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THE NETWORK NEWS - National Child Traumatic Stress Network


									         THE NETWORK NEWS
September 2003                                                          Vol.2, Issue 8

Welcome to the September 2003 issue of The National Child Traumatic Stress Network’s
 newsletter, The Network News--the monthly forum for news about our collaborations, activities,
                             and items of interest to the Network.

  This issue includes highlights about our upcoming Annual All-Network         Meeting on
December 11-13, 2003 in San Diego, CA, including a “Call for Workshop Proposals” and
 a “Call for Proposals for Collaborative Groups;” NEW address and phone number for
    the National Center-Duke; a listing of recent articles authored by Network
     members; and information about a selected number of conferences, events, and other
 resources. Complete information about these listings can be found at

   The Network News and continue to compliment each other and evolve
as Network members contribute information about their events and projects. If you have not yet
              contacted the National Center for your member login information,
           please email Iliane Morrissey at for details.

        Send submissions for the October 2003 issue by COB Tuesday September 30 to

                    Thank you all for your continued work and dedication
                      on behalf of children, families and communities.

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               Send name and email address to

       DECEMBER 11 through DECEMBER 13, 2003
                                    SAN DIEGO, CA

                 Online Registration AVAILABLE OCTOBER 1
                         Call for Workshop Proposals and
                   Call for Proposals for Collaborative Groups
                                DUE OCTOBER 10

                      National Child Traumatic Stress Network
                  The Network News, September 2003, Vol.2, Issue 8
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This year’s All-Network Meeting (ANM) will be held on December 11 - December 13,
2003, at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort ( in
San Diego, CA. There will be an opening reception on Wednesday night, December 10, from 7:00
p.m. until 9:00 p.m.; the meeting will officially begin Thursday morning, December 11, at 9:00
a.m. and end at noon on Saturday, December 13.

The room rate at the Loews will be $110 per night. A link to our new online registration system
will be available October 1, and more information about the meeting and accommodations will
be sent to Network members at that time. It is expected that at least two representatives from
each Network center will attend, as required by SAMHSA; up to four representatives from each
center are welcome. If your center would like to bring more than four representatives, please
contact Teresa Martling at or 919/682-1552, extension 260.

The National Center will be seeking proposals from Network centers and collaborative groups to
conduct workshops during the All-Network Meeting. In addition, there will be opportunities for
collaborative groups (e.g. committees, task forces, and working groups) to meet, but, because
space is limited, there will also be a proposal process. A “Call for Workshop Proposals” and a
“Call for Proposals for Collaborative Groups” are attached to this newsletter and will be available
on the Network members-only section of the Submissions are due to the
National Center by October 10. If you have any questions or suggestions about the Call for
Proposals or the meeting program, please contact Jenifer Wood at or
310/235-2633, extension 226.

We are looking forward to a sun-drenched and tunnel-free experience at this year’s meeting!

                        NCCTS-Duke Has Moved!
We are excited to announce that the Duke office of the UCLA-Duke University National Center
for Child Traumatic Stress (NCCTS) has moved into two new locations across the hall from our
old offices. The NCCTS National Resource Center (NCCTS NRC) has established its own space
that will accommodate a resource library and new staff. The rest of the National Center is down
the hall in a separate suite of offices where our staff is now more consolidated. While our email
addresses remain the same, please note our NEW phone numbers and addresses:

                      NEW Main Phone Number

                NEW Mailing/Street Address
    905 W. Main St; Suite 24-E, Box 50; Durham NC 27701
                   NEW Campus Address
            DUMC Box 3438; Durham NC 27710
                NEW NCCTS-Duke FAX: 919/ 667-2350

                       National Child Traumatic Stress Network
                   The Network News, September 2003, Vol.2, Issue 8
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          NCCTS National Resource Center (NRC)
               NEW Mailing/Street Address
   905 W. Main St; Suite 23-D; Box 50; Durham NC 27701
                   NEW Campus Address
            DUMC Box 3439; Durham NC 27710
               NEW NCCTS NRC FAX: 919/ 667-9578

         Spotlight on Collaborative Activities
    Residential Treatment Working Group Seeks New Members

The Residential Treatment Working Group is seeking NCTSN members to participate in an
upcoming October 2003 conference call to discuss and establish the mission and objectives for the
group. Anticipated projects include explorations of assessment, intervention, and treatment
models currently used in youth residential treatment. The group will identify best practices and
modify existing treatment and assessment tools to include a trauma focus.

This working group was established with a face-to-face meeting last March 2003 in Los Angeles,
CA, with representatives from ten Network centers and two organizations outside of the
Network (Father Flanagan’s Boys Home in Boys Town, Nebraska and Hathaway Children’s
Clinical Research Institute in Sylmar, California).

Joseph Benamati of the Parsons Child and Family Center in Albany, NY chairs this group; Brian
Farragher of the Andrus Children’s Center in Yonkers, NY serves as co-chair. The group invites
participation from any new or existing Network centers who provide residential trauma
treatment. Inquires or interest can be directed to Joseph Benamati (
or Debbie Ling at the National Center – UCLA (

       Video Presentations About Network Centers
          Now Available on
Video presentations about each Network center can now be viewed online. Just log in and go to
the “Your Partners” page (under “Network Activities”) to search a database of Network centers.
Click to view a center’s information, then click where it says “view video presentation” and the
video clip should begin to play. Each of these video presentations, also available on CD, was
recorded at one of our previous All-Network Meetings. If you have any difficulty accessing these
video presentations, please contact Peter Kung at or 310/235-2633,
extension 237. If you have not yet contacted the National Center for your member login
information or you need information about logging onto the website, contact Iliane Morrissey at or 310/235-2633 extension 221.

In anticipation of the second anniversary of 9/11, new resources related to family and school
preparedness are available online. These materials are accessible from the NCTSNet home page,

                       National Child Traumatic Stress Network
                   The Network News, September 2003, Vol.2, Issue 8
                                      Page 3 of 8
or you can go directly to News and Events and click on the feature boxes to access materials
including the Family Preparedness Plan and Wallet Card, Checklist for Schools, and a PDF of
Serving America: The National Child Traumatic Stress Network Responds to September 11. Also, look
for new “For School Personnel” and “Terrorism and Disaster” pages later this month.

        NCTSN 9/11 School Preparedness Initiative
The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN), spearheaded by the School Crisis and
Intervention Unit and the Terrorism and Disaster Branch, has launched the School Preparedness
Initiative in memory of the children and families impacted by the terrorism on September 11,
2001. In the weeks surrounding the anniversary of 9/11, Network centers will meet with 25
school districts nationwide to assist them in crisis and disaster planning. NCTSN partners are
disseminating two new tools to help families and schools prepare for future disasters and

       A checklist for schools, prepared in coordination with the U.S. Department of Education,
        to help administrators and principals assess and address the mental health issues that go
        along with ensuring the safety and well-being of students and school personnel before,
        during and after an emergency.
       Informational resources for families including a family preparedness guide and wallet
        card that will help families be prepared in the event of a disaster. A “Family
        Preparedness Plan” will help make sure that families are “on the same page” when it
        comes to planning for whom to call and where to meet. The wallet cards include
        important telephone numbers and website addresses for emergency information.

Both products are available on the Network website at Thanks to all who
agreed to participate in this initiative.

                       Welcome New NCCTS Staff
Cassandra Kisiel, PhD, joins the National Center at UCLA as our Training Core Director.
Cassie previously served as the Associate Director of Child Research for the Trauma Center, one
of the Network's Community Treatment and Services Centers, and she has been an active
member of the NCTSN Measures Committee. Cassie has considerable experience implementing
and evaluating innovative programs for traumatized children, designing assessment protocols,
and training providers from various service sectors on child trauma assessment. Her research
interests center on resiliency and protective factors, and she has a strong interest in training and
curriculum development for clergy groups.

Ramesh Raghavan, MD, PhD, joins the National Center at UCLA as our Policy Director.
Before coming to the Center, Ramesh served as a Public Health Fellow with the UCLA / RAND
Center for Adolescent Health Promotion. Originally trained as a psychiatrist, Ramesh completed
a fellowship at the Pediatric Pain Program at UCLA, and received his doctorate in health policy
at the UCLA School of Public Health. Ramesh's current work is on understanding the effects of

                       National Child Traumatic Stress Network
                   The Network News, September 2003, Vol.2, Issue 8
                                      Page 4 of 8
state Medicaid policies on access to mental health services for children in the child welfare

Susan Ko, PhD, joins the National Center at UCLA as our Service Systems Core Director. Susan
served as the Clinical Director of the Center for the Promotion of Mental Health and Juvenile
Justice at Columbia University for the past 2 ½ years where she worked with 40 sites across the
country to implement standardized assessments in juvenile detention settings. She brings
experience working across a range of child-serving systems, including schools, hospitals and
general medical settings, and with families involved in the child welfare system. Her research
interests have centered on cultural issues, particularly among Asian American adolescents.

                        NCTSN Reading of the Month
                             Co he n, J . A . & M a n n ar i o , A . P. (1 9 9 8 ) .
             F ac to rs T h at M edi ate Tre at m en t O utco me o f S e xu al l y A bus ed
                      Pre sc ho o l C hi l dren : S i x an d 1 2 - M o nt h Fo l l o w - up.
Jo ur n al o f t he A m eri c a n A c a de m y o f C hi l d & A do l esce n t Ps yc hi at r y , 3 7 : 4 4 - 5 1 .

This month’s article is a follow-up study evaluating the mediating treatment factors for sexually
abused preschool children. The role of familial, demographic, developmental, and treatment-
mediating factors on treatment outcome of sexually abused preschool children was evaluated at 6
and 12 months post-treatment. The findings indicate that parental support had a strong impact
on treatment outcome, which shows that parental interventions in treating sexually abused
preschool children is important. The study also highlighted that cognitive-behavioral therapy
was more effective than supportive counseling

You can download a copy of the article directly from under the Resource
Center area - Research Library. If anyone has difficulty finding the article or has other
recommendations on the assessment and treatment of child sexual abuse for other featured
readings, please contact Melissa Brymer at


   Recent Articles Authored by NCTSN Members
Koenen, K.C., Moffitt, T.E., Caspi A., Taylor A., Purcell, S. (2003) Domestic violence is associated
with environmental suppression of IQ. Development & Psychopathology. 15, 297-311.

Stein, B.D., Jaycox, L.H., Kataoka, S.H., Wong, M., Tu, W., Elliott, M.N., Fink, A. (2003). A mental
health intervention for schoolchildren exposed to violence: A randomized controlled trial.
Journal of the American Medical Association. 290, 603-611.

Winston, F.K., Kassam-Adams, N., Garcia-España, F., Ittenbach, R., Cnaan, A. (2003). Screening
for risk of persistent posttraumatic stress in injured children and their parents. Journal of the
American Medical Association. 290, 643-649.

                          National Child Traumatic Stress Network
                      The Network News, September 2003, Vol.2, Issue 8
                                         Page 5 of 8
The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry announced that the winner of the
2003 Rieger Award for Scientific Achievement is Michael Scheeringa of Tulane University, for his
paper, "New Findings for Alternative Criteria on PTSD in Preschool Children." The award is
given annually for the best paper published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child
and Adolescent Psychiatry. Dr. Scheeringa has pioneered work on PTSD in early childhood and
is active in the Early Trauma Treatment Network of the NCTSN.

Scheeringa, M.S., Zeanah, C.H., Myers, L., Putnam, F.W. (2003). New findings on alternative
criteria for PTSD in preschool children. Journal of the American Academy of Child and
Adolescent Psychiatry. 42(5), 561-570.

       SAMHSA Releases Training Manual for Developing
              Competitive Grant Applications
In an effort to provide new grant applicants with the guidance needed to prepare competitive
grant applications, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
released the manual “Developing Competitive SAMHSA Grant Applications: A Participant
Manual.” The Participant Manual is designed to help all potential applicants including
community and faith-based organizations develop comprehensive, competitive federal grant

The full document is available online at and is available from SAMHSA’s
National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information at 1-800-729-6686 and SAMHSA’s
National Mental Health Clearinghouse at 1-800-789-2647. The Participant Manual offers both
workshop assistance and take-home reference materials. Comments about the manual’s content
are welcome. Send suggestions and comments via email to

                           ADAA 2004 Call for Papers
The Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA) is inviting submissions of abstracts for
the 24th Annual Conference being held March 11-14, 2004 at the Hyatt Regency, Miami, Florida.
The Annual Conference provides a unique opportunity for researchers, clinicians, and consumers
to learn first-hand about the latest research, clinical practices, and self-help methods from experts
in the field of anxiety. This year's theme focuses on Normal and Pathological Anxiety:
Implications for Treatment.

Please visit the ADAA website,, for complete details on abstract submission and
to submit online or to download a submission form. Check back regularly for conference
updates, program information, and to register online. See the online Events Calendar for
upcoming deadlines and other news.

            Family Violence and Sexual Assault Institute
      Trapped By Poverty/Trapped By Abuse Research Conference
The Center for Impact Research, the University of Michigan School of Social Work, and the
University of Texas School of Social Work are pleased to announce the fourth Trapped by

                       National Child Traumatic Stress Network
                   The Network News, September 2003, Vol.2, Issue 8
                                      Page 6 of 8
Poverty/Trapped by Abuse Research Conference October 17-19, 2003 at the Radisson Hotel and
Suites, Austin, Texas.

The Trapped by Poverty/Trapped by Abuse Research Conference brings together researchers,
policy makers, service providers, advocates, and elected officials to learn more about these
relationships, to explore effective policy responses, and to hear about innovative service delivery

Additional co-sponsors from the University of Texas at Austin include the Institute on Domestic
Violence and Sexual Assault, the Women's Studies Department, the Gulf Coast Addictions
Technology Transfer Center, and the Addiction Research Institute at the Center for Social Work
Research. Community co-sponsors include the National Training Center on Domestic and Sexual
Violence and SafePlace, Austin, Texas.

The preliminary conference schedule, hotel information, and registration information is now
available on the web at

                  National Health Law Program Makes
                 Language Services Action Kit Available
The National Health Law Program and the Access Project have made available a Language
Services Action Kit. This action kit will aid advocates and health care providers working to
ensure that people with limited English proficiency in their state get appropriate language
assistance services in medical settings.

According to federal laws, health care providers are required to provide language services in all
medical settings. Many providers say they do not have the funds to provide these required
services. The action kit provides information for advocates and health care providers about
federal funds that are available to help states pay for language services for patients covered by
Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

The Language Services Action Kit costs $25. To place an order, please email your mailing and
billing information to:

In just a short time, has become a central spot for all of our Network
information and activities. Members can access a searchable, online database of Network
contacts, and graphically display “maps” of Network programs serving different trauma
populations. If you have not yet contacted the National Center about your Network username
and password information or you have questions about accessing or navigating the site, please
contact    Peter    Kung     at       or   Iliane   Morrissey     at

T h e N C T S N P a r t n e r s a r e a contains information to facilitate your participation in the
Network and collaboration with other NCTSN centers. Learn more about:

                        National Child Traumatic Stress Network
                    The Network News, September 2003, Vol.2, Issue 8
                                       Page 7 of 8
*Your Partners
Pages for each Network center, including abstract, contact information, and descriptions of major
*Collaborative Activities
Pages for each Committee, Task Force, and Working Group, including summaries of their
activities, members and contacts, meeting minutes and plans, and discussion boards.
*Network Maps
Pages organized by trauma type, displaying information about Network partners' programs,
with links to full descriptions and contact information.
*Forms and Guidelines
Essential information for Network partners, including templates, guidelines, policies, and
resource documents.
*Network Events Calendar
Activities, milestones, and deadlines presented month by month. Also your link to live on-line
chat events with Network partners.
Resources and links related to funding and sustainability.

     October 2003 Issue Submission Deadline is
         COB Tuesday September 30, 2003
   Please send your notice of events and projects, and news items of interest to the Network to
                        Thérèse Murdza

    Thanks for sharing YOUR news with other NCTSN Partners!

                       National Child Traumatic Stress Network
                   The Network News, September 2003, Vol.2, Issue 8
                                      Page 8 of 8

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