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Recover any password for Microsoft Outlook in seconds

                                March 2011. A new version of the solution instantly
                                recovering lost passwords used in Microsoft Outlook -
                                Atomic OUTLOOK Password Recovery, 2.0. Such features
                                as searching of passwords set for pst files the size of which
                                exceeds 4 are improved in the new version.

                                 Microsoft Outlook uses two types of passwords: a password to open
the file of user messages personal folders and passwords set for e-mail profiles. Both types of
passwords can be saved in Outlook and the program will use them automatically during opening of
the pst file with the data and checking of mail boxes. It is convenient but not always safe…

The more Outlook is used in the automatic mode, the higher is the possibility to forget passwords
used in Microsoft Outlook. Absence of a password may result in loss all data saved in the pst file and
no access to mail boxes.

Atomic OUTLOOK Password Recovery utility, the second generation of which is available in the
Internet, was created to solve this problem.

The program operates in the automatic mode and provides users with instant recovery of passwords
saved in their Microsoft Outlook application. Atomic OUTLOOK Password Recovery successfully
recovers passwords set for both profiles and pst files saved on a user's PC.

The new version of the program guarantees stable operation with all versions of Microsoft Outlook
and supports pst files the size of which exceeds 4Gb.

The Proven, Affordable Solution
Accent OUTLOOK Password Recovery 2.0 runs on all Microsoft Windows operating systems from
Windows 95 to Windows 7. A home license costs just $40, and a corporate license costs $60.

About the Project
APASSCRACKER projects started in 2002. Its aim was creation of affordable Windows applications
that can solve the lost passwords problem. Nowadays about 20 software solutions searching
passwords set for well-known applications and files such as Microsoft Office, zip and rar archives, e-
mail clients, etc. are available within the framework of the project.

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