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Dade On The Move


									 Spring 2002 • Issue 01

Dade On The Move...
South Florida Facility Expansion

    Although it’s not that far in distance, anyone who sees the plans for      "It’s a significant amount of effort from architects, engineers and pro-
 the new Dade Paper South Florida facility, will recognize it’s a long      ject managers who have really given us great service," offered Frank
 way from the old facility at 65 NE 23rd Street and a pretty decent turn    Sansone, Dade’s Vice President. "The strategy behind the new head-
 from the current building at 2323 NW 72nd Ave. But the need for a          quarters is to be able to support the current growth of the Miami facility
 new "state of the art" 220,000 square foot structure to be built in        which is at maximum capacity." The increased warehouse square
 Beacon Station at Gran Park, is apparent in all of Dade Paper’s strate-    footage and enhanced logistical capabilities, will enable Dade to better
 gies for organic growth, enhanced customer service, and continued          manage products, services and customers’ needs.
 leadership in the institutional paper, disposable foodservice packag-
                                                                               As the excitement builds for the completion of the new headquarters
 ing, chemical, janitorial and sanitation supply distribution industry.
                                                                            (groundbreaking Spring 2002, occupation January 2003), Dade Paper
     There is a Mediterranean flavor to the design, and with the use of     wants to take this opportunity to thank its family of over 600 employees
 conceptual landscaping and a prominant glass rotunda at the                and its many loyal customers. Dade Paper also wishes to extend its hos-
 entranceway, Dade will continue to identify with it’s South Florida ori-   pitality to everyone and offer an open invitation to come view the new
 entation of the past 65 years. Architect Rodriguez Pereira is also         facility upon its completion and see just how far Dade has come.
 working with Leotta Designers, Inc. for efficient space planning and
 interior design, including a product presentation/board room that will
 seat fifty-five. Obviously putting together a project plan for such an       The New                  Headquarters :
 undertaking requires tremendous cooperation of many entities and
 individuals, such as Project Manager Wayne Ramoski and Jerry                  Location: Beacon Station at Gran Park      Moving in: January 2003
 Cheeseman of Cushman & Wakefield.                                                       Corner of NW 112 Ave.& NW 97 St. Architect: Rodriguez Pereira
                                                                               Size: 220,000 sq ft                        Interior Design: Leotta Designers • • •
     Central Florida Report                                                                             Dade Heading Up South?
     Signs of strengthening in the tourism trade of Central Florida are                                   Atlanta. Gateway of the South. Survivor of the Civil War, Sherman’s
  being enthusiastically welcomed by the Dade Paper Orlando branch.                                   March and now (apparently) the arrival of Dade Paper & Bag Company.
  Scott Meltz (Sr. Branch Manager-Orlando) and his stellar staff have                                 Dade’s acquisition of the Atlanta Broom Company, a long standing dis-
  continued to pursue every possible lead and opportunity to offset the                               tributor (established in 1919) in the Metro Atlanta area, brought a lit -
  dramatic downturn in travel and tourism immediately following the                                   tle of South Florida to the South. Chuck Howard (followed soon after
  events of September 11, 2001.                                                                       by his wife, Debbie), Tere Martin and Bruce Levinson,all former Miami
                                                                                                      associates, relocated to Atlanta to offer a solid foundation for the
       As major winter storms developed in January and February, the
                                                                                                      development of the Dade Paper personality within the new market.
  signs of "snow birds" are apparent as auto tags from Michigan,
  Canada, and the Northeast have begun to appear on the Florida                                           Without question the influence of the South has had some impact
  expressways. The weather, coupled with a full slate of events in the                                on Dade Paper, but the same might be said for Dade’s impact on
  Central Florida area,are reinvigorating the tourism centered economy                                Atlanta. Substantial growth in each quarter and further expansion
  of Central Florida. February and March will bring Speed Week and                                    through the subsequent acquisition of Empire Paper, another estab-
  Bike Week to the Daytona Speedway. Spring Break will follow for the                                 lished paper house in Atlanta, coupled with concentrated, coordinated
  entire region (spanning beaches on both coasts) with the underlying                                 and targeted sales operations utilizing sales managers from around the
  assumption that race fans,bikers,and college kids are always looking                                company, has announced to Atlanta that
  for an excuse to take a good road trip.                                                             there is another procurement option
                                                                                                      available now.
       A very encouraging sign was the turnout at the PGA Merchandise
  Show, held at the Orange County Convention Center at the end of                                        At the same time, key personnel
  January. The show, open for qualified retailers, buyers, and golf indus-                            from the former Atlanta Broom
  try professionals boasted the largest single day attendance (Thursday’s                             Company (now Dade Paper Company
  session) of any trade show held at the Orange County Convention                                     – Alanta), such as Ella Raiden
  Center. Directly on the heels (spikes?) of this show, the Central Florida                           (Controller), Mary Jane Blair (Purchasing
  Boat Show sailed into town and reports indicated that attendance for                                Manager) and Herman Fishman (Division
  this show was higher than anticipated, perhaps an indication of contin-                             President), have regularly provided input
  ued shifting of recreational dollars toward family oriented endeavors.                              and guidance for a smooth transition.
       Of course, the major indicator of tourism health in Central Florida                                “At first, the merging of vendors and
  is the theme parks’ attendance figures. Although the news may be                                    item codes seemed endless,” offers
  mixed, it does appear that Disney, Universal, and Busch Gardens are                                 Mary Jane. “Changes encountered by
  all on an attendance upswing, representing increases of both in-state                               each employee met with reluctance to
  and out-of-state visitors, compared to the end of last year. Whatever                               turn loose of the old way and accept a
  the case, traffic on the roads in Central Florida seems to be as heavy                              different way of doing everyday work.”
  as ever (hopefully they’re not all out looking for jobs!).
                                                                                                          Eventually however, the scope of the
                                                                                                      change gave way to the enhancements available through Dade’s
                                                                                                      commitment to new technology and the changing business world.

                          Dade Factoid                                                                   “There is no way to calculate the years of knowledge and experience
                                                                                                      with todays technology that is literarily at our fingertips,” concludes
                                                                                                      Mary Jane.
                 Every week 750,000 cafésito                                                              As the new arrival, Dade also brings a different pace to the market-
                 (Cuban Coffee) cups are used                                                         place. As Ella Raiden observes, “most people here (from the existing
                 by Dade Paper’s customers…..                                                         Atlanta Broom culture) are excited about the opportunity to work with
                 (no wonder everyone drives so                                                        such an aggressive company,” and she adds “new technology has
                 fast in Miami)                                                                       offered all an easier, faster way of doing their day to day work with
                                                                                                      less complications.”
                                                                                                         Of course, the Miami transplants have made adjustments as well.
                                                                                                      Take Bruce Levinson for example. Lifelong South Florida native, now
                                                                                                      makes his way to Atlanta.
                                                                                                         "I lived my entire life in Miami with one language, English….
  Dade Directions • Spring 2002                                                                       now I move to Atlanta and I have to pick up a new language …
  Editor / David Holtz                      Contributing Correspondents:
  Contributing Editor / Carmen Casabielle   Carla Guinta (Orlando)    Jerry Vale (Jacksonville)       Southern. By the way, what are collard greens anyway?" Try them,
  Managing Editor / Frank Sansone           Scott Meltz (Orlando)     Andy Baltzell (Riviera Beach)   Bruce, with a little pepper sauce and some corn bread.
  Project Coordinator / K.S.O.              Ella Raiden (Atlanta)     Elsa Lugo (Puerto Rico)
  Design / Cre8tiv Juice Group              Mary Jane Blair (Atlanta) Rick Grandfield (Miami)
                                            Jed Turner (Jacksonville) • • • • www.d
   Letter from                                                                               DADE DIGITAL
        Welcome to the inaugural edition of Dade Directions, a                     Dade Paper will always seek to provide personalized service. We
   newsletter we hope will enable us to include you in the new and               built our business that way. Our professional sales associates are
   exciting events occurring in and around Dade Paper & Bag                      our greatest resource and are always available to our customers.
   Company. By now, we hope you’ve read about our new facility                   But we have seen the future of all business, and eCommerce plays
   plans, our eCommerce plans, our JanSan and Chemical prod-                     an important role, even for the paper guy.
   ucts initiative, recent acquisitions, personnel moves, new prod-
                                                                                    Today, we are actively redesigning our website, increasing the
   ucts and even new equipment. We’re going to use the newslet-
                                                                                 functionality and enhancing your experience there while visiting. If
   ter to share any interesting and exciting news we encounter, to
                                                                                 you need information at any time of day or night, if you need to place
   introduce you to new products and Dade Paper people, to keep
                                                                                 an order, if you need to know the closest Dade location, or if you need
   you informed of market trends and hopefully, to share some fun.
                                                                                 to check on the status of your order or your account, we want to pro-
       Our new facility and our new equipment represent the key                  vide that to you, seamlessly, efficiently and with an element of fun.
   component of our constant commitment to our customers, to
                                                                                    While we redesign,please feel free to visit our original design site.
   provide the highest level of service possible. This new building
                                                                                 It still features a great deal of functionality and is very user friendly.
   will enable us to grow with our South Florida market, as well
                                                                                 Use our on-line catalogue, register to order on-line and review a
   provide the infrastructure for our growth company wide.But we
                                                                                 wide array of information about Dade Paper. If you are an active
   will never forget that our success is directly related to our cus-
                                                                                 customer with Dade, have a dedicated Internet connection and are
   tomers' satisfaction. Enhancements to our fleet and to our
                                                                                 interested in ordering on-line, call us at 800-226-3233 x 235. We
   website are another key component to our commitment to you.
                                                                                 can get you set up, arrange a demonstration and train any staff
   Future acquisitions will be considered with an eye on strength-
                                                                                 members necessary to fulfill your on-line           purchasing needs.
   ening our position in the industry making us a more compre-
   hensive supplier, but never at the expense of maintaining                        To date, we have customers in our Miami, Riviera Beach, and
   unparalleled customer service.                                                Orlando facility ordering and we are processing customers in our
                                                                                 Atlanta branch. Orlando’s sales team has made tremendous strides
       So we want to dedicate this inaugural edition to all of our
                                                                                 in signing new customers for the on-line ordering portal,enabling us
   wonderful customers. It is their support, their loyalty, and their
                                                                                 to double and now almost triple our eCommerce sales in less than
   partnership with Dade Paper that has provided the tremendous
                                                                                 six months. So we’re ready if you are to explore the flexibility and
   motivation for the growth we’ve experienced together, the inno-
                                                                                 efficiency that on-line ordering can provide for you.
   vations we have undertaken,and the direction toward the future
   upon which we have embarked.In upcoming issues look for our
   Customer Profile section, spotlighting our great customers, as                Visit us at
   well as our Dade Superstar Employee profile,recognizing one of
   our most valuable assets, our associates. We look forward to
   keeping you informed and we hope you look forward to hearing
   from us.

   Lenny Genet

  Dade Paper continues it’s support for kids
   Dade Paper continued its sponsorship of the CHARLEE Program,
   an organization that provides services for neglected and abused
   children, by holding its annual Holiday Toy and Clothing Drive.
   CHARLEE operates Family Care Group Homes and Independent
   Living Programs, while also supporting the Supported Care Foster
   Program, helping find children of both sexes, all races and ethnic
   backgrounds, comfortable and nurturing home environments.
   This is an outstanding organization, well deserving of the entire
   community’s support,so if you would like to help CHARLEE,please      l to r: Thomas Eugene,Bus.Development Coord.
                                                                        CHARLEE Donna Genet,HR Director Dade Paper;
   contact Thomas Eugene,Jr.,Business Development Coordinator at        Yvette Garcia,Depot Operations Coord.,CHARLEE;
   305-267-4740.                                                        Frank Sansone,VP Dade Paper
                                                                        Thomas and Yvette present thank you basket to       Payroll Supervisor Marie Geffard arranges the toys
   For more information visit                    Donna and Frank in honor of Dade’s support during   and clothing donated by Dade Paper associates
                                                                        the Holiday Drive
                                                                                                                                                                                 3 • • • •
           Happy 85th Mr. Genet!!!

    Dade Paper founder, Irving Genet celebrated his 85th birthday
    on February 14th. Born in 1917, Irving continues his tradition
    of mentoring to scores of Dade Paper associates, vendors
    and other industry personnel, with no sign of slowing down.
    Irving’s keen sense of market trends, his skills of vendor and
    product analysis, and overall concept of the industry as part
    of the larger economic landscape, have served the company
    well with 63 years of legendary growth.

        Charting a course for protracted steady growth, development of
    strong strategic partnerships with vendors, and unparalleled customer
    service, Irving shepherded Dade Paper through the incredible era of change
    experienced in the latter half of the 20th century. And what is probably most
    fortunate for all of us at Dade Paper, all of those in the industry and all those
    who have had the good fortune of knowing and spending time with Irving, he
    has now extended his legacy and leadership into the 21st century.

      From all of us at Dade Paper, we wish Irving a happy, healthy and
    prosperous birthday.

    We Love You, Irving                                                                       Dade Factoid
                                                                                        Every Month Dade Paper sells about
                                                                                        2,000,000 Cuban bread bags
                                                                                        (@ 8 oz per load, that’s about
                                                                                        1,000,000 lbs of Cuban bread)

          AEP‚ SealWrap‚ ZipSafe‚ Slide Cutter
          AEP‚ has expanded the Sealwrap‚ dispensing systems product line with the                                             Pull out desired length of film...
          introduction of the ZipSafe‚ cutter box system, featuring a disposable slide
          cutter. Within the brightly colored graphic intensive cutter box,is the same
          "gold standard" foodservice plastic film,SealWrap‚ that has dominated the
          food wrap world for over 20 years. The slide cutter is an extremely
          efficient, safe and waste reducing innovation that eliminates the often                   Slide the film across...
          maligned disposable "razor tooth" cutter card. Ease of use allows for
          pulling off the desired length of film,laying it across the bar and sliding the
          cutter. You get an evenly cut, clean sheet of film each and every time. And
          no more nicks,scrapes or cuts or employee down time. It’s the same great
          film, with no waste or loss. If you’re using SealWrap‚ in the conventional
          box, we invite you to try the convenience, the efficiency and the safety of                                            Clean,neat sheet of film!

          the new ZipSafe‚ system.

4 • • • •
    Dade Keeps on Truckin’                                                         Jan San Update
        Dade Paper’s fleet of over 160 vehicles, logs an estimated                                                   When Rick Grandfield arrived at Dade Paper
  4,000,000 miles annually. From vans to tractor trailers,the Dade fleet                                       in June, he had a plan to move Dade to the
  provides customers with a comprehensive logistics process enabling                                           next level of JanSan distribution. Over the last
  almost any delivery mechanism necessary to service any account,                                              twenty years Dade had been a moderate player
  including 24 hour 7 day emergency service. As a result of this mileage                                       in the Janitorial and Sanitation supply business,
  volume, periodically the fleet must be updated and upgraded to meet                                          but lacked some of the key components to move
  the high service level profile demanded by Dade management. In                                               to the level of dominant factor. Rick began tar-
  mid-February, Dade Paper Orlando took delivery of eleven new 24’                                             geting specific areas for development and
  trucks and two tractors. Two of the eleven trucks were earmarked for                                         now, a few short months later, Dade has not
  other locations and the infusion of the new equipment in Orlando                                                                      only the tools to fulfill Rick’s
                                                                                           "We want to be the customer's first call for
  allowed that facility to retire some of their older equipment and                        chemical, janitorial and sanitary supply     goals, but an excited, ener-
                                                                                           requirements. And so we're building a full
  transfer the best of their current fleet to other Dade distribution centers.             line program to meet all their needs."
                                                                                                                                        getic team to implement the
      The new trucks will feature the latest technological innovations
  such as automatic transmissions and will also be adorned with the                  Today any of Dade’s foodservice customers can take advantage of
  newest decal panels featuring the “new” Dade Paper logo, product,              Dade’s Dishmachine Lease program. Dade not only offers two
  and website information. Without a doubt,the Dade Paper trucks are             machines manufactured by Knight, one a standard upright machine,
  some of the most visible "advertisements" for Dade Paper and are               the other a space saving under counter dishmachine, but also all
  immaculately maintained and cared for by the fleet supervisors                 chemicals and supplies necessary to operate these machines for
  throughout the company. The new trucks have been met with great                optimum efficiency and foodservice safety. In fact, South Florida
  excitement, particularly by Scott Meltz, Dade Orlando’s Sr. Branch             customers are able to take advantage of Dade’s ESP (Environmental
  Manager, who helped coordinate this fleet upgrade.                             Service Program) support, providing written service reports, no addi-
                                                                                 tional charges for parts or labor and no charge for delivery or instal-
                                                                                 lation to existing utilities.
                                                                                        Another direction has been the establishment of a full line Floor
                                                                                 Care program, including products and expertise for all types of flooring
                                                                                 (marble to wood, ceramic tile to carpet) and the services to match.
                                                                                 Included in the Dade Paper Floor Care program is access to a full line
                                                                                 of floor care equipment and outstanding quality floor mats by The
                                                                                 Andersen Company, both essential ingredients to a full line floor care
                                                                                 plan. Dade Paper has become very active with floor mats, offering
                                                                                 access to
                                                                                 c u s t om l o g o
                                                                                 entrance mats
                                                                                 by Andersen,
                                                                                 a r t wo r k a n d
                                                                                 proof produc-
                                                                                 tion done
                                                                                 quickly, easily
                                                                                 and at no
                                                                                                                          Dade’s Environmental Team
                                                                                      Maybe most valuable to this rapid development, has been the
                                                                                 assemblage of an excellent Chemical and Janitorial Sales
                                                                                 Management team. The efforts of this team have resulted in signifi-
  "The Orlando facility delivers to Tampa/St. Pete and Sarasota on the
                                                                                 cant increases in sales and exposure of these products and services
  west coast, and Cocoa, Daytona and Flagler Beach on the east coast.
                                                                                 to many customers, but they are constantly looking for additional
  We range north to Gainesville and south to Lake Wales. Since we
                                                                                 opportunities for this division. Under Rick’s guidance, Luis Marti’s
  average the most miles annually per truck, we get the job of filtering
                                                                                 direction in Miami,Mark Hamadeh’s in Riviera Beach,Steve Neubart’s
  the equipment with the new mileage and then eventually transferring
                                                                                 in Orlando, Tim Kavanaugh’s in Jacksonville and Terry Roger’s in
  the equipment to Miami or Riviera Beach where the mileage is much
                                                                                 Atlanta, Dade has updated their product literature and MSDS library.
  more consolidated."
                                                                                 As a result, Dade now offers excellent consultative selling resources
       Of course, Scott also admits that he loves that "new truck"               and outstanding product and service expertise in all locations, for all
  smell…but they still don’t let him take a test drive.                          of our customers.                                                                         5 • • • •
Together, Offering You The Finest Food Service Products Available Today!
    Foam Hinged            Foam & Laminated Foam   Foam Processor                  Straight & Rolled Rim
 Carryout Containers           Plates & Bowls      & Serving Trays                   Cone Water cups

                                                        Forum‚ Cater Trays
                       +                           Why Be Round? Its Okay to be Square!

        A great team for
         over 20 years.

                                                     Black Marble, Leak Resistant Elegant and Distinctive
                                                       High and Low Lids and Matching Dinnerware Available

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