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									             How will the GMHS PTSA Fundraising Funds be Used?
                       What are the needs of our school?

  Due to the drastic budget cuts at our school, the following departments/faculty members have
  forwarded requests for the following items. You can donate these items directly to the school.
  Please include a note with your donation that would include the name, department and the item
  donated. Please urge your family, friends, etc to support the needs of Garner Magnet High
  School. Any assistance you provide will be greatly appreciated.

Submitted By:             GMHS Needs                                            Amount
Diana Poythress              $450 for movie licensing rights (allows us to     Up to $3180
Library Media                 show copyrighted films, including Disney)
Coordinator                  $1000 for magazine subscriptions (any part of
                              this would be great)
                             $1000 for video/DVDs (any part of this would be
                             $330 for the subscription database Culture
                              Grams (which is heavily used by our students)
                             $300-$400 for a locked metal cabinet to secure
                              our cameras

Sandra Still                 Tissue                                            Donations and your
English Department           Hand sanitizer                                    time.
                             Cheap spiral 1 sub. notebooks for journals
                             Headphones for reading academy kids ~ approx.     We need volunteers
                              20                                                to help proctor during
                             Old magazines                                     exams. If you know
                             Posterboard - large size - for personal           of retired resources
                              projects,etc                                      that would be willing
                             Paperback books:                                  to help please
                                  o 35 Cyrano de Bergerac - Burgess             contact, John Bell,
                                     translation                       .
                                  o 35 Siddhartha - Hesse
                                  o 35 Romeo and Juliet - parallel edition
                                  o 35 Huckleberry Finn by Twain
                             Have some potential substitutes to take the
                              substitute online training on the WCPSS website
                              so that we will have great subs
                             Help proctor at testing times
Jane House                   Pay for one routine Maintenance/Repair and        Maintenance/repair
Healthful Living Dept         cleaning of all the Equipment in the Wellness     routine check ups
                              Center and Fitness Room.                          generally run around
                             Hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of H1N1      $250.00.
LaTeisha Ellerbe           Tissues                                          Donations
Business Dept              Hand sanitizer
                           Computer paper
Pamela Hedley              Chart paper                                      Donations
Mathematics Dept           Dry erase markers other than black and red
                           Tissues/Paper Towels
                           Batteries (AAA)
                           Hand Sanitizer
Amanda Ireland             Kleenex                                          Donations
Foreign Language Dept      Construction Paper
                           Old Magazines
                           Dry Erase Markers
Tyrena Touray              Gift cards from Kroger, Target, Food Lion or     Donations
(ID-Severe)                 Lowes Food, Office Max
Classroom                  Pencils, markers, crayons, coloring books and
                            construction paper
                           Batteries - C, D, and especially AA
                           25 piece puzzles and puzzles for grades 1 to 3
                           Rocking Chair
                           Blender
                           Toaster
                           Vacuum Cleaner - small one to use for
                            vocational skills

Ms. Moore                  Gift cards to grocery stores                     Donations
(ID - Moderate)            DVD/VCR player
classroom                  Printer
                           Electric Pencil Sharpener
                           Shredder
                           Teacher (office) chair

                    For Your Support!

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