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									The International Real Estate Federation

             Experience A World of Difference
                                                              There is nothing quite like the International Real
                                                              Estate Federation. Many members consider it a
                                                              mini-United Nations, and that description fits it well.
                                                              Members agree that to travel in the spirit of a native
                                                              is the FIABCI way of experiencing the world. No one
                                                              knows a destination better than the local real estate
                                                              professionals. FIABCI has experts all over the globe
                                                              ready to assist colleagues and clients in matters of
         FIABCI Secretariat located in Paris for 60 + years   real property.

      THE FIABCI ADVANTAGE                                         Petronas Towers
                                                                   FIABCI Prix d’Excellence
Expanding the networking opportunities within
FIABCI is vital to member success and satisfaction.
When FIABCI was founded in 1948, today’s global
real estate networks did not exist. As international
real estate franchises have expanded, FIABCI’s role
in the industry has shifted along with member
needs. The FIABCI advantage rests in the fact
that FIABCI embraces all categories and sectors
in the property industry. This diversity continues
to be the FIABCI Advantage. FIABCI provides a
forum for uniting the public, private, academic
and governmental interests in hopes of providing
society with optimal solutions to real estate related
problems. Historically, FIABCI has been the global
leader in promoting property rights and human
settlement shelter issues. Recently, these concerns
have emerged as sustainable development. FIABCI
continues to utilize its broad-based membership
profile for mankind’s betterment. Consistent work
with the United Nations since 1954 reveals a firm
and lasting commitment to real property issues.                              FIABCI Regional Secretariat Located in Kuala Lumpur


                                                      Established as the
                                                  original association of
                                                real estate associations,
                                           FIABCI’s federation has now
                                                expanded membership
                                            categories to include major
                                            universities with real estate
                                            departments, public sector
                                 interests, multinational corporations,
                                      national companies, individuals,
                                   real estate professors and students.


     The International Real Estate Federation was founded in Paris, France in 1948
as the Fédération Internationale des Administrateurs de Biens et Conseils lmmobiliers,
             and the French acronym, “FlABCI”, is still used today to signify
                 the original international association of associations
                  devoted to all real estate specialties and activities.

                      Operating chapters in fifty countries and
       comprising over one hundred national real estate related associations,
and the most prestigious international real estate universities as academic members,
 the FlABCI family encompassing thousands of real estate professionals worldwide.

                                                             ก • MEMBER • าชก • MEMBER ••
                                                                             ิ ก • MEMBER
                                                         สมาชิ ก • MEMBER •
                            •• L ID                      สมาชิ       •• สม าช
                                                                              •• L ID
                                                    L •                          L
                                                   LLL •          LL              ID •
                                ID •
                                    • M         BAA            BA LL
                                                                 A                    • M
                                      MEE    •• B           •• B                        MEE
                                        M B                                               MBM
                                          BRR                                               BRR EPPS
                                            EE                                                EE
                                                                                                                 RT T
                             RT T

                                                                                                               PA R
                •• M       PA R

                                                                                                 •• M
                         • PA

                                                                                                    회원 Ч ЕН ••
                      TGL IED •
                • ЧЛЕН •

                                                                                                       TGL IED •
                    Л ЕН

                                                                                                        ЧЛ ЕН
                         IED •

                                                                                                          IED •
                • Ч

                                                                                                 •• 회
                   μέ λ
                     λο ς

                                       M IE                                      ••
                                           MB                                 O
                                             BR O
                                               O •                          BR O
                                                                            B R
                                                  • M ED
                                                    M L                 MEM
                                                     EDLEM • ANGGOTA •• M
                                                            • ANGGOTA

                   The word, FIABCl, is globally recognized as meaning

“professionalism in International ReaI Estate.”

      The Core purpose of The International Real Estate Federation is
To enhance our members’ ability to conduct business within the Real Estate Industry professionally,
ethically, successfully and profitably, and to improve the quality and competitiveness of member endeavors
through the sharing of knowledge, information, contacts and business opportunities at a local, national
and international level.

                                           FIABCI Values
       • FIABCI is dedicated to the improvement of the working relationship between the public,
         private and academic sectors for the benefit of society

       • FIABCI recognizes that all forms of discrimination are forbidden

       • FIABCI advocates that property rights are fundamental to economic systems

       • FIABCI advocates that all humans deserve clean and adequate shelter which is physically safe
         and environmentally sound

       • FIABCI is both proactive and responsive to the trends and changes that impact the real estate
         industry and its members’ needs

       • FIABCI is dedicated to clear and open communication

                                    Strategic Vision
         • The World’s Leading International Real Estate Umbrella Organization •
       • The Driving Force for Environmentally Sound Sustainable Development •
    • The Global Advocate for Advancing Human Settlements and Celebrating Culture •

                            THE VAlUE oF MEMBERsHIp

               Facilitating                                     Access to
 International Real Estate Transactions          The premier Global professional Network
                                                    The knowledge that we adhere to a
                                                           strict code of ethics

                                                 Global opportunities to attend world class
                                                 educational and professional programs at
                                                 the local, national and international level

                                                   Business and professional networking
                                               opportunities with other professional members
                                                   and affiliates at meetings, congresses,
                                                        trade missions, expositions
                                                          and marketing sessions

                                                            Member Web Portal

                                               Opportunities to learn about and join specialty
                                               groups covering all property types and receive
                                                  professional education in specialty fields

                                                       Receive Exclusive Publications:
                                                        FIABCI Press, FIABCI Portfolio
                                                             and FIABCI e-News

                                                FIABCI representation at the United Nations

                                               Latest industry data and information reported
                                                    by professionals at global meetings

                                                   The privilege to use the internationally
                                                     recognized FIABCI mark and logo

FIABCI Marketing Alliance – Delivering Real Estate Markets and services to the World

                                             FIABCI MEMBERSHIP CHART


                 CORPORATE MEMBERS

                      DIRECT                                                          DIRECT PRINCIPAL MEMBERS
                 HONORARY MEMBERS

                                                 MULTI-NATIONAL CHAPTERS
                     CORPORATE                 REGIONAL CHAPTERS & OFFICES                                   PUBLIC SECTOR
                      MEMBERS                      NATIONAL CHAPTERS                                           MEMBERS

                 HONORARY MEMBERS                                                                    OVERSEAS MEMBERS

                     REGULAR                                                             SPECIAL
                     MEMBERS                                                             MEMBERS

                          PRINCIPAL MEMBERS                                                 ACADEMIC MEMBERS

                                 ASSOCIATE                 YOUNG
                                                          MEMBERS                                        EDUCATORS


                       Cooperating International organizations

                                                    Global Housing Foundation

UNITED NATIONS                         UN-HABITAT                         Department of Public Information
                                                              VII         Non-Governmental Organizations
                                                         Credit Card Billing Address:


FIABCI Worldwide principal and public sector Members

          Associazione Nazionale Amministratori
               Condominiali ed Immobiliari

       FIABCI Worldwide principal and public sector Members

                                                                                                   MALAYSIAN INSTITUTE
                                                                                                    OF ESTATE AGENTS

                         THE NORWEGIAN SOCIETY OF
                         ENGINEERS AND TECHNOLOGISTS

                                    PERTUBUHAN AKITEK MALAYSIA
                                           MALAYSIAN INSTITUTE
                                                 OF ARCHITECTS


                                                       South African Property Owners Association

                                                 FIABCI University

                                 FIABCI pioneered international real estate education by establishing the
                                Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) designation in the 1980s.
                                  A quarter of a century later, FIABCI University introduced a two-tiered
                                          graduate program in international real estate excellence:
                                               The FIABCI Professional Designation - FIREC                                        FIABCI UNIVERSITY
    REAL ESTATE CONSULTANT                         and the FIABCI Diploma - Dipl. FIABCI.
                              FIABCI University

The International Real Estate Federation offers two international
educational programs: the professional designation, FIREC, designed for
active real estate practitioners and the FIABCI Diploma in International Real
Estate which is offered in cooperation with FIABCI Partner Universities.
Recipients of the designation and diploma are entitled to use the following:
                                                                                              The Paradigm:
The FIABCI International Real Estate Consultant Designation, FIREC                                 Win-Win
and the FIABCI Diploma, Dipl. FIABCI. FIABCI Partner universities
                                                                                        Thinking and Acting in
participate in our program whereby their students can gain an opportunity                Win - Win Situations
to be involved with The International Real Estate Federation as “Student
Candidates” interested in learning about opportunities in international real
estate while working toward a “FIABCI-Partner University” Degree. The
FIABCI designation in International Real Estate FIREC is administered by
FIABCI University.

                                                                                              Global Applications of
                                                                                              Highest and Best Use

                                                                                              Maximizing Value created by
                                                                                              appropriate Use of Real Estate

                              Global Perspectives
                              in Real Estate

                              Establishing a Successful Real
                              Estate Practice with International
                              Buyers, Users & Investors

                                                                                        National and International Real
                                                                                                           Estate Skills

                                                                                         Identifying Your Interchangeable
                                                                                          National and International Skills
                             Commercial Real Estate
                                       Worldwide I

                                 Overview of Global
                              Commercial Real Estate

                                                                                                  International Real Estate

                                                                                                  The International Real Estate
                               Commercial Real Estate                                             Reference Resource by
                               Worldwide II                                                       Dean Mark L. Levine
                               An Emphasizing View of
                               Investment Finance and
                               World Economies


                               FIABCI Academic Member Universities

                                        The Real Estate Institute of Canada
                                        Institut canadien de l’immeuble

         Ecole Supérieure

des Professions Immobilières

                                                                              UNIVERSITY OF
                                                                              Department of Land Economy

World Congress

                      1948 - Paris        1951 - Paris         1952 - Brussels   1953 - Amsterdam

   1954 - Paris     1955 - Geneva        1956 - Vienna       1957 - Wiesbaden     1958 - Madrid

   1959 - Rome      1960 - Salzburg       1961 - Paris       1962 - Amsterdam     1963 - Chicago

  1964 - Tel-Aviv   1965 - Brussels      1966 - Tokyo        1967 - Copenhagen    1968 - Mexico

  1969 - Lucerne    1970 - Dublin       1971 - Montreal        1972 - London      1973 - Sydney

  1974 - Madrid       1975 - Paris    1976 - San Francisco   1977 - Amsterdam    1978 - Hamburg

 1979 - Tokyo     1980 - Athens     1981 - Stockholm       1982 - Toronto     1983 - Jakarta

1984 - London     1985 - Rome         1986 - Taipei      1987 - Copenhagen   1988 - Melbourne

1989 - Vienna    1990 - Acapulco    1991 - Singapore      1992 - Montreux    1993 - Jerusalem

1994 - Chicago     1995 - Paris       1996 - Tokyo         1997 - Dublin       1999 - Sevilla

2000 - London      2001 - Oslo     2002 - Kuala Lumpur      2003 - Berlin     2004 - Houston

2005 - Athens    2006 - Bangkok     2007 - Barcelona     2008 - Amsterdam       2010 - Bali

Access the latest information
on world markets and discover                                           Andorra
needed contacts at our many
international meetings and
events or through                                                      Australia
electronic communications                                                Austria
within the network.                                                    Bahamas

Share ideas, leads,                                                     Bahrain
business tips, and plans
with colleagues in the                                                  Belgium
vast FIABCI federation.                                                   Belize






                                                                  Cayman Islands




                                                                      Costa Rica


                                                                  Czech Republic



                                                              Dominican Republic



                                                                     EI Salvador





FIABCI Provides a Forum for the Global Real Estate Dialogue

Greece                                                                   Pakistan

                      The FIABCI Network                                 Palestine

                       Globally Connects                                  Panama

                    Thousands of Real Estate                            Paraguay

                         professionals                                Philippines

India                                                                    Portugal

Indonesia                                                                   Qatar

Iraq                                                                        Russia

Ireland                                                              Saudi Arabia

Italy                                                                     Senegal

Japan                                                                  Singapore

Jordan                                                                   Slovenia

Republic Of Korea                                                         Somalia

Kuwait                                                               South Africa

Latvia                                                                      Spain

Lebanon                                                                     Sudan

Libya                                                                     Sweden

Liechtenstein                                                         Switzerland

Lithuania                                                                    Syria

Luxembourg                                                        Chinese Taiwan

Chinese Macau                                                            Tanzania

Malaysia                                                                 Thailand

Malta                         No other real estate                         Tunisia
                           organization in the world
Mauritana            can bring you the potential to build                  Turkey

Mexico                  the relationships needed to be                    Ukraine
                     successful in today’s global market.
Monaco              FIABCI members cover the full range      United Arab Emirates
                    of property types and specializations,
Morocco                                                          United Kingdom
                        including appraisal, brokerage,
Nepal               counseling, development, financing,             United States
                       property management, banking,
Netherlands                   architects, planners,                      Uruguay

New Zealand
                               insurance advisors                      Venezuela
                                 and educators.
Nigeria                                                       Virgin Islands (U.S.)

Norway                                                                   Vietnam

Oman                                               Yemen

                      THE MEMBERs ARE
FIABCI brings you into the fold of a family of people, all embracing cultural diversity, united in one common
goal to erase the borders in international real estate and provide the world with a team of experts ready
to meet their property needs. In today’s competitive and global real estate market, it’s not only what you
know, but who you know. FIABCI membership links you to leading real estate professionals around the
                                                                                 “The opportunity to combine
                              “FIABCI isn’t exclusive                                    the joie de vivre with
                       because of the cost to join,                                      cosmopolitan FIABCI
                       it’s exclusive because every                                   colleagues, the wisdom
                     single member understands                                            learned through the
                   the value of global perspective.                                experience of international
                           FIABCI members cherish                 real estate transactions, and the nurturing
                     the world’s diverse cultures.”                of the next generation of leaders through
                                                                 FIABCl’s education and exchange programs
                        Owen Gwyn, CIPS, FIREC                           is a fundamental cornerstone of my
              FIABCI World President 2006 - 2007                          professional real estate brokerage.”
               Chairman, Geocorp, United States
                                                              Christopher Webster, CIPS, CRB, CRS, FIPC®, GRI
                                                                                          President and CEO
                “I truly treasure my experience                                          Webster Enterprises
                     as a FIABCI member which                                         Santa Fe, New Mexico
                   has enabled me to gain and
                    maintain a real competitive
                      edge in my business area.                                   “FIABCI is global real estate
                      There is no better place to                               and provides a forum for our
          network than FIABCI - I guarantee it!”                                     people to focus on being
                                                                                responsible with our planet’s
                   Sheldon Good, CCIM, FIREC                                      future and yielding a better
           FIABCI World President 1996 - 1997                                         world for our children.”
Chairman Emeritus, Sheldon Good & Company
                               United States                          Luis Fernando Correa-Bahamon, FIREC
                                                                           FIABCI World President 2008-2009
                                                                     Luis F. Correa y Asociados SA, Colombia
                         “FIABCI membership is
                            a great investment,
                      giving you an advantage                                             “FIABCI is becoming
                          over your competitors                                    more and more a factor in
                      and helping you to define                                      our company’s growing
                          the strategic direction                                       global efforts to serve
                        of your own company.”                                             the corporate world
                                                                                   in their residential needs.”
                              Willy Egeli, FIREC
            FIABCI World President 1994 - 1995                         Ebby Halliday, Chairman of the Board
               Chairman, Egeli AG, Switzerland                         Ebby Halliday, Realtors®, Dallas, Texas

                                   pEoplE CoNNECTING WITH pEoplE
                       “International business is
                      built on relationships. As a                                      “FIABCI is the assembly of
                     FIABCI member, I have had                                         professional people in real
                      countless opportunities to                                          estate related industries
                         build relationships with                                          from over 50 countries.
                     colleagues in more than 60                                            FIABCl’s width of wings
       countries. These relationships have led to                                   covering various fields of real
          business and friendships of a lifetime.”             estate surpasses all other organizations in our
                                                                   industry. It is a big family where everyone is
                  Lisa Kurrass, CIPS, FIPC®, FIREC                     equal regardless of race, sex, religion or
            FIABCI World President 2009 - 2010                 nationality. Through the FIABCI events such as
President, Real Estate Connection International               the World Congresses, regional congresses, and
                                  Houston, Texas                  various business meetings, I look forward to
                                                                 hearing live voices about the latest trends of
                                                                         this dramatically changing industry.”

                                                                                   Jun-Ichiro Tanaka, FIREC
                           “I feel there are several                     FIABCI World President 1999 - 2000
                     international organizations                   Former Chairman, Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
                        that are valuable to their                                             Tokyo, Japan
                      members; however, there is
                            one that is the best in
              networking throughout the world,
and that is FlABCI. The relationships established                                                “My focus is on
     are long lasting, much like old friendships.”                                       setting new standards
                                                                                       for innovative living and
      Nestor Weigand, Jr., SIOR, CRE, CIPS, FIREC                                             FIABCI has helped
            FIABCI World President 2001 - 2002                                               me to raise the bar.”
             President, ].P. Weigand &: Sons, Inc.
                                 Wichita, Kansas                            Dato’ Alan Tong Kok Mau, FIREC
                                                                         FIABCI World President 2005 - 2006
                                                                      Group Chairman, Bukit Kiara Properties
                                                                                    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
                      “Being a member of FIABCI
                      is an incredible experience.
                          I have learned to create
                                                                                   “The most important thing I
                    synergy with other members
                                                                                   have gained from my FIABCI
                            whilst promoting and
                                                                                     membership has been the
                     representing the real estate
                                                                                    people I have met; they are
      professions in Indonesia and Asia-Pacific.
                                                                                  leaders in their own field and
     FIABCI is a global organization that shows
                                                                             the type of people I want to have
                 a high level of professionalism.”
                                                                             as friends and business partners.”
                         Ira Pra Ciputra, FIREC
                                                                          Luiz Carlos Pereira de Almeida, FIREC
             FIABCI World President 1989-1990
                                                                            FIABCI World President 1993-1994
       Chairman, The Ciputra Group, Indonesia
                                                              Principal, Sobloco Construtora, Sao Paulo, Brazil
                                    To CREATE oNE GloBAl MARkETplACE
                                           FIABCI Exchange program
FIABCI offers its members the possibility to
participate in educational exchanges and
professional internships abroad. Beside
the obvious professional, educational
and cultural benefits for both participants
and hosts, this program also provides
excellent opportunities for networking and
relationship building.

Educational exchanges allow FIABCI Young
Professionals to study their chosen real estate
discipline abroad by becoming familiar with
best practice in the country and activity
sector of their choice.

             Taipei 101, FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Winner

The FIABCI Exchange Programs allows
qualified students who are interested in the
field of International Real Estate to shadow
a real estate professional in their select
country of interest. This program allows for
an intercultural and professional exchange
of ideas which nurtures international
understanding and cooperation. It is a force
promoting world peace!

                               FIABCI scholarship Foundation

The Foundation provides aid and travel assistance to

students who demonstrate an interest in the field of

international real estate. FIABCI has assisted students

from dozens of countries, and has helped to strengthen

the networks in the real estate industry worldwide.

The Foundation is empowered and authorized to

solicit and administer gifts, grants, bequests and

other funds available from appropriate sources for

the support of the scholarship program. Contributors

share the belief that this program, designed for the

future leaders in our industry, is an outstanding way

to return some of the blessings received from their

individual property endeavors. Entrepreneurs are risk takers. FIABCI helps manage the risk.

                                         Kristin Gosselin, FIABCI Scholarship Recipient

                                         Ms. Gosselin, pursuing her Master’s at Johns Hopkins University,

                                         had this to say in regard to her goals, “My foremost academic

                                         interest has been focused on the intersection between real estate and

                                         international affairs in emerging markets and transition economies.

                                         My educational goal is to merge the two seemingly disparate

                                         disciplines of international studies and real estate in an academic

                                         environment where little scholarship on the subject currently exists.”

                                  THE UNITED NATIoNs

                UNITED NATIONS

Since 1954, FIABCI has enjoyed Non-
Governmental Consultative Status with the
Economic and Social Council of the United
Nations. ECOSOC serves as a central forum
for discussing international economic and
social issues, and for formulating policy
recommendations. FIABCI participates with the
United Nations Center on Human Settlements
(HABITAT) seeking solutions to our world’s
housing problems. The United Nations has a
unique role to play in helping to solve what
former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan refers
to as “Problems without Passports.” These are
issues that transcend borders and touch every
                                                       United Nations, New York
part of the globe.

FIABCI is the global advocate for advancing human settlements and the driving force for environmentally
sound, sustainable development. Neither of these goals can be reached without a sharp focus on the
importance of Property Rights. Working with the initiatives established by the High Level Commission
for the Legal Empowerment of the Poor, FIABCI is an active member of the United Nations Real Estate
Advisory Group.

                            Through the FIABCI NGO status with The United Nations Department of
                            Public Information, delegates assist with promoting worldwide UN sessions
                            and events. In addition, FIABCI contributes to the annual UN-DPI Conference
                            each September.

FIABCI representatives and delegates have actively participated at all
UN Conferences and Forums dealing with real estate and have held
Networking Sessions and/or Dialogues at every World Urban Forum. The
United Nations Habitat Commission recognized our work by awarding
our Deputy President, E. René Frank, the Scroll of Honor.

FIABCI Business Meetings
    Brussels, Belgium
       December 2 - 4, 2010

                     FIABCI ENVIRoNMENTAl FoUNDATIoN
                                      The immediate goal of the Foundation is to establish an endowment
                                      through philanthropic contributions from concerned citizens,
                                      corporations, and governmental entities. The interest received
                                      from the endowment will be used to establish an awards program
                                      that recognizes and honors individual efforts and projects designed
                                      to protect and/or preserve our global environment. It is the intent
                                      of the Foundation to seek environmental friendly initiatives
                                      from each specific geographic region of the world: Asia-Pacific;
                                      Americas; Europe, Africa, and the Near East, and present an annual
                                      ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD from each region. Furthermore, it is the
                                      intent of the Foundation to recognize environmental friendly efforts
as appropriate within individual countries with the issuance of a FIABCI Environmental Foundation
Certificate of Merit. It is the intent of the Foundation to foster a broadened awareness of our fragile
global environment within all sectors of the real estate industry, and promote the wise stewardship of real
property as a natural resource.

                                                  Eco Film Festival

                    An ecological film festival featuring student documentaries and
                audience participation presented annually at the FIABCI World Congress.

                                   FIABCI prix d’Excellence

                                      The FIABCI prix d’Excellence
                                 The World’s Finest property Achievement

Called the “Oscars of Real Estate,” this unique award is given to those real estate projects that embody
excellence in all disciplines involved in their creation.

With support from The Wall Street Journal, the award is an affirmation of the FIABCI ideal of providing
society with the optimal solutions to its property needs and helping make the world a better place to live,
work, and play.

The Prix d’Excellence projects are judged according to the following criteria:

       • Architecture and Design     • Development and Construction        • Community Benefits
       • Environmental Impact        • Financial and Marketing Success


       •   Environmental             • Heritage             • Hotel              • Industrial
       •   Master Plan               • Office               • Public Sector      • Residential
       •   Resort                    • Retail               • Rural & Suburban   • Specialized Project
       •   Sustainable Project

serving the Global Real Estate Community since 1948

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