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					Title: 5 tricky interview questions and answers

Every one of us has gone through an interview at least once in our life. Answering interview questions is
sometimes very easy and sometimes it is very difficult. Interviewers sometimes ask very tricky interview
questions that all your interview preparation goes to vain. No matter how much preparation you have
done, how many career coaching classes you have gone through and how much sample interview
answers you have memorized, if you are not smart enough to answer tricky questions, you cannot pass

Now let me tell you 5 most tricky interview questions and their most appropriate answers.

    1- Why should we hire you for this job?
       If you are asked this question, and surely you will in many of your job interview, first thing you
       need to do is not to get confused. Confidently explain your expertise related to the job, state
       your qualification, your skills and capabilities and tell about your ambitions. Remember never
       try to be over smart and over confident.

    2- Why are you leaving your current job?
       Never give any negative comment about your current employer. Even if they have any bad
       aspects, you should tell them in a positive way. You can say that “I need to have a more learning
       opportunity” or “my previous company has shut its operations” or “I see more growing chances
       in your organization”.

    3- What are your major strengths?
       State your strengths truly and honestly. Don’t say that you are hardworking, enthusiastic and
       compromising because mostly candidates would say this. You can say that “my greatest strength
       is that I always try to think out of the box” or “I never leave my work undone” or “I try to do
       routine tasks in new ways”.

    4- What are your major weaknesses?
       Don’t tell those weaknesses which may affect your professional attitude. Tell some of your
       minor weaknesses and remember you should state your weaknesses in a positive aspect. Such
       that your weakness looks like your strength. Like “I never bother about time while working in
       office, that’s why my family keeps waiting for me” or “I never compromise on quality no matter
       how many times I have to try and repeat a single task”.

    5- Where do you see our organization after five years?
       This question can only be answered if you have done your homework related to organization
       you have applied for. Before going for the interview, you must research about the organization
       and its goals. Visit their website and search its working. Tell them about their upcoming projects
       and their long term plans. Your answer should be brief and relevant. Don’t explain too much of
Title: Finance Job Interview questions

Finance is a very vast field. Careers in finance are very large in number. If you have a degree in finance
surely you have a great future ahead. And to take your first step towards your destination you must go
through many interview questions. Applying for a finance job is easy but to clear the interview and get
that job is really a big and difficult task.

Here you will find some key and important interview questions and interview advices, which will surely
help you somewhere in your life.

Interviewer will start the interview just like any normal interview with questions related to your family
background, your experiences, why you need this job and many other interview questions. Then
interviewer will ask you finance questions, which you have to answer briefly and to the point.

Here are some finance interview questions which you can be asked:

    1-    Define stock?
    2-    What is meant by depreciation?
    3-    State some methods for calculation of depreciation?
    4-    How will you define balance sheet?
    5-    What is liquidity ratio?
    6-    What do you mean by accrual system of accounting?
    7-    Define cost accounting?
    8-    Elaborate uses of financial statements?
    9-    Why stock holders are interested in financial statements of the company?
    10-   What is the purpose of the cash flow statement?
    11-   Tell any five types of bonds?
    12-   What is financial management?
    13-   What does IRR stand for?
    14-   How many types of inventory are there?
    15-   What is the difference between job costing and process costing?
    16-   How will you define NPV and future value?
    17-   What is the difference between normal and abnormal loss?
    18-   What is FIFO and LIFO?
    19-   Give some examples of direct material?
    20-   What is factory cost?
    21-   What do you understand by complex budget and flexible budget?
    22-   How will you define risk and risk management?
    23-   What is meant by labor turnover ratio?
    24-   What is a bin card?
    25-   You have to invest money in a project, you have two projects, one has +900 NPV and second has
          +700 NPV. In which project you will invest?
    26- You are an owner of a company and you are short of finances. What will you do?
    27- Being owner of a company, you need 5 trucks. Will you buy them or lease them?
    28- You have extra money in your pocket, where you will invest them?

Go and have a very nice interview. Good luck.

Title: Managerial Position Interview questions

Management is an extremely important department in almost every organization. And to fill in a
managerial post, the organization needs a perfect candidate. Here you will find all kind of managerial
interview help you need.

Here is a list of top most asked interview questions for any sort of managerial post. Go through them
and prepare for the interview.

       What managerial qualities do you think you have?
       How can you motivate your employees?
       How can you motivate professionals in your organization?
       State some your skills?
       How will you solve or manage a conflict among employees?
       What is meant by external and internal environment of organization and how this environment
        affects working of a manager?
       Tell me something about scientific management and how will you use it if you are hired?
       Define organizational culture?
       What is TQM and six sigma?
       Being a manager, what are your social responsibilities?
       How can we implement MBO in our organization?
       What is strategic management?
       Why is environmental scanning necessary?
       Tell me about a situation where you played a role of disturbance handler?
       How will you use research for betterment of your organization?
       What do you think is more important, centralization or decentralization?
       How will you reward and punish your employees?
       Are groups and teams necessary for an organization, I have many facts that prove that efficiency
        of employees falls when they work in groups. What do you think?
       How will you remove the barriers of interpersonal communication?
       What do you think, organizations should be paper-free or not?
       In your opinion, what is the most difficult task of a manager?
       I don’t know anything about planning, please tell me about it?
       You have to divide your employees into different departments, how will you do that most
       Being a manager, you have to send only five of your employees for training. How you will select
        your employees for the training?
       State some of leadership qualities you have?
       People say that leaders are born, what is your point of view in this regard?
       How will you gain trust of your employees and sub ordinates?
       What is SWOT analysis?
       How will you react in a risky decision making situation?

These are sample interview questions and hope it will help you in your future endeavors.

Title: What is competency based interview?

Interviews are a part of our life. We cannot go without interviews. Every interview varies job to job. All
the interview questions are almost the same like qualification, experience, ambitions, strengths and
weaknesses. But the interview based to judge some relevant or required skill of the interviewee is
known as a competency based interview. You can also call it a skill evaluation interview.

Competency based interviews are structured interviews in which all the questions are asked to test
some skill of the candidate. The answers are then matched with already predefined answers to evaluate
the candidate.

Some of the competency skills are:

       Leadership
       Communication
       Problem solving skills
       Ability to work in a group or a team
       Management skills
       Creative skills
       Risk taking
       Helpful to others

Candidate should take all the questions as a challenge and should always try to give positive answers.
For instance, if you are asked “what would be your reaction if you find some resistance or criticism from
your team members or colleagues?” Your answer should be positive, you can answer that “I am an
optimistic person and can understand that suggestion vary person to person and it is the very right of
my team fellows to express their ideas freely. I always welcome every kind of criticism”.

Competency based interviews are taken to find a perfect candidate for the job post. If good
communication skills are required then a simple degree holder candidate cannot hired. The perfect
candidate for this post may be a salesperson or a manager having extraordinary communication skills.
Furthermore communication skills of the candidate can be checked by asking “how will you convince a
person to but your newly launched product?” Here the candidate needs to quote some previous good
example of such type of a scenario to elaborate his answer.

In a competency based interview, interviewee is asked to explain skills with the help of past experiences.
For example, you may be asked to “state one of the best example where you have managed/leaded a
team of more than five people to perform a time based task.” This type of a question can be answered
only if the candidate has the desired skill.

This type of competency based interviews has made it very easy for the recruiter to hunt the right
person for the right job with all the necessary skills and abilities.

In the end, apart from interview advice, you should keep polishing your skills. Your skills will surely never
let your down.

Title: PHP Interview questions

PHP stands for Hyper text Pre Processor, which is a scripting language used for development of web
pages. Giving an interview for PHP is not an easy job because you will be asked about many commands
about the language. But don’t worry, you will be provided here with complete interview tutoring.

Here are some basic and complex PHP interview questions.

       Define a constant and a variable?
       What does PHP stand for?
       Explain some errors of PHP?
       What do you understand by type juggle?
       Explain zend engine?
       How would you transfer data from one web page to another web page?
       What is meant by output buffering?
       Explain the procedure for uploading a file?
       What is a class method?
       Elaborate the procedure to pass a variable?
       What is a notify URL?
       Explain captcha?
       Describe unlink function in detail?
       How can I assign 086 value to a variable?
       Where you will use endif?
       Define a session?
       What is the procedure to create a database?
       What is an array? How an array can be sorted?
       What is a revoke command and why it is used?
       How to create a table?
       What is the procedure to change the names of the column and rows in a table?
       How file can be saved?
       What is payment gateway process?
       What is a remote server?
       How can you change the font color in an HTML page?
       What do you understand by normalization?
       What is the meaning of abstract class?
       How to change the maximum size limit of the file to be uploaded?
       Where you will use a friend function?
       What are cookies and how to reset cookies?
       Highlight the difference between the two: x54 and 54?
       Is it possible to combine two variables?
       Is it possible to destroy a cookie?
       Is it possible to submit a form without a form button?
       Explain the procedure for initializing strings?
       What is query and how to write it?
       Why .frm file is used?
       Explain following: STRISTR, printf,sha1(), MD5, COM, IMAP?
       Is there any difference between require and include?
       Is it possible to reset an array?
       It is possible to view or open any word or excel file in PHP?
       Can we add images in PHP?

Title: Retail Job Interview questions

Retail job interviews are not much different from any other job interviews. There are so many questions
that can be asked. You should get prepared for them in advance.

Here you will find a complete and thorough list of all the required retail job interview questions.

       How will you greet your customer? Give me a sample greeting?
       Explain three major qualities related to this job that you think you have?
       “Customer is never satisfied”. Please comment?
       Do you think is it necessary for the retail person to have the knowledge of the products or the
        customer should know it?
       Tell me our biggest accomplishment so far related to retail job?
       How will you judge the needs of the customer?
       How will you tackle an angry customer?
       You have to sell me a product, how will you do it?
       How can you increase the sales of me store?
       What is the importance of patience in your job?
       Are you an active listener? Quote some example?
       Explain the importance of body language in retail job?
       I am your customer and I am asking for a product that is out of stock. How will you convey me
        this me. Demonstrate?
       State some of major skills required for this job?
       Do you have these skills?
       I am your customer and asking for a discount of 10% but you cannot grant more than 8%. Deal
        with me?
       Do you think management is a necessary tool for retail job?
       You are a recruiter and hiring a candidate for retail job. What qualities you will monitor? If I
        don’t have speech clarity, will you hire me?
       Where do you rate customer satisfaction in this job?
       How will you remember the location of different merchandise in the store? Any ideas?
       Give me some suggestions so that I can satisfy my customers beyond any limits?
       You have caught a person who was stealing from the store. What will you do?
       Does this job require social interactions or not?
       How will you rate your creativity and power of judgment?
       What is the importance of physical strength in this job?

Take some time to search and find out the answers of these questions for your upcoming retail job
interview. Keep enhancing your interview techniques to have a better future for yourself.

Title: What is behavioral interview?

During one’s life one must go through an interview as job is a need of everyone. Interview questions
vary job to job. When you have to give any behavioral interview it is a little different from routine
interviews. It contains some traits of common interviews but the focus of behavioral interview is upon
one’s personality and his perceptions.

The question arises that why interviewer needs to ask questions about interviewee’s personality?
All of the above, it is the priority of any organization to hire the candidates who can overcome with all
the problems they will face during their job. It could be only done if you are an optimistic person who
acts realistically. You need to be humble, that you could express your feelings, your ideas to the related
person even after facing some resistance or criticism.
In behavioral interviews, interviewer can ask “why you are leaving your current job?”
Now this is the time to show your positive behaviour. You better tell that you need to grow more, need
experience in something new of my interest, as I can see the opportunities in your organization. If you
will say something against your previous company it will give the impact that you will do the same after
leaving new company that would be not acceptable.

Interviewer can ask about your siblings, your interests, your job experiences if you have any and your
qualification as well. But the questions related to your personality will give your insight vision. This kind
of interviews is taken in nearly all the fields but especially where costumer dealing, managerial posts,
trainers and teachers are involved.

Candidate going through this kind of interview needs to be honest as well as smart. Never show your
weaknesses. You could be questioned that what you will do if any customer shouts on you due to
system failure or finding some defect in your product? You should say that I can apologize on the
mistake and provide him error free product. You must show your humble attitude to the interviewer as
well as the customer.

By knowing the psychology of the candidate, interviewer could see his capabilities as its essential to
know. Psychology builds one’s behaviour, acts, expressions and moods. Person with good nature and
positive behaviour could survive in all situations easily as well as he can motivate his colleagues in tough
moments, that’s quite favorable for the organization. Finding an appropriate person for the post could
be done by using the method of behavioral interviews.

Title: Sales Interview questions

Sales play a vital role in the world of production. Products are nothing if not presented in an attractive
manner to the customer. Different strategies are used for the promotion of products. One of the biggest
marketing strategies is sale through the salesman. Salesman is a person who can provide all the details
of the product to any individual, company or group of people. Sales person needs to have a firm grip on
the product details, its all attributes and the characteristics which makes their product different from

Sales interview questions are little different than other interview questions because sales need much
more potential and temperament as compared to other jobs. You need to convince the customers and
have to tell them that they have a product that no other company is offering.

It’s a demanding job, so here are some sales interview questions:

    1- Why you preferred this field as your profession?
   2-    What are the merits and demerits of this field?
   3-    What problems you faced in your last job?
   4-    How you solve the issues regarding your job?
   5-    How you convince your customers to buy your product?
   6-    What do you do if any customer behaves harshly?
   7-    How do you start selling your product?
   8-    What sales skills should a sales person have?
   9-    Do you sell the product or the company?
   10-   Tell any most difficult task you performed till yet?
   11-   Do you ever tried to change your way of selling?
   12-   What you can do different for our company?
   13-   Sell me this table mat?
   14-   What was your sales ratio last year?
   15-   What is the key skill of sales?
   16-   Do you make any presentation of the product before selling?
   17-   How you explain the attributes your the product to the customer?
   18-   Do you compare your company’s two products?
   19-   Do you tell the better product of your company as per customer need?
   20-   You feel comfortable working alone or in group?
   21-   What suggestions you can give while working in a group?
   22-   What is the most difficult aspect of this field?
   23-   State one achievement of your career you feel proud of?
   24-   What kind of products you can easily sell?
   25-   What do you think, is selling an easy job?
   26-   How will you rate yourself as a sales person?

These sample questions will surely help you in your next interview. You should be confident and your
interview preparation should be complete. Search about the company thoroughly before interview and
you will have a winning interview.
Good luck.

Title: Explaining strengths and weaknesses in an interview

It is a commonly asked question in interviews. Interviewer does not know much about the candidate as
well as he tries to examine candidate’s confidence and his realism that reflects one’s professional
behaviour. This even helps a candidate to express himself, to elaborate his expertise and explain his
weaknesses positively. This may enlighten the candidate as well. One needs to be smart enough to play
with this situation.
Candidate would be free to introduce his strengths to the interviewer. Now one needs to behave in a
professional manner. Explain your strengths you really have. Do not over explain or exaggerate your
skills. You could tell about” your impressive communication skills, quote your experience enhancing your
skill, if you have”.

Tell about your good leadership abilities, as you have a friendly attitude with your juniors but do not
compromise on the quality work. Convince that you are a good team player as well, can give different
ideas that can improve team performance. Tell that you do not get depressed on your mistakes, your
self motivation do not allow you to lay down on a failure so I keep on working till success.
Do not include your qualification as your strength. Elaborate skills beyond your documentations. Show
the interviewer your insight vision, your ambitions, your unique way of thought, the way you can polish
your abilities and provide them great work. Do not say that you are compromising and hardworking.
This may be said by every one out there waiting for his/her turn. Answer professionally, be mature while

If the interviewer asks about your weaknesses, you need to be very careful regarding this. Explain your
weaknesses positively. It is certain that no one is perfect, weaknesses are in every one but you need to
mold them impressively to remove their negativity.

You can say that “you are so passionate about your job, that’s why sometimes your family and friends
get ignored”. You can say that “when some idea strikes your mind, it makes me forget my all interests “.
You can say “as I am a person with a kind heart and feels that every one has the right to express oneself,
that’s why sometimes you have to face much criticism”.

Do not say that you are moody or a sensitive person. Never bother your interviewer’s casual behaviour
regarding your weaknesses. You still need to be very careful even they say to feel free and be open.

All the interview preparations u have done or the interview techniques you have gone through can be
failed unless you answer your interviewer confidently and smartly. All you need is, having complete
confidence on your abilities and your good luck.

Title: Thank you letter after interview sample

Every one of us goes through an interview atleast once in our lives. The moment you are infront of the
interviewer is the right time to show all you strengths, skills and capabilities. But an interview is
incomplete without an interview thank you letter.

Writing an interview thank you letter is a great symbol of professionalism and it shows your keen
interest in the job. You should write the letter to your recruiter within 24 hours of your interview. This
will have a great impact on your recruiter. You can mention any details about yourself which you were
somehow unable to deliver in the interview.
Now the question is how to write this thank you interview letter. You don’t need any kind of career
coaching for this. It is very simple and easy.

Here is a sample interview thank you letter.

You name
Your complete address
Email address
Contact number(s)

Complete address of the organization
Dear sir/madam/name,

I am extremely grateful that you called me in for an interview for the post of XYZ in your organization. I
am greatly hopeful and very much sure that you will give me a chance to become an active part of your
organization. I am very interested for this post.

As discussed with you, I have a lot of experience in ABC field. As your organization has a plan to capture
maximum market share. So together we can have a shinning future and my expertise will help you and
your organization to be on the top.

(Mention any details which you didn’t mentioned in the interview)

If you have any other details to inquire you can contact me through email or can call me. I am always
there for you.

Looking forward for your positive and keen feedback.

Once again I am thankful to you for your precious time.

Your’ sincerely,
Your name.

You can make required changes as per your need in the above sample interview thank you letter. You
letter should be so influential that it should force the organization and recruiter to hire you for the job.
Don’t write irrelevant material. You letter shouldn’t be very large. Make it precise and simple so that the
reader can read it quickly with ease.

Remember, interview thank you letter is very important. Because among a large number of candidates
you may be the only one who is writing the letter. So it increases the chances of your selection.

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