-laws and the IAM Constitution.
Election Day
   If more than one person is nominated for the position
of District Vice President on Jan. 26, an election will be
held on Tuesday, Feb. 23 from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the
following Union offices:                                                                                                                                             Above: Business Rep
                                                                    Above: Dist. President Tom
   Auburn: 201 A Street SW Everett: 8729 Airport Rd.                Wroblewski (r) administers the                                                                   Ray Baumgardner (l)
   Renton: 233 Burnett N.       Seattle: 9135 15th Pl S             oath of office to Local A Council                                                                administers the oath
   Spokane: 4226 E Mission St.                                      Delegate Jason Redrup.                                                                           of office to Local A
Absentee Ballots                                                                                                                                                     Recording Secretary
    Absentee Ballots will be furnished upon written request                                                                                                          Rich McCabe.
to the District Secretary-Treasurer. Such requests for ab-
sentee ballots must be received no later than 30 days
before the election. Members must qualify under the                Photo Right: Local 1951 Council
provisions of the IAM Constitution as follows:                     Alternate Chris Siegfried repeats the
    1. Reside in an outlying area more than 25 miles from          oath of office from Dist. Pres.
the designated polling place.                                      Wroblewski.
    2. Be confined because of verified illness.
    3. Be on vacation.
    4. Be on official IAM business approved by the
Local, District or Grand Lodge.
    5. Be on an approved employer travel assignment or
reserve military leave
    6. Be on an approved Family Medical Leave of
    For Locals A, C, E & F: direct absentee ballot requests
to: District Secretary-Treasurer, 9125 15th Pl. S., Seattle,
WA 98108 - either delivered in person or by mail.
    For Local 86, 1123 and 1951: Mail or personally
deliver absentee ballot requests to: IAM & AW Ballot
Request, 4226 E. Mission, Spokane, WA 99202. Office
hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and closed for lunch
from 1 to 2 p.m.                                                                                                                  District President Tom Wroblewski (r)
                                                                  Business Rep Ray Baumgardner (l) administers the                administers the oath of office to Local A Council
                                                                  oath of office to Local A President Jason Redrup.               Alternate Mark Clark.
Page 12           751 AERO MECHANIC                 Dec 2009/Jan 2010

                                                      EASTERN WASHINGTON
Monarch Machine Goes That Extra Mile for Members
    Since 1947, Machinists Union mem-          manifold systems, and perform Hanford
bers have proudly worked for Monarch           prototype work. Monarch also offers up
Machine & Tool Company in Pasco,               to 50 tons of field crane services to assist
WA. The skilled craftsmen at this full-        with installations and repairs.
service fabrication facility tackle a wide         Beyond just the skills and expertise of
assortment of work and deliver quality         our members, there are many other fea-
and expertise that has built them a repu-      tures about this Union shop that moti-
tation as one of the best. In 2004, they       vates members to stay there for many
were named “Manufacturer of the Year”          years. At this company, loyalty is a two-
after being nominated by Fluor Hanford.        way street. Many of the members have
    Because they do not machine produc-        worked there for over 20 years – making
tion parts, they work on a wide range of       them part of the “family.” The Machin-
products and a lot of one-of-a-kind pro-       ists Union has built a strong working
cesses. One project may entail fabricat-       relationship with Monarch.
ing and leak testing boxes and lids to             When work was slow earlier this year
contain low level radiological waste for       due to the trying economic times, the
vitrification, another could be machin-        owners (Doug Winters and Dennis
ing spare parts for a sludge retrieval         Shepard) had employees perform repairs
                                                                                              Administrative Assistant Jim Bearden (standing far r) meets with members
system, and the next may be fabricating        on some of their rental properties.
                                                                                              at Monarch Machine in Pasco. This quality employer consistently provides
a bulkhead screen structure for irrigation         “It is unusual to find a small business    top pay and benefits and treats workers with respect, which results in loyal
water in the Columbia River. Members           that will work to keep people employed.        employees who continually deliver a top-quality product.
there perform complex structural metal         Basically, this whole year has been slow for
fabrication, manufacture industrial ma-        our company,” stated member Dan                hurt on the job. Monarch paid me for one        with us to accommodate us.”
chinery, fabricate and install irrigation      McVicker, who has worked at Monarch            year and encouraged me to retrain even if           He added, “It is a very family-oriented
                                               Machine for over 32 years in the welding       I didn’t come back to work for them. When       company. The bosses are more like your
                                               shop. “Instead of laying people off, they      they created a new position, they said try      dad. They always want us to better our-
                                               found other things to keep us employed – it    this out because we will work with you. I       selves at work and provide encourage-
                                               wasn’t welding work, but it kept us busy.”     still weld on area jobs to keep my hand in      ment. They provide a Christmas bonus for
                                                   “We have good pay and benefits, and        shop work, but now I have learned the           our families and hand out hats and shirts.
                                               we have a good working atmosphere.             business end, as well. I purchase material,     That is why people stay so long – a Union
                                               The work is different all the time since       work with customers, get jobs lined up and      machine shop with good pay and benefits
                                               we don’t make production parts – mak-          have a more well-rounded position, which        and a great atmosphere.”
                                               ing it more interesting and challenging,”      I really enjoy. I’m also the safety focal for       The goodwill at this company is noth-
                                               Dan added.                                     the company.”                                   ing new. IAM 751 Administrative As-
                                                   Member Mike Saari has worked at                Mike also volunteered to be the Union       sistant Jim Bearden recalled working at
                                               Monarch since 2001. After he was in-           Steward a few months ago. “I became             Monarch Machine in 1979 and recogniz-
                                               jured on the job, the company created a        Steward because I like working with the         ing it was a good employer then that
                                               project manager type position in the front     guys and wanted to make sure they were          treated its employees fair. The statement
Monarch created a project manager              office.                                        taken care of,” stated Mike. “If there is a     still holds true today.
position for Mike Saari after he was               “This company was great when I got         problem, I can help fix it. The bosses work
injured on the job a few years ago.

Union Delivers Bright Spot After
Columbia Lighting Closes
    Machinists Union members in Spo-         issued the severance pay but failed to
kane who worked for Columbia Light-          provide the three months of COBRA
ing continued to benefit from Union          agreed to in the letter of understanding.
membership even after the company                Rather than simply accepting that the
closed its Spokane plant to move opera-      company had closed and left the country,
tions to Mexico. Thanks to persistence       the Machinists Union continued to pursue
                                                                                              Dr. Triay (far left) addresses students at the HAMMER Training Center at
from the Union, members there received       the issue for our members and filed a
                                                                                              Hanford. IAM Local 1951 President Ken Howard (standing 2nd from left)
checks                                                                          griev-        regularly instructs classes at the facility. All new hires under ARRA funding
totaling                                                                        ance.         are required to go through the intensive safety training.
$2,400 as                                                                           Ma-
part of a
a n c e
                                                                                m e m -
                                                                                              Stimulus Dollars Boost
                                                                                b e r s
ment in
                                                                                w e r e
                                                                                              Hanford Employment
ber.                                                                            to re-
                                                                                                  Federal stimulus dollars are pouring            As the work force at Hanford has ex-
    F o r       L to R: Business Rep Steve Warren, Bert Vandenhazel ceive a                   into the Hanford clean-up, creating thou-       panded, so has the need for specialized
decades,        and his wife, Karl Bash and his son, and Robert                 griev-
                                                                                a n c e       sands of jobs for the Tri-Cities.               training to equip the new workers with the
Colum-          Croyle. Warren presented the members from
                Columbia Lighting with settlement checks after the              settle-           As part of the American Recovery and        necessary knowledge and skills to perform
bia Light-
                company closed its doors and failed to pay the                  m e n t       Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, $6             their work in a safe and effective manner.
ing was a
                COBRA provided in the letter of understanding.                  amount-       billion in new funding was provided to the      This translated into additional training
                                                                                ing to        Department of Energy to accelerate envi-        courses at the highly acclaimed Volpentest
                                             $2,400 (approximately $300 per person).          ronmental cleanup work and create or save       HAMMER Training and Education Cen-
tion manufacturing industrial lighting
                                             While it did not cover the entire COBRA          thousands of jobs in 12 states. The DOE         ter. A primary reason for HAMMER’s
equipment. The Machinists Union had 15
                                             payment, it did help in their transition to      allocated nearly $2 billion of that funding     success has been Worker Trainers – bar-
members when the company was boom-
                                             a new job. Members in the other two              specifically to the Hanford site.               gaining unit employees who are experts in
ing. Because our members performed fa-
                                             unions received no settlement.                       The stimulus allocation has roughly         their fields and share their knowledge while
cilities/maintenance work, they were the
                                                 Karl Bash, who was the Steward for the       doubled the $2 billion annual budget for        instructing their co-workers. Worker Train-
last ones out the door as the company
                                             group noted, “We were very happy to re-          cleaning up Hanford, which still con-           ers also serve as mentors for their peers as
closed in March. The IBEW and Team-
                                             ceive a settlement especially since mem-         tains great amounts of nuclear waste            they work side-by-side in the workplace.
sters also represented members at the facil-
                                             bers of the Teamsters and IBEW did not get       from the Cold War, when it was one of           The Machinists Union has several mem-
                                             anything. We were not expecting a check          the nation’s prime suppliers of atomic          bers who serve as Worker Trainers at the
    When the plant closure was an-
                                             and appreciated the Machinists Union fol-        material for nuclear warheads. So far,          Center – helping to prepare new workers to
nounced, the Machinists Union signed a
                                             lowed through with the grievance. We an-         about $224 million of the stimulus dol-         safely work on the nuclear reservation.
contract extension to get through the
                                             ticipated the company wouldn’t do any-           lars have been spent. It’s intended to last         IAM Local 1951 President Ken
shut down and negotiated a Letter of
                                             thing since they had already left the region.    for about two years, and estimates are          Howard, who serves as a HAMMER
Understanding providing a severance
                                             The settlement was a pleasant surprise.”         that the stimulus will result in upwards of     Worker Trainer, noted, “Hanford is one
package for the members. The company
                                                                                              4,000 new or saved jobs at Hanford.                                  Continued on page 4

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