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									                                          This is not a condemnation of
                                          alcohol, or the people who                           Myths, Lies, and
                                          consume it responsibly and are
    Calorie Consumption for
  Popular Alcoholic Beverages             of legal age. It is merely to
                                                                                               Just Plain Stupid
               Beverage        Calories   spread awareness of a problem                         “Facts” about
Anheuser Busch Natural Light     95       our nation is facing and to
Anheuser Busch Natural Ice       157      promote responsible and healthy                           Alcohol
Bud Light                        110      drinking habits.
Budweiser                        145                                                       College presents individuals with
Busch Beer                       133          REMEMBER: No alcohol is permitted in      many opportunities to experience new
Busch Light                      110      the residence halls unless you are 21 years   things. Many students take the time to
Coors Beer                       142      of age.                                       learn about new subject matters, join
Coors Light                      102                                                    interesting clubs, play sports, partake in
Keystone Light                   104                                                    student governments, study abroad, or
Miller Lite                      96                                                     become an RA, all of which are positive
Milwaukee's Best                 128                                                    associations with college life. Then
Milwaukee's Best Light           98                                                     there are others who choose another
Pabst Blue Ribbon                153                                                    route; a road paved by sex, drugs, and
Corona Extra Beer                148                                                    alcohol.
Guinness Extra Stout             153
                                                                                            This pamphlet will discuss some
Heineken Lager Beer              150
                                                                                        common myths associated with alcohol.
Rum                              125
                                                                                        It will also give some startling statistics
Scotch Whisky                    115
                                                                                        and some unknown facts pertaining to
Southern Comfort                 180
                                                                                        alcohol and underage drinking.
Tequila                          115
                                                      Below is a list of ways to help
Vodka                            125                  prevent alcohol poisoning.
Whisky                           125
Smirnoff Ice                     228
                                                      • Drink no more than one
Bacardi Silver                   225
                                                      drink per hour
Skyy Blue                        235
Mike's Hard Lemonade             220
                                                      • Eat a full meal shortly
                                                      before you start drinking
    If you are worried about the
 “freshman fifteen” you can start                     • Drink non-alcoholic drinks
 by not drinking. Take a look at                      between alcoholic drinks to
     the calorie intake on some                       slow the rate of consumption
     popular alcohol beverage.
                                                      • Do not mix alcohol with
                                                      other drugs, legal or illegal

                                                      • Do not let others pressure
                                                      you to drink
      Ten Myths About                                       5.   Myth: Black coffee and a cold shower will            9.   Myth: Drinking isn't all that dangerous.
                                                                 sober you up.
          Alcohol                                                                                                          Fact: One in three 18-24 year olds admitted to
                                                                 Fact: The average person metabolizes alcohol              emergency rooms for serious injuries are
1.   Myth: Alcohol is a great way to relax and                   at the rate of about one drink per hour. Only time        intoxicated. And alcohol is also associated with
                                                                 will sober a person up. Drinking strong coffee,           homicides, suicides, and drowning. Alcohol is
     reduce stress.
                                                                 exercising or taking a cold shower will not help.         closely linked with violence. About 40 percent of
                                                                                                                           all crimes (violent and non-violent) are committed
     Fact: Alcohol increases the level of stress that is                                                                   under the influence of alcohol. In 2004, 30
     placed on the body. Adrenaline levels increase in      6.   Myth: You can drink and still be in control.              percent of all fatal crashes during the week were
     the body as we drink. We may feel more relaxed                                                                        alcohol-related, compared to 51 percent on
     when we drink alcohol, but the body actually                                                                          weekends. For all crashes, the alcohol
     comes under additional stress.                              Fact: Drinking impairs your judgment, which               involvement rate was 5 percent during the week
                                                                 increases the likelihood that you will do                 and 12 percent during the weekend. About three
                                                                 something you'll later regret such as having              in every ten Americans will be involved in an
                                                                 unprotected sex, being involved in date rape,             alcohol-related crash at some time in their lives.
2.   Myth: Alcohol improves sexual
                                                                 damaging property, or being victimized by others.         Just to throw out some other statistics for college
     performance.                                                                                                          aged students:
                                                                 This also goes along with believing you can still
                                                                 drive even after you drink. Although you may feel
                                                                 fine, your judgment is impaired and you should
     Fact: Although a small amount of alcohol may
                                                                 never drive under the influence; always have a                1,400 college students between the ages of
     make you feel less inhibited and may stimulate                                                                             18 -24 die each year from alcohol misuse
                                                                 designated driver or call a taxicab.
     your interest in sex, anything more will decrease
     and reduce your ability to perform and numb your
                                                                                                                               70,000 college students reported cases of
                                                                                                                                sexual abuse because of alcohol use
                                                            7.   Myth: Beer doesn't have as much alcohol                       600,000 reported cases of students being
                                                                 as hard liquor.                                                assaulted by someone who had been
3.   Myth: There is no point in postponing                                                                                      drinking
     drinking until I'm over 21.                                                                                               500,000 college students unintentional
                                                                 Fact: A 12-ounce bottle of beer has the same                   injuries blamed on alcohol use
                                                                 amount of alcohol as a standard shot of 80-proof
     Fact: Research shows that the longer you                    liquor (either straight or in a mixed drink) or 5
     postpone drinking, the less likely you are to ever          ounces of wine. Alcohol is alcohol. Your blood       10. Myth: Everyone in college drinks!
     experience alcohol-related problems. Research               alcohol content (BAC), the percent of alcohol in
     also shows that the brain does not finish                   your blood is what determines how drunk you
     developing until a person is at least in their early        are. Not the flavors you selected.                        Fact: Although it may seem like everyone you
     20s, and one of the last regions to mature is                                                                         know is drinking, in reality they are not. It is true
     intimately involved with the ability to plan and                                                                      that underage drinking is a problem with 54% of
     make complex judgments. They made the legal            8.   Myth: Drugs are a bigger problem than                     freshman illegally consuming alcohol and binge
     age limit 21 for a reason.                                  alcohol.                                                  drinking is also becoming a problem, but that still
                                                                                                                           means 46% are not drinking. The number of
                                                                                                                           college students who do not drink is beginning to
4.   Myth: Women can “hold” their alcohol as                     Fact: Although alcohol use is legal when you are          grow. The percentage of abstainers increased
                                                                 21, and is more socially acceptable, it is still          from 15 to 19 percent. 70 % of college age
     well as a man.
                                                                 classified as a drug. Alcohol has claimed the             students also favor 21 as the minimum age to
                                                                 lives of more young people than cocaine, heroin,          sell or serve alcohol. 65 % want the rules more
     Fact: Women process alcohol differently. No                 and every other illegal drug combined. About 18           strongly enforced. Just remember that you do not
     matter how much a man drinks, if you drink the              million Americans are addicted to alcohol or have         have to drink in order to fit in. There are many
     same amount, you will be more intoxicated and               alcohol abuse issues. Furthermore, alcohol is the         alternatives to drinking; you just have to find
     more impaired.                                              No. 1 drug problem of today's youth.                      them!

                                                                     YOU SHOULD NOT DRINK UNTIL YOU’RE 21

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