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Dear New York DECA:
On behalf of the New York State DECA, Board of Trustees, I challenge you to JOIN ORANIZE AND PROMOTE  through 
DECA! It is the hope of the Board of Trustees, that you find the information in this New York DECA Guide a helpful tool 
in preparing for the 2010‐2011 DECA year. Our goal in developing this packet, is to provide you with the necessary road 
map tools you will need to organize and plan your DECA activities. 

As you review this packet, you will see, that your Board of Trustees has planned numerous events to help you start 
the year off on a positive note. Informational conferences designed to provide a cooperative learning experience 
for both students and advisors have been planned. The Fall Conference will once again begin with a joint event with 
National DECA. Our aim was to combine the best of both events, so all students could participate in both events. This 
conference is scheduled for WASHINGTON  D.C.  What better way to provide our students with the opportunity to meet 
students from across the country and state. Your Board of Trustees encourages you to take that first important step in 
preparing for competitive events and become a participant at NARCON! 

We encourage you to visit us often at  www.newyorkdeca.org.    Important updates, contact information, and 
deadline reminders will be posted at this site as they occur. If at any time you need to contact a member of the board, 
please consult the directory included in this packet. If your question is still unresolved, I can be reached during  
at 516‐578‐1059 or at  ekatzjkatz@aol.com   or  decareg@aol.com 

All required conference registration forms are now conveniently located in one place, within the body of the document. 
We trust this will help to make your job a little easier. 

New York DECA has proven itself to be an organization dedicated to providing a positive and rewarding 
experience for both student members and advisors. Your Board of Trustees is here to help you. At any time, if you 
need support or guidance, please ask, I promise we will respond. 


Ellen Katz, Chairperson 

Fellow DECA Members,

        Welcome to the 2010-2011 year. I am confident that this is truly going to be a year to remember. Your officer team,
comprised of Melanie Noye, Michael Fetzer, Samantha Bugaj, Jessica Arnone and me, has worked to plan a year with you, the
membership in mind. We hope that you will take advantage of every opportunity, and embrace what this year has in store.

         I look forward to seeing you in Rochester for the 51st State Career Conference. This year’s theme, New York DECA: Dare to
Dream!, has been created with much thought and consideration. The annual SCC will be held from March 9 to March 11, 2011. Once
again we will engage in competition in hopes of advancing to this year’s ICDC, so be sure to bring your “A” game. Additionally, you
will have to opportunity to connect with and meet fellow DECA members throughout the duration of the conference.

         The Make-A-Wish Foundation has been selected for this year’s State Service Project. Make-A-Wish grants wishes for
children with life threatening illnesses. We ask that you participate in whatever way possible and help us to make a difference and put
smiles on children’s faces, one wish at a time. The funds raised will be donated to the various Make-A-Wish chapters throughout New
York, making a positive impact statewide.

          This year’s International Career Development Conference will be held in Orlando, Florida from April 30 to May 3, 2011.
As you may know, Orlando is home to the “Most Magical Place on Earth”, Walt Disney World, the place where dreams come true.
It is my hope that DECA will continue to inspire its members to dream big and work hard to achieve their goals. This year’s theme is
intended to inspire you to dream, and achieve.

         I, along with your national DECA officers encourage you to “Expand your Network” through this year’s National theme.
Now, is a prime time to meet fellow DECA members and expand your horizons. Consider joining the “New York DECA 2011” page
on Facebook. Connect with the rest of New York DECA and share ideas, meet new people, ask questions, and keep up-to-date on
current DECA events. I also invite you to expand your network beyond New York DECA. Travel to Washington D.C. with us to
embark on the journey that the POWER Trip will supply. While in D.C. attend the Fall Leadership Conference hosted by your
Executive Council, and also take part in the workshops held by National DECA. Dare to take advantage of the opportunity to network
with members from the Southern and Western Regions, as well as our very own North Atlantic Region as you navigate through the

          Our team has developed many ideas in order to recognize the membership and advisors for their dedication and commitment
to this organization. We have many new awards and opportunities planned for you. I encourage you to take advantage of these and
make the most of this year as a whole. Your hard work will certainly pay off at the conferences and in the future. Work hard, plan
ahead, stay focused, create new memories, start new friendships, and dream big. It is up to you to make this a year to remember!
          I am eager to work with you in hopes of connecting New York DECA. Together we can build upon the strong foundation that
has been laid, and work toward our unlimited potential for the future. Best of luck in this new DECA year!

         New York DECA: Dare to Dream!

Best Wishes,
Caitlyn Haffey
New York DECA President

                                COMPETITIVE EVENT DEADLINE DATES 
DATE                                                   WHO           TASK
November 13,        DEADLINE               National                  Electronic File to
                    Membership Roster      DECA                      National DECA School Check

                    This impacts onyour                              payable to DECA, INC
                                           M. Beresa
                                                                     Cc of file to MBETP@aol. com
November 30, 2010 Final opportunity to     National DECA              Electronic file
                    roster student.        Cc M Beresa                School check
                                                                      Payable to DECA

Completed by        Regional Elimination   Regional                  Regional Competitive
January 12,2011     Programs               Activity                  Event Program

January 17, 2011    Written Direct Event   Gary Spaid
                                                                     Electronic file to
                    Entry Form                                       Aces2@frontiernet.net

January 26, 2011    Written Events due     Gerald Hathaway
                                                                     1) Original Manual
                                                                      3 COPIES

February 1, 2011    Non-Written Direct     Gary Spaid
                    Entry Form                                       Electronic file to
                                           Competitive               aces2@frontiernet.net
                                           Events Chairperson

                                           Ellen Katz
February 3, 2011    Hotel Registration
                                           Registration Chairperson Electronic files to Ellen Katz along with a
                                           decareg@aol.com          School Check decareg@aol.com
February 19, 2011   Final Date for         Gary Spaid               Electronic file to
                    Substitutions &        Competitive
                    changes for SCC        Event
February 19, 2011   Final Date for         Ellen Katz                decareg@aol.com
                    hotel changes
                    without PENALTY

March 19, 2011      Registration and check Ellen Katz                Electronic file/check
                    for ICDC due                                     decareg@aol.com

1. All participants must be active members of DECA with the current year’s dues on file with DECA Inc. and New
    York DECA.
2. All participants and written entries must be approved and authorized for entering competition by their
   state/provincial association through official competitive events.

3. All participants and written entries must meet the specifications.

4. All participants must have participated in state/provincial competitions. All entry forms and creative entries must be
   submitted by the state/provincial advisor or designee according to announced deadlines.

5. A participant may enter only one of the competitive events with a participatory component during DECA’s
   international conference.

6. No additions or substitutions may be registered for competition after the deadline set forth by DECA Inc.

7. A written entry may not be entered in more than one international conference competitive event during a
   given year.

8. Once a written entry is entered in international conference competition, the identical content material may not be
   entered in international conference competition again.

9. All participants must attend the briefing sessions scheduled for their competitive event during the international

10. Participants are required to follow the official DECA dress code, which requires that they wear an official DECA
    blazer for all phases of competition during which they come in contact with a judge or judges.
11. All written entries must include a signed copy of DECA’s Written Event Statement of Assurances.


                             GENERAL RULES AND REGULATIONS 

1. Once a manual is registered with Gary Spaid, Contest Chairperson, (JANUARY 17, 2011)  
in the Written Event Direct Entry Form, that is the final, binding event that the 
named student(s) will be registered in. 

Any error in this registration and the student(s) will either be required to withdraw from all
competitions or the student(s) will be required to compete in the registered event even if that
is the wrong event. Please verify this registration spreadsheet before you submit it as changes
will not be permitted.

2. TOTAL Four (4) copies must be sent, one must in the official
DECA folio. A 10 point penalty shall be assessed for failure to
follow this procedure.
3. No student may use a cell phone in the contest/cluster area. No cell phone is
to be brought to any competitive event by any student for any reason. If any
student/team has/have a cell phone in the cluster/contest area they will be
disqualified from their competitive event immediately. The only exceptions to
this rule are:

Advertising Campaign/ Sales Demonstration/ Technical Selling/ Wholesale Selling

Only if you are using the cell phone as a PROP, the cell phone must be registered for use
at the check in table prior to going to the contest/cluster area.

4. Every Competitive Event Participant will be required to show 
photo identification in order to compete. 
The following are VALID examples of Photo ID: ~

        ~      Passport 

        ~      Drivers License 

        ~      School ID 

        ~      Sheriff ID 

        ~      Motor Vehicle Issued Identification 

        ~      Original Yearbook 
        ~      Immigration Card 


                   ROLE­PLAY AREA. 
6. Every effort will be made to strictly enforce the penalty points as printed in the DECA
GUIDE. Encourage your local advisors/competitors to review the competitive event
guidelines carefully before submitting their event.

 2010‐2011 COMPETITIVE EVENTS LIST                                            

(events in *Italics are regional elimination events)  

National Representative Events  
Advertising Campaign Event                                (M) 
Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan                       (M) 
Professional Sales                                        (M)   
National Written Events 
 Business Operations Research Events 
    • Business Services Operations Research Event 
    • Buying and Merchandising Operations Research Event 
    • Finance Operations Research Event 
    • Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research Event 
    • Sports and Entertainment Marketing Operations Research Event 
Business Management and Entrepreneurship Events 
    • Entrepreneurship Written Event 
    • International Business Plan Event 
    • Internet Marketing Plan Event    
    • Entrepreneurship Participating Event       
Chapter Team Events 
    • Community Service Project        
    • Creative Marketing Project           
    • Entrepreneurship Promotion Project         
    • Financial Literacy Promotion Project 
    • Learn & Earn Project            
    • Public Relations Project       
Individual Series Events  
*Accounting Applications                                             (F) 
*Apparel & Accessories                           (M)   
*Automotive Services Marketing                            (M) 
*Business Services Marketing                              (M)     
*Food Marketing                                  (M) 
*Hotel and Lodging Management                                        (H) 
*Marketing Management                                                M) 
*Quick Serve Restaurant Management                        (H) 
*Restaurant & Food Service Management                                (H) 
*Retail Merchandising                                                 (M) 
*Sports & Entertainment Marketing                                    (M) 
Special Event 
DECA Quiz Bowl                                                       (M) 
 Team Decision Making Events      
*Business Law and Ethic Team Decision Making Event                   (BM) 

*Buying and Merchandising Team Decision Making Event                                          (M) 
*Financial Services Team Decision Making Event                                                (F)  
*Hospitality Services Team Decision Making Event                                              (H) 
*Marketing Communications Team Decision Making                                                (M) 
*Sports & Entertainment Marketing Team Decision Making Event                                  (M)     
*Travel & Tourism Team Decision Making Event                                                  (H) 
 Principles of Business Administration Events  
(Available for First year Students only) 
*Principles of Business Management & Administration                                           (BA) 
*Principles of Finance                                                                        (BA) 
*Principles of Hospitality & Tourism                                                          (BA) 
*Principles of Marketing                                                          (BA) 
New York State Events 2010   
*Broadcast Advertising     (Radio Advertisement (30 seconds))         
*Chapter Scrapbook ‐NYS   
*Decision Making ‐ Human Resources        
*Decision Making ‐ Marketing          
*Job Interview      (Sears Appliance Salesperson ) 
Public Service Broadcast Advertising   (Television Ad (60 seconds))        
Public Service Visual Advertising   (Newspaper ½ page Ad)        
*Public Speaking ‐ Extemporaneous         
*Public Speaking ‐ Prepared           
*Sales Demonstration            
Visual Advertising       (Billboard Ad)          
*Wholesale Selling   
On‐Site Tests:      
*Free Enterprise                                            
*Marketing Mathematics                          
*General Marketing           
Test type to be administered: 
(M)= Marketing 
(F)= Finance   
(H)= Hospitality 
(BM)= Business Management 
(BA)=Business Administration                    
Special Online Events (Not available at State Competition Level) 
*Stock Market Game 
*Virtual Business Challenge Retail 
*Virtual Business Challenge Sports 

Public Speaking Topics
State Theme: New York DECA: Dare to Dream!

State Themes- Public Speaking Topics:

Public Speaking Prepared:
        Regionals- How has DECA taught you to dream?
        States- How has DECA helped you to reach your dreams?

Public Speaking Extemporaneous: The Principles of Marketing
        Regionals- Which of the Principles of Marketing has helped or impacted you the
        States- Which of the Principles of Marketing will help you the most in the future?


                            COMPETITVE EVENT CHANGES

As DECA continues to align its renowned competitive events program to career clusters, the Competitive
Events Task Force recommended and the board of directors approved the following changes effective for
the 2010–2011 school year.
New Event and Name Changes
• A new Marketing Communications Team Decision Making Event will be introduced.
• The Financial Analysis Team Decision Making Event is renamed Financial Services Team Decision
Making Event.
• The Technical Sales Event is renamed Professional Selling Event to more accurately reflect the
intended purpose of the event.
Performance Indicator Lists
The performance indicator lists will be reorganized to include pathways from the National Curriculum
• Performance indicators for Principles of Business Administration content interviews will be
selected from the business administration core.
• Performance indicators for Team Decision Making case studies will be selected from the appropriate
career cluster and the business administration core.
• Performance indicators for Individual Series role-plays will be selected from the appropriate pathway,
the appropriate career cluster and the business administration core. The performance indicator
selection for the exams will remain the same as last year.
• Performance indicators for the Principles of Business Administration exams will be selected from
the business administration core.
• Performance indicators for the four cluster exams used for Team Decision Making Events and
Individual Series Events will be selected from the appropriate career cluster and the business
administration core.
A matrix showing the relationship between specific events and clusters/pathways is provided on page 58.
Use of Sound
The use of sound will now be permitted in all Business Operations Research Events, Chapter Team
Events, Business Management and Entrepreneurship Events and Marketing Representative Events,
but the volume must be kept at a conversational level.
Interaction with Judges
Materials appropriate to the situation may be handed to or left with judges in all competitive even


    Three (3) copies plus the original (total of four (4) copies) of each manual
    must be submitted. Only the original copy needs to be in the required binder or
    folio as stated in the competitive events rules and guidelines. The three (3)
    individually stapled copies are to be placed inside the official DECA folio, and
    one copy hole punched inside of the folio, for a total of four (4), for each
    manual submitted. A 10 point penalty shall be assessed for failure to
    follow this procedure.

  Manuals received on Thursday, January 27, 2011  
 and Friday,January 28,2011 will be assessed a 10 
              point per day  penalty. 

   Manuals received after 5:00 PM  on Friday, 
                  January 28, 
                     2011 will be disqualified. 

 If the correct number of copies is not received, 
          the manual will be disqualified. 
       • Remember, the Statement of Assurances is required at the state

• The signed Statement is to be placed in the ORIGINAL manual ONLY, NOT
                          in any of the other copies.
• Failure to place the signed Statement in the original manual will result in that
                          manual not being judged.

      Copies of the Statement are available in the DECA
      G id
Mr. Gerald Hathaway, Judge Chairman

       c/o Arlene Hathaway

West Seneca East Senior High School

        4760 Seneca Street

    West Seneca, NY 14224 3 295

                                   Official Dress Code for the
  State Career Conference/ International Career Development Conference
Professional appearance is an important aspect of the overall preparation of DECA members 
for  the  business  world.  To  that  end,  DECA  supports  a  dress  code  for  its  career‐based 
functions  that  exemplifies  the  highest  standards  of  professionalism  while  being  non‐ 
discriminatory between males and females. 

       DECA’s board of directors has developed the following official dress standards for the 
     International Career Development Conference. Students, advisors and chaperones must 
                                      follow the dress code. 

Competitors  must  wear  an  official  DECA  blazer  during  interaction  with  the  judges.  While 
official  DECA  blazers  are  not  required  during  briefing  and  testing,  professional  business 
dress  is  required.  Professional  dress  should  also  be  worn  to  all  conference  sessions  including 
workshops and special meal functions such as luncheons. 

For a more polished, professional appearance, it is recommended that students wear 
                                          appropriate hosiery/socks. 

    An official DECA blazer is required to receive recognition/an award on stage. 

                                            DECA BUSINESS CASUAL 

                            Casual slacks (e.g., Dockers), blouse or shirt, casual shoes. 
                   Jeans, t‐shirts and athletic shoes are not included in business casual attire 

                             WHEN APPEARING BEFORE THE JUDGE 
                              Official DECA blazer with dress skirt or dress slacks and a 
                              dress blouse or official blazer with a dress; dress shoes 

                             WHEN APPEARING BEFORE THE JUDGE 


                                   Official DECA blazer with dress slacks, collared dress shirt 
                                           and necktie; dress shoes and dress socks 


                      Event Briefing, Manual Registration and Testing, Leadership 

                            Dress blouse or dress sweater with dress skirt or dress slacks 
                                   (blazer optional) or business dress; dress shoes 

                                  Collared dress shirt and necktie with dress slacks 
                                  (blazer optional); dress shoes and dress socks 

          The following are unacceptable during DECA activities: 

 • Skin‐tight or revealing clothing 
 • • Midriff‐baring clothing 
 • • Swimwear 
 • Leggings or graphic designed hosiery/tights 
 • • Athletic clothing 
 • Clothing with printing that is suggestive, obscene or promotes illegal 
When  judging  adherence  to  the  dress  code,  DECA  asks  that  advisors,  teachers  and 
chaperones use observation as the tool for assessing compliance. DECA does not support 
or condone the touching of students or their clothing as a means of determining whether 
or not a student is following the dress code guidelines. 

A $100. cancellation fee will apply to all 
SCC cancellations received ten days prior
      to the start of the conference. 
 Refunds are only issued if Ellen Katz is 
        notified prior to 2/19/11. 
   There are NO refunds issued for any 
          reason after this date! 
        Room substitutions only! 
    This applies to both SCCAND ICDC 

            TEN (10) DAYS  


             THIS IS HOTEL POLICY 

               OR GIRL FOR GIRL 



                   BE IN WRITING TO 




                  New York DECA Hotel Responsibility Agreement

      Conference Name: _____________________________________________________  
       School Name: ________________________________________________________  

      Address: _____________________________________________________________  

    Advisor’s Name: _____________________________ Phone Number ______________  

     Principal’s Name:__________________________ Phone Number _______________  
                                Agreement Statement 
The signature of both the principal and the advisor on this form indicates that both 
parties have discussed with the School’s DECA chapter, the financial responsibility 
pertaining to the Chapter’s rented rooms at this DECA/NEW YORK DECA sponsored 

This signed form acknowledges that responsibility, on the part of the school, the DECA 
chapter, the students, and the parent(s)/guardian(s) to be financially responsible for any 
and all damages to the rooms at the conference hotel that have not been reported on the 
room damage form, a form which will be completed by the students and chapter advisor 
upon arrival at the conference hotel. 

             Signature of Principal                             Signature of Advisor 

                      Date                                              Date 

   This form MUST be mailed to the Conference Registration Chairperson with your room 
   reservations. Failure to provide this completed form will result in the cancellation of all 

There will be no defacing of public property. Any damages of any property,
including, but not limited to, property or furnishings in the hotel rooms or buildings must
be paid by the individual or chapter responsible. Any chapter whose members are found
responsible for such damages at a conference will be required to place a refundable
$250 Damage Deposit with the Conference Registration Chairman at each subsequent
conference, for a period of one (1) year. Failure to make restitution will result in the Chapter
NOT being eligible to compete until all bills are paid.
    Copy 1– Registration Chairperson Copy 2– Chapter Advisor Copy 3 – School Principal 

                                   NEW YORK DECA

                                  PRINICPAL MEMO
For your reference, the following procedures are in place for each and every
New York DECA/ DECA Conference.

     •     At each New York DECA/DECA Conference it is the responsibility of
           the Advisor or adult assistants to conduct a nightly room check in.
           This check in is to take place at curfew.(11:30 PM)

     •     Each student is required to sign in at curfew.

     •     This “sign in sheet” is to be hand delivered on a nightly basis to the
           New York DECA Security Chairperson.

     •     Upon submission of the sign in sheet, the Advisor/Adult Assistant
           must sign a verification form stating that each student from their
           chapter is safe in their rooms.
If an Advisor /Adult Assistant fail to turn in the bed check sheets
and sign in with the Security Chairperson , as Principal of
__________________ High School you will be notified.

I                                 have discussed the contents of this memo with 
                             the Chapter Advisor from ________________________ High 

                                       Chapter will comply as outlined. 

Signature ______________________________ Date                   
Advisor Signature ________________________ Date 

                                   NEW YORK DECA
                                  Health Information Form
Student’s Name                                   Date of Birth
Parent’s/Guardian’s Name__________________
Home Phone ( ) _______________ Work Phone ( )

Cell Phone ( ___)

Emergency Contact __________________________ Phone __________________

In the event that a parent cannot be reached, please list a name and phone number of
another person that can be contacted in an emergency situation:

In the event of a medical emergency, the procedure will be to call the parent or guardian,
time permitting, before taking the student to a physician or hospital. However, when
neither parent can be reached, this form may permit the hospital to perform treatment.

We/I ____________ hereby give permission for the New York DECA advisor(s) or
designee to transport my/our child to or from a physician or hospital for emergency
We/I __________ hereby give permission for the DECA advisor(s) or designee to sign any
consents which may be necessary to allow hospital personnel and/or a licensed physician
to examine my/our child and perform any emergency procedures, treatment or surgery
which may be necessary and to consent to the administration of any drugs or medication
necessary to such emergency care.

My/our child _________ is allergic to the following drugs and/or medications:(If none, so
My/our child _________ is in good physical health and has no ailments or maladies
except: (If none, so state)
List any and all medications which must be taken:

We/I hereby agree to hold New York DECA free and harmless from and indemnify New
York DECA for any expenses incurred in the rendering of such care and treatment and
from any liability, which may arise as the result of such care, and treatment.
Date: _________Health Insurance Policy Name:

_____ Parent/Guardian Signature(s)

I .................................................................. , as a New York DECA advisor,
and/or/school supervisor designee hereby agree to uphold and enforce the New
York DECA Code of Conduct and the accompanying Advisor /and/or/School
Supervisor Designee Pathways of Action for Emergency and Non-Emergency
Situations, and all New York DECA rules, policies and procedures at the State
Career Conference, As an advisor and/or/school supervisor designee I agree to and
accept the responsibility of supervising and overseeing the students assigned to
me for the duration of the conference. I further agree that I will have each student
assigned to me initial and/or sign a curfew compliance form indicating that the
student was in his/her room at curfew each night of the conference.

I will provide a completed curfew compliance form to New York DECA security by
the end of my shift each evening. I have read and fully understand the
aforementioned New York DECA Code of Conduct and Advisor/and/or/School
Supervisor Designee Pathways of Action for Emergency and Non-Emergency
Situations, and I agree to obey and comply with the guidelines set forth therein,
the New York DECA By-Laws and Constitution, and New York DECA policies and
procedures in addition to all applicable laws, rules and regulations. My failure to
enforce the Code of Conduct, the terms of this Agreement and the documents
referred to herein, and/or any New York DECA rule and policy may result in
disciplinary action taken against me.

                                    AGREED AND ACCEPTED

       Date: __________
       _Advisor Signature
      Principal Signature

       In case of any emergency involving the advisor(s) and chaperone(s) from this
chapter, it may be essential to be able to contact a school administrator. With this in
mind, please complete the form below in order to provide us contact to an
administrator 24 hours per day while the conference is in session. This information
shall be held in the strictest of confidence and shall be used ONLY in case of an
emergency situation.

              In case of an emergency, the following local administrator(s) should be
              Name ___________________________________________

              Title ____________________________________________

              School Phone___________________________________
              Home Phone ___________________________________

              Hours Available

              Name ________

              Title _________

              School Phone__
              Home Phone __

              Hours Available

The following is an explanation of the New York DECA Code of Conduct. Education, not 
punishment, is the primary function of New York DECA. Discipline shall focus on prevention 
and the establishment of a climate in which individuals are encouraged to be good citizens 
in school, work, the community and at New York DECA, DECA and/or National DECA 
conferences and events. 

It is the belief of the Board of Trustees that each individual should be treated as a person 
who can reasonably be expected to be responsible for his or her own behavior. New York 
DECA and its Board of Trustees and advisors will assist each individual in this program of 
personal responsibility with a few sensible rules of conduct, focusing on safety and respect for 
the rights and property of others. The Code of Conduct will be consistently applied at New 
York DECA, DECA and National DECA conferences and events. Students who do not 
accept this responsibility and who violate New York DECA rules will be required to 
accept the appropriate consequences. New York DECA advisors are to uphold their 
duties and responsibilities as well and may be subject to disciplinary action for any 
misconduct and/or dereliction of duties. 

The Board of Trustees recognizes the need to make its expectations for individual 
conduct while engaged in a New York DECA, DECA, and/or National DECA function specific 
and clear. The rules of conduct listed below are intended to do that and focus on 
safety and respect for the rights and property of others. Moreover, delegates shall 
allow New York DECA to use conference photographs, videos, digital images, recordings
and their names for promotional purposes.

A student may be searched when there is reasonable suspicion that the student is engaging 
in any proscribed activity which is in violation of this Code. New York DECA reserves the 
right to conduct any other search which is consistent with law, including, but not limited to, 
random searches, searches of New York DECA property and consent searches. New York 
DECA property is subject to search at any time and without consent. There is no 
reasonable expectation of privacy in any New York DECA, DECA and/or National DECA 
storage area or area being used for storage by New York DECA, DECA and/or National DECA 
including, but not limited to, desks, computers, offices and tables. An authorized 
representative of New York DECA shall have the right to question delegates. In 
addition, an authorized New York DECA official may enter the hotel room of a delegate 
without permission during a sanctioned New York DECA, DECA, and/or National 
DECA conference or event requiring an overnight stay for the express purpose of 
safeguarding the well‐being of a delegate where there is reasonable suspicion that the 
safety and/or well‐being of a delegate is being threatened and/or is danger. Where 
warranted, local law enforcement will be contacted. By signing below, you are hereby 
acknowledging and consenting to an authorized New York DECA official taking the above 

Students who are given penalties other than a verbal warning are entitled to have their 
matter heard before a Code of Conduct Committee (“Conduct Committee”) at a time and 
location determined by the Board of Trustees. A Code of Conduct Committee Hearing 
may be scheduled to occur immediately after the incident, regardless of the hour, or for 
a later date and time. The decision as to scheduling is left to the sole discretion of the 
Code of Conduct Committee, and the student delegate and his/her parents and home 

The provisions and procedures set forth at Section 7 of the New York DECA 
Constitution shall govern the Conduct Committee hearing. Any disciplinary action taken will 
situation will be considered on a case‐by‐case basis. Factors, including, but not
b fi    f i    d      i     All li i      di      d        d       d di i li    h ll b

D)       All delegates must follow all rules stated by New York
         DECA, DECA and/or National DECA and further those set forth in
         the New York DECA Constitution, its Bylaws and the Code of
For the purpose of this Code of Conduct:
          member, including advisors and adult chaperones, attending any
E)         conference, event and/or function of New York DECA, DECA Board
          The Conduct Committee, with authority delegated to it by theand/or of
          Trustees, DECA.
          reserves the right to interpretation and application of the Code of
          Conduct as necessary. The decision of the Conduct Committee shall be
          final, except some matters may be appealed to the Board of Trustees.
         dealt with in accordance with the procedures adopted
         h e r e u n d e r p u r s u a n t t o t h e Co n s t i t u t io n a n d / o r B y l a w s of
         N e w Y o r k D E C A , a n d the penalties thereafter. Such penalties
         will be consistent and appropriate to the violation and points
         assigned to each violation.

C)       Students found to have violated the New York DECA Code of Conduct
         may be subject to the following penalties. New York
         D E C A ’ s Board of Trustees, and/or a duly delegated body
         a u t h o r i z e d t o a c t on its behalf, are authorized to impose
         that penalty. The range of p e n a l t i e s i n c l u d e : ( 1 ) v e r b a l
         warning and/or reprimand; (2) p a r e n t , h o m e s c h o o l
         a n d / o r h o m e s c h o o l a d v i s o r notification and/or
         disciplinary referral to home school; (3) p r o b a t i o n ; ( 4 )
         sent home from a New York DECA event or function at
         the student’s expense; (4) removal of the
         delegate’s title and/or position within New York DECA;
         ( 5 ) suspension from New York DECA; (6) Restrictive Movement;
         and/or (7) expulsion.
Any individual violating or ignoring any of the rules may be "expelled" from New York 
DECA, sent home at their own expense or placed on "Restrictive Movement" depending 
on the decision of the Conduct Committee. "Restrictive Movement" means the delegate 
will constantly be accompanied by his/her advisor or designated adult chaperone at 
ALL times, except after curfew when the delegate shall be in his/her room. Chapter 
advisors will be held accountable for student delegate conduct. 

In determining the disciplinary action imposed against a student(s), each

The ranges of penalties and the penalty points with corresponding infractions as listed 
herein are for guidance only. New York DECA reserves the right to impose any penalty as 
warranted under the specific circumstances. 
               POINTS                 PENALTY 
                 1 & 2              Reprimand/Warning;            Parent,      Home    School,
                                    Advisor Notification; 
                 3                  Reprimand/Warning;            Parent,      Home    School,
                                    Advisor notification; Probation 
               4 & 5 Reprimand/Warning; Parent, Home 
                                     S c h o o l, Advisor notification; Probation; 
                                     Sending the student home from a New 
                                     York DECA event or function at the 
                                     student’s expense; Suspension; 
                                     Restrictive movement; and/or 

APPEAL PROCESS A person or chapter expelled or suspended from New York 
 DECA may appeal the decision of the Code of Conduct Committee to the 
  Board of Trustees by filing a written notice of appeal with the Secretary of 
 the Board of Trustees. The notice of appeal must be in writing and 
  received within seven (7) days after the individual and/or the student’s 
 home chapter has received notice of the Code of Conduct Committee’s 
 decision. The student delegate and his/her parent or guardian and the
 home school expressly agree to pay the costs involved for Board 
 members to attend the appeal. This includes, but is not limited to, 
 airfare and travel expenses to and from the appeal, room and board 
  and for the Board of Trustees’ reasonable counsel fees. In the event 
 the student delegate’s appeal is successful; i.e., results in a lessening 
 of a previously imposed punishment administered by the Code of 
Conduct Committee, such fees and costs incurred by Board members 
hearing the appeal will be borne 

               1. Student delegates who have sought and obtained prior special
                 permission from the Board of Trustees so as not to be required
                 to stay overnight in a hotel/conference center during a
                 New York DECA, DECA and/or National DECA
                 conference or event must be off the grounds of the
                 hotel/conference center and remain off such grounds at all times
                 designated by the Conference Committee.
               2. In traveling to, during and from all New York DECA, DECA and/or
                   National DECA conferences and events, student delegates,
                   regardless of age, must be accompanied by their home
                   school administration, advisor and/or an adult chaperone
                   designated by their advisor, and only with the prior
                   written permission of the student delegate’s parent and/or
                   adult guardian. Such written permission must be
                   received by the student’s Chapter Advisor concurrently
                   with the student delegate’s registration materials and payment.
               3. No student delegate shall leave the conference hotel or a
                  leadership session or meeting without first obtaining the
                  express p ermi s sion from the student delegate’s Chapter Advisor.

               4. Absent the express, advance consent of the Board of Trustees, student
                  delegates are required to attend all general sessions, and activities
                  assigned, including, but not limited to workshops and committee
               5. Proper conference attire is designated as a DECA blazer (or jacket),
                  shirt, tie, and dress pants for boys; and a DECA blazer (or
                  jacket), dress, skirt a n d b l o u s e , or pantsuit for girls.
                  Jeans and/or dungarees are not acceptable. Proper
                  conference attire is required at all conference functions
                  except dances and swim parties, at which suitable but more
                  casual attire is permitted. THIS DRESS CODE WILL BE IN
                  EFFECT A TALL TIMES.

    2          6. Smoking in public is not permitted while wearing a DECA blazer
                  and/or when a delegate is acting in his or her official capacity
                  as a representative of New York DECA, DECA and/or National

                  DECA or participating in conference functions and events.

             7. Delegates should be prompt for all activities and plan on arriving

                 5‐10 minutes early. Lateness to scheduled functions and activities
           8. Student delegates are responsible for keeping their adult advisors inform of their
              activities and whereabouts at all times.

1-4   Delegates are required to wear name badges at all New York DECA, DECA
      and/or National DECA functions and events, except when they are in their
      own rooms
1-5   0.
       Student delegates are prohibited from acting in a rude, discourteous
      and/or unprofessional manner towards fellow delegates, advisors, Board Members and
      third parties at New York DECA, DECA and/or National DECA conference events
      and functions
                11. Meetings between student delegates shall be restricted to authorized
                  activities and between student delegates only; i.e., there is to be no

                  unauthorized fraternizing of any kind with non‐delegates

5     2.
       No student delegate is permitted inside a public dance hall, bar, or club during a
      New York DECA, DECA and/or National DECA conference or event without
      authorization from the delegate’s home advisor. For the purpose of this rule, entering
      a publicly recognized restaurant which is proper and suitable for minors but may sell
      alcohol in addition to food, such as TGIF’s, Outback, and Appelbees, is not
      prohibited. Under no circumstance, however, may a student delegate consume or order
5         l h li b
                13. No student delegate shall be in the possession of, imbibe, sell or knowingly be in
                    the same hotel room where alcohol is present.

                14. No student delegate shall use, possess or sell any illegal or controlled
                  substances or drug paraphernalia during a New York DECA, DECA
                  and/or National DECA conference or event.
3-5   5.
       No student delegate shall be in a room knowing that an illegal and/or controlled
      substance is present during a New York DECA, DECA and/or National DECA
      conference or event
                16. No delegate shall violate any New York DECA, home
                  school district policies, rules, ordinances and/or regulations,
                  local, state or federal laws at any New York DECA conference or
                17. All conference delegates will be in their assigned rooms at or before
                  curfew, which will be designated at each conference, and shall remain in their

                   room the entire night until at least 6:00 am. Student delegates will be quiet at
                   curfew, and shall refrain from making any loud, offensive and/or
                   derisive comments and statements to another student delegate
                   and/or third party at any time. All room doors and connecting room
                   doors must be closed and locked at curfew and remain such until no
                   earlier than 6:00 am.


                18. All delegates have the responsibility of informing their
                  Chapter Advisor, the Registration Chairperson and Security
                  Chairperson if they are assigned to a room that adjoins a room with
                  members of the opposite sex.

             19. No unsupervised student delegate may be in a room with a member(s) of the
               opposite with the door closed at any time for any reason. This
               includes hallway doors and adjoining connecting room doors in hotels. In
               addition, if a student delegate is in a room with a member(s) of the opposite
               sex, an adult must also be present and the door(s) must be fully ajar.
      20. Delegates are expected to act and behave in a responsible and
        appropriate manner. Acts such as throwing objects from windows; loud,
        profane, lewd, vulgar and/or abusive language; obstructing vehicular or
        pedestrian traffic; hazing; gambling; stealing; vandalism; harassment; using
        electronic and/or digital equipment, communications and/or other device in an
        inappropriate manner and/or to carry out any of the objectionable conduct set forth in this
        Code of Conduct; sexually suggestive or provocative dancing; indecent exposure of
        private body parts in a lewd or offensive manner; improper touching of oneself or
        another; committing an act of violence such as hitting, biting, punching and
        scratching another delegate, advisor, chaperone, or third party; possessing a weapon
        or threatening to use and/or using a bomb, explosive or device, weapon or other
        instrument or any object in a dangerous manner; threatening any act of violence;
        willfully pulling a fire alarm without cause; reporting a false bomb threat or other false
        emergency and/or failing to comply with reasonable requests or direction from an
        advisor, chaperone and/or hotel personnel and conference attendees will not be

1-4   1.
       Delegates who make unreasonable noise in (talking, music, or other sounds that can be
      heard from outside the room) and/or outside their assigned rooms at any time while
      attending a New York DECA, DECA and/or National DECA conference or event
      will be given one (1) warning. If the noise continues, the advisor(s) of the delegates
      in the room will be called and appropriate penalties assigned
               22. There will be no defacing of public property. Any damages of any

                                property, including, but not limited to, property or furnishings in the hotel
                                rooms or buildings must be paid by the individual or chapter responsible. Any
                                chapter whose members are found responsible for such damages at a
                                conference will be required to place a refundable $250 Damage Deposit
                                with the Conference Registration Chairman at each subsequent conference, for
                                a period of one (1) year.


                                23. Delegates shall be responsible for payment of non‐New York

                                      DECA related charges incurred such as telephone calls, damages
                             24. Delegates are prohibited from engaging in verbal or physical abuse,
                                and/or name calling.

         1-4         25. Delegates shall respect the rights and safety of
                       other hotel guests at all times.
         1-5         26. . Any other action that is insubordinate, disruptive, dangerous, violent and/or
                     threatening to the safety, morals, health and/or welfare of the delegate or others
                     is prohibited
    I have read and fully understand the entire Code of Conduct, including, but not limited to the 
    introduction and 26 Items  of misconduct and agree and consent to the terms contained herein. I 
    hereby further agree to fully comply with these guidelines and I am aware of the consequences 
    that may result from a violation of any of the above guidelines. 

        Date                                 Print                                   Signature 
                    Student Name                                         



                   School Official 

                                               New York DECA
                                         ROOM DAMAGE CHECKLIST
                                         (For check-in and check-out)
It is our suggestion that you check each room carefully before students enter for the first time and after students leave
the room for the last time. Please remind students that rooms that have clothing on the floor
cannot be cleaned. All towels should be put in the bathroom or you will not get clean towels.
For SCC this report is due by 10 AM on Wednesday for chapters that arrive on Tuesday and
by 10PM on Wednesday for chapters that arrive Wednesday. If we do not receive a form you
will not have protection against damage claimed by the hotel. For ICDC directions will be
given at State meeting.

 Description                                              DAMAGE/DESCRIBE                         NONE

 Broken Box Spring/Bent Frame

 Broken Headboard Ripped fabric on
 bed Broken lamps/ lampshades

 Wall Damage (i.e. Holes) Spills/Graffiti
 on Walls Spills on Carpet

 Spills on Bedspreads

 Ground in food on rugs and floors*

 Garbage not in plastic bag

 Damage to furniture
 Damage to towel racks in bathroom

 Damage to commode Damage to tub
 Air Conditioner/Heater Cover &
 Damage to draperies

       NAME OF FORM          WHO IS REQUIRED TO               WHERE/WHEN

Code of Conduct                   All Students         Prior approval by Regional Rep
                                                                 by 2/19/11
                                                            **See Fall Packet***

          Health Form             All Students         Prior approval by Regional Rep r


       Advisor/Designee       All Adults/Chaperones     Prior approval by Regional Rep

        Security Form                                         Presented On-Site


    New York DECA            All Advisors/Chaperones    Prior approval by Regional Rep
  Emergency Information                                        Presented On Site

      Room Check In Sheet        All Chaperones
                                                           At Curfew /Room Check

                                                           *** See Fall Packet***

                                                              March 9-11, 2011

                                                           CURFEW IS 11:30PM

 Hotel Responsibility Form      One Per Chapter         Prior approval by Regional Rep
                                                                  by 2/19/11

        Principal Memo          One Per Chapter         Prior approval by Regional Rep

                  NEW YORK DECA 
                 HONOR SOCIETY 
The Honor Society is open to all rostered New York DECA members who meet the
following criteria:

   •      Have been active in New York DECA for at least 3 years
   •      Have competed at States
   •      Have an overall average of at least 85%*
   •      Students must be currently enrolled in business/marketing class/program*

*A transcript is required to verify the above

Advisors must provide a copy of the chapter roster, along with a letter of
recommendation that verifies the following:

       Positive character
                       Leadership (evidence by committee chair positions, officer/chair or
                       other leadership position in student organizations, civic/community
                       leadership roles, etc.

                       Evidenced by volunteer activities in the school and/or community,

Five (5) students from each school will be recognized at the State Career Conference

The applications are due (not postmarked) by January 12, 2011. All
completed applications along with supporting documentation is to be mailed to
Mary Peres, 285 Hill Road, Goshen, NY 10924.
     The purpose of the New York DECA Honor Society is to provide students with
    recognition for their academic excellence and involvement in New York DECA.


Name of Student                                          School

Please check the following criteria:

   •     Active Member for at least 3 years

   •     Competed at the State level

   •     Overall Average of
          8 5 % o Please indicate the

   •     Business class Average of
          90% o Please indicate the

Advisor Signature

Name of Advisor


                          Please return by January 12, 2011 to
                                       Mary Peres
                                      285 Hill Road
                                   Goshen, NY 10924
Dear New York DECA,

For the 2010-2011 school year, the New York DECA Executive Council is proud to announce the Make-A-Wish
foundation for the Community Service Project.

The Make-A-Wish foundation is an organization that fulfills the dreams and wishes of children with terminal illnesses.

With your effort and assistance, we hope that New York DECA can contribute to making a child’s wish come true. We
encourage the members and chapters throughout New York to fundraise and donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The
chapters that raise the most money this year will receive special recognition for their efforts on stage at the State Career

The Executive Council has developed fundraising ideas for this year’s Community Service Project such as t-shirt sales,
regional dinners, and the selling of paper stars. If you are interested in any of the following activities or for any additional
information on the Make-A-Wish foundation and the Community Service Project, feel free to contact your New York
DECA Treasurer, Mike Fetzer at fetzer.mike@yahoo.com or visit www.wish.org .

If you choose to make a donation, please make checks payable to New York DECA. All donations must be received no
later than January 11, 2011 in order to be recognized at the State Career Conference.

All donations should be mailed to:

Mike Fetzer
New York DECA Treasurer
c/o Laurie Widman
405 Meadow Drive
North Tonawanda, NY 14120

The Executive Council would like to thank you in advanced for your cooperation and efforts to help the Make-A-Wish

Yours truly,

Mike Fetzer
New York DECA Treasurer/Parliamentarian

Dear New York DECA Members and Advisors:

As your 2010-2011 State Historian I look forward to working with you, the New York DECA
membership, as we begin another successful year.

One of my roles on the Executive Council is to produce The Connection: A Year in Review at the
end of NARCON, SCC, and ICDC. In order to produce a product that will be meaningful to the
membership I need input from you. We are looking for photos of your chapter in action, such as
working in your school store, fundraising, guest speakers, outings, social events, etc. This is the time
for you to show off the unique qualities of your chapter!

I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you and getting to know you and your chapters
through all the pictures that you submit for inclusion in The Connection. Please forward your photos
to mnoye95@aol.com and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Melanie Noye
State Historian

Dear Fellow DECA Members:
The Executive Council is excited to announce the new program for the Nominations Committee
at the State Career Development Conference. The Nominations Committee is a board comprised
of two members of the Executive Council as well as one member representative from each
region. This committee is responsible for the interviewing and slating of the Executive Council
This year anyone competing at the SCC will be eligible to serve on the Nominations Committee.
The regional leader shall select the representative from his/her respective region, and that
delegate will be responsible for carrying out their duties regarding the Nominations Committee
while at the conference. The members that fulfill their obligations will be guaranteed a trip to the
International Career Development Conference. Furthermore, they will be rewarded with “DECA
Dollars” which will be able to be applied to the expenses incurred by the ICDC.
The Executive Council would like to encourage everyone interested to speak to their regional
leaders. Serving on the Nominations Committee is a great way for DECA members to become
more involved and elect the leaders that will represent them for the upcoming year. Speak to your
regional leaders and let your voice be heard today.
Your Secretary,
Samantha Bugaj


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