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									Application Acquisition WBS Dictionary

#                          WBS Dictionary                                                                                Del Name & #           Dur. Est.

1.0 Phase                  Initiate – Obtaining agreement on the business requirement and N/A
                           charting the project.
1.1 Activity               Develop the Business Requirement – Establish a common understanding of N/A
                           the base requirements that are to be addressed by the project.
1.1.1 Task                 Create the Product Description – define, scope, and give context to the product & services Product Description
                           that the project will be chartered to develop, deliver, and support.
1.1.2 Task                 Prepare and Review the Product description – depending on audience preference, Project Proposal, Document Approval
                           summarizes the content of the product description into an executive summary and deliver it or
                           prepare and conduct a review of the product description. Obtain approval to charter a project
                           that will assign initial planning resources to develop the project plan.

1.2 Activity               Charter the Project – Obtain the commitment and agreement between the N/A
                           sponsor and project team indicating how the project will be conducted and
                           who needs to be involved.
1.2.1 Task                 Create the Project Charter – define the mission, authority, and level of project planning and Project Charter
                           controls necessary for the project, and indicate the personnel or groups expected to be
                           involved in the project. Assign the project manager, sponsor, and any required resources to
                           complete the overall project planning. Milestone          Project Proposal Approved by                                                                  N/A
2. Phase                   Plan – Creation and approval of the core work plan and facilitating                           N/A

                           plans which will guide project execution and control.
2.1 Activity               Develop the Core Work Plan (CWP) – The development of the work scope, N/A
                           supporting schedule, budget, and project organization that focuses and guides
                           the project work effort.
2.1.1 Task                 Develop the Scope Statement – Develop the scope statement with the customer that CWP – Scope Statement
                           indicates an agreement on work scope, project objectives and measurements, hi-level
                           deliverables, assumptions, and completion criteria.

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Application Acquisition WBS Dictionary

2.1.2 Task                 Develop the WBS – Define the work Activities, sequencing, effort estimates, and deliverables.     CWP – WBS
                           Indicate the type of resource(people, equipment, materials, facilities) needed to complete the
                           work activities. Review and obtain agreement of the WBS work activities with the customer,
                           sponsor, and management of other groups expected to support the project.
2.1.3 Task                 Develop the Project Schedule – Develop approximate cost estimates of all the types of             CWP – Schedule and Budget Projection
                           resources. Build a project schedule from the WBS and cost estimates. Produce a time-phased
                           cost budget from the schedule.
2.1.4 Task                 (Note) On large projects a feasibility study maybe a major phase prior to detailed planning. On   CWP – Feasibility and Recommendations
                           very small or maintenance project the feasibility may be limited to cost/benefit assumption and
                           recommendations. This project is considered a small project.
                           Determine the Project Feasibility and Recommendation – Approximate and define the life
                           span of the product or service being delivered. Approximate and define a dollar value for soft
                           and hard benefits and any cost reduction or avoidance that may be the result of the product or
                           service delivery. Chart or summarize the information and provide a recommendation
2.1.5 Task                 Organize Project & Staff Acquisition – provide an overall framework to describe the roles,        CWP – Organization
                           responsibilities and membership of the Project. Obtain the staff needed for the core team and
                           staff need from other groups in the organization that will be cross-committed to the project.
                           Obtain from management commitment of all non-contracted personnel. (Note– any contracted
                           staff is acquired via the contract activity, however none are planned for this project.)
2.2 Activity               Develop the Facilitating Plans for Controls (FPC) – The plans for ongoing N/A
                           work required to ensure that the project can anticipate possible problems,
                           solve, and make coordinated work plan adjustments.
2.2.1 Task                 Risk Management – Determine which risks are likely to affect the project, evaluate potential      FPC – Risk Id and Mgmt
                           risk outcomes and indicators, define plan to respond to key risks indicators.
2.2.2 Task                 Change Management – Outline a simple change management process to coordinate                      FPC – Chg Mgmt
                           approved changes in the project plan.
2.2.3 Task                 Project Standards, Approval, And Document Controls – Define and setup the                         FPC – Stds, Apvls, Cntls
                           documentation standards, document storage locations, project notebook, document approval
                           and promotion process, and securities.
2.2.4 Task                 Communication Plan and Management – Outline a plan that identifies “who” needs “what”             FPC – Comm. Plan & Mgmt
                           communications, in “what” media, “how” often and by “whom”.
2.2.5 Task                 Status Reporting – Define how status will be reported, by whom, how often, and in what            FPC – Status Rptg
                           formats and media.
2.2.6 Task                 Procurements & Contracting – Determine what to procure and when, document                         FPC – Proc. & Cntrkg
                           requirements and identify potential sources.

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Application Acquisition WBS Dictionary

2.2.7 Task                 Quality Assurance – Identify the project’s relevant quality standards and determine how to FPC- QA
                           satisfy them.
2.2.8 Task                 Time Tracking – Determine what level to track time at, how time will be tracked, how FPC – Time Tracking
                           frequently, and administer the time tracking activities.
2.2.9 Task                 Issue and Decision Management – Determine process for raising and resolving project FPC – Iss. & Decision Mgmt
                           issues that impact the scope, schedule, cost or quality of the project.
2.3 Activity               Develop the Project Plan – Integrating the results of the other planning N/A
                           activities into a coherent document to guide the project execution and control.
2.3.1 Task                 Plan Integration – Summarize and incorporate the outputs of the planning activities into a Project Plan
                           single reference document – the <project name> Project Plan. The plan is the reference
                           document for work to be performed by all involved in the project and must be made easily
                           accessible to all in electronic format.
2.3.2 Task                 Plan Presentation and Review – Distribute, review and obtain approval of the project plan Presentation, & Document Approval
                           from the project directing authoritie(s) and managers who have staff assigned to the project. Milestone          Plan and Schedule Approved by                                                                 N/A                             0
3.0 Phase                  Executing                                                                                   N/A
                           Note: The numbering starts at “3” to enable integration into the project management
                           lifecycle “Execution Phase” which is the third of five project phases.

3.1 Activity               Feasibility Study – Note: Requirements definition is an extension of the                    N/A
                           process started in the Feasibility Study. Please see the Feasibility Lifecycle
                           model to determine if all or some of the steps are necessary.

3.2 Activity               Define Requirements                                                                         N/A

                           When acquiring specialized (e.g., payroll package) application software (as opposed
                           to generic applications such as word processors or spreadsheets), the degree of
                           detail of requirements definition is roughly the same as it is for a development project.
                           When acquiring generic software, data modeling is usually unnecessary. For generic
                           packages, the primary focus of requirements definition is capacity and functionality.
                           Note: a database Management System (DBMS) is generic software, but the

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Application Acquisition WBS Dictionary

                           When the selection process is to be used as a means to define requirements, these
                           activities will not be performed to the level of detail that is required when the analysis
                           is to result in a full statement of requirements.
                           Specific deliverables depend on the tools and techniques used by the development
                           staff and on the existing data documentation. The deliverables listed below are
                           examples of possible deliverables.
                           In some cases the business performs the majority of these tasks, either formally or
                           informally. If such is the case the project should review, and determine if any
                           additional critical tasks need completed or revised.
3.2.1 Task                 Identify and describe the business areas to be affected by the new system                         Function hierarchy diagrams Subtask               Define in detail the procedures, high-level data requirements, existing reports and            Procedure flow diagrams
                              documents, roles and responsibilities, and organization of the user areas to be impacted by
                              the product. Subtask               Describe in detail the business procedures and their data requirements.                        Data flow diagrams (of the current physical system) Subtask               Describe existing computer systems and their data.                                             Critical procedures, Candidates for procedural change Subtask               Ensure that all required data elements have been identified in the data analysis.              Entity Relationship Diagrams, Entity descriptions Subtask                 Ensure that the sources and destinations of the data are known.                              Index and descriptions of existing reports and documents Subtask               Identify and prioritize candidates for procedural change and automation.                       Changes and additions to the data dictionary
3.2.2 Task                 Define data requirements (data model, consisting of entities, data elements,                      Entity Relationship Diagrams
                           transactions, etc.) Identify and describe the business areas to be affected by the new
                           system   Subtask             Ensure that all entities of consequence to the application area have been identified.          Definition of all relationships between entities   Subtask             Identify and define the data elements to be used, changed, or created (attributes analysis).   Definition of data elements (attributes)   Subtask             Determine the source of data elements in the business process.                                 Data elements/business functions (CRUD) matrix   Subtask             Identify the business functions and/or existing computer systems that use each data            Data elements/ computer systems (CRUD) matrix
                                                                                                                            Changes and additions to the data dictionary
3.2.3 Task                 Identify and describe the functions of the new system                                            Identification of critical success factors Subtask              Identify the functions to be included in the new system and their data requirements.           *Function hierarchy diagrams of the processing
                                                                                                                            requirements identified by the user
                           Note: The degree of detail required for this activity and the previous activities depends on the *Function descriptions (policies, algorithms, input and
                           type of product and whether the selection process is to be used as a primary source for          output data flows, etc.)

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Application Acquisition WBS Dictionary

                                                                                                                             *Data flow diagrams (of the proposed logical system)

                                                                                                                             *Description of data flow contents (data elements)
3.2.4 Task                 Identify and describe constraints (e.g., critical time restrictions, etc.)                        Performance requirements (e.g. response time
                                                                                                                             expectations) Subtask              Ensure that all operational and delivery requirements (e.g., response times, product delivery *System availability requirements
                             deadlines, maximum number of users, volume restrictions, frequency of use, expected
                             product life span, other expectations, etc.) are known.
                                                                                                                             *Product delivery requirements (target dates for all or
                                                                                                                             parts of the product)
                                                                                                                             *System platform constraints (e.g., specific hardware and
                                                                                                                             system software requirements)
                                                                                                                             *Interoperability requirements
3.2.5 Task                 Prepare and submit Requirements Specification Document                                            Requirements Specification Document Subtask              Documentation of the requirements that can be validated by users, sponsors, IT                  N/A
                             management, and developers.
3.2.6 Task                 Obtain formal user and sponsor concurrence with requirements specifications                       Acceptance form or memo by IT management and the
                                                                                                                             sponsor Subtask              Ensure that users, sponsors and IT management authorize continued work on the project.          N/A
3.3 Activity               Acquire the System and Services                                                                   N/A
3.3.1 Task                 Establish selection criteria                                                                      List of weighted selection criteria Subtask              Identify the criteria (specific product, vendor, or service characteristics, such as price,     N/A
                             number and type of features, stability, etc.) upon which selection will be made. Subtask              Weight each criterion with respect to relative importance.                                      N/A
3.3.2 Task                 Prepare Request(s) for Proposal (RFP) or Request(s) for Information (RFI)                         Request(s) for Proposal or Information Subtask              State the requirements and request proposals from prospective vendors (either for               Bidders’ meeting schedule
                             information only or for the purpose of making a vendor selection). Subtask              Provide guidelines for vendors that will enable them to. present proposals that are useful to   N/A
                             decision makers. Subtask              Establish schedules for receipt of proposals.                                                   N/A Subtask              Set bidders’ meetings.                                                                          N/A
3.3.3 Task                 Solicit proposals                                                                                 Vendor list Subtask              Identify prospective vendors.                                                                   Distributed RFP’s Subtask              Send out RFP’s.                                                                                 N/A

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Application Acquisition WBS Dictionary Subtask              Obtain proposals.                                                                            N/A
3.3.4 Task                 Select vendor(s) and product(s)                                                                Scores for each proposal, based on the selection criteria Subtask              Meet with vendors.                                                                           Acquisition decision (which could be to NOT acquire) Subtask              Interview and/or visit current clients of prospective vendors.                               Rationale for selection decision Subtask              Evaluate each proposal with respect to pre-established selection criteria.                   N/A Subtask              Identify modification requirements for each product.                                         N/A Subtask              Conduct benchmark tests.                                                                     N/A Subtask              Select vendor(s) and product(s).                                                             N/A
3.3.5 Task                 Negotiate contracts                                                                            Contract terms and conditions ready for signing Subtask              Define the terms and conditions of acquisition, delivery and support, including acceptance   N/A
                             criteria and methods. Subtask              Obtain management and sponsor approval.                                                      N/A
3.3.6 Task                 Determine or reaffirm overall approach, scope, and project plan                                 Statement of approach Subtask              Ensure that previous estimates and schedules are refined to reflect actual costs and delivery Cost estimate (including hardware capacity, modifications
                             arrangements.                                                                                 and ongoing support, maintenance and/or licensing fees) Subtask              Identify any scope changes that have been made as a result of the selection process and      N/A
                             contract negotiations.
3.3.7 Task                 Execute contract(s) and/or purchase agreement(s)                                               Signed contract(s) and/or purchase agreement(s) Subtask              Approve the selection(s), contract terms, costs, and schedules.                              N/A
3.4 Activity               Plan for Implementation                                                                        N/A
                           Note: The plan for implementation will need to be adapted if the development/and
                           maintenance is intended to be performed off-site.
                           Note: All or part of the specifications for modifications, capacity impact, support, etc.,
                           referred to in this phase may be determined as part of the selection process
3.4.1 Task                 Define modifications and development requirements                                              N/A Subtask              Specify overall implementation plan approach, i.e big bang, pilot, rolling.                  Specifications for programs to be developed and/or
                                                                                                                          changed Subtask              Identify the functions that must be added to the selected product.                           List and descriptions of parameters and tables changes
                                                                                                                          for installation Subtask              Identify programming changes that must be made to the selected product.                      Specifications and agreements regarding modifications to
                                                                                                                          other systems Subtask              Identify non-programming installation requirements (tailoring via parameters and tables).    N/A

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Application Acquisition WBS Dictionary Subtask              Define impact/interface requirements on other systems and obtain agreements regarding               N/A
                             development and/or modification efforts.
3.4.2 Task                 Estimate storage, telecommunications, and/or processor impacts                                        Hardware and communications resource acquisition
                                                                                                                                 requirements Subtask              Determine the impact of processing and storage volumes on the hardware (data storage,               N/A
                             processor capacity) and on communications resources.
3.4.3 Task                 Schedule delivery (ies) and initial installation(s)                                                   Coordinated schedules agreed upon by vendors,
                                                                                                                                 application developers, and users Subtask              Set delivery schedule(s) with vendor(s).                                                            N/A Subtask              Set site preparation schedules.                                                                     N/A Subtask              Set telecommunications line and service installation schedules.                                     N/A Subtask              Set installation schedules.                                                                         N/A
3.4.4 Task                 Identify support and operations roles and responsibilities                                            Roles and responsibilities assignments. Subtask              Describe the operations and support functions (LAN manager, back-up and recovery,                   N/A
                             technical support, etc.) that will be required. Subtask              Identify staff and organizational responsibilities.                                                 N/A
3.4.5 Task                 Plan for file/database conversions (including initialization)                                         Data conversion plan Subtask              Identify conversion requirements.                                                                   Conversion program specifications Subtask              Determine the way the conversion will be performed (what programs, what controls, etc.).            Conversion procedure Subtask              Schedule the conversion effort.                                                                     N/A
3.4.6 Task                 Develop test strategy and plans                                                                       Test objectives Subtask              Ensure that the test plans for all levels of testing are available to validate the new system       Levels of testing
                             and all systems being affected by it. Subtask              Develop recovery plan if acceptance criteria cannot be met or there is a need to go back.           Test cycles
                           Note: Unit test planning is not included in this activity; it is part of the Modify phase. Testing    *Test plan data
                           should first validate the unmodified product and then the product as it is to be installed for use.
                                                                                                                           *Acceptance criteria
                                                                                                                           *Role and responsibility assignments for testing
3.4.7 Task                 Develop user/operator training and documentation development plan                               Document descriptions and outlines Subtask              Identify required user, support staff, and/or operator documentation and training, based on a *Plan for creating the documents, including responsibility
                             review of delivered documentation.                                                            assignments
                           Note: Documentation includes Help screen contents, tutorials, training materials, quick         *Training plan
                           reference cards, and manuals. Documentation may be in paper and/or electronic form.
3.4.8 Task                 Review Implementation Plan                                                                      *Issues and resolutions

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Application Acquisition WBS Dictionary Subtask              Ensure that all required implementation activities have been identified and scheduled.         Sign-off indicating concurrence
                             Ensure that there is a defined installation process, indicating who is responsible for what.
3.4.9 Task                 Reaffirm or revise the project plan                                                              Revised or reaffirmed project plan Subtask              Ensure that the project plan is accurate, given the information determined during this phase. *Detailed plan for the next phase(s)
                                                                                                                            *Sign-off acknowledging acceptance of implementation
                                                                                                                            and project plan
3.4.10 Task                Schedule system implementation                                                                   Turnover schedule Subtask             Specify when the system will be introduced into the production environment and when the        *Data conversion schedule
                             user will be expected to begin testing and actual use.
                                                                                                                            *Volume and acceptance test schedule
3.5 Activity               Accept the Unmodified Product                                                                    N/A
                           Note: When the modifications are to be performed by in-house or contractor staff
                           rather than by the product vendor’s staff, the modification of acquired software should
                           not begin until the base software (the unmodified product) has been accepted.

                           Where there are multiple vendors’ products being integrated, acceptance test each
                           product independently. Integration testing is part of the next phase.

3.5.1 Task                 Receive the product                                                                              Product available for acceptance test Subtask              Take delivery of the hardware and software and install for testing.                            N/A
3.5.2 Task                 Perform acceptance test(s)                                                                       Product ready for installation and/or modification Subtask              Exercise the product’s components to validate that they perform according to acceptance        N/A
                             criteria. Subtask              Exercise the integrated product.                                                               N/A Subtask              Identify deficiencies.                                                                         N/A Subtask              Correct deficiencies.                                                                          N/A Subtask              Accept or reject the components and product (the contract should allow for return of the       N/A
                             product if it does not pass the tests).
3.6 Activity               Modify the Product                                                                               N/A
3.6.1 Task                 Design new software components                                                                   Detailed programming specifications Subtask              Identify program structures and modules.                                                       N/A Subtask              Provide a detailed specification for programming.                                              N/A

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Application Acquisition WBS Dictionary

3.6.2 Task                 Program changes to existing software components                                                  Coded changes Subtask              Determine the exact location for the changes to be made.                                       N/A Subtask              Implement the changes identified.                                                              N/A
3.6.3 Task                 Program new components                                                                           Coded new components Subtask              Construct or generate new programs.                                                            N/A
3.6.4 Task                 Unit test (including necessary reprogramming)                                                    Unit test plan (data and cycles)
36.4.1 Subtask             Ensure that changed and new components perform according to specifications.                      *Unit test job control or command lists
                             Note: A walk-through of the unit test plan should be held to ensure that the plan covers all   *Unit test results (error log, acceptable test results)
                             required tests.
                                                                                                                            *Changes to components with errors
                                                                                                                            *Tested components in a controlled library
3.7 Activity               Implementation – Transition to Production                                                        N/A
3.7.1 Task                 Develop or revise user documentation, operations and support documentation, and                  Documentation and training materials (e.g., manuals,
                           training                                                                                         Help screens, tutorials, etc.) Subtask               Develop new materials or make changes to existing documentation and training materials.       Completed contingency plan documentation (e.g.,
                                                                                                                            Application Contingency Plan (ACP) for applications)
3.7.2 Task                 Train users, operators, and support staff                                                        Trained users, operators, and support staff Subtask              Ensure that all users, operators, and support staff are able to use the changed system.        N/A
3.7.3 Task                 System test (including necessary rework)                                                         Systems test job control or command lists Subtask              Ensure that the changed system(s) operate according to specifications using the plan           Systems test results (error log, error reports, acceptable
                             developed.                                                                                     test results) Subtask              Ensure that the changed system performs as expected under volume and exception                 Changes to programs and documentation
                           Note: A walk-through of the system test plan should be held before the test to ensure that the   System tested software in controlled library
                           plan covers all required tests. Subtask              System testing can be broken down into levels of testing to include volume test, usability     N/A
                             test, etc.
3.7.4 Task                 Acceptance test                                                                                  Appropriate job control or command lists Subtask              Provide the user and/or sponsor with proof that the changed system works according to          *Test results (error log, error reports, acceptable test
                             expectations.                                                                                  results)
                                                                                                                            *Changes to programs and documentation
                                                                                                                            *Written approval by user acceptance authority
                                                                                                                            *Accepted software in controlled libraries
3.7.5 Task                 Prepare for transition to production                                                             Implementation schedule (revised)

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Application Acquisition WBS Dictionary Subtask                 Ensure that the production environment (including users, operations, personnel, and       Revised operations schedules (batch schedule and on-
                                support staff) is prepared for the start of production.                                   line availability) Subtask                 Install required new hardware, system software, and communications systems.               *Programs transferred to production libraries
                           Note: For applications to be run by centralized computer operations groups, all forms must be *Production file space properly allocated
                           filled out and submitted as required by current procedures.
                                                                                                                          *Production job control or command lists available
                                                                                                                          *Necessary changes made to high-level menus for user
                                                                                                                          *New or changed security data (passwords, etc.) in the
                                                                                                                          proper tables
3.7.6 Task                 Perform data conversions                                                                       Converted or initialized production data sets Subtask                  Make data set (files, data bases, tables) ready for the start of production.             Control reports
3.7.7 Task                 Perform environment test                                                                       Test results (error log, error reports, acceptable test
                                                                                                                          results) Subtask                  Ensure that the changed software operates without disrupting the production environment. Changes to programs and documentation Subtask                  Complete system installation                                                             Software accepted by operations and support Subtask                  Put the changed software into production use.                                            Documentation distributed
                                                                                                                          Changed system installed
3.8 Activity               Post Implementation Evaluation                                                                   N/A
3.8.1 Task                 Conduct a system performance review                                                              System performance review, with recommendations for
                                                                                                                            change Subtask                 Evaluate the performance of the changed system in terms of resource use, usability, and     N/A
                                the degree to which it met user expectations.
                           Note: This review should be held after sufficient use of the system to provide adequate data
                           for analysis.
3.8.2 Task                 3.8.2    Conduct a change impact review                                                          Cost/Benefit analysis review, with recommendations for
                                                                                                                            change Subtask                 Evaluate the user environment to determine if expected benefits were achieved.              N/A
                           Note: This review should be held after users have become familiar with the system and after
                           the system has been in use for enough time to accurately determine if it has provided expected
                           benefits. It should not be confused with a project evaluation.
4.0 Phase                  Controls – Administer and manage work controls to ensure project                                 N/A

4.1 Activity               Project Procedures and Controls –                                                                N/A

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Application Acquisition WBS Dictionary

4.1.1 Task                 Risk Management – Manage risks by responding to identified risk indicators as they occur.     FPC – Risk Id and Mgmt
4.1.2 Task                 Change Management – Identify, plan, and conduct ongoing change control of the project. FPC – Chg Mgmt
                           Ensure that the requirements, budget, and schedule milestones remain in line with the current
                           approved project plan or are changed officially providing new requirements, budget, or
                           schedule milestones.
4.1.3 Task                 Project Standards, Approval, And Document Controls – Conduct administration of FPC – Stds, Approvals, & Cntls
                           approvals, project library, administrative filing, and securities.
4.1.4 Task                 Communication Management – Deliver communications or facilitate communication delivery FPC – Comm. Plan & Mgmt
                           and conduct ongoing administration of communications
4.1.5 Task                 Status Reporting –Conduct ongoing project status reporting of work activities, budgets FPC – Status Rptg
                           achievements and issues.
4.1.6 Task                 Procurements & Contracting Management – obtain quotations, bids, offers, or proposals, FPC – Procurements & Contracting
                           choose from among potential vendors, administer the contract, and close.
4.1.7 Task                 Quality Assurance – monitor and identify way to eliminate causes of unsatisfactory quality FPC- QA
4.1.8 Task                 Time Tracking – administer the time tracking activities and team recording of individual time FPC – Time Tracking
4.1.9 Task                 Issue and Decision Management – Administer the issue and decision process.                    FPC – Issue and Decision Mgmt
5.0 Phase                  Close – Evaluate the projects achievement of scope, objectives, N/A
                           and measurements. Identify the maintenance plan, turn-over to
                           maintenance, and release project resources.
5.1 Activity               Project Evaluation – Recognize the achievements and lessons learned of the N/A
                           project, and determine readiness to close the project.
5.1.1 Task                 Prepare a project evaluation – Review the project’s completion criteria, scope, objectives, Project Evaluation & Lessons Learned
                           measurements, and lessons learned. Document and analyze the information and review with
                           the sponsors. Obtain agreement from the sponsors on readiness to proceed with project
5.2 Activity               Plan for Maintenance and Turn-over – Coordinate “what” will be maintained N/A
                           and prepare supporting materials to enable smooth transition to maintenance.
                           Close Project.
5.2.1 Task                 Coordinate Maintenance Turn-over – Identify all items or components, and their production Maintenance Turn-over
                           version/location, which will become maintenance responsibility. Ensure change request log is
                           accurate and up-to-date. Ensure all issues and prior decisions are documented for turn-over.
                           Identify maintenance staff and any associated budgets. Meet with maintenance lead and
                           review this information.

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Application Acquisition WBS Dictionary

5.2.2 Task                 Close out Project – Prepare for and celebrate project closure.   Release project Project Celebration Closing
                           resources. Milestone          Project successfully turned-over to maintenance and closed                        N/A                          0
5.2.3 Task

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Application Acquisition WBS Dictionary

Critically          Skill





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Application Acquisition WBS Dictionary




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Application Acquisition WBS Dictionary

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Application Acquisition WBS Dictionary

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