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									 CARDINAL & GOLD

Volume 4 No. 2                                                                                                         October 1998

             IAMAO 1998-1999 Officers Inducted
 By Ernie Lara

     On June 6, 1998, the officers of the
 new Executive Board of the International
 Association of Mapua Alumni - Ontario
 (IAMAO), led by incoming president
 Gerry Rulloda were formally inducted
 during the associations spring dance.
      The occasion was held at the
 Meadowvale Community Center in
 Mississauga.      Edgar Frondozo, the
 outgoing President, welcomed the
 members and their guests. The guest
 speaker, Colin Moore Professional           Members of the new Executive Board, left to right, back row: Ed Solomon, Bobbit Gregorio,
 Engineers of Ontario, Mississauga           Roger Marcos, Ed Frondozo, Ernie Lara, Jorge Sabbun, Mon Cifra. Front row: Josie Cuisia,
 Chapter, Executive Board member sworn       Flori Sosa, Gerry Rulloda, Eula Rulloda and Arlene Martin. Not in the picture are Lily
                                             Carlos, Flor Marasigan, Rene Bunag, Chito Cabatic, Sixto Peralta, Johnny Cabildo and
 in the officers. Gerry in his speech,
                                             Pasky Oliveria.
 encouraged every alumni to work
 together in order for the association to    committee members declined the               the music provided by Florence Sounds.
 succeed and attain its goal.                award. Also during the Spring Dance,         Nitz Siyangbigay-Sladek and Claire
     Over two hundred guests attended the    awards for the Family Twosome                Valencia-Mayhay was joined by Luz
 occasion, hosted by Bobbit Gregorio and     Bowling Tournament were given.               Tay-Gaitano of California to drive all the
 Pasky Oliveria. After the invocation, led        Everybody enjoyed the night.            way from Chicago to be with us for this
 by Jorge Sabbun, everybody was ready to     There was plenty of time for everybody       special event. Guests were asking, when
 party. Gretl Fontanilla, Crystal Martinez   to renew acquaintances, meet old             do we do this again!
 and Christine Gonzaga performed             friends and me new friends, reminisce
 musical numbers to the delight of the       the good old Mapua days and most of
 guests. The venue was wonderfully           all, shake and boogie the night away to
 dressed-up by Eula Rulloda and Josie
 Cuisia. There was plenty of food and          1998-1999 IAMAO Executive Board
 dessert and Ed Solomon made sure that       President                   Gerry Rulloda     IAMAO Wins at
 everybody had drinks, plenty of them,       VP Program/Planning         Flory Sosa
 legitimately.     Roger Marcos made         VP Career Development Ramon Cifra             Casino Rama
 available plenty of loose change for the    VP Membership               Eula Rulloda
                                             Treasurer                   Roger Marcos         IAMAO won big at Casino Rama last
 cash bar manned by Ernie and Lylah
                                             Secretary                   Lily Carlos      October 4, 1998. IAMAO earned over $400
 Lara.                                                                                    but not from slot machines, card tables or
     Eula, Arlene Martin and Flor            Auditor                     Flor Marasigan
                                             PRO                         George Sabbun    roulette. IAMAO earned the money by
 Marasigan greeted our guests and made                                                    organizing the one day excursion consisting
                                             Sector Coordinators:
 sure that members, old and new, paid             Rene Bunag        Chito Cabatic         of a visit to Casino Rama and a 2-1/2 hour
 their dues, I mean, are properly                 Ernie Lara        Sixto Peralta         boat cruise on the scenic Georgian Bay.
 registered. Eula and Flori Sosa worked           Arlene Martin
 overtime to have the souvenir program       Directors:                                         The whole day affair included free bus
 printed in time for the special occasion.        Johnny Cabildo                          transportation back and forth from Square One
                                                  Pasky Oliveria                          in Missisauga and buffet lunch at Casino
     Joe Garcia, class of ‘63 won the
                                                  Ed Solomon                              Rama. Seventy six people came.
 award for the most senior alumni in                                                           The idea of having a Casino Rama
 attendance and .... class of ‘93 was the         Bobitt Gregorio (Pres. 1994-1995)
                                                  Edgar Frondozo (Pres. 1995-1997)        excursion came about during the IAMA
 youngest alumni. Joe Garcia would have
 not won except that some officers and                                                                             (Continued on page 7)
October, 1998                                             Cardinal & Gold                                     Volume 4 No. 6 Page 2

          Let’s Hear It From IAMAO’s Youngblood !
                                                                                                     Further to this direct involvement in
                                  by: Monching Cifra                                             IAMAO, the group is also looking for ways
                                                                                                 to lend some assistance to fellow alumni.
                                                                                                 Putting in mind some basic issues like
                                                                                                 career directives, present local job
                                                                                                 conditions, career orientation, and
                                                                                                 eventually lead them to gain a stable
                                                                                                 foothold in their targeted industries.
                                                                                                     In addition, the group just started on a
                                                                                                 communal summer fun stir - In-Line
                                                                                                     If you’re interested, please don’t
                                                                                                 hesitate to reach us. As for the Web site
                                                                                                 development, we will be pleased to hear
                                                                                                 your comments and suggestions.
                                                                                                    Please feel free to contact us for
                                                                                                 questions & inquiries.

     After the Spring Dance of ’98, a few of       Obet Ang Co, M E             ’        8   5
 the newly found members initiated small-          (
 scale meetings held in Downtown, Toronto.         Roel Tumamao, E C E                  ’ 8 8
 This diverse group of career-oriented             (
 individuals envisages IAMAO to become             Lewis Lacerona, E C E                ’ 9 2
 an organization that will promote a               (                   Golf Tournament Winners
 progressive group of engineering                  Leilani Villar E C E             ’    9   2        August 15, 1998 (Best Ball)
 professionals – Mapuans attuned to and            (                              Centential Golf Course
 dynamically involved in these hi-tech times.      Ramon Cifra, E C E               ’    8   3
     The first of a series of informal             (                         1st Prize       Tom Brozo
 meetings was held on June 18, 1998 at the                                                                        Fred Delos Reyes
 Seafood House in the Business District of           This meeting was followed by a series                        Joe Garcia
 Downtown Toronto launched it and was            of pre-arranged gatherings, and led to some                      Fred Halili
 attended by:                                    discussions for possible campaign scenarios
                                                 to contribute in the growing IAMAO               2nd Prize       Dennis Lara
   Bennett Sy, C O E              ’ 9 0          programme.                                                       Marvin Lara
   (                             As part of the combined effort of the                        Ryan Borgona
   Amy Guiang, C O E              ’ 8 7          group and for its pilot project, it was a                        Bruce Parnes
   (                          common decision to assist in the upgrading
   Ana Maranan, E C E              ’ 9 0         process of the current IAMAO Web site.           3rd Prize       Gilbert Marquez
   (                          The initial objective in mind is to make                     Jason Marquez
   Dodge Pelagio, C O E            ’ 8 9         the Web site a major component in looping                        Ron Atcheson
   (                          communications among the MIT Alumni                              Edgar Frondozo
   Fernando Ong, ECE                   ’83       across North America, with not-so-distant
   (                      hopes, too, of eventually establishing           4th Prize       Ester Marcos
   John Rey, COE ’90 (         formal electronic ties with our Alma Mater                       Roger Marcos
   Lynette Almeida, E C E          ’ 9 0         and other existing MIT Alumni chapters                           Bobitt Gregorio
   (           abroad.                                                          Pete Quinsay

                                                                                                  Closest to the Pin
                                                                                                  3rd Hole      Bruce Parnes
                International Association of Mapua Alumni                                         12th Hole     Fred Halili
                                 cordially invites you to the
                                                                                                  Longest Drive       Ryan Borgona
                       CHRISTMAS DINNER and DANCE
                             Saturday, November 21, 1998                                          Most Honest     Florie Sosa
                                  6:30p.m. - 1:00 a.m.
                             Meadowvale Community Centre                                          Best Dressed Ester Marcos
                                  6655 Glen Eri Drive
October, 1998                                          Cardinal & Gold                                Volume 4 No. 2 Page 3

                                              coverage and sheer volume of Web
 Tech Bits                                    users to establish a global market
                                              presence at a very low cost.
                                                                                            Inter School
 by Arlene Martin                                                                           Bowling
                                              3. COST SAVINGS                               Tournament
     Businesses are beginning to use                                                           IAMAO is sending a contigency to
 information technology on the Internet                                                     the Philippine Inter School Bowling
 to exploit the advantage of doing                                                          Tournament to be held on November
 business electronically. The benefits are                                                  21, 1998 at the Paradise Bowling in
 easy to identify:                                                                          Scarborough. The initial members of
                                                                                            IAMAO’s bowling team include:
    POTENTIAL CUSTOMER BASE                                                                    Johnny Cabildo
                                                                                               Pons Gazmen
    Retailers that embrace the Web                                                             Ben Faundo
 enjoy the potential of selling to an ever                                                     Albert Calaguas
 growing community of well-informed               Electronic commerce makes it                 Dan De Juan
 shoppers. Geographical boundaries            possible for merchants to drastically            Josie Cuisia
 become all but irrelevant, and operating     reduce the costs associated with holding         Pasky Oliveria
 hours are limited only by the software       large physical inventories. Some                 Myrna Oliveria
 and hardware behind the                      businesses on the Internet today hold no         Roger Marcos
 Web site.                                    inventory but instead offer a range of           Esther Marcos
                                              products from several manufacturers
 2. INCREASED REVENUE                         and link their order-entry systems with       Additional players are needed. If you
                                              the manufacturers' systems for order          are interested to join, please call Gerry
     The web opens up a huge new sales        fulfillment.                                  Rulloda at (905) 452-7412
 and distribution channel. Merchants can
 leverage the tremendous geographical         4. FASTER TIME TO MARKET
                                                                    (Continued on page 7)

 News from P.E.O.                            whereas enforcement is an action
 by Josie Cuisia                             against non-members for violation of the         Schedule of Activities
                                             Professional Engineers Act, e.g.
                                                                                              November -
                                             practicing without a license or using the
 ACDE Task Force                             title professional engineer.                         Inter University Bowling
                                                   The ACDE is now soliciting written             Christmas Party
     A new PEO Task Force -                  comments from members and other
 (Admissions, Complaints, Discipline         interested parties on matters pertaining         December -
 and Enforcement) was formed with a          to admissions, complaints, discipline
 mandate to review PEO’s existing            and enforcement procedures.                          “Giving Back to the community”
 admissions, complaints, discipline and
 enforcement procedures, policies and                                                         January 99
                                             Comments can be directed to:
     ACDE will consider and make                                                                  Tax Planning
                                                 ACDE Task Force
 relevant recommendations to the                 Professional Engineers of Ontario            February 99
 Council in order to better regulate the         Suite 100, 25 Sheppard Ave. E.
 practice of professional engineering. A         Toronto, Ontario                                 General Meeting
 respected Jurist will be contracted to          M2N 6S9                                          Winter Bowling
 help guide deliberations of the task
 force. The task force is divided into           Fax: (416) 224-8168
 three task groups - Admissions,                 Internet: WWW.PEO.ON.CA
 Complaints and Discipline,
     Discipline is an action taken
 against a member by the Association,
October, 1998                                                Cardinal & Gold                           Volume 4 No. 6 Page 4

 Gerrry and Eula Rulloda with President’s Ball Coordinator              Edgar and Andrea Frondozo with Josie Cuisia
 Evelyn Laraya

                                                                                     Philippine Independence
                                                                                          President’s Ball
                                                                                        February 28, 1998
                                                                                        Royal York Hotel

 Roger and Ester Marcos and Bobbit and Lyra Gregorio

 IAMAO members with Philippine Consul General Francisco Santos at the Lakefront Promenade Park during the joint IAMAO
 and Torres High School Alumni Association picnic, June 20, 1998.
October, 1998                                         Cardinal & Gold                         Volume 4 No. 2 Page 5

 Josie Cuisia and Gerry Rulloda with PEO Executive Board Members   IAMAO Young Ones Laughing it up.
 Colin Moore and Phil Maka.

                                                  Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance

                                       Proudly posing with the IAMAO banner.
October, 1998                                        Cardinal & Gold                               Volume 4 No. 6 Page 6

 Simple Investment                           spending it. It is wise to spend at least   companies cannot offer creditor
                                             30 minutes a year to understand our         protection. As a result, any assets held
 Strategies                                  investments for the future.                 within mutual funds may be collected
 by Florie Sosa                                  Investing in retirement accounts        by creditors.
                                             will help you plan for tomorrow. It is a    Seg funds offer the opportunity for
     We all want instant gratification,      smart financial strategy because            creditor protection when the named
 right? Save money for the future?           tomorrow will be here before you know       beneficiary falls into the “preferred”
                     Boring !                it.                                         class.
                         Credit     card
                     companies know this
                     human weakness and
                                             The Segregated Fund                         Capital Guarantees.
                                                                                            Mutual companies do not offer
                     have cured this         Advantage                                   capital guarantees on mutual funds.
                     boredom by enticing                                                 Most seg funds offer a guaranteed
                     us to c h a r g e           Segregated funds and mutual funds       value at contract maturity equal to 75
                     now and pay later.      are the same in that they are both          per cent of deposits, less withdrawals,
                     Unfortunately this      managed investment funds. They are          with a minimum holding period of 10
                     bad habit dissuades     different because seg funds are not         years for registered policies and 15
 us from socking away any money for          subject to the securities legislations      years for non registered policies. Death
 the future because we’re trying to          governing mutual funds. Instead, seg        benefit guarantees of 100 per cent of
 climb out of debt today.                    funds are subject to insurance              ent deposits are also available on seg
     Turn your thoughts of instant           legislation and therefore offers the        funds.
 gratification upside down by knowing        following advantages:
 that money inside retirement account                                                    Simplified Tax Reporting.
 such as RRSP, grows and compounds           Estate Bypass.                                  Investors need not keep track of
 without getting hit by taxes. The only         Each province has its own schedule       their ACB (Adjusted Cost Base) in
 time you pay taxes is when you take         of probate fees - administrative court      most seg funds unlike in mutual funds.
 the money out, which is when you’re                                                     The total amount of income that must
 typically in a lower income tax bracket                                                 be reported for income tax purposes,
 anyway.                                                                                 including interest, dividends, capital
     The benefits? Depending on your                                                     gains, etc. are reported in one T3 slip.
 input your plan could provide for your
 own needs or even still your children’s                                                 Other Advantages:
 needs.     Remember that our group                                                      1. No Trustee Fees. Some mutual
 health plan and all the perks we have in                                                fund companies charge trustee fees on
 the company will be gone at retirement.                                                 RRSPs, usually flat annual fees
 Yet the bills and expenses of daily                                                     charged directly to clients. Most seg
 living will not and could even costs                                                    funds do not charge trustee fees.
 more since medical bills also increase                                                  2. No Transfer Fees. Some mutual
 as we age.                                                                              fund companies charge transfer fees for
     The first strategy is to pay yourself                                               moving money between funds. Most
 first before any other financial                                                        seg funds offer automatic fund to fund
 obligation, allocate a small portion to     fees applicable to certain estate assets.   transfer at no cost.
 an investment for yourself and your         Registered mutual plans provide for             With the growing number of well-
 financial future. (That includes life       beneficiary designations that may avoid     informed investors, seg funds are
 insurance and RRSP’s)                       probate fees, depending on provincial       becoming very popular that even stock
     Second is to invest in several          legislation. (There is no provision for     brokers take insurance licenses only to
 different investment products. This is a    the deignation of beneficiaries on non-     be able to give their clients the
 good way to reduce your risk and is         registered mutual funds).                   guarantees with growth and security of
 called diversifying your portfolio. Just        When a beneficiary is designated on     seg funds.
 make sure the investments coincide          a seg fund contract, the assets are paid
 with your objectives.                       directly to the beneficiary, bypassing
     Third is to stay informed about your    the estate and potential probate fees.
 investments. Set aside some time to
 understand your financial plans and put     Creditor Protection.
 them in order. Reviewing it once a             Creditor protection is the ability to
 year is a good idea. We spend 40 to 50      prevent creditors from collecting assets
 hours a week earning income and             from an individual who owes a debt or
 maybe 1 or 2 hours a week (shopping)        has filed for bankruptcy. Mutual fund
October, 1998                                         Cardinal & Gold                                   Volume 4 No. 2 Page 7

 IAMAO Wins                                   to IAMAO onslaught.                          Tech Bits
                                                   At 3:00pm with a heavy heart and
 (Continued from page 1)                                               even a heavier      (Continued from page 3)
 Golf Invitational Dinner/Award                                        stomach,     the
 ceremonies at Bobbit Gregorio’s house.                                group boarded           Internet commerce enables
 Lyra Gregorio suggested a group                                       the buses for       businesses to bring products to market
 outing to Casino Rama and everyone                                    Mid la nd,          much faster than with traditional
 agreed it was a good idea. The next                                   Ontario, where      physical techniques.
 day Josie Cuisia called for a                                         the boat cruise         Products, descriptions, and prices
 reservation.                                                          starts.     The     can be quickly added to a Web server
      The initial enthusiasm was tested                                ferry boat was      and, subsequently, be made available to
 at the beginning when it seemed that                                  not in yet when     the buying public.
 there would not be enough people to                                   they arrived at
 fill in the minimum 35 for one bus.          Midland, giving the still excited group      5. BETTER CUSTOMER
 But two weeks before the event, more         time to pose for some pictures.                 RELATIONSHIPS
 than 55 people have signed up. Now                When the ferry boat docked in,
 the problem was getting enough people        there was a scrambling for the open              Online commerce enables
 to fill in two busses, minimum of 70         upper deck to get a better view of the       merchants to form interactive, personal
 people. However, by the time the             passing scenery. But as the boat             relationships with customers.
 busses rolled out of Square One at           cruised on Georgian Bay, the cold wind
 8:15A.M., 76 people were aboard.             blew many of the excited passengers          6. FASTER CUSTOMER
      The first stop was at Casino Rama.      inside the comfort of the lower deck.           RESPONSE
 After a brief reconnaisance and                   Some macho type’s stayed too
 assessment, the group settled slowly to      long in the upper deck and eventually            With 24-hour access, customers
 their preferred games. Some went to                              got sick.                with questions are able to click directly
 the bacarat table, others to the roulette,                           The boat cruised     t o u p - to - t h e - mi n u t e , ce n t r a l l y
 a few opted for the blackjack but most                           along        many        maintained information. For example,
 went to the slot machines.                                       beautiful islands        financial institutions can offer fully
      The constant humming in the                                 part of the 10,000       secure Internet banking services to
                        casino floor gives                        islands scattered        allow customers to review their
                        one the feeling of                        t h r o u g h o u t      accounts, transfer funds, and schedule
                        b ein g    in     a                       Geo r gia n     B a y.   payments.
                        carnival. Sirens      Several historical sites can be seen as
                        were wailing and      well as summer cottages of the rich.         7. COMPELLING SHOPPING
                        lights      were      Some gazed in awe at the luxurious              EXPERIENCE AND
                        flashing on slot      summer cottages, dreaming to own one            INFORMATION
                        machines that hit     someday.
                        the     jackpot.           The bus ride back to Square One             The Web delivers text, images,
 Other machines jingle and jangle as          was quiet and sombre as each person          voice, and video organized on
 winning coins drop. T h e r e i s a          took stock of what was gained and            hyperlinked HTML pages. Graphical,
 hypnotic feeling that the next game, the     what was lost. And in the tired              intuitive Web interfaces; interesting
 next deal, the next roll will hit the        silence, there is a feeling of               multimedia presentations; and
 jackpot.                                     satisfaction. Tired and happy !              dynamically updated data can provide a
      But it took only half an hour for                                                    highly compelling shopping experience
 many and even less for some to resign                             Edgar R. Frondozo       for customers.
 to the fact that today is not their day;
 that they had their fun and that’s all                                                    8. SELF-SERVICE
 they were willing to pay. These were                                                      Internet can save time and money and
 the the lucky ones.                                                                       improve order accuracy by eliminating
      The lucky ones slowly proceeded                                                      the intermediaries in the business The
 to the free buffet lunch. Perhaps, intent                                                 chain between buyer and seller.
 on winning on the dinner table. And
 they did! Plates were heaped with roast
 beef, broiled chicken, spare ribs and
 topped with salad and dinner rolls.
 The dessert counter filled with cakes,
 pies, pudding and ice cream were
 equally challenging but was no match
October, 1998                                        Cardinal & Gold                                 Volume 4 No. 6 Page 8

 Thank you Susana...                                                                               Cardinal & Gold
 by Flori Sosa                               dinner dance parties. Although she is
                                                                                          Newsletter of the International
                                             not an alumna she has been a regular
                                                                                          Association of Mapua Alumni - Ontario
                         It was such a       fixture at every gathering, even more
                    sudden passing away      regular than some officers and fellow        Editor         Edgar R. Frondozo
                    of a modest lady         alumni. I am sure she would have been
                    with a joyful heart      at the last Spring Dance to witness our      Contributors Josie Cuisia
                    with no negative         invocation.                                               Bobbit Gregorio
                    attitude towards the         It was a shock to me to learn of her                  Ernie Lara
                    wo r ld    a nd   no     passing away. Indeed life is too short                    Pasky Oliveria
                    pretenses.               but I am sure she has enjoyed life to the                 Eula Rulloda
     I can still remember our first                                                                    Florinda Sosa
                                             fullest in such a short time for I know
 meeting at a store when I was buying        she knows how to enjoy life and savor        Send Contributions/Letters to : P h o n e :
 shoes for my kids. She greeted me           every minute of it without worries and           (905) 890-6448
 with a friendly smile and we started to     complaints.       Her simplicity is              Fax: (905) 712-1099
 talk and know each other. It was            absolutely not without surety.                   Email:
 through her that I learned about the            To you my friend, we say good bye  
 Mapua Alumni Association.                   and thank you for the sweetness of life          Snail Mail:
     In our short conversation and brief     you made us see. For your genuine                     435 Chieftan Circle
 introduction, we got to know each other     kindness and friendship, thank you.                   Mississauga, Ontario
 and her family. She introduced me to                                                              L4Z-3A8
 Lily Carlos, her sister. From then on, I    Susana Ong, died in a car accident on        Visit our web page at:
 have enjoyed her company at every           May 3, 1998 at the age of 39.           
 Mapua Alumni gathering, picnic and

                           International Association of Mapua Alumni - Ontario
                                      Membership Registration Form

    Name            _________________________________              Course & Year         _________
    Address         _________________________________              Phone No.             _________
    Sex             ____ Marital Status ______                     No. of Children       _________

    Spouse Name ____________________________

    Company Name ____________________________                      Phone No.             _________
    Position/Title ____________________________

    Signature          ____________________________            Date ____________

   Please complete and return this application form with $10.00 membership fee to any officer or mail it to:

                 International Association of Mapua Alumni - Ontario
                 435 Chieftan Circle
                 Mississauga, Ontario

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