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Residences in the city centre:

R1        ALAMEDA                                                                           (female residence).

Address:          C/ Micer Mascó, 29. 46010 Valencia
Tel:              96 369 16 12

R2        SANTIAGO APÓSTOL                                                                   (mixed residence).

Address:           C/ Comedias, 20. 46003 Valencia
Tel:              96 352 710 6 – 96 352 98 31

R3        SAOMAR                                                                            (female residence).

Address:          C/ Pizarro, 7. 46004 Valencia
Tel:              96 352 00 69

Residences near the University:

R4        LOS CENTELLES                                                                      (mixed residence).

Address:          Poeta Artola, 14. 46021-Valencia
Tel:              96 369 75 41 – 96 360 96 00 – 96 369 96 88

Prices:            57000 ptas/month in a double room
                   61000 – 75000 ptas/month in a single room

The residence is not a building itself but it consists of 12 different flats surrounding Serpis Street. Each flat is
divided into bedrooms (single or double) and all of them have a kitchen and a washing machine. The dining
room is not in the flat so you will have to go to another place at meals-times.
                                                                                                   st              st
The price includes all meals from Monday to Saturday (the dining room is closed from July 1 to October 1
and Sundays).

Deadline for application: June

R5        AUSIAS MARCH                                                                       (mixed residence).

Address:          Av. Cataluña, 30. 46021 Valencia
Tel/ fax:         963695408

Prices            85 590 ptas./month in a single room (full board)
                  76 975 ptas./month in a double room

The residence consists of a building divided into apartments with four bedrooms (single or double)in each
floor and a common bathroom for all of them, they have also telephone and heating system.
Equipments: library, computer room and plotter, workshop for Fine Arts, meals service, coffee shop, gymn,
lecture hall, assembly hall, laundry self-service and clothes drying, TV rooms.

Deadline for application: There is no deadline for application

R6        GALILEO -GALILEI                                                                 (mixed residence).

Address:          Avda. de los Naranjos s/n
                  Campus de la Universidad Politécnica. 46022 Valencia
Tel:              96 335 20 00
Fax:              963551213

Prices:           in a single room:          85 950 ptas./month, bed and breakfast
                                             100 350 ptas./month, half board
                                             110 550 ptas./month, full board
                  in a double room:          64 650 ptas./month, bed and breakfast
                                             78 900 ptas./month, half board
                                             89 100 ptas./month, full board

Advice note:      Taxes are not included in the price so you must add 7%.
                  You ca also stay in Galileo-Galilei for some days and the price is about 6000 ptas./ day
                  (taxes not included)

It is located in the University Campus. It has 410 rooms (single or double) with different areas for resting and
studying, they have also a complete bathroom inside, connection for TV and computer, private telephone and
suitable furniture for studying.
Equipments: security service, shopping centre with restaurant, coffee shop, travel agency, photocopy service,
optician, chemist, driving school, bank, laundry, hairdresser, 24 hours reception, restaurant for residents,
social-cultural halls, Fine Arts workshop, halls for architecture and drawing, music hall, photographic laboratory,
sitting and reading room, computer room and library.

Deadline for application: There is no deadline for application

R7        LLUÍS VIVES                                                                      (mixed residence).

Address:          Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 23. 46010 Valencia
Tel:              96 386 41 90

Price:            73 300 ptas./month (full board).

In this residence you cannot stay in a single room so you will have to share the room with another student.
Bathroom is outside the room (there is a common bathroom for all the rooms of each floor).
Equipments: computer room, library, TV rooms, net connection in the rooms, gymn, meals service and coffee
                                   th           th
Deadline for application: from 15 June to 15 July.

R8        FACULTADES                                                                       (mixed residence).

Address:          Paseo Facultades, 4. 46021 Valencia
Tel:              96 356 22 63
R9        SAN FRANCISCO JAVIER                                                           (mixed residence).

Address:         Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 55. 46021 Valencia.
Tel:             96 369 58 54

Prices:          Single room:      108 000 ptas./month (full board) + taxes (7%).
                 Double room:       91 500 ptas./month (full board) + taxes (7%).

The residence consists of a number of bedrooms with air conditioner, telephone, answering machine, computer
connection and bathroom.
Equipments: studying room in every floor, washing machine and clothes drying, computers room with net
connection, dining room, coffee shop, TV room, copy machine and library.

Deadline for application: June

R10       MEDITERRANEO                                                                   (female residence).

Address:         Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 106, 2º. 46021 Valencia
Tel:             96 361 97 27

Prices:          Single room:      82 000 ptas./month (full board).
                 Double room:      71 000 ptas./month (full board).

During summer holidays (July, August and September) the residence turns to a mixed residence and you can
stay there for only some days (not necessarily a complete month)

Prices during summer:              5000 ptas./day (full-board)
                                   4000 ptas./day (half-board)
                                   3000 ptas./day (bed and breakfast)

Residence near the University with exterior rooms, sitting room with TV and air conditioner, workshop for Fine
Arts and decoration, laundry and ironing service, dinning room and home cooking.

R11       REUNIVER VALENCIA                                                              (mixed residence).

Address:         C/ José María de Haro, 59. 46022 Valencia
Tel / Fax:       96 356 22 63

Prices:          Double room:               85 000 ptas./month          (full-board).
                 Single room:               95 000 ptas./month          (ful-board).
                 Single /double room:       4 500 /4 000 ptas./day      (full-board).
                 Single /double room:       4 000 /3 500 ptas./day      (half-board).
                 Single /double room:       3 500 /3 000 ptas./day      (only bed and breakfast).

Residence located between the University and the beach and well communicated with the city centre by bus,
RENFE´s trains and tramway.
Equipments: Sitting rooms with TV and video, dining room, studying rooms with computers, net connection and
drawing tables; laundry; microwave, refrigerator and home cooking. Exterior rooms that can be used as single
or double rooms, all of them have a bathroom, air conditioner, TV, telephone and connection to the net.

During summer holidays it is considered as a two stars hotel.

Near the beach:

All these hotels are very well situated: in a peaceful area (except in summer) just on the beach and not very far
from the University (1 Km. approximately). Moreover they are well connected with the University by tram.
During summer this area is full of people and tourists who go to the beach during the day and go out to pubs
during the nights. Because of this flow of people prices are higher during these dates.

H1        HOTEL SOL PLAYA **

Address:          Paseo de Neptuno, 56. 46011 Valencia
Tel:              963561920                       Fax: 963727431

Prices:           Single room:      6 000 ptas./day (bed and breakfast)          + 7% (taxes).
                  Double room:      7 500 ptas./day (bed and breakfast)          + 7% (taxes).

This is a new completely restored hotel. All the bedrooms have bathroom, TV, telephone, heating system and
air conditioner. The hotel is the most expensive of this area but it is also one of the best.


Address:          Paseo de Neptuno 36, 46011 Valencia.
Tel:              96 371 61 11

Price:            Double room:      6 500 ptas./day (taxes include).

Welcoming and warm hotel, not as expensive as the previous one, with very kind owners. Bedrooms with
bathroom, TV and air conditioner. Good price-quality relation.


Address:          Paseo de Neptuno, 32. 46011 Valencia
Tel:              96 371 51 42

Prices:           Double room:      6 500 ptas./day                     + 7% (taxes) .
                  Single room:      6 000 ptas./day                     + 7% (taxes) .

Bedrooms with bathroom, TV and telephone


Address:          Paseo de Neptuno, 2. 46011 Valencia
Tel:              96 371 41 11

Prices:           Double room:      5 200 ptas./day
                  Single room:      3 800 ptas./day

It is cheaper than the others but it is also an old building with a worse appearance. All bedrooms have
bathroom, TV, telephone and heating system.
In the city centre:


Address:          C/ Correos, 8. 46002 Valencia
Tel:              96 351 09 26
Fax:              96 351 09 26

Prices:           Single room:       6 000 ptas./day                               + 7%(taxes).
                  Double room:       9 000 ptas./day                               + 7%(taxes).

Breakfast is not included in the price but you can it in the hotel for 750 ptas.

Restored hotel with a very good appearance and in one of the most central streets of Valencia. All bedrooms
have a complete bathroom, air conditioner, telephone, TV and security box. Prices seem to be expensive but
there is a good price-quality relation if you bear in mind that it is not a guest house but it is a hotel.


Address:          Pl. del Ayuntamiento (entrance by En Llop Street), 5. 46002 Valencia.
Tel:              96 352 42 67
Fax:              96 352 44 21

Prices:           Double room:       7 500 ptas./day (for one person)              + 7%(taxes).
                  Double room:       8 500 ptas./day (for two people)              + 7%(taxes).
                  Single room:       5 800 ptas./day (for one person)              + 7%(taxes).

Turn of the century building completely restored in1999. Bedrooms with private bathroom, air conditioner,
heating system, TV and telephone. Good price-quality relation. Breakfast is not included in the price.


Address:          C/ Ribera, 4. 46002 Valencia
Tel:              96 352 00 00
Fax:              96 352 03 51

Prices:           Double room:       6 200 ptas./day                               + 7%(taxes).
                  Single room:       3 700 ptas./day                               + 7%(taxes).

Its appearance and its quality are not as good as the previous ones but the price is also lower. All bedrooms
have a private bathroom, TV and telephone. Breakfast is not included in the price.

In the city centre

The following places are not as good as the previous hotels. Although at first glance they can give a grotty
appearance they can be OK if you don´t have a lot of money. Most of them consist of a floor with different
bedrooms so you don´t think you are in a hotel but you think you are living in a house with a very big family.


Address:          Plaza del Mercado, 19. 46001 Valencia.
Tel:              96 391 66 00 / 96 391 66 09

Prices:           Double room with shower:            3 850 ptas./day.
                  Double room without shower          2 995 ptas./day.
                  Single room with shower:            2 140 ptas./day.
                  Single room without shower          1 600 ptas/day.

The hostel consists of an old house (non-restored) but with a good location: opposite the Central Market and
next to the Lonja. It is also very near the Carmen district, which has a good night-life. No rooms has a complete
bathroom, only some of them have a shower inside the room. Breakfast is not included.


Address:          C/ Cerrajeros, 13. 46001 Valencia
Tel:              963922323

Bedrooms with bathroom, shower and TV.


Address:          C/ Moratín, 15
Tel:              96 352 12 20

Prices:           In the non-restored floor:
                  Double room with bathroom:                   5 500 ptas./day.
                  Double room with shower:                     4 500 ptas./day.
                  Single room with shower:                     2 900 ptas./day.
                  In the restored floor:
                  Double room with shower:                     6 000 ptas./day.

The hostel consists of two floors (but only one of them is restored). Rooms with shower or bathroom inside.
Breakfast is not included in the price but you can have breakfast there for only 300 ptas. Prices are a bit
expensive if you compare the quality with a hotel.

Address:         C/ Ribera, 8. 46002 Valencia
Tel /Fax:        96 351 22 96

Prices:          Room for three or more people with bathroom:         6 000 ptas./day.
                 Double room with bathroom:                           5 000 ptas./day.
                 Double room with shower:                             4 000 ptas./day.
                 Single room with bathroom:                           3 500 ptas./day.
                 Single room with shower:                             3 000 ptas./day.

Guest house in a pedestrian street full of coffee shops and other trades very near the Town Hall. It has TV and
some bedrooms with complete bathroom. It also offers the possibility of taking breakfast and paying with credit
card. If you decide to stay in the hotel for a long time you can get a 10% discount.


Address:         C/ En Bou, 2. 46001 Valencia.
Tel / Fax:       96 391 57 73

Prices:          Double room:                                          6 000 ptas./day.
                 Single room:                                          4 000 ptas./day.
Building of the 18 century located in the city centre, just next to the Central Market and the Lonja. It has 18
bedrooms with bathroom, air conditioner and telephone. Very new and well-looking hostel.

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