Lucky 7s by gdf57j


									             Wootton St George Football Club “Lucky 7’s”
       Here is your chance to prove your football knowledge and help out the club by
                      simply predicting the correct result of 7 fixtures.
     Each week half the money from all sheets sold will go into the jackpot and
                                half will go to the Club.
                  To enter fill in the table below by simply putting
                           1:- For the home team to win
                           2:- For the away team to win
                          X:- For the result to be a draw
      Then return the form with £1 per column entry fee to Maff Draper, Nick
                     Powell, Ryan Merrick or Mickey McInnes

                     Home                     Away               1,2 or x 1,2 or x               1,2 or x 1,2 or x
     1            Armenia                    Russia
     2             Wales                    England
     3            Bulgaria                 Switzerland
     4            Georgia                    Croatia
     5            Cyprus                     Iceland
     6             Israel                     Latvia
     7          Bosnia-Herce                Romania

      All forms to be returned by 1.30pm on the date of the fixtures with
                         your £1 per column entry fee.
                            NO MONEY, NO ENTRY!
1)  The prize fund shall be approximately 50% of all sales. The remaining 50% of money will go to Wootton St George
    Football Club.
2) The cost of each entry is £1 per column.
3) All seven results must be correctly predicted to win the Jackpot. In the event of no outright winner the prize fund
    will roll over to the following week.
4) In the event of a tie the prize fund will be shared equally between the winners.
5) Not to be sold to anyone under 18.
6) No entries accepted after the deadlines stated above.
7) No entries accepted without the entry fee.
8) The fixtures selected are the first 7 Prem fixtures that Kick off 3pm on Saturday. In the Event of less than 7 Prem
    fixtures, Championship Fixtures will be selected. In the event of an international break, international fixtures will be
    selected instead. In the event of less than 6 of the above matches taking place due to postponements then stakes
    will be returned.
9) In the event of a dispute the committees decision is final
10) In the Event of multiple “Rollovers” The Jackpot will be capped at £250.
         Name:                                                       Phone Number

                                                    JACKPOT: £____

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