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									When you’re
selling real estate,
sell with the real
estate experts.
            We come to you
            with over 150
            years of real estate
                                   Our experience selling all kinds
                                   of rural, regional and residential
                                   properties, means we know
                                   real estate and how to sell it.
                                   •	 	 e’re	able	to	draw	on	the	shared	
                                      resources	of	all	our	Landmark	network.

                                   •	 	 e	combine	this	with	our	expert	local	

                                   •	 	 ur	national	real	estate	network	makes	
                                      us	experts	at	analysing	market	trends.

                                   •	 	 ou	can	be	confident	that	we	will	work	
                                      out	the	right	marketing	strategy	to	attract	
                                      a	premium	price	for	your	property.

                                   Ours is the name you can trust.
                                   •	 	 ur	heritage	and	history	reflect	the	long	
                                      and	proud	tradition	of	our	founding	
                                      companies	–	Dalgety	Farmers	Limited,	
                                      Wesfarmers	Rural	and	IAMA.	Today	we	
                                      are	part	of	the	AWB	group.

                                   •	 	 e	are	one	of	the	largest	providers	of	
                                      products	and	services	to	the	rural	sector	
                                      for	real	estate,	finance,	insurance,	farm	
                                      services,	wool,	livestock,	merchandise		
                                      and	fertiliser.

We’re Australia’s
specialists in selling
rural and regional
We have the expertise, the local knowledge
and the national network to attract a premium
price for every property we sell.
Look	to	us	to	maximise	the	selling	price	for:

•	 rural	sales

•	 lifestyle	sales

•	 residential	sales

•	 clearing	sales

•	 commercial	and	industrial	sales.
           We’ll bring you buyers
           from around the
           corner, the country
           and the world.
           The	Landmark	national	network	of	400	branches	means	we	have	a	
           national	team	working	to	find	you	buyers	in	every	state,	from	our	base	
           of	more	than	100,000	customers.

           •	 	 hrough	our	network	and	our	expertise	with	media,	we	are	able		
              to	generate	more	buyer	interest	from	more	places.

           •	 	 ur	network	allows	us	to	maximise	the	exposure	of	your	property	
              to	the	market	and	create	an	impact	that	will	attract	qualified	buyers.

                                                                           Selling options.
We’ll help you choose
the method of sale
that’s right for you.
1. Sale by auction.
Auctions	are	an	effective	way	of	creating	a	sense	of	urgency	and		
a	call-to-action	amongst	buyers,	because	an	auction	date	forces	the	
buyer	to	make	a	decision.

•	 	 ompetitive	bidding	can	push	up	the	price	because	the	sale	price	
   is	determined	by	what	the	market	is	prepared	to	pay.

•	 	 our	property	will	be	sold	without	conditions	set	by	the	purchaser.	
   As	the	vendor,	you	set	the	terms	of	the	sale.

•	 	 nd	remember,	you	can	always	sell	prior	to	auction	if	the	price	
   you’ve	settled	on	is	met.

2. Sale by private treaty.
When	you	sell	by	private	treaty,	the	timing	of	the	sale	is	open	and	as	
the	vendor,	you	set	the	sale	price.

•	 	 his	gives	you	greater	privacy	throughout	the	sale	process.

•	 	 arketing	costs	are	tailored	to	suit	you	and	you’re	not	locked	into	
   a	predetermined	date	of	sale.

3. Sale by tender or expressions of interest.
As	the	vendor,	you	set	the	date	and	time	for	all	tenders	to	be	
submitted	and	by	setting	this	deadline,	you	force	a	decision.	

•	 	 ith	only	one	closed	bid	permitted	per	buyer,	you	encourage	
   higher	offers.

•	 	 iscretion	and	confidentiality	are	maintained	because	you	decide	
   which	offer	to	accept,	while	avoiding	the	emotion	generated	at		
   an	auction.
             We offer more marketing
             options to create more interest
             in the market.
             Landmark Property Magazine.                                   Brochures, window cards and signboards.
             •	 	 istributed	throughout	Australia	bi-monthly.                 P
                                                                           •	 	 rofessionally	designed	brochures	and	window		
                                                                              cards	to	highlight	your	property’s	features	and	
             •	 	 he	greatest	range	of	rural,	lifestyle	and	residential	      unique	selling	points.
                properties	for	sale	around	Australia.
                                                                           •	 	 andmark	boards	and	signage	are	designed	to	
             •	 	 ave	your	property	featured	as	‘Pick	of	the	Crop’	           ensure	your	property	receives	maximum	exposure		
                and	it	will	also	be	included	in	Landmark	e-property	          in	your	local	area.
                which	is	emailed	to	Landmark	clients.

                                                                           Open for inspections.
                                                                           •	 	 ll	open	for	inspections	will	be	scheduled	and	
             •	 	 our	property	is	showcased	on	Australia’s	leading	           conducted	to	suit	your	personal	requirements.
                agribusiness	website.

             Newspaper advertising.
                                                                           •	 	 e	can	often	arrange	property	editorials	in		
             •	 	 nder	the	Landmark	brand,	you	have	access	to	                leading	Australian	rural	and	local	newspapers.	
                Australia’s	leading	business	and	rural	newspapers		
                to	ensure	national	exposure	of	your	property.
                                                                           Plus extra material we can tailor
             •	 	 ur	property	marketing	campaigns	can	also	include	        to your needs.
                advertisements	in	leading	local	area	newspapers.
                                                                           •	 e-brochures.
             •	 	 he	size	of	the	Landmark	network	means	we	have	
                the	media	buying	power	to	give	you	access	to	the	          •	 Email	campaigns.
                most	competitive	advertising	rates.
                                                                           •	 Letterbox	drops.

                                                                           •	 Direct	mail.

                                                                           •	 DVDs.

              When you commit to
              us, we commit to you.
              As our valued Landmark client, we will:
              1.	 Provide	an	appraisal	of	the	estimated	selling	price	for	your	property.

              2 P
              	 .	 	 rovide	advice	on	the	appropriate	marketing	campaign	and	timing		
                   to	maximise	market	exposure.

              3 O
              	 .	 	 rganise	and	co-ordinate	all	marketing	material	and	advertisement	
                   placements	approved	by	you.

              4.	 Manage	the	marketing	campaign	schedule	and	timing.

              5.	 Screen	and	introduce	qualified	buyers	to	your	property.

              	 .	 	 onduct	inspections	of	your	property	with	prospective	buyers,		
              6 C
                   where	appropriate.

              7 P
              	 .	 	 rovide	you	with	regular	updates	on	the	progress	of	the	campaign		
                   and	level	of	buyer	interest.

              	 .	 Present	all	offers	to	you.

              	 .	 	 egotiate	a	sale	with	buyers	on	your	instructions,	to	ensure	the	
              9 N
                   maximum	price	for	your	property.

              10.		 iaise	with	relevant	parties	to	assist	in	the	sale	and	settlement		
                  of	your	property.

As your exclusive
selling agent, we can
do even more for you.
Buyer enquiries. We manage all buyer enquiries so we’re able to
ensure that a consistent buyer follow-up process is always carried out.

Marketing. We’ll be able to manage the way your marketing
campaign is designed and implemented to ensure consistency.

Reports. You’ll be updated with one concise campaign report
on a weekly basis.

Accuracy. We’ll be able to make sure all buyers are provided with
the same consistent and accurate information about your property.

Confidence. You can be confident that all offers will be managed
and communicated promptly by us, for your consideration.

Convenience. There will be minimal disruption to your lifestyle
because we’ll be able to schedule and conduct inspections with
prospective purchasers at your convenience.
           We’ll reduce the
           stress of selling
           your property
                               When	you	sell	your	property	through	
                               Landmark,	we	follow	a	simple	step-by-step		
                               selling	process	that	will	get	you	the	results	
                               you’re	looking	for.	We	do	our	best	to	
                               make	what	can	sometimes	be	a	stressful	
                               experience,	easier	for	you.

                               Step 1.
                               Set	your	estimated	selling	price.

                               Step 2.
                               Select	your	method	of	sale.

                               Step 3.
                               Determine	your	marketing	campaign	

                               Step 4.
                               Set	your	campaign	dates.

                               Step 5.
                               Agree	on	a	selling	fee.

                               Step 6.
                               Sign	the	authority.

                               Step 7.
                               Commence	your	sale	process.
When you’re looking
for a real estate
specialist, look to us.
At	Landmark,	our	vast	real	estate	expertise	is	built	on	more	than	an	
expert	knowledge	of	real	estate.	It’s	backed	by	the	shared	resources		
of	the	entire	Landmark	organisation.

When	it	comes	to	maximising	the	return	on	your	property,	we	have	the	
experience,	the	local	knowledge	and	the	national	network	to	give	you	
all	the	support	you	need.
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Corner	Port	Wakefield	and		     Lot	4165,	McKenzie	Place	       380	La	Trobe	Street	             Level	8,	8	Bennett	Street	      Level	2,	20	Charles	Street	      388-396	Taylor	Street	
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