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					AGASC News
                                                                     September 2005

                      Design work a thrill for bead artist

 Vice President‟s
 message… p2

 News… p3

 calendar 2005… p4

 Featured              Getting hooked on glass….. Making beads is Jan Petek’s passion
 technique…. p5         AGASC member Jan Petek says           support in the computer industry.
                      she got hooked on making glass          She now works at her beads and
 Classes… p6          beads when she took her first           jewelry full time.
                      class with bead artist Heather           “I concentrate on one color a day
 Class                Trimlett. This was after already        and I really get into the design,”
                      being hooked on making jewelry          she says.
 information… p7
                      and buying glass beads on eBay.           Jan says she loves the wirework
                       “I like the detail work and the        involved in making her jewelry.
 Events               immediate satisfaction I get from         “How I put the beads together is
 around town… p9      making beads,” says Jan.                another challenge or artistic form.”
                       “I really like sitting here, melting     Jan sells her work at the Art
 Ads, items           glass and trying different              Glass Guild at Studio 25, Spanish
 and links… p10       techniques. I‟m always thinking         Village and at the Carol Gardyne
                      about the bead design and how I‟ll      Boutique in Little Italy. She also
 Become               use it in my jewelry.                   attends numerous bead shows
 a member… p11          Like many other Glass Artists,        and sells online.
                      Jan enjoyed a “before glass”              See page 5 for a step-by-step
                      career, hers was in marketing and       guide to making glass beads.

1770 Village Place, Studio 25    San Diego CA 92101             (619) 702-8006
AGASC News September 2005                                                                    Page 2

Letter from the VP                               find myself drawn to Evangelical Christian
                                                 radio ministry. However, what Mr. Swindoll
  I seek out ideas for this column from          says about attitude is extremely insightful and
magazines, books, other newsletters, or          I must say, inspiring. I decided to share this
where ever I might come across a thought.        with you. I have taped it to the wall of my
Well, the other day, I was down at the service   studio and I try to take the time each day to
department of a car dealership. My truck was     read it. It helps to keep things in perspective. I
having some problems and the service guy         hope you enjoy it too.
told me that it would take all day, so I         Attitude:
decided to rent a car and went over to their       "The longer I live, the more I realize the
rental department. They have their own,          impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more
which tells you that either they have a lot of   important than facts. It is more important than
cars break down or they have a large service     the past, than education, than money, than
department.                                      circumstances, than failures, than successes,
  Anyway, as I was standing at the counter, I    than what other people think or say or do. It is
                                                 more important than appearance, giftedness, or
noticed a piece of paper which was taped to
                                                 skill. It will make or break a company ... a
the wall. Printed on it was a short quote from
                                                 church ... a home. The remarkable thing is we
some guy named Charles Swindoll. When I          have a choice every day regarding the attitude
got home I did a Google search on his name.      we will embrace for that day. We cannot change
I must ask those of you who are in the know,     the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play
to please excuse my ignorance. There were        on the one string we have, and that is our
351,000 references on Charles Swindoll who       attitude ... I am convinced that life is 10% what
apparently has quite a large bible ministry,     happens to me, and 90% how I react to it. And
radio show and has written several books.        so it is with you ... we are in charge of our
Now, while I consider myself a „spiritual        Attitudes."
being‟ having a „human experience‟, I don‟t                                           -- Rob Morey
Who’s who of the AGASC
Board of Directors:
President: Frank Havlichek (619) 443-6817
Vice President: Rob Morey (858) 229-6072
Guild Chair: Gail Pulkrabek (858) 576-9466
Membership: Linda Romiguiere (619) 477-1424
Treasurer: Pam Horn (858) 483-1730
Secretary: Lea de Wit (530) 320-4145
Publisher: Chris Houkom (858) 272-0471
Historian: Kelly Freiberg (619) 298-6946
Publicity: OPEN
Com. Relate.: Pam Horn (858) 483-1730
Film Project: James Stone
Fund Raising: OPEN             Social Dir.: OPEN          Phone Tree: OPEN
Web editor: Cherrie La Porte (760) 500-8707
Newsletter Editor:
Jill Culora (619) 865-5468
(Send news, artist profiles, events & ads to:
AGASC Board / Guild Meetings:
Third Tuesday of each month – for meeting minutes email:
Next meeting: 6pm, September 20th, Studio 25 Spanish Village. All members welcome!

1770 Village Place, Studio 25         San Diego CA 92101            (619) 702-8006
AGASC News September 2005                                                               Page 3

 Association news                             Studio 25 Guild news
 Glass Facts Info                             A Few Reminders from Gail...
 Have you heard about        ** Even though Spanish Village is changing their
 Log on and receive a daily dose of           attendance policy, OUR Glass Guild attendance
 information about glass in your email.       policy remains unchanged. If a sitter is up to 15
                                              minutes late, they will be charged $50. More than
 Just type in “” in the        15 minutes late is an automatic dismissal from the
 address bar of your internet browser         Guild. Our Glass Guild is open everyday from
 and when you get to the site,                11am to 4pm.
 subscribe for daily updates.                 ** We have a new Volunteer Sign Up sheet posted
                             -- Rob Morey     down at the Guild. Remember, every sitter
                                              holding a retail sales spot MUST volunteer a
                                              minimum of 1 shift to remain in the Guild.
 AGASC website editor needed                  ** I am working as fast as I can on painting and
 A volunteer is needed to maintain our        hanging grid down at the Guild... if you are
 Art Glass Association website. Our           unhappy with the pace at which things are
 website needs basic updating monthly         happening.. I suggest you volunteer to help.
                                              ** We are once again being invaded by termites..
 with our newsletter and other                the city has been notified and I hope will be
 information. Or if you would like to         coming to spray.
 redo the website with a new look             ** I am STILL fighting with AT&T about our "2nd
 ...that is possible too! Call for further    phone line". They have once again this month
 details.                                     over charged us and added on billing time from
                                              the Zoo's fax number. IF ANYONE KNOWS
 If you are a webmaster or have basic         SOMEONE AT AT&T or has any clue on how to
 computer experience and would like to        deal with them, I would love help! Call Gail 858-
 help our association with your skills        576-9466.
 please contact Cherrie La Porte at 760
 745-7020 or email                                Help Needed for the Fall Art                              Glass Show & Sale!
                                              There are a lot of small jobs that we need
                                              help with to make the Nov. 5 & 6, 2005
                                              Art Glass Show & Sale a success. Please
                                              consider giving some of your time! We all
                                              know how precious our time is but the
                                              proceeds of this sale come back to us, the
                                              AGASC/Guild! Some of the jobs can be
                                              completed prior to the show and some are
                                              for the day of the sale. For more
                                              information on the following jobs, e-mail
                                              Jan Petek at or call 619-
                                               ● Create a Poster ● Demonstrate your art
                                                 for 2-3hrs ● Cashier ● Coordinate the
                                                Information Booth ● Cashier Supervisor
                                                       ● Demo booth coordinator
                                                        ● Set up and Take down

1770 Village Place, Studio 25       San Diego CA 92101         (619) 702-8006
AGASC News September 2005                                                             Page 4

 AGASC Calendar

 September 2005

 11- 25         Incorporating Art in Daily Life – A show and sale of functional art. For more
                information see:
                Or contact The Art & Cultural Center on 760.728.1414 and 800-919-1159.

 19             Dichroic glass tour. For more details contact Frank Havlichek on (619) 443-

                Neon Museum in Los Angeles (Frank Havlichek)

 24 & 25        Annual Menghini Winery Fine Art, Wine and Music Festival, Julian. For more
                information contact Charlotte Mitchell (760) 765-2569

 30             AGASC Annual Glass Show applications due.

 30             Art Glass Guild Semi-Annual Sale & Show applications due.

 October 2005

 28 – 30        Fusing Artist Lecture and Seminar with Special Guest ( ask Rob Morey)

 November 2005

 3 – 14         Studio 21 annual juried glass art show

 5&6            AGASC Patio Sale

 5              Show reception from 6 to 8.30pm

 December 2005

                AGASC Holiday Party

                Please send calendar items to:

1770 Village Place, Studio 25        San Diego CA 92101           (619) 702-8006
 AGASC News September 2005                                                             Page 5

  Featured Glass technique – Bead Making
                                                      This month Jan Petek shows us the
                                                      basic steps for making simple beads.
                                                      We recommend if you’re interested in
                                                      making beads you should take a class –
                                                      it’s not as easy as it looks!
                                                      Step1. Place the mandrel in the flame to
                                                      heat. Keeping the mandrel below the
                                                      flame, slowly introduce the tip of a glass
                                                      rod to the flame. When there is a ball of hot
                                                      glass, touch the molten tip of the glass rod
                                                      to the mandrel and slowly wind the glass
                                                      around the mandrel. Continue to add more
                                                      glass to the size of the bead you desire.

 Step 2. Using a marver             Step 3. For decorations add          Step 4. When you are
 (graphite pad) gently roll the     basic dots. Heat the end of          completed with the bead,
 bead on the marver to make         another color of a glass rod.        flame anneal the bead by
 the bead wider. Reintroduce        Keeping the bead below the           holding the bead at the
 the bead to the flame, turning     flame, gently touch the bead         end of the flame and
 the bead as you are heating it.    with the rod and lifting both the    flashing it in the heat.
 Drop the bead below the flame      bead and rod up into the flame,
 to keep warm, continuing to        pull off the rod. Continue
 turn the bead.                     adding dots around the bead.            Want to take
                                    Place the bead back in the
                                    flame, and rotating the bead as
                                                                            a bead
                                    the dots melt onto the bead.            making

                                                                            See class
                                                                            listings on the
  Step 5. Place the bead           Step 6. To remove the bead from          following
  in the kiln for 30 mins at       the mandrel, use pliers to hold the
                                   mandrel and gently twist the bead        pages of this
  950*F then let it ramp
  down for five to six             with your hand to remove it. Use a       newsletter.
                                   diamond bit to clean out the bead
                                   release from the bead.
1770 Village Place, Studio 25         San Diego CA 92101            (619) 702-8006
  AGASC News September 2005                                                              Page 6

 Classes in Southern
 907 “A” Avenue, National City (619) 477-           Bernardo Winery, James Stone (858) 485-
 1424 Call for Class Schedule.                      7701 Private glass blowing instruction.
 ALPINE GLASS – 6331 University Avenue    
 (619) 563-5026 For Class information visit                                JOHN LONG & JENNIEFER O’CONNOR
                                                    Torchworking lessons in borosilicate glass at
 BLUE DOLPHIN – 6350 EL CAJON BLVD.                 their studio in City Heights learn this fine
 (619) 287-8631 See p6 for Class Schedule.          glass art with professionals. Beginner to
                                                    intermediate lessons available at $50 an
 GROSSMOUNT ADULT ED – Foothills Adult              hour. Contact John or Jennifer at: (619) 262-
 Education Center – room 7, 1550 MELODY             9733
 LANE, EL CAJON CA (619) 401-4122         
 Instructor: Cathy Coverley
                                                    Sha-Sha "A BEAD SPA" - a full service
 HELIX ADULT CENTER – ROOM 510, 7323                Beadshop. Kimberly Allison, 11689 Sorrento
 UNIVERSITY AVE, LA MESA CA (619) 644-              Valley Road, Suite C San Diego, CA 92121
 3555.                                              (858)755-2225
 Instructor: Shalene Baxter.
                                                    BEADMAKERS of North County Debi
 PACIFIC ARTGLASS 125 West 157th Street             Willingham, 413 West Grand Avenue
 Gardena, CA 90248 (800) 354-5277                   Escondido, CA 760-294-8173
 Full service artglass supply store and   
 workshops. Call or visit for
 details.                                           ANDY COHN GLASS BLOWING
                                                    1770 Village Place - Studio 20, Spanish
 SUE’S GLASS STUDIO San Marcos, CA                  Village Balboa Park. Private glass blowing
 Sue Cunningham (760) 471-6198 Contact              classes : all levels. Call (619) 338-0441
 Sue Custom Stained
 Windows - Kiln Rental available - Stained          Nancy Nagel
 Glass Lessons from Beginning to Advanced,          Have fun with borosilicate glass
 Fusing and Slumping Lessons starting from          Beginning to advanced lessons available in
 $20.00 per hour. Lampworking and Beginning         her Oceanside studio. $50 per hour. Contact
 Glass Blowing Classes.                             Nancy on 760-415-7164.

 GARRY COHEN STUDIO Escondido (760)                 Also check local colleges for glass class
 745-7020 Studio rental and glass gallery.          schedules: Glass blowing             San Diego State University
 instructor at Palomar College                      University of California – San Diego Craft                                    Center (858) 534-1444
                                                    Palomar College
                                                    Cal State Fullerton

1770 Village Place, Studio 25         San Diego CA 92101        (619) 702-8006
 AGASC News September 2005                                                              Page 7

 Class information                                  Class l or have equivalent experience. How to
                                                    use various types of molds and more complex
                                                    slumping techniques will be explored covering:
  ALPINE STAINED GLASS                              multi-layering tips, bubble control, key
  We have a variety of stained glass classes
                                                    temperature settings, and more. Molds
  and fusing glass workshops for the beginner
                                                    demonstrated include; clay, mold mix, cast
  through expert. Class enrollment is limited so
                                                    glass and fiber board. A mold project is
  reserve your space today. All classes are
                                                    included in the class. Students will learn how to
  held at Alpine‟s location in San Diego. If you
                                                    “freeze” hotglass in a drop ring as well as
  need information or assistance making travel
                                                    explore and apply different etched glass
  or lodging arrangements please give us a call
  at 1-888-GLASS-01.
  Stained Glass Instruction - Tuesdays 9AM-
  12PM                                              BLUE DOLPHIN
  This self guided class is available on a per      Fundamentals of Fusing
  session basis and is offered only during the      This is a four-session beginning kiln working
  day. It is oriented more towards independent      class. Learn compatibility, kiln operation,
  students, giving them the benefit of working in   construction of glass projects, annealing,
  a world class facility including use of the       slumping techniques, and use of frit &
  grinders, saws and work space.                    stringers. Previous glass cutting experience is
  Students must have taken Stained Glass            recommended but not a requirement.
  Class l or have knowledge in basic stained        When: 7PM-9: 30PM four week class starting
  glass skills. This self guided class allows       Thurs. Sept.1st thru Thurs. Sept.22nd
  students to tap into the instructor's wealth of   Class Fee: $195.00 Includes materials for first
  knowledge and take on a more advanced             project & two kiln firings.
  project. The only cost other than tuition are     Bring glass-cutting tools.
  materials and tools needed to do
  projects.Fee: $20.00                              The Art of Glass Bracelet Forming
  project. The only cost other than tuition are     This is a three-week fused glass bracelet class.
  materials and tools needed to do projects.        When: To Be Announced
                                                    Class Fee: $145.00
  Fusing Class l - September 10 & 11, 9:00-         Advance registration is required. Class fees are
  4:00PM $225.00. In this two day hands-on          paid at the time of registration. Fees are non-
  class you will learn the fundamentals of glass    refundable. Class dates may change if
  fusing, slumping theory and techniques.           minimum enrollment is not meet.
  Students will discuss design ideas and apply
  them to create fused pieces, slumping them        Beginning Glass Bead Making With Heather
  into molds. You will take home several fused      Trimlett
  pieces such as bowls, vases and jewelry.          Learn to make your own Lamp worked Glass
  Students will be required to have their own       Beads. For more information see
  glass cutter, breaking pliers and a straight
                                                    BEGINNING MARBLES
                                                    September 30, 2005 Cost $110.00
  Fusing Class ll - October 1 & 2, 9:00AM-
                                                    This class provides a great introduction to
  4:00PM $225.00 This hands-on class picks
                                                    marble making. I will also unravel many of the
  up where Fusing l left off and includes
                                                    mysteries of the punty. We will use a
  advanced glass fusing and slumping
                                                    combination of heat, gravity, and graphite
  techniques. Students must have taken Fusing
                                                    molds to create the perfectly round marble. I

1770 Village Place, Studio 25         San Diego CA 92101         (619) 702-8006
AGASC News September 2005                                                                  Page 8

will cover a number of different styles,          Wednesday evening 6.30pm to 9.30pm from
including a two-color twisted marble, latticino   August 31 to December 14, 2005. Inst: Cathy
marble, a paperweight-style marble and            Coverley
more.                                             Beginning and Intermediate Stained Glass
                                                  – see description above. Helix Adult Center.
KNIFE HANDLES, KNOBS AND WINE                     One class offered once per week for 15
STOPPERS October 14, Cost $110.00.                weeks. Thursday evening 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Kitchen knobs, bathroom knobs, handle for         from September 1 to December 15, 2005.
cheese knives or fabulous tops for your wine      Inst: Shalene Baxter
stopper. Do any of these sound like great         Cost for all classes is $35 and materials and
Christmas gifts? All you need is a quick          supplies are additional.
lesson and you will be off and running. This
is an intermediate level class.                   GARRY COHEN ART GLASS
                                                  20307 BEECH LANE, ESCONDIDO
November 11 & 12 COST $225.00.
No beadmaker can ever ignore the basics.
This class lays out all of them. After two
                                                  (760) 745-7020
days, the beginning glass artist will walk
                                                  Hot Glass Studio Rental
away with a strong foundation upon which
                                                  Garry‟s Hot Glass Studio is centrally located
they can build their beadmaking skills. We
                                                  near the city of Escondido within the beautiful
will cover compatibility, annealing, studio
                                                  country setting of Del Dios at Lake Hodges.
safety, dots, bumps, two color twists, clear
                                                  The shop consists of two glass benches, (two
casing, latticino and much more. This class
                                                  students work simultaneously), two glory holes
will prepare students to either begin
                                                  and a 300lb glass furnace and a large holding
beadmaking on their own or jump into
                                                  kiln. Rental time can be arranged for more
intermediate classes.
                                                  advance glass blowers based on your
                                                  proficiency with the medium. Glass blowers
Grossmont Adult Centers                           interested in renting need to demonstrate that
Beginning and Intermediate Stained                they are skilled and knowledgeable enough to
Glass; Cutting and Fabrication in lead and        work by themselves in the hot shop, prior to
foil, Introduction class, includes some           booking time in the hot shop. Experienced
fusing. Foothills Adult Center. Three classes     blowers need to bring their own tools, pipes
offered once per week (Mondays – 14 weeks,        and pontils. Arrangements must be made in
Thursday- 15 weeks): Monday 9am –                 advance to utilize studio tools. Rental Fees:
12noon, August 29 to December 12, 2005;           $35 per hour Small Glory Hole or $45 per
Monday 6.30pm to 9.30pm, August 29 to             hour Large Glory Hole. Shifts Available in
December 12, 2005; and Thursday 6.30pm to         2005: Monday and Wednesday.
9.30 September 1 to December 15. Inst:
Cathy Coverley
Advanced Glass Class: Glass Casting &
Frit Fusing Techniques. Foothills Adult
Center. For this class you must be proficient
in the basic skills. A prerequisite of
Intermediate Glass is required. One class
offered once per week for 16 weeks.
                                                  Stone and Glass Studio
                                                  Private Glass Blowing
1770 Village Place, Studio 25          San   Diego CA 92101                                     Instruction (619) 702-8006
                                                  For those of you interested in starting glass
                                                  blowing or if you would like to refine your skill
                                                  with a master glass artist, consider taking
  AGASC News September 2005                                                                  Page 9

 Glass events
  Nancy Nagel - Beginning Tube Sculpting             blown glass for over ten years. Studio
  with Boro Workshop October 15th and                consists of a 100 pound pot furnace one
  16th 10:00 am to 6:00 pm                           bench set up and basic tools. Small or large
  Sues‟s Glass Studio will be hosting a              glory hole. Rental fee‟s start a $25 dollar a
  workshop by Nancy Nagel on Beginning               hour. Studio is available for rental, seven
  Tube Sculpting. Nancy is known for her Boro        days a week with a four hours minimum.
  Baby Rattles and her hollow frog sculptures.       Nottingham center for the art is a non-profit
  All of her work is very colorful and whimsical.    facility. Our goal is to promote art and artists.
  You will learn how she puts that little pig        And therefore prohibit production work To
  inside the big pig. She will also teach you        reach Nottingham call Rose a 760 533-0992.
  her goat within a goat plus a couple more
  neat tricks. Each day will include 6 hours
  lesson/teaching and 2 hours extra practice
  time. Class size is limited so enroll
  early. $325.00 At Sue‟s Glass Studio in San
  Marcos. Call 760-471-6198 to enroll or ask
  any questions.

  Pit Fire and glass demos at the
  Nottingham Center for the Arts.
  Nottingham will be having a Pit fire on
  October 22nd. If you have bisque pieces,
  bring them to include in the pit fire. We will
  be having glass blowing demos. Sue and
  Ellen will be giving lampworking demos. If             About the Art Glass Guild
  you are into ceramics bring some bisque so
  that you can try a primitive pit fire. Basic
                                                         The Art Glass Guild is a sister group of
  materials will be provided by the center.
                                                         the Art Glass Association. We are located
  Bananas and dry seaweed give a very
                                                         at 1770 Village Place, Studio 25 in
  unique look Pot luck start a 5:00pm so
                                                         Spanish Village just south of the Zoo
  please bring a dish to share. Sue and Ellen
                                                         Merry-go-Round. We're open everyday
  will be giving lampworking demos thru out
                                                         from 11am-4pm. Anyone interested in
  the day glass blowing demos from 2pm until
                                                         selling retail, selling at shows or fairs or
  9pm. Decoration of bisque starts at 3:00 PM
                                                         just wanting to learn more about the Art
  Demos start at 2:00 PM Potluck Barbeque
                                                         Gallery market could benefit from
  starts about 5:00PM Pit fire is fired off ½ hour
                                                         membership to our Guild. All members
  prior to dusk. There is space for campers
                                                         have access to our glass equipment as
  and/or RV‟s and tents. No shower facilities
                                                         well as our Art Glass video and magazine
  but motels are nearby. Call 760 533-0992.
                                                         library. Even if you aren't interested in
                                                         joining the Guild, WE SELL ART
  Nottingham Hot Glass studio is now
                                                         GLASS!!!! We have a beautiful selection
  offering Studio Rental and Glass blowing
                                                         from 40 different artists. Gift Certificates
  Lesson, for the beginning and intermediate.
                                                         are available and make the perfect gift for
  Classes will be taught by Rose Goehner, a
                                                         EVERYONE!! Come on down and check
  recent graduate from Cal State Fullerton.
                                                         us out! Studio 25 # (619) 702-8006
  Rose received her Masters in Glass and has

1770 Village Place, Studio 25          San Diego CA 92101            (619) 702-8006
 AGASC News September 2005                                                         Page 10

 Ads, Items and Links
SUNNYSKIES ART GLASS SUPPLIES                Medial Centers are currently accepting
in North County                              portfolios for purchase and commissions.
Sunnyskies Glass Art Supplies is             We are interested in all mediums of art that
located in Oceanside and is owned by         help create a healing environment. Art can
Willy and Gwen Lee who are members           be multicultural, uplifting, hopeful, inspiring,
of the AGA. Their goal is to serve local     or whimsical for pediatric environments
glass artists, by meeting all your glass     We are interested in: mobiles, glass,
needs, with a special focus on               mosaic, fabric, mixed-media, sculpture,
lampworking.       They have a great         original prints, tapestries, quilts,
storefront and torch/glass room located      photography, and limited edition prints or
at: 629 S. Cleveland St. in Oceanside.       giclee‟s, To be considered, please send
Please visit or call Willy or Gwen Lee at    digital images or tear sheets along with
760-757-6744 or 760-402-9726 or e-           wholesale price lists by September 30,
mail:            2005. Please send submissions to:
                                             JoAnn Swanson,
Bench Time Now available at Blue             Art Resource Manager
Dolphin Stained Glass                        Aesthetics Inc.
Includes Minor Burner & Annealing Kiln       301 Spruce Street
$10.00 per hr. Call Blue Dolphin for         San Diego, Ca 92103
more information (619) 287-8631
                                             PACIFIC ARTGLASS
CALL TO ARTISTS                              Artglass, Tools and Supplies Since 1976,
The Julian Arts Guild presents, the          125 West 157th Street Gardena, CA
Annual Menghini Winery Fine Art, Wine 800-354-5277
and Music Festival September 24 & 25,        Our main focus is glass, stained and
2005. This event will mark the 19th year     fusible. We wish to help keep the craft
of the celebration which has a strong        vibrant by being the best support possible
local following and attracts tourists from   for the newcomer, while bringing
all over the San Diego and Desert area.      innovation to this five thousand year old art
All art must be original and handmade        form. Workshops available:
by the applying artist. No mass    
produced, kits or imported work will be
allowed. There will be no jury fee. No
admission or commission is charged.      e-mail:
No security is provided. For further     CATHEDRAL STAINED GLASS
                                          Our Sponsors
                                         Complete line of stained glass supplies -
information call: Charlotte Mitchell (760)
765-2569                                 Books, Bevels, Bevel Clusters, Box Parts,
                                          View all of Clairty Products, Glass Show
                                         Chemicals,our AGASC Annual Foil, Foiling
 CALL FOR ARTISTS                         sponsors by clicking
                                         Devices, Glass, Grinders, Hot Glass,
 San Diego Arts Consultants specifying
                                         Jewels and Nuggest, Lamp Making, Lead
 artwork for several Southern California Came, Morton Systems, Mosaic Supplies,
                                         Saws, Soldering supplies. Please visit
                                         their website at:
1770 Village Place, Studio 25 San Diego CA 92101           (619) 702-8006
 AGASC News September 2005                                                                         Page 11

 Memberships                                 articles of interest regarding our         AGASC
   The Art Glass Association of              members and upcoming events
 Southern California (AGASC)                 within the organization.                 Membership was founded in 1981             Our website keeps you current
 by a group of local San Diego County        with glass information and              Full Member
 glass artists interested in promoting       workshops.                              ($30)
 interest in and educating the public          AGASC sponsors an annual                 Newsletter
 about, all areas of glass art creation      juried art show, held at Spanish           Attends Events
 and endeavor.                               Village Studio 21 each year from           Votes
   This small group of founders has          November 1-15 which is open to all         Workshop Discounts
 grown into a 175-member association.        AGA members. We offer prizes               Enter Shows
 The group is a non-profit organization      and promote novice glass artists
 dedicated to promoting all the glass        with an opportunity to participate in   Dual Member
 art fields; from the traditional stained    a special category dedicated to a       ($45)
 glass that many of our members are          new student‟s achievement.              Full benefits for two
                                               The AGASC is proud to offer our       people living in same
 currently creating for local churches
 and synagogues, to repair and               members the opportunity to work,
 refurbishing of antique stained glass       teach and sell their products           Associate       ($15)
 pieces, glass blowing, glass fusing,        through our Art Glass Guild in the       Newsletter
 lamp worked glass that is used to the       Spanish Village Center for the Arts      Attends Events
 creation of whimsical figures and           at Balboa Park, Studio 25.
 animals and jewelry, the many forms           The Guild offers demonstrations       Patron ($100)
 of glass beads, to the newest fused         and classes on a periodic basis and      Any individual,
 forms which resemble paintings              is proud to have more than 40           company, foundation
 created with fused glass. The AGASC         artists‟ work represented at this       or corporation wishing
 is the oldest such group in the United      location. Studio hours are 11AM-        to sponsor the
 States.                                     4PM daily. Phone (619) 702-8006.        advancement of the
                                               For more information about            glass arts.
   The AGASC publishes this monthly
                                             becoming a AGASC member                  Advertising in the
 newsletter which promotes classes
 and workshops available in the San          contact Linda Romiguiere, Member
                                                                                      Full membership
 Diego County area for members and           Chairperson at (619) 477-1424, or
 the public. AGASC News also has             complete the form below.

Name___________________________________ Phone (H)______________________________________

Address__________________________________                    (W)______________________________________

_________________________________________                 Email______________________________________

     Full Membership $30____     Dual Membership $45____ Associate$15____ Patron $100____
                              (Memberships are due in June of each year)
 Send application and check to: AGASC, Linda Romiguiere 907 “A” Ave. National City, CA 91950-3317
* AGASC Membership inquiries: Linda (619) 477-1424 * Make check payable to AGASC

 Art Glass Guild Membership
 The Art Glass Guild is a sister group to the Art Glass Association. The Guild has a retail Studio dedicated to
 glass sales and educating the public at Studio 25, Spanish Village, 1770 Village Place in Balboa Park.

1770 Village Place, Studio 25               San Diego CA 92101             (619) 702-8006

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