Christmas Wish List 10(2) by mmcsx


Each year as we prepare for the holiday season, the situation seems more desperate than
the previous year. The financial crisis that society is facing makes leaving a violent home
more difficult. Fewer jobs, higher food, clothing and housing prices all impact the ability
our families have to survive on their own. This crisis has also impacted the financial
ability of FCC to offer safe housing and services to these families who are fleeing their
homes. Please consider donating the $34 cost of a bednight as well as a gift.

The Wish List offers suggestions for gift ideas. Please feel free to be creative. Other items are also
appreciated. Gifts do not need to be wrapped. Family members are almost as excited to wrap presents for
each other as they are to open their own gifts. Rolls of wrapping paper and tape are appreciated.

                                Great Gift Ideas
Gift Certificates from WalMart, Target, McDonalds, Food Stores, Movie Theaters,
Pay Less, Old Navy, AJ Wrights, Giants, Mars, Rite Aid, Home Depot - Etc.
Pre-Paid Phones and Minutes

                                      Infant & Toddlers
Diapers, Sleepers, Clothing, Toys, Bottles, Pacifiers, Mittens, Hats, Nightlights, Etc.
New Clothing, Underwear, Socks, Dolls and more Dolls (All Ethnic Groups), Toys,
Craft and Science Projects, Action Figures, Remote Control Cars, Matchboxes, Games,
Learning Toys of any kind, Play Dough, Etc. No Violent Toys Please! Please include
batteries for any toys that require them.
                                        Teenage Girls
Clothing, Pajamas, Slippers, Hair Items, Fake Nails and Polish, Underwear and Socks,
Jewelry, Pocketbooks, CD Players with batteries, Diaries, Watches, Games, Hats, MP3
Player, Movie Passes,
                                        Teenage Boys
Clothing, Underwear and Socks, Hat and Gloves, Handheld Games, Watches, CD Player
with batteries, Slippers, Sport Team Hats and Sweatshirts, Footballs, Basketballs, Radios,
Puzzles, Games, MP3 Players, Movie Passes
Hats, Gloves, Clothing, Underwear and Socks, Umbrellas, Watches, Household Items,
Family Games and Puzzles, Suitcases, Pajamas, Slippers, Sweat Suits, Clothing, Alarm
Clocks, Nice Bath and Lotion Sets, Etc.
                                        Thank You

The financial crunch that society is facing has affected our ability to assist the families
who come to us seeking to free their lives from domestic violence. Each day we are
grateful that we are able to open our shelter doors to offer them a safe and secure place to
stay. Please consider a donation to the operational budget of The Family Crisis Center.
We are currently looking to raise $100,000. Thank you!

                                     Shelter Wish List
1) Gift Certificates to:
   Giant Foods, Mars Grocery Store, WalMart, Target, Ollies, Home Depot, Rite Aid,
   Fast Food Places… These will be used to provide the shelter with daily living supplies
   and special needs for shelter residents.
2) Diapers, Diapers, Diapers… all sizes- especially large and extra large
3) Tokens - When available we provide tokens to our families to take care of business
   and go to doctor’s appointments, etc. $1000.00 will last approximately 4 months.
   Any amount is helpful.
4) Locking Freezer
5) Wii games and 2 Wii remotes
6) DVDs for the children’s program
7) Toiletries: Examples - Shampoos, Conditioners, Deodorant, Adult Toothbrushes,
   Toothpaste, Large Hair Brushes, Full-Sized bars of Soap, Hand Lotions, Powder, etc.
8) Cleaning Supplies !!!!!!! Bath Towels, Single-Sized Sheets and Blankets, Dish Towels
9) Cold Medicines, Tylenol, etc. for adults and children. Gift Certificates to Rite Aid for
   prescriptions. Band-aids, 1st Aid cream, etc.
10) New Socks and Underwear
11) Computer and printer for one of the offices.

Please join our Milk Club or Toilet Paper Club and consider donating on a regular basis
to help meet our daily needs. We go through 10 gallons of milk a week just for
breakfast! (This explains our need for gift certificates to grocery stores and WalMart!)

                                       Thank You!

          When Someone Somewhere Cares, Someone Somewhere Survives!

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