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									It’s a wrap
Boat shelters and tents

The size and location of boat does not always allow easy and cost effective undercover
J.F. Marine are able to resolve this problem with a cost affective reliable method of semi
permanent covers designed to eliminate the uncertain weather conditions and maintain a
clean working environment.

                                   The shelter on the left was erected to carry out hull repairs
                                   which required blasting the hull and full epoxy treatment. No
                                   dust was emitted from the shelter, and no delays due to poor
                                   weather conditions.

Shrink wrap films are specially formulated with added ultraviolet inhibiters to protect your
assets against harmful and unsightly UV damage when stored outside for up to two years.
Other additives prevent the film from becoming brittle in cold weather.

The picture on the right shows a full security work shelter with
access door; this shelter is virtually a building and is
completely weather proof. The structure was built in less than
two days and has stood up to hull blasting as well as a
constant flow of tradesmen.

Due to the versatility of J.F. Marine shrink wrap shelters can be virtually any size or shape,
whether it’s only the keel that requires a shelter or the complete topsides. Doors and vents
are fitted to allow convenient access and maintain a pleasant dry ventilated environment to
work in.
At the end of the winter season or refit the shrink wrap cover is simply removed and
recycled -

                                               Large yacht full protected from the elements
                                               during winter storage in an exposed location. The
                                               owner lives several hundred miles away and
                                               wanted limited maintenance and added security.

                It’s a wrap by J.F. Marine – – 01436 820584
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It’s a wrap
The Benefits of Boat Shrink Wrapping

Unless you store your boat in a shed or building of some sort, you probably use, or have
considered using, a cover to protect your investment against damage from weather, air
pollution and bird droppings. Tarpaulins or custom made covers of plastic or canvas have
traditionally been used for this, but recently shrink wrap boat covers have been gaining in
popularity amongst UK boat owners.

                                                      This motor boat is ready for transport completely
                                                      protected from the elements and road grime.
                                                      Notice the zipped door at the stern of the vessel,
                                                      the window like patches are for the tie down
                                                      straps once on the transport.

Shrink wrap should not be confused with ‘pallet wrap’ or ‘cling film’ that is stretched
around an object and gives minimal protection. Heavy duty shrink wrap is draped over the
boat before shrinking tight. Unlike a tarpaulin, because shrink wrap is heat shrunk around
the boat, it becomes tight and therefore cannot flap and 'self destruct'. This is the secret of
its durability.

 As tight as a drum. This rib can be towed long
 distances without fear of damage. Shrink wrap
 also provides a level of security, out of site out
 of mind as well as keeping loose items secure.

The 'shrink to fit' characteristic makes shrink wrap particularly good at protecting
awkwardly shaped products such as boats and because sheets of shrink film can be easily
heat fused together there are no limitations as to the size of boat which can be protected. In
addition, unlike a tarpaulin, a shrink wrap cover can be fitted with a zipped access door,
and self adhesive air vents, according to requirements.
At the end of the winter season or refit the shrink wrap cover is simply removed and
recycled -

                                                               Inside storage for a yacht this big with
                                                               its mast still up is almost imposable to
                                                               find, an over the deck shelter allowed
                                                               this deck repair to continue no matter
                                                               the weather.

For detailed price and availability please contact John Mullen J.F. Marine.

                 It’s a wrap by J.F. Marine – – 01436 820584
                    The Chandlery – Rhu Marina – Rhu – Argyll & Bute G84 8LH

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