Canadian+Political+Parties+in+History by mestisa


									Canadian Political Parties in History
Thinking about Parties and Party Systems

What are the ‘defining features’ of political parties?

Who is the party?

Competing characterizations
• Cadre versus mass parties • Major versus minor parties • Brokerage versus programmatic parties
– Catchall parties – Ideological parties

• Protest parties

What kind(s) of parties are Canadian political parties?

What is a ‘party system’?

A Party System
• Competition between party organizations produces competitive patterns and interrelationships which constituted the party system
– But there is more to it than that…

Aspects of the party system
• Number & character of political parties • The formal institutions and rules that regulate and govern the parties • The informal norms and practices that shape the activities and behaviour of parties • The accepted discursive boundaries of political debate & partisan competition

How would you characterize the Canadian party system?

Popular characterizations
• A ‘two party plus’ party system
– Or a ‘multi-party’ party system

• • • •

‘One party dominant’ party system A ‘brokerage’ party system A ‘regionalized’ party system A ‘liberal / bourgeois’ party system

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