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					                                                                                   Updated October 2010

                                  The Charities Register –
                                  benefits for charities
Registration with the Charities   The Charities Register is helping to    on your Register page. Supporters
                                  build and maintain public               can then choose the best way to
Commission (under the
                                  confidence in the charitable sector     contact you.
Charities Act) offers             by making more information about
                                                                          If your charity has a website and
charities a number of             charities publicly available. It also
                                                                          you would like its address to appear
benefits. To see the              provides information to government,
                                                                          on your Register page, we set up
                                  from which it can make policy
information held on the                                                   the website address as a live link.
                                  decisions affecting the charitable
                                                                          People can then access your
Charities Register visit          sector.
                                                                          website directly.             Registration offers a number of
                                  benefits to charities that choose to
                                  register and we have outlined these     Funders can find detailed
                                  below.                                  information about your charity on
                                                                          the Register

                                                                          Funders use the Register to access
                                  What are the benefits of                a charity’s financial and other
                                  registration?                           information, including rules
                                  Supporters can find detailed            documents, the number of paid and
                                  information about your charity on       volunteer staff and so on.
                                  the Register
                                                                          This helps them make decisions
                                  Potential donors and supporters         about funding applications.
                                  can look at the Register before
                                  making decisions about charities
                                  they wish to support. The               Eligibility for charitable tax status
                                  information they can see includes       A change to the tax law that came
                                  the sectors a charity works in, what    into force on 1 July 2008 says that a
                                  activities and services it provides     charity must be a “tax charity” to be
                                  and who its beneficiaries are. They     eligible for tax exemptions on
                                  can also see where it gets its          charitable grounds.
                                  money from and how it spends its
                                                                          The key way to be a “tax charity” is
                                                                          to be registered with us (under the
                                  As well providing your street and       Charities Act).
                                  postal addresses, you can show
                                  other contact details, such as an
                                  email address and phone number

Tax exempt status means                  Contribute to valuable data that          What if we don’t register?
registered charities don’t have to       will affect policy making
                                                                                   You can still operate as a charity
pay income tax and resident              decisions
                                                                                   but you will not be entitled to
withholding tax and donors of gifts
                                         Registered charities provide the          charitable tax status.
to registered charities don’t have to
                                         Commission and the Government
pay gift duty. The changes took                                                    Also, you cannot use the term
                                         with important information about the
effect on 1 July 2008. See our                                                     ‘registered charitable entity’,
                                         charitable sector in New Zealand.
information sheet Tax – how the                                                    ‘charitable entity’ or any other term
Charities Act affects your tax status    The ongoing collection of this data       implying registration with us.
for more details.                        will help us understand the sector
                                                                                   The Charities Act includes penalties
                                         and make policy decisions affecting
                                                                                   for organisations that say they are
                                         the sector and the general public.
                                                                                   registered when they are not.
Show that you meet our criteria

You can display your unique
                                         Attend annual meetings
registration number on promotional                                                 Further information
and identification material. You can     Representatives of charities
                                                                                   We hope this information has been
also quote it over the telephone to      registered with us can attend our
prospective donors as proof of your      annual meetings . They can ask
                                         questions and make submissions            For more information about the
registered charitable status. Some
                                         on matters that may affect the            Charities Register or registration
funders may also ask you for this
                                         charitable sector.                        under the Charities Act, please
number when you apply to them for
                                                                                   You can also call our free
Our information sheet Guidelines         How can the public use the                information line - 0508 242 748.
for promoting your unique                Charities Register?
registration number has more
                                         Members of the public can look at
                                         the Register to find information
                                         about registered charities, including
Improved public confidence               their activities, areas of operation
                                         and charitable purpose.
Registered charities should enjoy
improved public trust and
confidence because information
about their activities and the way
they use their resources is openly
available on the Charities Register.

            This information sheet was first published in September 2006 and updated in October 2010. Please browse
                        for any new developments or updates.

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