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Reconcile Chart Template document sample

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									                                                                                                                                     ONEPURDUE - PSCD

 BUSINESS PARTNER INFORMATION                         CHARGES and INVOICE                                                          PAYMENTS                                                         GENERAL LEDGER                                               DUNNING and COLLECTION

Business Partner No                       Create Charges/document                                      Lockbox                                               FP25           Reconciliation Key                                                       Write Off Charges                                     FP04M
                                               PSCD Charge Entry                           FKKORD1          File Transmission                                                    Check Transfer Status of Reconciliation Key                FPT4           Year-End Mass Write
    Create Business Partner    FPP1            Upload Entry/Template                           I-031                PSCD            Zlockbox FP25             I-24               Display Reconciliation Key                                 FPF3                            P1,P2,P3,P4 + original cost center
    Change Business Partner    FPP2                  Manual Entry                                                   Legacy          Zlockbox Legacy                              Close Reconciliation Key                                   FPG4     Process Collection Items                              PF03
    Display Business Partner   FPP3                  Feeder System TXT File                                                                                                      Assign Recon Key (Pay or Ck Lot)                          FP05FIK   Release Items for Collection                          FP03E
    Delete Business Partner    BUPADELE              Feeder System UC4                                        Automatic Clearing           FPMA                                  Assign Recon Key (Pay or Ck Lot)                          FP09FIK   History of Collection Items                           FP03H
                                                                                                                                                                            Transfer To General Ledger                                               List of Collection Items                           FP03L
Contract Account                               Installment Plan                                        Cash Desk                                                                  Transfer to General Ledger                                FPG1     Write off History                                  FP04HP
                                                       Create Budget/Installment Plan         FPR1           Cash                                             FPCJ                Reverse General Ledger Transfer                           FPG8     Dunning Proposal Run                               FPVA
    Create Contract Account    CAA1                    Change Budge/Installment t Plan        FPR2           Credit Card                                      FPCJ                                                                                   Dunning Activity Run                               FPVB
    Change Contract Account    CAA2                    Display Budge/Installment Plan         FPR3           Check                                            FPCJ          Display General Ledger Documents                                FPG2     Mass Reversal of Dunning Notice                    FPVC
    Display Contract Account   CAA3                    History of Installment Plan            FPRH           Payment Transfers (Departmental, CRV)    FPCJ, FB05, FKKORD1                                                                            Dunning History                                    RPM3
    Delete Contract Account    FICADELE        Return Check                                    FP09                                                                         Reconcile Open Items (between Open items and GL)                FPO2     Evaluation of Process Locks (list of locks)        FPLKA
                                                                                                       ACH                                                   FP05
Contract Object                           Display Charges/document created                 RFKKO1                                                                           Reconcile General Ledger                                                                                                    FPCI
                                                                                                       Find a Payment                                        FP30                                                                                                                                       CORRHIS
    Create Contract Object     PSOBWORK   Mass Reversal of Charges                        FP08M                                                                                    Check Total Records                                      FPT1
    Delete Contract Object     PSOBDELE                                                                Clarification                                                               PSCD Documents by Recon Key                              FPT5
                                          Cancel Charges/document                                             Clear Clarification                            FPCPL                 Recreate Total Records                                   FPT6
                                              Small Dollar Limit                              FP04M           Delete Completed Clarification                FPCDEL                 Reconcile General Ledger Documents                       FPG5
                                              Incorrect Charge                                FP08M           Find Own Clarification List                    FP30C                 Display for Posting totals                               FPT7
                                                                                                                                                                                   Check General Ledger Documents (Mass Run)               FPG2M

                                          Change Charge                                  FPE2, FP06    Payment Adjustments                                                         Display General Ledger Accounts Trfr (Reconcile G.L).
                                              Change a Document (Net Due Date, Item                         Misapplied Payment between Business
                                              Text)                                            FPE2         Partners (Doc No. 20xxxxxxxx, Doc Type      FP07, FP40, FP06
                                                                                                            Z0, Z1,Z2,Z3)
                                                                                                            Misapplied Payments (within Bus. Part.                          Registrar Interface                                             I-032
                                                                                                            Doc No. 25xxxxxxxx, Doc Type Z0)
                                          Invoicing                                                                                                                         Encumbrance Interface                                           I-042
                                               Create Invoice                               FMCAM2     Payment Run (Refunds)                                 FPY1
                                               Print Invoice                             FPCOPARA             List for Key Dates (by BP by doc #)          FPO1P-O1         Reconcile Account - FI (Match Debits/Credits)                   F-03
                                                                                                              Overview of Repayment Request (refund
                                                                                                                                                          FPRU, FPRS
                                               Display Created Invoice                    FMCAINVH            from Clarification)

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