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									             CBAP Certification
Practical Approach and Personal Experience

                Presented by
             Angelique Robateau
               Michelle Gehrig

This presentation will provide some real life examples of the
approaches taken and experiences encountered to prepare and
sit for the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)
examination including:

 – Completing the Application using a self-created template
 – Study approach and style using self-created study guides
 – Lessons Learned


•   CBAP overview
•   Application process
•   Practical Study Approach
•   Study Tips & Suggestions
•   Examination suggestions
•   Q&A

CBAP Overview

Q. CBAP - What is it?
• Certified Business Analysis Professional

Q. What does it do for you?
• Recognized professional achievement
• Provides a standard for Business Analysts across industries and

CBAP Application Requirements

• Five years (7,500 hours) of business analysis work in the last
  10 years
• Demonstrated experience and knowledge in 4 out of 6 BABOK
  Knowledge areas
• 21 hours of BA professional development in the last 4 years
• Minimum high school diploma or equivalent
• Two professional references
• Signed Code of conduct

CBAP Certification Process
Step 1 – Application

• available online or paper form
• Requires application fee ($125)
• Notification of approval/denial to sit for exam received via email
  within 21 days
    – Our experience was notification received within 5 business days.
•   If approved, includes link to the testing centers.

CBAP Certification Process
Step 2 - Exam Registration Request
• Paper form only
• Requires exam fee:
   – $325 USD (for IIBA® members)
   – $450 USD (for non-members)
     Note: IIBA membership ($95 annually)
• Request your preferred testing location
   – this is not officially set during the exam request
• Notification of exam request received via email
   – Our notification received in 3 weeks

CBAP Certification Process
Step 3 - Testing Center Registration
• Castle Worldwide testing center sends email
   – Contains link to select testing site(s) and date(s)
   – We received this email the same day as the exam notification email

• After you submit your testing center request, an email
  confirmation will be received with the specific testing site, date,
  and details.

  You MUST read, print , and bring this confirmation to the testing

CBAP Application Tips

• Collect work history information
• Contact your references
• Track your work experience outside of the online application
   – We created a spreadsheet to track project time and tasks

Application entry format
Work Experience (1 of 2)

Application entry format
Work Experience (2 of 2)

Application Spreadsheet Demo

Practical Study Approach

• Created Study Guides - Knowledge Area specific visios
• Utilized online sample tests
• Purchased additional resources:
   – reading materials
   – study guides
   – sample tests

Study Guide - Summary
Our Study Approach

• Read the whole BABOK first.
   – Read some KAs twice (or 3x) to really understand them.

• Cram
   – Focus and allot time for one KA at a time.
       • BOK is too much material to absorb at once
       • Test yourself

• Keep the study momentum consistent
   – Weekly study sessions were not frequent enough for us

Our Study Approach

• Create your own study tools
    – Lifesaver
        • analyze the tasks/processes/techniques
        • provides better retention than if you memorize

    – Use diagrams if you are visual learner THIS was critical

• USE the study tools you’ve created

NOTE: Our study tools became CBAP Cliff Notes.
        It was the last thing we reviewed before going into the testing center

Our Study Approach (cont.)

• Conquer and divide KAs
   –   Pick a study buddy
   –   Commit to creating your assigned study materials
   –   Share for clarification
   –   Test yourself for key KA information
   –   Practice drill of KA specific sequences together (Brain dump)

Study Tips and Suggestions
• You can do this!
    – Step back and use what you already know
    – Use your study materials
        • The BABOK was not enough.
    – Research and share as many resources as you can

• Know the Tasks and Processes IN ORDER.
    – Know the inputs/outputs for the 6 KAs
    – Understand the application of any Techniques within an KA including its

•   Use Mnemonics to help memorize
    – Must be meaningful to you (make up your own)

Study Tips & Suggestions

• Practice a timed brain dump of KAs tasks/processes

• Use the tests online.
   –   Provides representative question format
   –   Identify KAs where you need extra focus
   –   Use multiple test samples
   –   Don’t become over-focused on any one KA
        • If your score is low, move on.
        • Retake low scoring test after you’ve tested for all KAs

Examination Thoughts

• The test is challenging
   – Otherwise it wouldn’t be a worthwhile certification!
   – The more prepared you are, the higher your rate of success
   – The passing grade is unknown

• The 3.5 hours was sufficient

• Experience with Testing Centers was different:
   – Angelique had to start her test precisely on time with only 15 minutes
     for brain dump
   – Michelle had technical difficulties and was not pushed to start the test
     at 9:00AM.

Exam Suggestions

• Do not become overwhelmed the night before the test
   •   Do NOT study all night
   •   Review your study materials and then do something non-CBAP
   •   Relax and get a good night’s sleep

• Follow the instructions from the testing center
   –   Practice the on-line sample test provided by the testing center
   –   Know where your testing center is PRIOR to the day of the exam
   –   Rules are serious - no clothing with pockets, no personal items, etc.
   –   Do the brain dump as soon as you are allowed

Use Other Resources

• Larson, Richard & Larson, Elizabeth (2009). CBAP®
  Certification Study Guide Minneapolis, MN: Watermark
  Learning Publications

• Barnard, Larry T., (2009). Sample Exam Questions: IIBA
  Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) Bloomington,
  IN: Trafford Publishing

• Sites that offer practice exam questions:



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