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					                                          Cinco Ranch Robotics Booster Club
                                                  General Meeting
                                                  December 1, 2009

Meeting Location and Time: Cinco Ranch High School LGI; 7:00pm-8:25pm

Booster Club Meeting participants in attendance: Gina Waters, Larry Gros, Mike Outlaw, Paul Sinclair, Steven
Henderson, Barbara Duet, Keith Duet, Kevin Bowlin, Kim Bowlin, Michele Herrmann, Holt Ardrey, Lana Henderson,
Terry Lambert, Saeed Pathan, Nu Rajan, Dean Baudoin, Laura Baudoin, Renee Grant, Roxane Roach, Michelle Vaughn,
Michelle Hand, John Bays, Paula Bays, Cathy Decker, Mike Decker, Robin May, Bruce May, David Edelson, Mike
Young, Russell Baumbeck, Bency Vogel, Steve Treese

Club Business and Discussion:

   FIRST LEGO® League (FLL):         Team 7477 is the Cinco Ranch Junior High FLL team that has been formed and
    mentored by FRC Team CRyptonite (624) member Grace Herrmann. Team 7477 made a public presentation of their
    work to FRC Team 624 for this year’s challenge: Transportation.

   Minutes from last general meeting:   Minutes from the August 27, 2009 General Meeting were reviewed by Gina
    Waters and approved by acclimation as presented.

   Revision to the Bylaws: A few minor adjustments to the bylaws were made by the Booster Club Executive Board and
    presented to the club members as outlined below:
        1. Club activities also include community and educational outreach, plus fundraising (e.g. mentoring the new
            FLL team, Science Day @ CRHS, etc.).
        2. Clarification was added for fundraising activities involving students
        3. Clarification was added for reimbursement of travel expenses during competitions.

   Budget Report: Kim Bowlin handed out and reviewed the Financial Statement of Activities as of November 30, 2009.
    Regional Entry Fees have been paid.

   Sponsorship Update:
       1. Oceaneering has agreed to $15,000 in in-kind contributions to the team. The students will go to Oceaneering
           at some point to give a presentation to them.
       2. BP has agreed to give the team an outright grant of $10,000. Up to another $10,000 can be earned through
           employee volunteer hours.
       3. Students from the team made a presentation to the Wood Group which resulted in a grant of $3,000.
       4. ExxonMobil has agreed to give the team $2,000 with another $2,000 based on employee volunteer hours.
       5. 12 other companies have been contacted.
       6. The team is ½ way to its goal of $10,000 in new sponsorship. This will assist in the team’s need to diversify

   Student Update: Student club president, Paul Jordan, presented an update of the student activities.

        1. The students have held meetings every Wednesday during the Fall.
        2. The students voted on the St. Louis Regional as their choice for their out of town competition during Spring
           Break 2010.
        3. They have had several safety training days on tool usage and safety.
        4. The students will have a mock strategy session before the game is announced.
        5. They plan to have another fundraising night at El Jarrito restaurant and give more presentations to companies
           to increase their funding for the team.
        6. The team was involved in software Beta testing for the FIRST organization.
        7. On Halloween, the students practiced hair spiking in coordination with a Food Drive event that they
           conducted for Katy Christian Ministries.
        8. A group of students will continue to mentor and accompany the FLL team to their local competition in
        9. A few students have assisted two local Destination Imagination teams (one elementary and one junior high)
           who are working on a robotics challenge.

   Kick-off Plans: Kick-off of this year’s game will take place on Jan. 9, 2010. A small group of students will go to
    Clearlake to watch the kick-off live and pick up the team’s kit of parts. The rest of the team will watch the kick-off
    via webcast at CRHS. Parents can participate in watching the kick-off from their computer by logging onto or by watching NASA cable channel 205. Following the announcement of the game, the team will
    brainstorm strategies at the school until 10pm and will work Sunday, Jan. 10 all day. The team must have a
    developed strategy by Monday to stay on target. The students should plan to work with the team on Jan. 18 which is a
    student holiday. Links for viewing the kick-off will be sent by Lana Henderson.

   Competition Travel Plans: Travel coordinator, Keith Duet, handed out a travel form and reviewed plans for the St.
    Louis Regional.

        1. The most cost-effective way to get the students to St. Louis is via a chartered bus that can accommodate 50-
           55 people. The bus trip will take about 14 hours with more than one scheduled driver.
        2. The priorities for booking the hotel are: safety, convenience, free breakfast.
        3. Students travelling without their parents must ride the bus, and ALL students are required to stay in the hotel
           with the team (either with or without their family).
        4. There may be a limit to the students who can travel based upon the number of hours they have contributed to
           the robot.
        5. Parents are encouraged to attend the competition to help with logistics, food and buying extra parts for the
        6. There is not a weight concern due to tools, etc. shipped on the bus.
        7. Travel commitments are needed soon.

   Build Plans:

        1. Students have done a great job with training on the equipment. For safety reasons, only the mentors are
           allowed to use the table saw.
        2. CRyptonite was one of only 2-3 teams in Texas who were asked to do Beta testing for the FIRST
           organization. They were working with experimental parts and Java software.
        3. A mentor meeting will be held on Dec. 8 to discuss student and mentor training, plus finalizing a build
        4. Oceaneering will host a safety training for the students and give them an opportunity to present the team to
           the company. This potentially will take place over the break.
        5. The team will conduct a strategy session using old games. The students will practice coming up with
           solutions and get them in the mindset of problem-solving when the 2010 FRC game is announced.
        6. Steve plans to purchase another controller for the team after Dec. 9.
        7. Mentors this year are mostly parents of Seniors, so there is a need to diversify mentors for the strength of the
   Safety Program:

        1.   SAFETY IS THE #1 GOAL!!
        2.   The team has an excellent safety record and uses industry standards.
        3.   Students must have safety glasses and closed-toed shoes.
        4.   Safety Mentor, Steve Treese, is working with Elizabeth Waters, Safety Captain, to plan and organize safety

   PR Update
       1. T-shirt order has been processed and should be ready by kick-off.
       2. The team is looking for a grant for the hair gel and coloring.
       3. Students will again make buttons as a fundraiser.
       4. CRHS has been given a display case in January to display their trophies, etc.
       5. Efforts are being made to have the team’s information put on the Marquee at school and in the newspaper.

   Forms: The liability form is required for each student in order to work during build season. It can be located on the
    team’s website. Mentors also need student preferences for which team they want to work with during build season.

   Other information:
       1. The team wants to promote FRC across the whole KISD. Recently, the state of TX created a grant for
            developing new robotics teams within the state.
       2. Morton Ranch, originally mentored by FRC Team 624, is registered @ Lone Star.
       3. Mr. Cross, principal of CHRH, will sponsor an event for all KISD high school principals to introduce FRC
            and encourage them to attend the Lone Star Regional.
       4. Science Day will be held on Dec. 12 at CRHS for 4th-7th graders. The event will be free and will include
            robot demonstrations in addition to other science events.
       5. The Visualization team is working on a safety animation.
       6. Website updating is ongoing.

Minutes approved on _________________, 2010

Larry Gros, President

Matt or Gina Waters, Secretary

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