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					NA Meetings in Sioux Falls
(Updated March, 2011)                                           Upcoming Events
SUNDAY                                                       (Not limited to U.S.E. Area)
10 AM – O, Discussion           SFNA                   April 2011
6:15 PM - C, Step Guide Study SFNA                              th
                                                       April 10
8 PM – O, How & Why Study SFNA                         3:00 PM
10 AM – C Book Study SFNA                              Newsletter committee Meeting
12:30 PM – C,BasicText Study MMDNA                                 th
                                                       Fryin Pan 12 & Western
6:15 PM – O, Discussion          SFNA
7 PM - O, Staying Clean on the Outside CLEAN &
                                                       Area Service Committee Meetings
8 PM – C, Discussion             SFNA                  April 17th
TUESDAY                                                Caribou Coffee 1924 S Minnesota Ave
10 AM C,          Discussion SFNA                      U.S.E. Area PR sub committee
6:15 PM – O, Book Study          SFNA                  1:00 PM
7 PM – O,        Discussion      FTW                   Area Service Committee meeting
8 PM – C,        Book Study SFNA                       2:00
WEDNESDAY                                              U.S.E. H&I to be announced
10 AM – O,        Discussion      SFNA
                                                       U.S.E Activities to be announced
6:15 PM – O, Discussion           SFNA
8 PM – O,        Discussion       SFNA                 U.S.E. Literature to be announced
10 AM – C, Discussion              SFNA                    -Serenity In The Hills
6:15 PM – C, Discussion            SFNA                    01 Apr 2011 - 03
8 PM – C,        Discussion        SFNA                     5:00 PM
7 PM- O,         Discussion         POF                    Center of Hope Building
8:30 PM – C, Basic Text Study UGNA                         306 West Main Street
FRIDAY                                                     Lead, SD 57754
10 AM – C,        Discussion       SFNA
6:15 PM – C, Discussion            SFNA                    -Spaghetti Dinner
8 PM – C,        Discussion        SFNA                    29 Apr 2011 - 29 05:00 PM -
SATURDAY                                                    09:00 PM
10 AM – O, Discussion              SFNA                    First United Methodist Church
11 AM – O, Book Study CLEAN FREE                           629 Kansas City St
6:15 PM – C, Discussion            SFNA                    Rapid City, SD
5 PM – O,        Discussion       BGNA
8 PM – C,       Discussion       SFNA
                                                           -17th Annual Sheridan Lake
All meeting are NON-SMOKING
SFNA(Sioux Falls NA) 301 S. GARFIELD AVE., #5              Aug 7-14
POF(Promise of Freedom) Face it Building 26th &            Sheridan Lake
Western Around Back                                        "Squirrel" Group Campsite
CLEAN & FREE NA 3300 E. OAK (Sonrise Baptist
Church)                                                    -SDRCNA 14                        April 2011
MMDNA(Monday Mid Day NA) 310 S.1st AVE                     16 Sep 2011 - 18 Sep 2011          To reach the addict still suffering;
(Carroll Institute)                                        Ramkota Hotel
UGNA(Underground Group NA) 5509 W. 41ST                    2111 N. Lacrosse                   We can only keep what we have by giving it away.
STREET (Peace Lutheran Church)                             Rapid City, SD 57701               By Addicts For Addicts
(Central Baptist Church), Family Life Center 2nd flr                                          Anonymity is the spiritual principle of all our traditions,
FTW(Found The Way) 2200 S. WESTERN AVE(Our                   29th
                                                       April 29th 7:30 PM                     So names are not put on any of our articles
Redeemer Lutheran Church)                              SFNA Birthday Night
                                                                                                  Do Not Remove copies from meetings!
NA info & Hotline Line 605-368-6837                                                              Personal copies may be downloaded from
                      (12)                                                                           website or ask about subscribing
                                                                      Letters to the Editor, Words of Wisdom Jokes
New Comers Corner                                                                           etc.
How long have you been             taking care of myself. If
coming here?                       somebody would of offered         COURAGE?
- In general, 21 years.            enough dope
What does NA mean to you?          To cut off my finger, I would     What is the meaning of courage?
- Recovery and freedom from        of. Now, I`m fat; that`s the
active addiction, a new way of     truth. I`m fat and happy.         Is it to fight a bull in a bullfight without any weapon?
life.                              Where do you want recovery to
What keeps you coming back?        take you in general?              Is it to undertake a cross-country auto trip in a Chrysler
-I know NA is a better way of      - To be able to stay clean one    Corporation car?
life. It`s an easy question but    day at a time and ultimately
harder to put on paper.            become a therapist and help       Is it to fly a fighter plane in combat?
Where were you menatally           others.
before getting clean, where are                                      Is it to undergo open-heart surgery knowing that the
                                     Its Never to early to get
you now?                             involved in your fellowship
                                                                     surgeon has a drinking problem?
- I was completely hopeless          beyond meetings.
                                     There are many ways to          Is it to practice free fall parachuting?
and gone. It makes you crazy.        serve. Even if you are new
Before I was completely lost.        you can help and you do
                                     have a voice at your Home       Is it to perform a root-canal on yourself?
Now... I`m more at peace.            Group.
Where were you emotionally,          Home Group Members that
where are you now?                   participate in guiding their    Is it bungee jumping, wild water rafting?
                                     Group is one of the most
- When I was using I was lost        neglected positions in our
and didn`t know how to deal          local fellowship.               Bullshit... those are nothing!
                                     Its your fellowship feel free
with my emotions at all. Now,        to own it and help it.
                                     You do not need a specific
I`m learning to deal with my         amount of clean time and
feelings in a productive way.        you do not need to be           THIS my friend is COURAGE!!!
                                     elected to a position to
Where were you physically?           choose and participate in
Where are you now? When I            your Home Group
                                                                     Admitting I can't do it alone.
was using I didn`t care about
taking care of myself. It`s hard
to explain. I didn`t care about    (2)                                                            (11)
    Articles of Recovery            guide me until I could stand on
                                    my own.                                                  Old Timers Bench
Service Anyone?                     Now I had a service
                                                                       Regardless of how much clean time I have, I have always struggled
I am an addict. I have not          commitment to others as well       with the spiritual awakening portion of my program. I grew up in a
picked up to use, no matter         as a commitment to myself to       very religious family and the affect it had on me was an adversity to
what, since October 10, 2003.       stay clean until the next          organized religion. Fortunately in NA I have a higher power of my
For that I am grateful, and         business meeting.                  own understanding. My spiritual awakening is an affirmation of my
sometimes astonished! When I                                           higher power at work in my life and in others in the program. I
                                                                       traveled to India with another member of our program. The trip
first slithered into the rooms of
                                   Since then I have been involved     was very memorable. I saw places I may never see again, and some
NA, I felt absolutely worthless,                                       I never dreamed I would see in the first place. After our fantastical
                                   in service in every aspect from
and these happy go lucky                                               trip, we arrived at our airport ready to fly back to the U.S. at 12
                                   my home group-New Hope, to
addicts told me to come back.                                          o’clock noon. Unfortunately as we examined the tickets we
                                   my area, West River Area, to        realized that the tickets said 12 o’clock midnight and we had missed
So I did. Thanks to those who
                                   my region, South Dakota             our flight. We went to the ticket counter expecting to have to
came before me. They helped
                                   Region of Narcotics                 straighten out our mess only to find that the airlines had changed
to build a responsible persona
                                   Anonymous, Plains State Zone        our flight to 12’oclock noon and that we would be able to make the
within me, and they loved me                                           flight. There was still some bad news. The flight change made it
                                   as well as World. I put as much
for who I was.                                                         impossible for us to make our connecting flight in Bangkok. So we
                                   effort into being of service as I
                                                                       were forced to stay at a five star hotel there for a few days. With
                                   did to chasing that elusive         the United States looming in our near future, my traveling
Eventually, to my surprise, I      “high”. As we were driving          companion became concerned with his troubles with the IRS at
found myself raising my hand home from the past Plains State           home. As we grabbed a snack, he vented his frustration with the
in a business meeting to say       Zonal Forum four of us were         IRS and a fellow standing near us took interest. The man just
that I thought I might be able to discussing service. I asked if       happened to be from the United States and had worked for the IRS.
                                   they knew why I did all that I      He explained that he was sure he could help my companion
be secretary for my home                                               overcome his difficulties with the IRS. After arriving in the U.S.
group. I had been clean for a      do. My heart expressed that as      my companion contacted the man we met and his challenges were
little over a year by then. It was long as there is some addict out    easily resolved. There was a time when I would have said “What
a unanimous vote! Holy Cow, there searching for that next              good luck!” or “What a coincidence” Today I realize that for all of
what had I gotten myself into? high, I will be here to hold open       the accumulations of events to happened in sequence, and in time
Those loving, caring people        the door to recovery.               for two people to cross paths in a ten minute slot of time in a
                                                                       foreign country to present a solution to a very specific problem, it
who came before me showed In loving Service to all addicts!            isn’t a coincidence, it is a miracle…and an affirmation of my
me what I needed to do in this                                         Higher Power at work in my life and the lives of others.
service position. They helped
                                      (10)                                                        (3)
   Experience Strength and                                              NA Service Structure
             Hope                                                                                "Meeting Etiquette"...
We keep what we have by            away thinking it had nothing           We have all done it before, walked into a meeting, seen an old friend, and
                                   for you? When I do that I find I     talked to each other through out the mtg. This makes people not want to share
giving it away.                                                         and can cause people to use.
                                   am right, it had nothing for me
Be aware what you give, for        because I had nothing for it.        When someone at a mtg is sharing, we feel compelled to say something and
                                                                        that is considered cross talk. Or we share again and offer our advice. While
you shall foster growth in those                                        this may seem helpful it is something that needs to be done after the meeting
                                   When I go to a meeting, if I am
things.                                                                 or at coffee at another time.
                                   honest, open minded and
When we give Experience,
                                   willing, then I will find what I       A newcomer finally gets the courage to share, while other members are
Strength and Hope, our spirit
                                   need to nurture my recovery.         talking to their friends. They might feel like what they say is not
grows in those things… When                                             important. To the people who attend the meeting on a regular basis, this
                                   The more we give of ourselves,
we give of ourselves                                                    might not seem like a big deal, but to a newcomer or anybody in need of a
                                   the more we get to grow into         meeting it could be very disturbing.
unselfishly we find our
                                   the self we want to become, or
gratitude grow as well.
                                   that our Higher Power wants us         We must remember that the mtg should be focused on recovery. We can
But the warning to heed is                                              catch up with your friends after the mtg. It is our responsibility to keep the
                                   to become.
when we give from the disease,                                          meetings recovery related, with minimal distractions.
when we inflict our disease on
                                      A great way to share your           Here are a few suggestions for meeting etiquette reprinted from the NA
others, the disease grows too.        Experience Strength and Hope      Way Magazine.
The more we dwell in anger,           or to even allow it to grow, is   1.)Be seated in the mtg before it starts.
                                      to Participate in Carrying the
fear and resentment, so does          Message into Hospitals and
                                                                        2.)Dont leave the mtg untill the end. if you really have to, never get up while
the bitterness toward others and      Institutions or to the            someone is sharing, (especially a newcomer, as they may personalize it).
                                      community at large via the        Always wait until the person sharing has finished; nothing is that important.
the world at large grow.              H&I (Hospitals and
                                                                        3.)When coming back into a mtg or arriving late, stand at the back until the
                                      Institutions) Sub Committee or
When we hunger for and                The PR (Public Relations) Sub     speaker finishes.
pursue our fellow members we          Committee.                        4.) Turn the ringer on your phone off . Texting and playing games on your
                                      These are not regular meetings    phone while someone is sharing is disrespectful.
treat them as a drug, with            and require specific focus on
                                                                        5.) Do not offer advice while someone else is sharing.
                                      carrying the NA message and
which we want yet resent.             introducing NA to Addicts and     6.) Remember to treat everyone with respect.
Our greed for attention               the community.                       These items are only suggestions, but go a long way in keeping the meeting
                                      Ask your trusted servants,
continues to sicken our spirit,       Meeting chair people, Group
                                                                            focused on recovery. Just a thought, opinions, and knowledge are easily
                                      Service Representative or                                       confused.
nothing is satisfying. We are         anyone already involved about
perpetually restless, irritable       how you can help

and discontent with ourselves
and those around us.                                                                                               (9)
Ever go to a meeting and walk      (4)
    Applying the traditions                                                                     Spiritual Principles of NA
         Tradition Four
                                             Some of the decision of the group’s       Two of the hardest things I've had to learn in recovery
                                             trusted servants are limited by the     have been surrender and powerlessness.
“Each group should be autonomous,
                                             traditions. The meetings must focus
except in matters affecting other
                                             on carrying a clear NA message of         To surrender meant to give in, not give up, and that I
groups or NA as a whole.”
                                             recovery. The literature utilized       had lost all control over everything including myself. This
                                             within the meetings must be NA
                                             literature. No one person “runs” a      was a very hard thing to wrap my head around.
First, let’s define some terminology
used in this tradition.                      meeting, or decides all matters for a
                                             group. A group cannot exclude any         Powerlessness was just as bad. To me, it meant helpless
Autonomous means independent,
and self-governing.
                                             addict from attending, nor can they     and hopeless.
                                             decide who is an addict.
Affecting means to influence or              How can this tradition be lived           These two seemed to always go together, terrorized me
bring about a change.                        within your family and work
                                             environment? You can be totally         and I fought hard against them.
So in my words, tradition four states
that each group can be independent           independent, as long as your choices
in all aspects unless their actions go       don’t influence others in a negative       Through many years in recovery working the steps and
against any other group, or NA as a          way. Remember to be mindful of          working with my sponsors, I have learned it's ok to
world-wide fellowship. This also             others when making decisions. Open      surrender (give up) when I am fighting and the quicker
means that each group must follow            communication is vital, and helps to    the better. It's less painful that way. I don't have to like it,
all of the traditions at all times, in all   build the ability to “play well” with
                                             others.                                 I just have to do it.
Each group is free to decide what                                                      When I surrender to my Higher Power (GOD) it's His
type of format it wishes to utilize in                                               fight not mine and I know He will win.
its meetings. The group may decide
if signing court cards will be done or
not, whether to be an open meeting                                                     He gives me the power to do my part and I am not
or closed, what time and day to                                                      helpless, I can do my part. I own the power GOD gives
meet, how to deal with their funding,                                                me because I surrender to Him, and there is hope.
how to rotate trusted servants, etc.
As a group the service committee of
trusted servants will also be able to
decide whether or not to be a part of
an area or region, to promote unity
within NA as a whole.
                                             (8)                                                                (5)
                                                                                                Working the Steps
       Group Conscience                                                                            Step Four
 April Question of the month                                           "We made a searching and fearless moral inventory of
How do we welcome the               Addict 6: The best way to          ourselves”
                                                                       When I first took a look at Step 4 I was in a treatment facility. I was
newcomer? (Engage)                  welcome them is to throw them      warned about the fear that this Step produces, but I wasn’t scared. I
                                    the life preserver of truth. You   wanted to get everything out on the table. I was eager to take a look at
Addict 1: After the meeting go can't tell the truth if the truth       myself for who I really was. I thought that I would let the beast out of the
and talk to them.                   isn't in you, and by making sure   cage and admit I was a horrible person in order to feel better. I
                                                                       completed page after page after page of personal inventory. I burned this
                                    your own house is in order.        information after I had completed my fifth step. A few years into active
Addict 2: Say hi and engage in That you obviously know what            recovery I felt that I could do a more thorough job and take a look at the
small talk.                         you’re talking about. Don't give   4th Step again. I was reminded that the 4th Step is merely the writing of
                                                                       the list, not sharing it - that is Step 5. So I took inventory again with the
                                    them fools gold.                   understanding that Step 4 is not a preparation for confession, but an
Addict 3: I think the most                                             objective look at both my assets and liabilities. I’ve found that I cannot
important thing is to take a        Addict 7: I make sure to tell      deny what I have written, because it is right there in front of me. The
moment with them after the          them to keep coming back.          focus of my second 4th Step was to use information that I had gathered
                                                                       about myself through the spiritual principles of NA. With a few years in
meeting                             Shake their hands and make         recovery I saw that I was not a horrible beast, but a human being that had
We have to make them feel           them feel welcome.                 both character defects as well as a selfless loving side. Step 4 for me
welcome in order to keep them                                          wasn’t a historical event. I needed to take another look at it. Step 4 can
coming back. It doesn't matter Addict 8: You make them feel            and perhaps should be a private ordeal between the individual writing it
                                                                       out and that person’s higher power, so I didn’t leave my list lying around
if they start the steps if we can't welcome by giving them a           on the coffee table. A sponsor that is active in his or her own recovery is
get them to stay.                   keytag and phone list. Talk to     meant to be a guide through the steps. So if you have questions, ask your
                                    them if they need and want to.     sponsor. If you have more questions ask someone in recovery that is
                                                                       interested in your well being. The literature of Narcotics Anonymous,
Addict 4: I always ask their        If they're a female direct them    gives us directions on how to conduct our actions through the steps. The
name and tell them mine. If it's to another female.                    Basic Text, It Works How and Why, and the 4th Step Booklet helped me
a female I usually give them                                           to better understand how to go about my 4th Step. The 4th Step is only the
my number and ask if they're                                           writing of the list. The only way it can be written is by writing it. It
                                                                       cannot be written by thinking about it. What helped me as was to
comfortable with a hug, and                                            remember that Step 4 is not meant to be a porthole to shame and guilt. It
maybe ask if they would like to                                        is meant to be a step toward understanding one’s past, one’s self, and a
get coffee.                                                            step toward a future with the freedom to live life one day at a time,
                                                                       without the use of drugs.
Addict 5: With love and
                                  (6)                                                                 (7)

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