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					          Documentation &
          Record Keeping:
        Easy as A, B, C and 1, 2, 3

Liz Duran Swinford,
Associate Superintendent for H.R.
East Baton Rouge Parish School System
         Documentation &
         Record Keeping
Seldom does a week go by during which an
administrator does not call and ask:

 “I am having a problem with this teacher,
what do I need to do”
“I had an incident on campus today
involving an employee, what should I do”?
          Documentation &
          Record Keeping

The answers to these questions may be as
varied as the specific details involved with each
incident or problem. I can tell you one word that
will be common to every situation:

            Documentation &
            Record Keeping
A school district assumes that those associated with the
institution will conduct themselves ethically and in
accordance with what are generally accepted as
"standard business practices."

The employees’ basic responsibilities are outlined in the
job description. The school system should maintain
current and up-to-date job descriptions for all positions.

At the beginning of each school year all employees
should sign a job description and should be maintained
at the school site.
            Documentation &
            Record Keeping

• Testimony of students and/or parents – as long as
  there is documentation that the teacher had been
  made aware of the complaint at the time it was
  received, and had an opportunity to respond to it at
  the time.
• Letters of reprimand
• Documentation of conferences
• Documented instances of Non-compliance with areas
of the job description
            Documentation &
            Record Keeping

Straightforward reporting of incidents, observations
and/or evaluations will guarantee that no teacher is ever
shocked and surprised. Every document written must
be clear, focusing on the message you want to deliver.

At the end of the day, it is not what we know that
counts, but what we can prove.
               Documentation &
               Record Keeping

Documentation is merely writing down an anecdotal record of what
occurred considering the following details:

• Make sure the facts have been written or the incident has been
  described as it happened without personal bias. All letters and
  documents placed in a personnel file must contain factual information.

• All documents must address the incident and not the person! The facts
  must be stated as they happened without any bias toward someone.
  How will this read to others at a later time?

• Documents should be written in simple terms and succinct. Give a full
  description but keep it simple.
               Documentation &
               Record Keeping

•   Reference to past incidents may be included but documentation
    should address the present action.

•   Documents should be produced in a timely manner… if the incident
    happened today; the paperwork should be completed today. It’s not
    going to get easier later!

•   Make sure that what has been addressed has been personally
    investigated by you before you recommend job-action on an
    employee. If it has not, be sure you have credible information from
    reliable sources well documented before you begin the process.

•   If writing a memo to file, do not only address the concern, but give
    remedies for corrective measures or assistance which can be
              Documentation &
              Record Keeping

• All documents should have a space for the employee to sign and
  date. Make the following statement is clearly included:

This document will be placed in your personnel file. You have
fifteen (15) days to respond. Your response will be attached for
placement in your personnel file.

Signature on this document does not necessarily mean that you
agree with the content expressed above, but merely indicates that
you received a copy, read it, and had an opportunity to discuss.
             Documentation &
             Record Keeping

•   Provide an original copy for the employee to sign. After
    all signatures are on the document, make a copy for the
    employee, a copy for the Supervisor and place a copy in
    the employee’s personnel file.

•   When a supervisor holds a conference with an employee,
    which can/will result in disciplinary action, make sure
    someone is nearby who can serve as a witness should
    the employee refuse to sign the document.
                 Documentation &
                 Record Keeping
Procedures for Investigating Complaints

      When an allegation about an employee comes to your attention, and the
      matter appears serious enough to warrant investigation, the following
      pro-cedure shall apply:

1.    The person(s) making an allegation against the employee
      shall complete the Complaint against Employee Form or
      submit the allegation in writing to the principal or
      administrator. The written document must include the name,
      address and telephone number of the person who is making
      the allegation, as well as the date, time, place, location, name
      of witnesses if any, and details of the circumstances of the
      allegations against the employee.
              Documentation &
              Record Keeping
2.   Hold a conference with the accused employee. Inform the
     employee of the allegation(s), and provide him/her with a
     copy of the complaint and provide them the opportunity to
     write a statement, present their side and provide names of
     possible witnesses, as applicable. When warranted, collect all
     district property such as keys, laptops, roll book, attendance
     records, etc. and inform the employee that he/she must report
     immediately to the Office of Human Resources for further
     information regarding the process.

3.   Notify appropriate area assistant superintendent or immediate
     supervisor via telephone call and e-mail, and forward a copy
     of the official complaint as soon as possible.
               Documentation &
               Record Keeping
4. The Office of Human Resources will place the employee on
   administrative leave with an ending date to be determined upon
   completion of the investigation.

5. Immediately, the administrator shall begin an investigation into
   the allegations. The investigation should consist of personal
   interviews with the complainant, the individual(s) against whom
   the claim is filed and others who may have knowledge of the
   alleged incident(s) or circumstances giving rise to the
   complaint. The investigation may also consist of any other
   methods and documents deemed pertinent by the investigator.
               Documentation &
               Record Keeping
6. Upon conclusion of the investigation, provide the Office of
   Human Resources a written determination of the validity of the
   complaint, your concluding statement, and a recommendation
   as to the continued status of this employee. If the initial
   investigation determines that the complaint is valid, the
   Associate Superintendent of Human Resources may further
   investigate the situation or impose such disciplinary action as
   appropriate per state statutes or School Board policy.
              Documentation &
              Record Keeping
Record Keeping After Interviews

  The EBRPSS requires that all documents related to employment
  decisions be maintained for 5 years, the period of time required
  by Title VII. Documents such as interview questions, rating
  sheets, resumes of applicants, etc. are to be maintained for
  each position as interviews take place, including but not limited
  to all teacher, administrative and support positions.
Documentation &
Record Keeping


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