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									   Summer 2007 - Vol. 7 Issue 5                                www.MountMoriahChurch.org
    Singing Preachers        Emeritus Day            Missionary Trip   Father’s Day   New Debutante

                                         —IN THIS ISSUE—

      Mt. Moriah Disciple,
      Sister Minnie Carter


                Mount Moriah Baptist Church
                              “Every Christian Is A Minister”
                          Dr. Lucius M. Dalton, Senior Pastor
                  1636 East Capitol Street. NE, Washington, D.C. 20003
                                 Phone: (202) 544-5588

The Clarion Magazine — Summer 2007 * ClarionNewsletter@verizon.net                     ..
                                                                                              Page 2

                                        From The Pastor’s Desk
                              U ut when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you
                             will be filled with power, and you will be witnesses for me
                             in Jerusalem, in all of Judea and Samaria, and to the ends
                             of the earth.      (Acts 1:8, GNB: Good News Bible)
                            In April of this year, Pastor Dalton completed two weeks of
                         missionary work in Jamaica. This is the second year of a three-
   Dr. Lucius M. Dalton, year Lott Carey missionary program in which Pastor Dalton is
      Senior Pastor,     participating.
    Mt. Moriah Baptist      We are blessed that Pastor Dalton shared excerpts from his
                         personal journal and pictures from his missionary trip.

                                                          14 April 07
                                                            8:54 p.m.
          Today, our group transitioned into the next
   phase of our mission in Jamaica. We left Kingston
   and we headed to Yallahs, St. Thomas. Our host Pas-
   tor is Rev. Fritzner Dunois, Haiti born. Pastor Dunois
   is the Pastor of Yallahs Circuit of Bap-
   tist Churches. We sat and talked. He is
   about my age and his wife is a few years
   younger than Janice and I. A down to
   earth brother. I will preach tomorrow
   night at an evangelistic service.
          My anxiety for sleeping in some-
   one’s house has been overcome. God has
   placed Dr. Harold Knight and myself in                            Pastor Dalton enjoys a moment on
   the home of Brother and Sister Ben-                               the beach.

   nett. As soon as I entered their home, I
   felt the presence of the Holy Spirit.
          Our dinner was British style: a
   cheese sandwich and tea. I’m not com-
   plaining, but thankful that someone I
   don’t know opened their doors to me. To
   add, they don’t know me either. How-
   ever, I do know they are good Christian
   people.                                                              A scenic waterfall in Jamaica

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                                                                                                  Page 3

                                                                                               15 April
     That evening I preached at a church called White Stone. I preached, “Tell
   the Story.” The text was I Corinthians 15:1-12. The Pastor has a circuit of
   churches. Three churches and a mission to be exact. It must be a tremen-
   dous responsibility. At the age of 39, he has had two (2) heart attacks. I am
                                                                                               16 April
                                    A.B. Morrison preached at the evangelistic service.
                                    Luke 15:1-6 was his text. It was in a rural commu-
                                    nity and we worshipped under a street light. The
                                                 electricity was provided to us by a
                                                 house next door. A.B. took a great text
                                                 and did an excellent job.

     Pastor Dalton joined by Preacher, Mark Buckner
     at the Hellshire Restaurant.

                                                      The Parsonage where Pastor Dalton stayed along
                                       April 17       with other missionaries.
             Mark Buckner preached.
   Mark may soon lose his sight due
   to an eye illness, but he preached a
   great sermon. Again, the Jamaican pastors work hard and spend little time
   at home with their wives and families. I was told this by Pastor Dunois’ wife.
                                                                                               April 19
            More touring—I’ve never done so much touring in my entire life. We
   visited two Institutions: University of the West Indies and United Theologi-
   cal College of the West Indies, where we had lunch, did some shopping
   (where I bought gifts) and then ate dinner at Hellshire.
            Hellshire is a restaurant located on the water. It is a small hut
   where locals cook fresh fish and other Jamaican dishes. Ganja weed, all
   around. You can smell it everywhere because everyone is smoking it. I was
   told that it was “illegal.” It doesn’t seem so.
                                                        —continued on next page
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                                                                                         Page 4

                                                                                      April 21
         Reverend Douglas Fowles was our host Pastor. He pastors the Fuller-
   field Circuit of Baptist Churches—5 churches. His wife welcomed us. We ate
   lunch/dinner. The parsonage is a big house used to host missionaries. We
   stayed in the same house, ate together, and shared with one another.
         Tonight Pastor Fowles took us to a youth meeting at one of the
   churches. Pastor Louis Leigh was present. He talked about abstinence. Two
   things I learned: First, our children want us to explain our decisions about
   them further and they want us to listen to them more.
         I have not said anything thus far about the mass killings at Virginia
   Tech. VA Tech is close to me because I got accepted there out of high school.
   I went to Radford University instead, but I spent lots of time there—four
   great years in Southern, VA.
         Who would have thought that such a tragedy would happen in such a
   remote place? I pray for the families of those who were affected, including
   the family of the shooter.

           The Clarion thanks Pastor Dalton for sharing his missionary journal.
      To learn more about Lott Carey and the ministry named after him, please visit

                                From the Editor…
                                Hello Christian Friends!
                             For some time I’ve wanted to develop a team of staff members
                             for the Clarion. As you could see from the back page of previous
                             issues, we had a long list of contributors, but no permanent,
                             consistent staffers. I took heed of Pastor Dalton’s sermon about
                             waiting on the Lord and my wife encouraged me to pray about
   it and sure enough, God came through with Sister Shadonna Jenkins. Sister Jenkins
   joined MMBC a few months ago with her lovely daughters, Shakiya and Shardae (see
   page 7 for a photo). These ladies are already hard at work in various church ministries.
      Please be sure to introduce yourself to Sister Jenkins and her family.
     We would love to have more staffers on the Clarion. Anyone can join the Clarion,
   which is sponsored by the Christian Education Ministry. Please see me for details as the
   Clarion needs you! : )

   Your Brother In Christ,

   Steve Kendall

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                                                                              Page 5

               Clarion Youth Update:
               Q & A with Sis. Chasity McPhail

The following update interview was conducted via
email with Sis. Chasity McPhail.

Q: What's the name of your school/what year
are you in?
A: I attend Coppin State University. When fall se-
mester begins, I will officially be a junior!

Q: What's your major?
A: I am majoring in psychology!

Q: Describe one thing about college life that surprised you.
A: The unprecedented amount of freedom (formally known as NO parental

Q: Any advice for our MMBC students looking forward to college?
A: Please stay focused because once you lose focus, it takes awhile to get back
OWN....so attending class is a MUST!!

Q: What are your plans for this summer?
A: I am currently working in an orthodontic office.

Q: May the Clarion print your email address for folks to get in touch
with you?
A: Sure!!!!!! I am always willing to help and give my advice!!!

     The Clarion wants to hear from more of the young folks in the church. Please
     send us your poetry, short stories, interviews with each other. We’re open to
     ideas, young folks, so please get in touch! ClarionNewsletter@verizon.net

The Clarion Magazine — Summer 2007 * ClarionNewsletter@verizon.net      ..
                                                                                                   Page 6

                                         Welcome to the Fold
                           by Deaconess Golden Ferguson and Sis. Desiree Davis-Frazier

         Welcome to Mt. Moriah Baptist Church! Please attend the Disciple Training
       Classes each Sunday at 9:45 a.m. and become an active member in a ministry.
       A list of upcoming classes can be found in your Sunday worship bulletin. You
       will enjoy participating in the many activities in the church. The Christian
       Education Ministry, your assigned Deacon and your mentor will be glad to
       assist you with questions or discussions concerning your journey with us.
                      New Disciples — June, July and August 2007
                                      By Baptism: Sis. Alex Hart
                          By Grace of Experience: Maliaika Nouwaney
                               Returning: Bro. Bruce Hasty Jr.

           June Birthdays:
  7th—Deaconess Geneva Greene and Bro.
       Clarence Minor
  8th—Sis. Katherine Brevard and
       Sis. Doris S. Rousey
  9th—Bro. Ralph Battle, Bro. Steve Kendall,
       and Sis. Doreane Sumlin
  12th—Bro. William Baylor (1919)
  14th—Bro. Robert Lee
  15th—Bro. Bruce Hasty
  16th—Sis. Shardae Jenkins
  17th—Sis. Hannah Martin & Bro. Mearitt Smith
  19th—Deaconess Pauline A. Gray
  21st—Sis. Helen Hasty and
        Sis. Crystal D. Waters                              Sis. Hannah Martin, age 83, pictured with
  22nd--Sis. Christine Stewart                              Sis. Anna Price, age 91. This picture was
                                                            taken on Sunday, June 17, 2007, on
          July Birthdays:                                   Sis. Martin’s birthday.
   6th—Sis. Angie Murphy
   7th—Sis. Azyra Franklin (2006)
  11th—Sis. Janice Dalton                                             Don’t see your birthday,
  13th—Sis. Shadonna Jenkins                                          or anniversary listed?
  27th—Sis. Deonna Burrell & Sis. Judith Kendall            Please fill out a birthday form insert within
  28th—Sis. Terrean S. Waters                               this issue and return it to the Clarion mail-
  29th—Sis. Beatrice Glymph                                 box near the Sexton’s office or give it to Sis.
                                                            Shadonna Jenkins or Bro. Steve Kendall, or
                                                           email them at ClarionNewsletter@verizon.net

The Clarion Magazine — Summer 2007 * ClarionNewsletter@verizon.net                      ..
                                                                                                      Page 7

               August Birthdays:
           2nd—Jonathan McCrea
           5th--Sis. Carolyn Wheeler
           8th—Bro. Clarence Minor
           9th--Bro. Alphonzo R. Liggins
          11th—Bro. Amon Sutton
          18th—Bro. Irvin Creighton
          20th—Bro. Darryl Musgrove
          26th—Minister Lorenzo McCrea and
                 Deaconess Ida Williams

                                                    Sis. Shadonna Jenkins (far right-Birthday, July
                                                    13) pictured with daughters Shardae (Left-
                                                    Birthday, June 16th) and Shakiya in the middle.

       Bro. William Baylor proudly
       told the Clarion that he was
       born June 12, 1919.
                                                                               Little Sister Azyra
                                                                            Franklin celebrated her
                                                                            first birthday on July 7

                                                   Wedding Anniversaries:
                                                   July 8, 2000—Bro. Irvin and
                                                                Deaconess LaStell Creighton
                                                   July 13, 2003—Deacon Bruce and
                                                                 Sister Andrea Hasty
                                                   July 23, 1966—Bro. James and
                                                                 Sister Christine Stewart

 Deacon Hasty and son, Bruce, Jr.,
 kiss the bride, Sis. Andrea Hasty

The Clarion Magazine — Summer 2007 * ClarionNewsletter@verizon.net                      ..
                                                                                                    Page 8
                                       GOOD NEWS!
        Congrats to…
                                           Mt. Moriah’s First Lady, Sis. Janice Dalton
                                        who was accepted into an academic program called
                                        the Accelerated Leadership Cohort which selects
                                        teachers who exemplify excellent leadership ability
                                        and outstanding service and dedication to a popula-
                                        tion of diverse learners. It is a two year program in
                                        collaboration with the University of Virginia that is
                                        completed in 10 months. Upon successful completion
                                        of the program, Sis. Dalton will have her administra-
                                        tive endorsement, which will qualify her to become a
                                        school principal. Sis. Dalton told the Clarion, “Prayers
                                        are more than welcome!”
                                           Bro. Jacob Dalton received the Presidential
                                        Academic Excellence award this school year. He also
                                        won the championship for his weight and division
                                        from Northern Virginia Wrestling Association this
    Zach and Jacob Dalton pictured      past season.
  with Sis. Dalton.                       Bro. Zach Dalton was voted class president by his
  From 2006 Pastor Appreciation Day.
                                        high school peers.
 Bro. Adrian Hasty is affiliated with the North
 East Council as the Second Vice President and is cur-
 rently a River Terrace Safety Officer. He recently re-
 ceived a Presidential Volunteer Community Service
 Award, which is recognized as the highest civilian
 volunteer service award. His work, in the area of
 emergency preparedness for a national disaster was
 outstanding. (Submitted by Bro. Daniel Holmes)
                                       Deacon Bruce
                                       Hasty who an-
                                       nounced during
                                       the July Church
                                       Conference that Bro. Adrian Hasty discusses his award
                                       he accepted the winning evacuation plan during the Boys
                                       call to preach    to Men Summit: A Pre-Men’s Day Event.
                                       and is now en-
                                       rolled at Regent University, where he is pursuing a de-
                                       gree in Organizational Leadership and Management.
                                       Deacon Hasty will then go on to continue his training
                                       at a seminary.
    Deacon Hasty with his Great Aunt, Mrs. Sallie Mae Hasty Graham, age 102, who visited
 Bible study this spring. Deacon Hasty says of his Great Aunt, “She was born March 23,1905 in
 Hasty, NC. She still has all of her faculties and still picks pecans out of her yard. She is the last
 of my grandfather's siblings. She just had a sister that passed two years ago that was 106 years
 old, Mrs. Maggie Revels. My aunt now lives in Laurinburg, NC. My grandson Jeremiah Hasty
 makes five generations of Hastys.”
The Clarion Magazine — Summer 2007 * ClarionNewsletter@verizon.net                          ..
                                                                                                   Page 9
                                        GOOD NEWS!
          Congrats to…
                            Sis. Christine Holston’s great niece, Ms. Ashley Joy Jefferson,
                            who signed a contract with the Washington Post as the first step in
                            pursuing a modeling career. Ashley is a recent graduate of New
                            York's Fordham University and the daughter of Rev. Dennis and
                            Cynthia Jefferson (Cynthia Russell).

Washington Post Express newspaper
 featuring model Ashley Jefferson.
                                                Christopher (center) pictured with guest speaker
                                              (l) Mr. Michael V. Hodge, Partner, Ballard, Spahr
                                              Andrews, Ingersoll, LLC and Mr. Paul Peck,
    Bro. Christopher Kendall
                                              founder of the Star Scholarship Foundation.
    who received an award from the
    Civic Coalition for Minority
    Affairs of Arlington for holding at least a B average over the last 2 1/2 years. Chris held
    a 3.7 GPA in his junior year of high school. He also received his third consecutive,
    $1,000 merit scholarship from the S.T.A.R. (Stand Tall and Reach) Foundation.

                                             Sis. Cassandra Kendall who received her first
                                           merit scholarship of $50 from the Star Foundation.
                                           Cassandra will be in the 7th grade in the fall.

                                                Sis. Lucille W. Wells
                                             who was honored on April
                                             28, 2007 by the Anacostia
                                             Senior High School Class of
                                             1972 at their Prayer Break-
                                             fast. Sis. Wells served as one
   Cassandra pictured with STAR
 Scholarship Founder, Paul Peck and          of the cooks for the prayer
 guest speaker, Ms. Simone Goring            breakfast, which was held
 Devaney of CSG Urban Partners, LLC          several times since 1972.

  The Clarion Magazine — Summer 2007 * ClarionNewsletter@verizon.net                      ..
                                                                                      Page 10
                                      GOOD NEWS!
        Congrats to…

                Sis. Adrienne D. Wheeler,
           age 84, mother of Sis. Glenda M.
           Wheeler, is the reigning Ms.
           Washington Center for Aging Services
           (WCAS) 2007.

    Do you have Good News?
        Tell us about it!

                                           Congratulations to Our Debutante,
                                            Sister Renae Charmine Bennett
                                         Story & Photos by Deaconess Mae Frances Frazier

                                           Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc., Phi Sigma
                               Chapter of Washington, DC held its 42nd Debu-
                               tante Scholarship Cotillion on Sunday, May 6,
                               2007 at the Washington Marriott Hotel. This
                               year’s Cotillion was chaired by Mrs. Mae Fran-
                               ces Frazier. Debutantes Alyshia M. Allison,
                               Renae C. Bennett, Ciara S. Boderick, Roxy M.
                               Guandique, Shae J. Parker and Dominique M.
                               Quick along with their escorts and sub-
 debutantes were honored. Over 300 guests attended.
       This year’s theme, “Where Do We Go From Here,” was eloquently woven
 into the message to the debutantes by the Honorary Chairperson, Dr. Mynora J.
 Byrant. Dr. Bryant compared life to a highway and said, “make each day that
 you travel one that will be meaningful and fulfilling.”
      The Cotillion ended with several scholarships and book stipends being
 awarded and the crowning of our own Ms. Renae Charmine Bennett as the 2007
The Clarion Magazine — Summer 2007 * ClarionNewsletter@verizon.net             ..
                                                                                                  Page 11

     Phi Sigma Debutante Queen.
     Queen Bennett also received a tro-
     phy after being named “Ms. Chic.”
     Queen Bennett was escorted by Mt.
     Moriah’s own, Brother Christopher
       Sub-Debutante, Ms. Bionca E.
     Mays was named 2007 Phi Sigma
     Princess and Sub-Debutante
     Chantel M. Cornelius was 3rd Run-
     ner up in the Sub-Debutante Cate-
     gory. Sub-Dubutante Ebony Ben-
                 nett received a trophy
                 after being named “Ms.
                 Personality” among the
                 Sub-Debutantes.                       Sub-Debutante Ebony Bennett, Queen Renae
                                                        Bennett, and Sub-Debutante Bionca Mays
                      Queen Bennett and
                    her Sub-Debutantes
                    Bionca Mays and
                    Chantell Cornelis raised
                    over $13,000. Queen
                    Bennett will receive a
                    scholarship to help de-
                    fray the cost when she
                    enters St. Paul Univer-
                    sity in August 2007.
                    Sub-Debutantes Mays
                    and Cornelius will re-
                    ceive a U.S. Saving
                    Bond and a monetary
Bro. Christopher Hall
                     Many thanks to
     Mrs. Mamie Bennett, Mrs. Lucille
     W. Wells, Ms. Katherine Brevard,
     Deacon Bruce Hasty for providing
     image training to the Escorts and to
     Debutante participants for all of
     their hard work and to our Mt.
     Moriah Baptist Church family for
     your continuous support of our
     young people.                        Mrs. Mamie Bennett with Queen Renae Bennett

    The Clarion Magazine — Summer 2007 * ClarionNewsletter@verizon.net                   ..
                           Meet the Disciples:                                         Page 12

                                Mr. and Mrs.
                             Thomas Chandler
                           By Sis. Erma Holmes

   Brother Thomas and Sister Florence Chandler
   have been married for 62 years. Throughout
   their marriage they have practiced the philoso-
   phy of “give and take.”
     They have been members of Mt. Moriah Bap-
   tist Church since 1994. Every Sunday they can
   be found in the house of worship at the 7:45 a.m.
   service and on Tuesday at the noonday Prayer and Praise service and Bible
   Study. The source of their endurance and strength is Psalm 27, “The Lord is
   the strength of my life of whom shall I be afraid?”
     They are the proud parents of three children, 9 grandchildren, 10 great
   grandchildren and one great great grandchild. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chan-
   dler, Mt. Moriah salutes you for your faithful devotion and love for each other,
   family, and most certainly, God.
  The Clarion would love to see more stories about our blessed disciples. Please send us a
  few paragraphs about someone you know—better yet, get to know someone new to you
  and send the story to the Clarion!

                       MMBC Represents in Race for the Cure
                       By Sister Janice Dalton

                   this year
                   an eager
                   team repre-
   sented Mount Moriah in
   the National Komen Race             Undated photo from a previous Race.
   for the Cure. Although we
   were few in number we were fully represented in heart, enthusiasm and
   mission. It was an amazing experience to see over 30,000 participants all
   with one vision in mind, helping to cure breast cancer.
     Please consider being part of Team Mount Moriah next year. The race is
   always held the first Saturday in June.
     We look forward to having a larger team from Mount Moriah next year!

The Clarion Magazine — Summer 2007 * ClarionNewsletter@verizon.net               ..
                                Saved and Single by Sister Donna Wise                      Page 13

                            If you talk to the average Christian single, they will tell you that
                      being single and a Christian isn’t very difficult, you just have to stay fo-
                      cused. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “Just wait on the
                      Lord,” “Stay in the Word,” “Be patient, God will send your mate” and
                      “God is your husband”— Isaiah 54:5. Those are all factual statements
                      that I truly believe in; however, as an honest, single, Christian woman, I
                      can tell you it’s pretty hard to stay focused and patient. Dealing with
   societal views and pressures in this commercialized world, as with all areas in life, it’s a
   process and it takes commitment. Many of us are saved, but not transformed. Transfor-
   mation has to take place in order to see manifestation. Here are some things I practice
   80% of the time (just being honest), that I would like to share with the single folks:
   • Release old ways and be ready (willing) to be transformed.
   • Be true to yourself, and be honest when you pray & speak truth. Don’t make it sound
   pretty; God knows who you are.
   • Study the Word, go to Bible Study and/or start a Bible Study group – if you fill yourself
   up with the Word of God, you won’t allow yourself to take on the harmful spirits of others
   • Be mindful of what you listen to – stop listening to Luther and Gerald Levert, those
   good sounding slow songs that alters the mind to focus on the wrong things– go out and
   buy some Gospel music, there’s so many to choose from today: slow, jazzy, upbeat, and
   praise & worship Gospel tunes
   • Be mindful of whom you talk to – stop listening to “your girlfriend” and “your main
   man,” who always have something negative to say. Misery loves company. Remove your-
   self from gossip. Don’t talk about them, pray for them.
   • Check your surroundings/where you hang out – stop hanging at the club, the casinos,
   and attending those weekly Friday After Work Happy Hours – no you don’t have to net-
   work, your promotions come from God…remember, we must let go of the past!
   • Remove strongholds (A must!) – Ladies you know what we all say, “All men are dogs,”
   and men, I won’t discriminate, here’s yours, “Women just want your money.” There are
   still good men and women in this world!
   • Allow healing to take place. Take inventory and clean up your insides.
   • God has called you for greatness, so don’t settle.
   • Get yourself a prayer partner and hold each other accountable, Let each other know
   when one is walking out of order and give Scripture with suggestion.
       When the unthinkable happens and you fall short of your Christian walk, don’t beat
   yourself up. Go to that secret place and pray to your Father in the Spirit. Repent, asking
   Him to cleanse you, heal you of those issues, removing anything that is blocking you
   (situations & people) from transformation and replace them with His Spirit, with revela-
   tion, discernment, and manifested wisdom so you can live out the will He has for your life.
      Place yourself in a position with Christ in order to hear Him and when you hear, you
   can act and speak the Word of God when our adversaries come to attack. The enemy will
   attack and when he does, COMMAND and REBUKE.
      Young singles, fulfill your destiny, think beyond today, your body is a temple
   (1 Corinthian 6:18-20). Single adults, it’s not too late, rejoice, and delight yourself in God,
   He is faithful to fulfill the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4).
   Peace & Blessings!

The Clarion Magazine — Summer 2007 * ClarionNewsletter@verizon.net                   ..
                                                                                   Page 14
                                           Faith @ Work
                                    A brief profile of MMBC disciples
                                     and what they do for a living.

                                   Stephens’ Limo Service, LLC
                                  President/CEO, Herman L. Stephens
                                     Vice President, Ruth G. Stephens
                                         10330-B Theodore Green Blvd.
                                    White Plains (Charles County), MD
                                       Web site:www.stephenslimo.com
                                              Email: hstep@verizon.net

Q: How did you get your business started?
Deacon Stephens: I started this business after retirement from the Smithsonian In-
stitution. I had always been in the transportation business with the transportation of
artifacts from all over the world for the Smithsonian, and with a moving and hauling
business I had. When I started my limousine
business in 1998, it was a one-man operation
with one limo. Today, the business has grown
with the help of my wife, after her retirement,
from one employee to six employees and a fleet of
six vehicles. The fleet consist of: a Sedan Town
Car, 2 Limos, 1 Cadillac Escalade SUV, 14 pas-
senger Limo Bus, & a new, 27 passenger Shuttle
Q: What services do you offer?
A: My business offers the following
transportation services, to name a few:
Airports, Conventions & Business meetings, Special Events, Nights on the Town,      Share what you do for a living and how the
Shuttle Service, Theaters & Concerts, Sporting Events, Weddings, Proms, Social      Lord has blessed your work. Contact the
Engagements, Birthdays, Graduations, Funerals, Medical Appointments, and
Charter Service.
Q: How has the Lord affected the way you do business?
A: With my current business, I’ve been blessed to be still involved in different
people’s lives everyday, whether the occasion is happy or sad. Relocating to
Charles County, Maryland in 1994 has been a great influence and challenge to
                                                                                    Clarion staff today!

my life and business. I thank my Savior and Creator for my continued success.
Q: Anything else you would like the Clarion readers to know?
A: When someone has lost someone by death, some pastors tell the family to call
Stephens’ Limo Service and get Mr. Stephens to help you on the day of the ser-
vice, because it takes a special person to deal with death. I’m not going to get
The Clarion Magazine — Summer 2007 * ClarionNewsletter@verizon.net          ..
                                  Praise as Poetry Page                                          Page 15

                        All The More                         Ups and Downs
                         By Sister Nancy R. William
                                                                        By Mitchell L. Jackson
                                                                     (A poem written by the late brother
                                                                     -in-law of James and Thelma Scott.)

                                                                  If all the world were
   The more I learn about me,
                                                                      broad and flat
   The more I realize that in Christ’s
   presence I need to be.                                          How dull the scene
   Lord I need Thee all the more.                                        would be!
   The more I try to do things in my                             We’d wish instead for
   own strength, The more I realize                                   hills and vales
   that I have no power without Him.                           With changing views to see.
   Lord I need Thee all the more.
                                                                     If all the world were
   The more I seek happiness in
                                                                         free from care,
   worldly ploys, The more I realize
   that fulfilling my God given purpose                              Without tears or pain,
   will bring me true joy.                                           There’d be no failure
   Lord I need Thee all the More.                                         or success—
   The more I seek love in the wrong                                 No summits to attain.
   place, The more I realize that I’m
   in need of God’s grace.
                                                                   But life is filled with
   Lord I need Thee all the more.                                    ups and downs,
                                                                 With happiness and woe.
   The more I fight against what God
   requires of me, The more I realize                               Our joys are like
   that I’m in need of His mercy.                                    mountain tops;
   Lord I need Thee all the more.                                 Our sorrows lie below.
   The more trouble seems to follow me,                           The Lord that made
   The more I realize that in Christ
   I have peace.
                                                                    the lofty peaks
   Lord I need Thee all the more.                              Designed the valleys too.
                                                                  And His is there at
   The more I look back over my life,
   The more I realize that I can do                                    every turn
   nothing without Christ.                                   To guide our passage through.
   Lord I need Thee all the more!

The Clarion Magazine — Summer 2007 * ClarionNewsletter@verizon.net                         ..
                                                                                     Page 16

                WHAT THE PEOPLE OF GOD                                ARE READING
                By Sister Courtney Byrd
                     A few months ago, the book club that I belong to, the ♥Sweet
               Soul Sisters♥ Book Club read, When Seasons Change by Darrell A.
               Cador. It tells the story of two people that meet and start a relation-
               ship based on being friends, and going through the trials and tribula-
tions that couples go through. To me the book was enjoyable. I will tell you that the
story line was great and once you start reading you will not want to put it down. It
is definitely worth reading. If you would like to get to know a little more about the
author you can go to his website at http://www.darrellacador.com.
      This month we have a church member that has been busy reading--Sister Ma-
mie Underwood. She has been reading a lot of books. Here they are: An Introduc-
tion to the Bible by Christian E. Hauer and William A. Young, Answering God:
The Psalms as Tools for Prayer by Eugene H. Peterson, Where Your Treasure
Is: Psalms That Summon You from Self to Community by Eugene H. Peterson,
and The Soul’s Religion by Thomas Moore.
Book flash back, there is one book that I read a few years ago and that I think is
a fantastic read. It is called, Boaz Brown by Michelle Stimpson. Many of you know
the story of Boaz from the Bible, well this book gave it a modern twist. Here’s the
book synopsis:
      In this daring debut novel, a young Christian woman finds her own racist atti-
tudes as well as those of her family, friends, and church challenged when she is
drawn to a man of a different race. Smart-talking LaShondra Smith and her girl-
friends all face the same relationship issue-where to find a good man. They yearn to
meet a strong, confident man who loves God, just like Boaz in the Bible. The problem
is that they don't just want a godly man, they want a godly, black man. Enter Stet-
son Brown, a handsome engineer and faithful man of God who matches
LaShondra's wit, style, and values, but happens to be of a different race. But will
LaShondra be able to overcome the beliefs that she and everyone around her sup-
ports and has grown up with, in order to open herself to the true love of Stetson and

                          One Minute Sermons for the Summer
                                        By Sister Romelle Hodge
                   June:          “He shall direct thy paths.” (Proverbs 3:6)
                    July:         “Consider one another.” (Hebrews 10:24)
                August:           “With God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)

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                                                                                             Page 17

                       Ministry Spotlight: The Liturgical Dance Ministry

 The Mount Moriah Liturgical Praise Dance ministry was
organized in the spring of 1995 with eight members. In the
fall of 2001, the dance ministry grew with the addition of a
Mime Ministry.
 The Clarion recently conducted an interview with Sister
Sheila Parker, Director of Mt. Moriah’s Liturgical Dance
Ministry via email:
Question: How did you get started with this ministry?
Sis. Parker: I started as a parent helper with Ruth Royal
Hill when we had the Youth Forum. She was the real
dancer, I was simply a dedicated parent that would do
anything to help. I stepped in to keep the ministry going    Sis. Sheila Parker with daughter, Nikia
when she became ill. Unfortunately, she was unable to re-
                                                      and I
                                                      have been with the girls every since. The
                                                      one thing that I found to be sooo satisfying is
                                                      the happiness that the ministry gave the girls
                                                      and guys. I started making sure that they
                                                      were able to share their gifts and talents.
                                                           Q: How can MMBC disciples help?
                                                           Sis. Parker: I would love to have volun-
                                                           teers. I depend a lot on the parents .
                                                           (Clarion note: The ministry also welcomes
                                                           monetary gifts to help with the cost of
                                                           costumes and supplies.)

Q: Do you perform outside of MMBC?
Sis. Parker: We do a lot of outside programs at
other churches, community activities, weddings,
nursing homes, birthdays, anniversary programs,
youth programs etc... We have danced for Mayor
Williams at various programs several times, we
also ministered at the Washington Metropolitan
Police Department Annual Awards Program at
Constitution Hall. The list goes on and on.
Q: How can one join this ministry?
Sis. Parker: Anyone can join just by coming to
rehearsals. We practice every
                                      The Clarion would love to hear more about other ministries.
Friday evening from 7:00 -
                                          Send us a few paragraphs about what you’re doing.
                                       We’re looking forward to reading about your ministry soon!

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                     A New Gospel Station on                         the Scene
                            By Sister Cheryl Franklin

     On Easter Sunday 2007, Radio One, Inc. fulfilled a goal sought after for
many decades in the Washington Metropolitan area – it launched its first 24-
hour Gospel FM radio station. The station, Praise 104.1 (WXGC-FM), is an-
other Radio One property joining the ranks of WKYS, WYCB, WMMJ, as well
as TVOne television station which caters primarily to African-American view-
ers. “Praise” is different from its cousin station WYCB-FM (1340 AM) in that
it will not sell its airtime to local churches for broadcasts. Instead, the major-
ity of its airtime will feature gospel music with church broadcasts offered only
on Saturday mornings through 10am. Each weekday morning from 6am-
10am, the “Yolanda Adams Morning Show,” syndicated out of Houston, TX,
starts off the daily programming with humor, scripture, and faith-based
teachings. Eventually, the station hopes to add radio personalities into their
format, but for now, the all music format is winning dedicated fans all over
the DC Region. While steeped in gospel, Praise 104.1 does offer something for
every generation. You are sure to hear a classic tune by the Caravans, an old
favorite from Tramaine Hawkins, or a new favorite from Donald Lawrence
and the Tri-City Singers!
     Washingtonians are not new to the gifted genius behind Radio One, Inc.
Cathy Hughes, a former General Manager of Howard University’s radio sta-
tion, WHUR-FM is also credited for creating the nation’s first 24 hour gospel
radio station, WYCB-AM. In the years that followed, Ms. Hughes purchased
the ailing WOL-AM radio station (Do you remember DJ Petey Greene??? Be
sure to catch the movie “Talk to Me” starring Don Cheadle) and changed its
format into an all talk station. After not knowing how she would pay expenses
at the station, she eventually lost her home and was forced to live at the radio
station with her son. Thankfully, all of that is behind her now. She and her
son, Alfred Liggins, III, now own 70 radio stations nationwide and the trendy
television station, TV One.
    I do hope that you give this new station a listen. But be careful – like
those of us who have already discovered this station – you, too will be hooked.
Until next time,

Cheryl Franklin

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                                                                                               Page 19

                                                     Photo Memories

                                                                Deacons/Trustee Emeritus Day
                                                                      —March 25, 2007
                                                             -Photos by Deaconess Sylvia Liggins-

                                            The New Emeritus Class:
                                   Deacon Leon Ferguson, Trustee Leona Barnes,
                                 Deacon Abraham McPhail, Trustee Norman Rousey

                                                                     The Singing Preachers Concert
                                                                      Presented by the Hospitality &
                                                                            Trustee Ministries
                                                                            June 23, 2007
                                                                     Photos by Sis. Angie Murphy

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                                                                                           Page 20

                                      Photo Memories
                                      Church-wide Picnic—July 7, 2007
                               Photos by Deacon Leon Gray & the Clarion Staff

                                                                       Don’t remember a name or
                                                                     recognize a disciple in the
                                                                     Clarion photos? Use your Church
                                                                     Family Album.
                                                                       Don’t have a
                                                                     Church Family
                                                                     album? Please see
                                                                     Sis. Doreane Sumlin.
                                                                           —God bless!!

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                                                                          Page 21

The Clarion Magazine — Summer 2007 * ClarionNewsletter@verizon.net   ..
                                         Photo Memories                                         Page 22

                                         Father’s Day Breakfast
                                          Sunday, June 17, 2007
                                          Photos by the Clarion Staff

                                                                     Brother David and Nathaniel
                                                                        Russell offered a song

   Brother Mearitt Smith assists
   Worship Leaders Brother Richard
   Smith and Brother Amon Sutton

         Several Fathers offered a prayer
         and blessing upon their sons...

                                       Christopher Kendall and his
                                       father, Bro. Steve Kendall

 Pastor Dalton performs his blessing
 Biblical style (see Genesis, Chap.
 27) over sons Zach and Jacob Dalton

                                                                             Minister Lorenzo McCrea
                                                                             and son, Jonathan

                                     Brother Anthony Greene and
                                          son, Anthony, Jr.

The Clarion Magazine — Summer 2007 * ClarionNewsletter@verizon.net                         ..
                             Photo Memories                                                    Page 23
                             Men’s Day Activities
                              Photos by Deacon Leon Gray & the Clarion Staff

       “From Boys to Men” A Pre-Men’s Day
             Summit, June 30, 2007

                                                 Men’s Day July 8, 2007

                                                                          Dr. Richardson shares a humorous
                                                                               story during his sermon

  Bro. Joseph Alexander performs a rousing

                                                           (l) Guest preacher, The Reverend Dr. Bernard
                                                              Richardson, Dean, Howard Univ., Andrew
                                                                Rankin Memorial Chapel, looks on as
                                                               Rev. Reginald Green offers the Charge of
                                                                      Responsibility to the men
The Clarion Magazine — Summer 2007 * ClarionNewsletter@verizon.net                       ..
       The                                                       Mount Moriah Baptist Church
                                                                     Dr. Lucius M. Dalton, Senior Pastor
                     Staff Members                                     Church office: (202) 544-5588
                Sis. Shadonna Jenkins                                      Church Email:
                  Bro. Steve Kendall                                 mtmoriah@mountmoriahchurch.org
                                                                        The Church in Worship
A Special Thanks to This Month’s Contributors:
                                                                Sunday, Early Morning…... 7:45 a.m.
          Dr. Lucius M. Dalton, Senior Pastor
                                                                Sunday, Church School….… 9:30 a.m.
                            Sis. Courtney Byrd
                                                                Sunday, Morning Worship....10:45 a.m.
                          Sis. Joyce Chapman
                           Sis. Janice Dalton
                                                                         Prayer & Praise Service
                    Deaconess Golden Ferguson
                                                                             Every Tuesday
                           Sis. Cheryl Franklin
                                                                           12 noon and 6:30 p.m.
                     Sis. Desiree Davis-Frazier
                Deaconess Mae Francis Frazier                                 Bible Study
                            Bro. Charles Glover                       Every Tuesday at 1:00 & 7 p.m.
                           Deacon Leon Gray                                 Youth Bible Study
                           Sis. Janet Hailes                                Every Friday at 7 p.m.
                           Sis. Barbara Harris
                           Deacon Bruce Hasty
                          Sis. Romelle Hodge                          Mount Moriah
                           Sis. Erma Holmes                          Baptist Church (MMBC)
                           Bro. Daniel Holmes                            Mission Statement
                           Sis. Judith Kendall
                                                                  The mission of Mt. Moriah Baptist
                    Deaconess Sylvia Liggins
                                                               Church is to lead souls to Christ, to
                         Sis. Chasity McPhail
                                                               demonstrate the standard of Chris-
                            Sis. Angie Murphy
                            Sis. Sheila Parker                tian living, and to spread the Gospel
                             Sis. Doris Rousey                  of Jesus Christ. (Matthew 28:19,
             Bro. James & Sis. Thelma Scott                         John 15:8, Galatians 5:22-23)
                  Deacon Herman Stephens                                  Vision Statement
                  Deaconess Ruth Stephens                    The purpose of Mt. Moriah Baptist
                      Sis. Lucille W. Wells
                                                             Church is to glorify God by being
                   Sis. Glenda M. Wheeler
                                                             fruitful disciple makers of Jesus
                          Sis. Donna Wise
                                                             Christ. The spiritual target of MMBC is
                     Sis. Nancy Williams
                                                             the unchurched, the uncommitted, the
                The Clarion Magazine                         unevangelized, and the unreached.
                  is Sponsored by                               Our six-point strategy is called
        The Christian Education Ministry                     the MORIAH plan:
           Sis. Janet Hailes, Chairperson,
        Sis. Patricia Trouth, Co-Chairperson                       Managers
   For Bible study notes, Clarion Extras & a
   whole lot more, visit the Message Board:
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