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Headquartered in Montpelier, Vermont;
offices in New York, Philadelphia and
San Francisco Six independent portfolio
management teams 14 mutual funds in
four major asset classes Nearly $16
billion in assets under management,
as of December 31, 2008 Sentinel Common
Stock Fund celebrating 75 years Committed
to sustainable investing

Few funds or fund groups in the industry can boast a track
record reaching all the way back to 1934. Sentinel can through its
Common Stock Fund. We have long recognized that we cannot
rest on our past achievements. We must continually reaffirm and
expand on our historic, firm-wide commitment to competitive
performance, investment quality and risk protection.
      This is why, over the last several years, we have made
significant enhancements to our company. We have added
seasoned portfolio managers in disciplines that include growth
stock management, mid cap growth and international equity
investing. We introduced risk management tools, developed new
analytical tools and invested in some of the most talented people
in the industry. We’ve recently added capabilities in sustainable
investing. We believe the themes of global warming, population and
resource imbalances, and community citizenship will drive corpo-
rate and investor behavior for years to come. And we will be in
the vanguard.
      We maintain an exceptional organization built around
independent teams. Each of these teams is expert in its discipline.
Each is supported by seasoned research and trading professionals.
Each is empowered to follow its own investment process. Each is
held accountable for its own results. You will meet them in the
following pages. They are our company.
      They share in a firm-wide philosophy. As members of the
Sentinel organization, they pursue investment strategies founded on
fundamental research, and they emphasize quality companies and
reasonably priced securities. They manage risk through a focus on
quality and by diversifying across sectors and securities. They are
unwavering in their commitment to delivering competitive returns
while managing downside risk. If the stock market is a voting
machine in the short term and a weighing machine in the long
term, we are more interested in substance and knowledge, not
polls and caprice.
      We invite you to learn more about our organization and
our investment teams in the pages that follow. Sentinel’s history,
long-term performance, commitment to sound investment
management principles and quality shareholder services offer
exceptional benefits to investors.

Christian W. Thwaites
President and
Chief Executive Officer
Sentinel Asset
Management, Inc.

                                            THE ESSENTIAL
                                               EL EMEN T S
                                             OF INVESTING    1
How we protect and
grow investors’ capital

                          Focused, independent teams
                          No single investment team can manage all strategies. On the
                          contrary, in-depth, specialized expertise is critical in under-
                          standing the risks and opportunities that each asset class or
                          investment strategy entails. As a result, we have built our
                          organization out of discreet, independent teams, each with
                          a long track record and deep insight into a specialty. These
                          teams are supported by dedicated analysts, who understand
                          the managers’ disciplines and can provide tailored, relevant
                                Yet while these teams are autonomous, they are not
                          isolated. All members of our investment teams participate in
                          regular calls and meetings, through which they share insights
                          and benefit from each other’s perspectives. Our structure
                          ensures that our teams of specialized, experienced investment
                          professionals have the freedom to pursue their best ideas, and
                          have the support of a larger investment organization.

                              Dependable, repeatable investment disciplines
                              Successful investment strategies are built on rigorous, well-defined processes that seek
                              opportunities in a consistent way, regardless of market sentiment or events.
                                    At Sentinel Investments, all of our investment teams employ bottom-up, fundamental
                              research to uncover opportunities. They monitor risk carefully as they construct portfolios,
                              making sure that no investment strategy is overly exposed to single securities or market
                              sectors. We strive to keep our portfolios in line with their stated goals for market capital-
                              ization, duration and other investment characteristics, yet we take no extreme style bets.
                              And, though we offer strategies that span a range of asset classes and styles, we emphasize
                              the basics — stocks, bonds, international securities and cash — rather than more esoteric
                              alternative portfolios.

A commitment to sustainable performance
Our overarching goal, across all portfolios, is to seek the benefit of market upturns while
also limiting risk during downturns. Ideally, our portfolios should capture most of bull
market performance, while limiting bear market exposure to between 60% and 80% of
the downturn.
       We do this by buying quality securities at attractive valuations, a strategy which, in
itself, limits risk in the portfolio. Our focus on strong, independent research, diversification
and value provides investors with two essential elements of successful long-term investing:
the opportunity for growth while managing downside risk.

                                                                                                       THE ESSENTIAL
                                                                                                        OF INVESTING   3

        Daniel J. Manion, CFA
        Portfolio Manager
        Dan leads the Sentinel Large Cap
        Team and is also the director of equity
        research. He joined Sentinel in 1993,
        and was named Vice President in 1998.
        He received his undergraduate degree
        from the University of Oklahoma and
        his MBA from the University of Bridge-
        port. He is a member of the New York
        Society of Security Analysts, the Vermont
        CFA Society and the CFA Institute. He
        has more than 21 years of investment
        management experience.

                                              Hilary Roper, CFA           Helena Ocampo
                                              Vice President,             Vice President,                       Jason D. Wulff
                                              Equity Analyst              Equity Analyst                        Equity Analyst

    nvestors often like to put strategies into growth or value boxes.     Team facts
    I believe, though, for long-term investment success, you need         Location: Montpelier, VT
    to incorporate elements of both styles into your approach.            Funds managed:
That’s what we’ve done in the Large Cap Team. We look for large,          Sentinel Common Stock Fund
established companies with sound business models and we pay               Sentinel Sustainable Core
careful attention to valuation. We’re not looking for growth at           Opportunities Fund
any price, but we are also not buying beaten-up stocks that may           Sentinel Balanced Fund
never appreciate. It’s a blend strategy, which offers the benefits of     (co-managed)
both styles.                                                              Sentinel Conservative
                                                                          Allocation Fund (co-managed)
       Most people don’t realize how concentrated their growth
                                                                          Sentinel Common Stock Fund
and value strategies are. For instance, how many people poured
                                                                          was established in 1934.
money into value funds in late 2007, only to find that financial stocks
made up 30% to 35% of their portfolios? On the other side, how
many people understand how heavily their growth funds invest in
       We diversify across industries and sectors, and we tend not to
get caught up in short-term market trends. That’s because we like
to buy “one decision” stocks, or high-quality companies we can own
over several years — companies that have the potential to earn high          Cs                                       Ba
returns. They are well positioned competitively. Their managers
are seasoned and capable. They have decent balance sheets and are            Cg     Gl Mg Mv Ca Co Go
attractively valued — so there is significant upside potential.
       We find these stocks through fundamental research. We                        Sc Sm Gs Sg                  Ie
use multifactor analysis to narrow our universe, then focus stock
by stock on the most attractive opportunities. We divide up the
universe by sector. I follow energy, industrials, basic materials and     Large-company stocks as a group could fall out of
utilities. Helena, Jason and Hilary cover health care and consumer        favor with the market and underperform investments
                                                                          that focus on small and mid-sized company stocks.
stocks, financials and technology/media and telecomm.
       Our approach works well in most environments, but it has
the potential to really shine during volatile markets, when a high-
quality bias and diversified portfolio may make a difference.

                                                                                                                 THE ESSENTIAL
                                                                                                                  OF INVESTING   5
                  Elizabeth R. Bramwell, CFA
                  Portfolio Manager
                  Elizabeth leads Sentinel’s Large Cap
                  Growth investment team. Elizabeth
                  joined Sentinel in March 2006 after
                  more than 12 years as president of
                  Bramwell Capital Management, Inc.,
                  which she founded in 1994. She began
                  her career at Morgan Guaranty Trust
                  Company in 1967, and has more than
                  four decades of experience in securities
                  analysis and portfolio management,
                  encompassing an extensive range of
                  market environments.

                                            William H. Symon            Sanil V. Daptardar                      Wendy S. Ruhm
                                            Vice President,             Vice President,                         Assistant Vice President,
                                            Equity Analyst              Equity Analyst                          Equity Analyst

    n more than 40 years of investing, one thing I’ve learned is that   Team facts
    you have to follow your portfolio every day. With the volatility    Location: New York, NY
    in the market now and constantly changing conditions, a single      Funds managed:
day can make a huge difference in placing trades. In short, you         Sentinel Capital Growth Fund
have to pay attention.                                                  Sentinel Growth Leaders Fund
       Staying abreast of the markets requires fundamental research.    Sentinel Sustainable
We constantly analyze companies, looking for those with capable         Growth Opportunities Fund
management, conservative balance sheets and, especially, strong
organic growth. When we find these companies, we dig deeper.
We ask how these companies grow and how they increase their
sales. We’re looking for companies driving toward, if not already
occupying, a top position in their industries.
       We focus our research around investment themes, or broader
trends that we believe will drive performance over time. For               Cs                                          Ba
instance, one theme that has worked well for us has been increasing
international sales. We think that non-U.S. economies will grow
                                                                           Cg      Gl Mg Mv Ca Co Go
faster than our own for some time to come, and that U.S. companies
that pursue international markets have the potential to outperform.
                                                                                  Sc Sm Gs Sg                    Ie
We use spreadsheets to look for companies whose international sales
are increasing more rapidly than their domestic sales. Another
theme is the increased demand for commodities. The United               Large-company stocks as a group could fall out of
                                                                        favor with the market and underperform investments
States now has to compete against the rest of the world for food,
                                                                        that focus on small and mid-sized company stocks.
oil and other commodities, and this creates opportunities in
                                                                        Sentinel Growth Leaders Fund is non-diversified
agricultural, energy and basic materials companies.                     and will hold fewer securities than a diversified
       We invest primarily in U.S.-based companies, but we get an       portfolio. The Fund may be more affected by the
enormous amount of international exposure through them. It’s            performance of a particular stock, either positively
                                                                        or negatively, than a more broadly diversified
really a more conservative approach to global investing. We’re
buying large American companies, subject to U.S. accounting rules,
with a significant presence overseas. We may not get the same
gigantic returns that are possible when investing directly in foreign
companies, but it removes some of the volatility.

                                                                                                                 THE ESSENTIAL
                                                                                                                  OF INVESTING   7

Michael A. Steinberg (right)
Managing Partner,
Portfolio Manager/Analyst
Steinberg Asset Management, LLC
Michael is the founder of Steinberg
Asset Management, the New York
City-based investment manager that
subadvises the Sentinel Mid Cap
Value Fund. He has more than 40 years
of investment management experience.
William S. Auslander (left)
Managing Director,
Portfolio Manager/Analyst
Steinberg Asset Management, LLC
Bill has 25 years of investment
experience. Previously, he served
as a managing director and portfolio
manager for Sandell Asset Manage-
ment and a managing director and
portfolio manager at Morgan Stanley
Investment Management. He also
served as a senior analyst for 10 years,
working for Carl Icahn at Icahn & Co.

 8          SENTINEL
                                                                          Lisa G. Shaplen
                                                                          Vice President,

        ur objective is to identify a portfolio of companies that offer   Team facts
        extraordinary risk/reward characteristics, limiting risk to       Location: New York, NY
        invested capital while providing the opportunity for out-         Fund managed:
sized returns.                                                            Sentinel Mid Cap Value Fund
      We view every company from a private investor’s point of            Two lead portfolio managers have
view — that is, we try to determine what we would pay for a busi-         more than 65 years aggregate
ness if we were buying the whole company. To identify that value,         experience.
we examine factors like cash flow quality, management strength,           Steinberg Asset Management has
asset value and franchise value. We look for companies that are           an investment history of more than
                                                                          25 years.
selling at or below the private market value of their business while
controlling absolute risk.
      We also search for an event or transaction that may unlock
unrealized value in the company. These events might have to do
with a company’s operations — for instance, a firm might be plan-
ning new products or a cost-cutting campaign. Or, they may be tied           Cs                                         Ba
to financial occurrences, such as a dividend declaration or share
repurchase, which suggest that there may be spin-offs or acquisi-            Cg      Gl Mg Mv Ca Co Go
tions ahead.
      We integrate the “strategic” call, as well as the basic value                 Sc Sm Gs Sg                   Ie
of the business, into our analysis of company risk and reward
characteristics, structuring our portfolio to provide maximum
upside potential with limited downside risk. Then, we construct
                                                                          Mid-sized company stocks can be more volatile
a focused portfolio, representing 35 to 45 of our best ideas, with        than large-company stocks.
diversification across sectors and securities.                            Sentinel Mid Cap Value Fund is non-diversified
                                                                          and will hold fewer securities than a diversified
                                                                          portfolio. The Fund may be more affected by the
                                                                          performance of a particular stock, either positively
                                                                          or negatively, than a more broadly diversified fund.

                                                                                                                  THE ESSENTIAL
                                                                                                                   OF INVESTING   9

Charles C. Schwartz, CFA
Portfolio Manager
Chuck is the Small/Mid Cap Team lead,
and is Lead Manager of Sentinel Small
Company Fund. He joined Sentinel in
1996 and has more than 17 years of
investment experience.
Betsy G. Pecor, CFA
Portfolio Manager
Betsy is Lead Manager of Sentinel
Small/Mid Cap Fund and Sentinel
Mid Cap Growth Fund. She has more
than 11 years of investment experience.
Prior to joining Sentinel in 2000, she was
affiliated with Catalyst Ventures, Inc.,
and Raymond James Financial/Eagle
Asset Management, Inc.

10          SENTINEL
                                                                           Matthew J.                          Matthew R.
                                              Carole M. Hersam, CFA        McGeary, CFA                        Spitznagle, CFA
                                              Vice President,              Vice President,                     Assistant Vice President,
                                              Equity Analyst               Equity Analyst                      Equity Analyst

            e like small caps because the market is more inefficient,      Team facts
            and the companies are less discovered. You feel like you       Location: Montpelier, VT
            can add more value.                                            Funds Managed:
       We have a conservative approach to managing small and mid           Sentinel Small Company Fund
cap stocks. Many small cap funds make drastic bets on high growth          Sentinel Small/Mid Cap Fund
sectors and industries. We’ve always taken a balanced sector               Sentinel Mid Cap Growth Fund
approach, looking for companies in all industries. We’re also very
                                                                           All three funds are co-managed by
strict about buying stable, growing companies, not high flying,            Chuck Schwartz and Betsy Pecor,
momentum plays. We like companies with management teams that               with Chuck taking the lead role on
execute well and do what they say they’re going to do.                     the Small Company Fund and Betsy
       We start by screening for companies that produce consistent         having primary responsibility for the
and growing cash flows — not just earnings, because earnings can           Small/Mid Cap Fund and Mid Cap
be manipulated. Cash flows are, in our view, the best indicator of         Growth Fund.
whether a company is doing business well and whether manage-
ment is executing well.                                                       Cs                                        Ba
       Then, you’ve got to roll up your sleeves and do the research.
You look at how volatile cash flows have been over time, how steadily
                                                                             Cg      Gl Mg Mv Ca Co Go
they have grown and how consistently management has been able to
achieve its targets. You can also enhance returns by seeking out sound
companies that have had a minor problem recently. Small caps are                    Sc Sm Gs Sg                Ie
so volatile that even a minor piece of bad news can be enough to
give us an attractive price on a good company.                             Small- and mid-sized company stocks can be
                                                                           more volatile than large-company stocks.
       We’ve found over time that the small cap names we follow
are still interesting investment opportunities as they move up the
market cap spectrum into the mid cap space. Through the Small/
Mid Cap Fund and the Mid Cap Growth Fund, we are able to hold
onto those companies we know well and seek out mid cap compa-
nies that meet our investment criteria.
       Our team takes advantage of opportunities, but we are not
momentum traders. We follow basic investment principles, and
we hold stocks for a relatively long time. This approach helps us
reduce volatility, and over time, it’s helped us protect investor assets
in difficult markets, while participating in growth.

                                                                                                               THE ESSENTIAL
                                                                                                                OF INVESTING   11

Katherine Schapiro, CFA
Portfolio Manager
Kate joined Sentinel in December
2005, assuming management of the
Sentinel International Equity Fund.
Before joining Sentinel, Kate was an
international equities portfolio manager
at Strong Capital Management in
San Francisco. Prior to her tenure with
Strong, she was a managing director at
Wells Capital Management, also in San
Francisco. Over the course of her more
than 27-year investment career, Kate
has managed international and domestic
equity portfolios for institutional, mutual
fund and high net worth investors at
various firms based in San Francisco
and London.

12           SENTINEL
                                                                          Jamie Chui, CFA                       Lawrence Lee, Jr., CFA
                                                                          Assistant Vice President,             Assistant Vice President,
                                                                          Equity Analyst                        Equity Analyst

        he key for us is the experience of the team. I have more than     Team facts
        27 years myself, and both of my analysts have more than 15        Location: San Francisco, CA
        years each. That’s important because, in this business, you       Funds managed:
learn a lot over time. We’ve also all lived overseas. We understand       Sentinel International Equity Fund
very personally that when you’re investing globally, you do have to       Sentinel Conservative
adopt a perspective that’s not necessarily the U.S. perspective.          Allocation Fund (co-managed)
       Our process really has three elements. First, we identify themes
that we think will drive the markets over the short and long term.
Second, we analyze stocks that fit these themes according to five
qualitative and quantitative factors. Finally, we continue to monitor
our investments according to all these measures, and sell them               Cs                                        Ba
when they no longer fit our criteria.
       Theme identification is the top-down element of our approach,         Cg     Gl Mg Mv Ca Co Go
determining which sectors and markets we will be focusing on. For
instance, right now we think that many countries have significantly                 Sc Sm Gs Sg                  Ie
underspent on their infrastructure. That’s a reason to own utilities,
or companies that make construction equipment. We believe that
these are the new growth stories.
                                                                          International stocks are subject to political
       Themes help concentrate the stock selection process on the         influences, currency fluctuations and economic
right areas of the market. Then we look at five factors: growth,          cycles that may be unrelated to those affecting
value, management quality, risk and market sentiment. Because             domestic markets and may experience wider
                                                                          price fluctuations.
we weight each of these factors equally, the portfolio is balanced
between growth and value stocks. It’s a blend strategy.
       We manage volatility partly through diversification and partly
by truly analyzing and understanding the risks that we’re taking.
If we’ve underweighted a sector, we periodically go back and re-
examine our assumptions. We’ll question whether this is a risk we
still want to be taking. The answer may be yes, or it may be no. But
the process forces us to think about risk in a disciplined way.

                                                                                                                 THE ESSENTIAL
                                                                                                                  OF INVESTING   13

David M. Brownlee, CFA
Portfolio Manager
David joined Sentinel in 1993, and
has more than 25 years of investment
experience. David received his under-
graduate degrees in mathematics and
economics from American International
College. He is a member of the CFA
Institute and the Vermont CFA Society.

14         SENTINEL
                                                                        Jason Doiron
                                                                        Vice President,                          Kenneth J. Hart
                                                                        Credit and Equity                        Vice President,
                                                                        Derivatives Trader                       Corporate Bond Trader

        eople invest in bond funds for two main reasons: to generate    Team facts
        income and to provide stability for their portfolios. That’s    Location: Montpelier, VT
        why my main focus is income and principal protection.           Funds managed:
      My team maximizes shareholder income through a relative           Sentinel Government Securities Fund
value approach. We continually compare the value of securities all      Sentinel Short Maturity
along the yield curve to determine which offer the best risk-adjusted   Government Fund
return potential. We compare values across sectors —Treasuries,         Sentinel Balanced Fund (co-managed)
corporates and mortgage-backed securities — to identify                 Sentinel Conservative
opportunities. And, we intensively analyze each individual security     Allocation Fund (co-managed)
before we invest in it, making sure that we understand its structure
and unique characteristics.
      Still, while we are always looking for ways to add yield to
the portfolio, we are also very aware of risk. As a result, we focus
on high-quality bonds that we can evaluate and understand. For
instance, during the sub-prime crisis of late 2007, many fixed             Cs                                           Ba
income managers got caught holding exotic securities that declined
sharply in value when liquidity dried up. We bought only the               Cg      Gl Mg Mv Ca Co Go
securities that we were comfortable with — primarily government-
backed bonds. When the market collapsed, we were able to protect                   Sc Sm Gs Sg                    Ie
investor capital to a large degree.
      My team trades investor portfolios continually, looking to
exploit short-term opportunities that we see in the market. We are      Fixed income securities are subject to credit and
constantly trying to position our portfolios to offer the best combi-   interest rate risks. Bond values will generally
                                                                        increase when interest rates fall and generally
nation of return, income and risk for our shareholders.                 decrease when interest rates rise. A fund’s invest-
                                                                        ments in mortgage-backed securities are subject to
                                                                        pre-payment risks. These risks may result in greater
                                                                        share price volatility. Fund shares are not insured or
                                                                        guaranteed by the U.S. government or its agencies.

                                                                                                                  THE ESSENTIAL
                                                                                                                   OF INVESTING   15
      The Sentinel Investments Family o
     The Sentinel Investments family of funds
     Our family of funds serves as the essential elements
     of strong, consistent, long-term investing.

       E QU IT Y
       Common Stock

       Sentinel               Sentinel          Sentinel         Sentinel         Sentinel
       Capital Growth         Growth Leaders    Mid Cap Growth   Mid Cap Value    Conservative
       Fund                   Fund              Fund             Fund             Allocation

                Cg                      Gl Mg Mv                                        Ca
                              Sentinel          Sentinel         Sentinel         Sentinel
                              Small Company     Small/Mid Cap    Government       Short Maturity
                              Fund              Fund             Securities       Government
                                                                 Fund             Fund

                                       Sc Sm                           Gs               Sg
                                                                 FIX ED INCO ME

     To learn more about Sentinel, speak
     to your financial advisor, contact us at
     800.282.FUND (3863), or visit us online

16Consider a fund’s objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. Th

      contains this and other information about the Fund and is available from your advisor
of Funds
                                                                                                 Symbol CUSIP
                                                                Sentinel Balanced Fund         A SEBLX 817270200
                                                                                               C SBACX 817270697
                                                                                               I SIBLX 81728B817
                                                                Sentinel Capital Growth Fund   A BRGRX 81728B106
                                                                                               C SECGX 81728B205
                      S P EC IA LTY
                                                     The Essential Elements of InvestingSM     I SICGX 81728B791
                      Sentinel                                  Sentinel Common Stock Fund     A SENCX 817270309
                      Balanced                                                                 C SCSCX 817270713
                                                     For 75 years, Sentinel Investments has offered the
                      Fund                                                                     I SICWX 81728B700
                                                                                            strategies that
                                                     sound, prudently managed A SECMX 817270564 are
                                                              Sentinel Conservative

                                                              Allocation Fund              C SMKCX 817270549
                                                                                               We 81728B866
                                                     the foundation of any portfolio.SYGAX deliver a range
                                                              Sentinel Georgia Municipal   A
                                                     of investment solutions managed by focused,
                                                              Bond Fund                    I SYGIX 81728B809
                                                              Sentinel Government          A SEGSX 817270606
                                                     dedicated teams of specialists. Though our teams
                                                              Securities Fund              C SCGGX 81728B502
                                                                                           I SIBWX 81728B874
 Sentinel             Sentinel                       have varying philosophies, they share our rm’s
                                                              Sentinel Growth Leaders Fund A BRFOX 81728B304
 Sustainable          Sustainable                    most basic values: a commitment to81728B403
                                                                                           C SGLFX bottom-up,
 Core                 Growth                                                               I SIGLX 81728B783
 Opportunities        Opportunities                                    research;                for 817270887
                                                     fundamental International a desireSWRLX competitive

        Co                    Go
                                                              Sentinel                     A
 Fund                 Fund
                                                     returns during strong market environments and
                                                              Equity Fund                  C SWFCX 817270689
                                                                                           I SIIEX  81728B775
                                                               relative performance in down markets;
                                                     superiorSentinel Mid Cap Growth Fund A SNTNX 817270507
                                                     and a commitment to resultsIC measured in years
                                                                                              SMGCX 817270598
                                                                                              SIMGX 81728B767
 Sentinel                                                                                  A SYVAX Dedicated
                                                     rather than days, weeks or months. 81728B858
                                                              Sentinel Mid Cap Value Fund
 International                                                                             C SYVCX 81728B841
                                                     teams, repeatable disciplinesI and a commitment
                                                                                              SYVIX 81728B833
 Fund                                                         Sentinel performance — SSIGX 817270853 these
                                                     to sustainableShort Maturity          A at Sentinel,

                                                              Government Fund              S SSSGX 817270499
                                                     are the essential elements of A SAGWX 817270804
                                                              Sentinel Small Company Fund
                            Seasoned investors.                                                C SSCOX    817270572
                            Sustainable investing.                                             I SIGWX    81728B825
                            At Sentinel Investments, we               Sentinel Small/Mid Cap Fund A SMSMX 81728B742
 I NTER NAT I ONA L         seek to blend the performance About Sentinel Investments SECSX 81728B734
                            potential that comes from                                             I SESMX 81728B759
                                                                                                  A VT;
                            experienced portfolio management Headquartered in Montpelier, MYPVX 81728B726
                                                                      Sentinel Sustainable Core
                            with the meaningful impact of a
                            time-tested approach to sustainable
                                                                                                     San 81728B692
                                                                in New York, Philadelphia andCVALX Francisco
                                                                      Opportunities Fund          C SRIOX 81728B718
                            investing. Sustainable investing    Six independent portfolio management teams
                                                                      Sentinel Sustainable Growth A WAEGX 81728B684
                            offers investors an opportunity to        Opportunities Fund          C SRISX 81728B676
                                                                                                     asset classes
                            realize their financial goals while 14 mutual funds in four majorCEGIX 81728B668
                            investing in a manner consistent
                            with their values.                  Sentinel Common Stock Fund in 75th year
                                                         A commitment to sustainable investing

he prospectus
                                                                                                THE ESSENTIAL
                                                                                                 OF INVESTING   17
r or Sentinel.
                      The Essential Elements of Investing SM

                      For 75 years, Sentinel Investments has offered the sound, prudently
                      managed strategies that are the foundation of any portfolio. We deliver
                      a range of investment solutions managed by focused, dedicated
                      teams of specialists. Though our teams have varying philosophies,
                      they share our firm’s most basic values: a commitment to bottom-up,
                      fundamental research; a desire for competitive returns during strong
                      market environments and superior relative performance in down
                      markets; and a commitment to results measured in years, rather than
                      days, weeks or months. Dedicated teams, repeatable disciplines and
                      a commitment to sustainable performance — at Sentinel, these are
                      the essential elements of investing.

                          NOT FDIC INSURED            MAY LOSE VALUE           NO BANK GUARANTEE

                      Consider a fund’s objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing.
                      The prospectus contains this and other information about the Funds and is available
                      from your Sentinel wholesaler or Please read the
                      prospectus carefully before you invest.
                      Sentinel Investments is the unifying brand name for Sentinel Financial Services
                      Company, Sentinel Asset Management, Inc., and Sentinel Administrative Services,
                      Inc. Sentinel Funds are distributed by Sentinel Financial Services Company, One
                      National Life Drive, Montpelier, VT 05604, 800.233.4332,
50842 SF0983 (0309)

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