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									                       P r o t e c t i on f r o m O n l i n e T h e f t

Presentation to XYZ Company
                                                   Meeting A
                                                   M ti        d
Company Introduction

Product Demonstration
    Revolutionary approach to
    preventing Online Theft
                                                     Online User   ********

The Problem – Online Theft

The Solution – Confidence Online™

Value Proposition for XYZ Company
    Shifting the Business Model
    Mitigating Losses
    Marketing Advantages

 September 5, 2009              --CONFIDENTIAL--                              2
Confidence O li
C fid             Product Demonstration
           Online P d t D       t ti
                      p y
               XYZ Company
                 Web Site
          Confidence Online

         Evil Hacker                                   Innocent Victim

 September 5, 2009                  --CONFIDENTIAL--                     3
                      The Threat of T j
                      Th Th                is Real
                               t f Trojans i R l
Availability and Proliferation of Trojans
    1,000’s of Websites
    w/ Point & Click tools
    Online Tutorials on
    Bank Account

                                                 Excerpt from

September 5, 2009             --CONFIDENTIAL--                     4
                      Trojans are E
                      T j              to U
                                  Easy t Use

September 5, 2009   --CONFIDENTIAL--           5
                    It’s Easy t M k T j
                    It’ E                     Invisible
                              to Make Trojans I i ibl
No Programming Skills Required

September 5, 2009             --CONFIDENTIAL--            6
         It’s Easy t I f t an I
         It’ E     to Infect         t Victim
                              Innocent Vi ti
Trojans can hide by being
embedded in over
40 Known File Types

Trojans look like normal traffic
because they use common protocols
(     )

Hackers can choose their favorite
infection method:
    The Email Attachment
    The MP3 Download
    Instant Messaging

September 5, 2009           --CONFIDENTIAL--    7
                        Current Security Products
                       Designed t D t t T j
               are NOT D i    d to Detect Trojans
Trojans “Break” Virus Signatures
    Trojans are “designed” to bypass AV
    “Real Hackers” don’t use default Trojans

Trojans Deceive Firewalls
    Trojans Impersonate Valid Apps

Trojans Disable
    Trojans Kill DB
    Trojans Kill GUI
    Trojans Uninstall

  September 5, 2009           --CONFIDENTIAL--      8
Protecting XYZ Company and your users on every
                transaction from every computer

                     Online User                ********

 September 5, 2009                 --CONFIDENTIAL--        9
                              Preventing Trojan attacks using
                                      Confidence O li ™ AT
                                      C fid       Online™

                 3                    End-Points
                                      End Points                              k
 Automatically Detects &
     Disables Trojan

                                   Sends Personal Information           Enterprise
                                (e.g., credit card & account numbers)

                                        2      Logs In


1       Places Trojan

    *     Automatically
          Protects All Users
          September 5, 2009                 --CONFIDENTIAL--                         10
                           Banking with Confidence™
                    The Value Proposition t XYZ C
                    Th V l P        iti to      Company
Dramatically Shifting the Cost Model
   by giving customers the confidence to adopt Online Banking

 ii i       i      i    i l
Mitigating Direct Financial Losses
    by preventing Online Theft

Competitive Marketing Advantage
   by extending XYZ Company’s leadership position in Online

September 5, 2009            --CONFIDENTIAL--                   11
                                                       Shifting th C t M d l
                                                       Shifti   the Cost Model
        The Facts:
           More than 70% of retail customers do not bank online
           More traditional users would use Online Banking if they felt
           it were “safe & secure”
        The Benefit of Conversion
              e utu e of a
           The Future o Banking g
           Leveraging the most profitable service channel

  Tradtional                   Online User Potential Cost                         Savings per         Avg.     Potential
   Banking        Cost per        Cost per             Savings per Transaction per Transactions Savings per
 Transaction    Transaction Transaction                Transaction               2 Million Users    per Month    Year
Teller         $        1.07 $              0.01 $                    1.06 $              2,120,000     3     $ 76,320,000
Drive-Up       $        1.07 * $ * Figures derived from Wall Street Journal- October 2002 2,120,000
                                            0.01 $                    1.06 $                            3     $ 76,320,000
ATM            $        0.27 $              0.01 $                    0.26 $                520,000     3     $ 18,720,000

       September 5, 2009                            --CONFIDENTIAL--                                                   12
            Mitigation of Di
            Miti ti            t Financial Losses
                        f Direct Fi    i lL
   Infection Rate
   Victimization Rate
   Average Loss Rate
                                   Retail Online
                                  Banking Clients        Employees        TOTAL

        Number of Users                  3,300,000           120,000        3,420,000

        Minimum Infection Rate                 5%                 1%
        Infected Users                    165,000
                                             ,                  ,
                                                               1,200         166,200

        % of Infected Users
        Experiencing Loss                    20%                20%
        % of Total Users                      1%                 1%
        Users Experiencing Loss            33 000
                                           33,000               240           33,240

        Average Loss/Incident     $         1,000    $        25,000

        Projected Direct Loss     $    33,000,000    $    6,000,000    $ 39,000,000

September 5, 2009                      --CONFIDENTIAL--                                 13
  Confidence Online™ Provides Tremendous
   Marketing Advantages to All Segments
   M k ti     Ad     t     t    S     t

   All Banking
                       3    Industry Leadership
                                Continue to Pioneer the Online
                                Banking Model

                       2    You re
                            You’re Safe Banking Online
    Customers                   Online Banking with XYZ Company =
                                Banking with Confidence

   XYZ Online          1    Continual Reassurance
                                U     F l C fid t       Every
                                Users Feel Confident on E
                                Online Transaction

September 5, 2009   --CONFIDENTIAL--                                14
          The Next Step in Maintaining XYZ Company’s Online

Only Confidence Online™ Prevents Online Theft

Only Confidence Online™ Automatically Protects Users

Only Confidence Online™ Delivers Economic Value

Only Confidence Online™ Delivers Online Customers

September 5, 2009          --CONFIDENTIAL--               15

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