Earliest Known C GS Photography by NWS


									       Rescue of Earliest Known
       Coast & Geodetic Survey
         Aerial Photography

Climate Database Modernization Program
            Presentation for
            Fiscal Year 2007

           William Hawken
          November 14, 2006
The Climate Link

     Collected in the earliest years of aerial photography in the U.S.

     Original photos contain more information than was shown on charts

     Unique early record of near-shore climate data:
        Waves, Currents, Upwelling, Erosion, Flooding, Drought, etc.
The Film Frames

       B&W Photos of various scales and quality (resolution)
       Bundled by roll (or “run”) but not indexed
The Film Inventory

  Stored in about 200 acid-free boxes

  Each box holds at most 1,200 photos

  Estimate total of 200,000 photo prints
Task Objective

    Move the holdings to a climate-controlled facility

    Catalogue the entire inventory

    Digitally copy (scan) the photographs
Rescue of Earliest Aerial Photography

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