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					                                         The Gate
                       Plantation Gateway Quarterly Newsletter
                       Vol. 2/Issue 4                                                           April 2001

    Economic Incentives Awarded to Businesses
        Kristin Mory, Economic Development Coordinator

As part of the current City of   Board meetings, made available
Plantation budget, money was     for the public via the City’s
earmarked          to    fund    website and marketed through
redevelopment projects in        press releases, “The Gate”, and
Plantation Gateway. City Staff   through staff’s interactions
prepared an application form     with the business community.
that outlined the goals and      Proposals were initially
objectives of the program. The   reviewed by a selection
City asked all applicants to     committee, recommended for
respond to a number of           funding and approved by the
questions aimed at gauging the   City Council. Currently, City
prospective project’s merits     Staff is in the process of signing
                                                                                       CDBG Project Update
with respect to the overall      incentive agreements with the
                                                                      The City of Plantation has completed two Community
redevelopment effort that is     owners that were awarded
                                                                      Development Block Grant (CDBG) funded redevelopment
underway in the Plantation       funding. Three redevelopment
                                                                      projects. Featured above, the Dead End Street Demonstration
Gateway. The application was     projects were funded a total of
                                                                      Project at SW 1st Street.
mailed to interested parties     $124,305.
upon request, distributed at
Plantation Gateway Advisory             cont.....on page 5

                               A Bride’s Choice - One Step Above Other Bridal Salons
                                              Rachel Smith, Redevelopment Specialist

Established in 1982 by husband & wife team Bill & Patricia South, “The Bride’s Choice” is a full service bridal salon located in the
two story, 11,000 square foot, Victorian Wedding Center at 4066 West Broward Boulevard. It is called the Victorian Wedding
Center because of its romantic décor and architecture, not the style of merchandise. What sets it apart from many other bridal
salons is its service and concern for the customer. It has remained popular for so long because of the owners’ love for the
business and desire to create a beautiful memory of your wedding.

In addition to bridal attire and wedding accessories, they have a list of top quality businesses that they can suggest, rangeing
from limousine service to catering and wedding cakes. They can even suggest a person to perform the ceremony!

The Victorian Tea Room is available, by reservation only, for small afternoon tea parties, birthday parties, dinner parties, show-
ers, small wedding receptions, etc. - any special gathering which requires a lovely, relaxing atmosphere.. As you can see, they are
truly a step above all other bridal salons and we are happy that they call Plantation Gateway home.
                                    A Message from Mayor Armstrong
                             As many of you have already noticed, there has been great progress on State Road 7. Today, we see a new
                             streetscape emerging with the construction of our brick bus shelters, the completion of our first dead end
                             street demonstration project, and the installation of entry signage announcing Plantation’s pride in Plantation
                             Gateway. At the same time, individual property owners are also improving their properties, both enhancing
                             them architecturally and bringing them up to current safety and construction standards.

                              In this issue of “The Gate”, we would like to highlight these recently completed projects and tell you a little
                              more about the projects that are currently underway or on the near horizon. Staff is currently working with
                              Florida Power and Light (FPL) and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to study options for
the relocation of power lines along the northeast quadrant, develop the landscape edge treatment and frontage road, which was envisioned
for the corridor in the Conceptual Plan, and install the balance of pedestrian and street lighting north of Broward Boulevard. Furthermore,
the City has awarded property owners economic incentive grants to improve their properties and is researching other sources of financial
and technical support to assist businesses in redevelopment.

Countywide, State Road 7 is sparking much interest. Recent newspaper articles in both the Miami Herald and Sun-Sentinel have
highlighted these redevelopment efforts, paying close attention to the City Of Plantation. Broward County, the Metropolitan Planning
Organization and other cities along the corridor have joined forces to study and recommend improvements along State Road 7 from county
line to county line. Plantation is at the center of this project, and our successes will stimulate positive changes both north and south of our

While the City works to improve the public areas within Plantation Gateway, it is up to you to continue this positive momentum on your
own properties. I am asking each of you to join hands with your Elected Officials and City Staff, to set some immediate and long-term
goals and to take the steps to make it happen. We are here, as a resource, to assist you. Before we can, you must take the first step. We
look forward to working, hand in hand with you in creating an attractive, financially successful corridor that will be the “Gateway” to
our City.

      Community Redevelopment Office Open House
    The Community Redevelopment Office held an Open House
    on January 9, 2001. Several businesses, residents and local
    elected officials stopped by to show their support for the
    City’s efforts on State Road 7.

 Plantation Quarterly Newsletter                                                                          i
                                                                                            A BC 441 M eetng
                                                                                     n      ls     e,         ae
                                                                                 Readi g Skil C ent r 830 S St t Road 7
The City distributes a quarterly                                        i
                                                                    A prl18,2001               M ay 16,2001                u
                                                                                                                           J ne 7,2001
newsletter that covers projects and                                       3 m
                                                                       12: 0p. .                    3 m
                                                                                                 12: 0p. .                     3 m
                                                                                                                            12: 0p. .
other happenings throughout the City
                                                                           a ai         e           o        s rc      s y
                                                                          Pl nt ton G at w ay D evel pm entD it i tA dvior Board
inlcuding Plantation Gateway. You can                                              a ai           a     pt , a so
                                                                                 Pl nt ton G ener lH os ial C l s r om #4
find it in your residential mailbox, City
facilities or on the City’s Official                                    i
                                                                    A prl12,2001               M ay 10,2001               u
                                                                                                                          J ne 12,2001
                                                                          0 m
                                                                       12: 0p. .                    0 m
                                                                                                 12: 0p. .                     0 m
                                                                                                                            12: 0p. .

                                                                   City IS Department Launches New Website
                                                                              Burgess Hanson, Administration

                                                          The City of Plantation has just unveiled its newly redesigned website at
                                                 The site’s stylish and contemporary look is
                                                          based on the City’s new marketing campaign, “Plantation: The Grass is

                                                          The site welcomes users with a virtual flash tour of the City of Planta-
                                                          tion and features information for residents including parks and recre-
                                                          ation class schedules, City Council agendas, and online documents.
                                                          Businesses will be able to find information as they search an online
                                                          database of available real estate, look up a list of businesses located in
                                                          Plantation or read about current projects in redevelopment areas.

The City’s Administration and Information Services staff are currently working on the redesign project. The goal is to create a
more user-friendly and informative site that will enable viewers to quickly obtain answers to their questions while captivating
them with an aesthetically appealing design. The new site is active while the remaining pages are being redesigned. The City site
will feature both a full version with graphics and a text-only version.

Plantation Gateway business and property owners are especially encouraged to visit the redevelopment section of the site. Your
ideas and feedback are encouraged! For more information, please contact Kristin Mory, Economic Development Coordinator at
(954) 797-2622 or via email at

    New Businesses that opened their doors during December, January and February
        Patricia Day Jouza                                                                   401 NW 42 Avenue
        Dr. Phillip D. Jacobson, MD                                                          401 NW 42 Avenue
        Dr. Ramiro Rodriguez, MD                                                             401 NW 42 Avenue
        Dr. Joaquin C. Taranco, MD                                                           401 NW 42 Avenue
        Dr. Stuart J. Leaderman, DO                                                          401 NW 42 Avenue
        Dr. Charles S. Merson, MD                                                            401 NW 42 Avenue
        Dr. Efrain Munoz-Roche, MD                                                           401 NW 42 Avenue
        Dr. Tirso J. Rohas, MD                                                               401 NW 42 Avenue
        Christine Hopkins, CRNA                                                         401 NW 42 Avenue
        Suzanne Armstrong, CRNA                                                              401 NW 42 Avenue
        Choon Hwa Lee, CRNA                                                             401 NW 42 Avenue
        Dale Armalin                                                                         401 NW 42 Avenue
        Henri C. Douze, DC                                                                   129 N. State Road 7
        DSN Investment, Inc.                                                            4330 W. Broward Boulevard
        Fast Computer School                                                          4316 W. Broward Boulevard, #4
        Dr. Donna Lou Ducille, DO                                                        660 N. State Road 7, #4A
        Henry, McGuire and Smith                                                      4330 W. Broward Boulevard, #P
        AutoZone #1253                                                                  801 S. State Road 7
        Dr. David S Forrest, DO                                                         121 S. State Road 7
        Green Horizon Services, Inc.                                                      4021 Peters Road, #161
        Eric Hammond, PE                                                              4330 W. Broward Boulevard, #I
        Dr. David A Malkevich, MD                                                            401 NW 42 Avenue
        Olives Fashion                                                                       133 S. State Road 7
        Randy Health, Beauty and Gifts                                                  109B N. State Road 7, #109B
        T and L Auto Repair                                                                 1211 S. State Road 7
        Top Shelf Closets                                                            991 S. State Road 7 #G-11
        Unique Arts and Signs                                                                 25 S. State Road 7
        Closet World, Inc.                                                                   991 S. State Road 7
        Quite Cute                                                                           111 S. State Road 7
        Boca Furniture, Inc.                                                            3880 W. Broward Boulevard
        One Stop Realty Solutions, Inc.                                                       51 S. State Road 7
        A & S Special Occasions                                                   4070 W. Broward Boulevard, #A

       Council Approves Revision to City Code for Further Redevelopment of Plantation Gateway
                                                 Gayle Easterling,AICP, Senior Planner

The City Council recently          involving more than 30% of the           or exceeds the minimum            sidewalk adjacent to State Road
approved revisions to the          gross floor area of the building,        thresholds established by the     7. All signs must have an
Code of Ordinances that will       and exterior improvements                Ordinance and is consistent       element of architectural
continue the City’s effort to      valued over $5,000. The                  with the general intent and       compatibility with the building
redevelop and improve the          Redevelopment          of     all        purpose of the new code. If       they represent. The placement
State Road 7 corridor.             properties would eventually              the Director determines that      of some signs may be subject
                                   be required, those properties            the site plan does not meet the   to certain licensing agreements
On February 21, 2001, the          having their parcel reduced as           minimum thresholds or is not      depending on the width of the
City     Council    adopted        a result of the road widening            consistent with the general       adjacent State Road 7 right-of-
Ordinance 2244 that will serve     will have a compliance date of           intent and purpose of the         way. Multi-tenant buildings will
to revitalize State Road 7         January 1, 2002, and all other           code, the staff will refer the    be required to submit a master
properties by establishing         properties having a compliance           application for review by the     sign plan committing to
more flexible development          date of January 1, 2004. In              City Council.                     consistency standards for
guidelines for redevelopment       consideration of the existing                                              storefront wall signage.
and authorizes administrative      site      conditions,        the         On February 21, 2001, the
approval of site plans for         development guidelines vary              City Council also adopted a       City Staff is now working on
redevelopment. Properties          from those standards required            revised sign code for the State   the third of eight zoning
required by the Ordinance to       within the current land                  Road 7 corridor. This             districts that are being written
implement site improvements        development code. The                    Ordinance will allow property     for the State Road 7 corridor.
would      include:    those       Ordinance also provides for              owners to place their             This district entitled “Hybrid
properties having a change in      Staff approval if the                    freestanding signs one foot
use, a change in occupancy         redevelopment site plan meets            from the back edge of the               cont......back cover

          Southwest Quadrant Sewer Project                                     $1 Million Awarded for Traffic Improvements
           Peter Dokuchitz, AICP, Associate Planner                                         Jodi Pearl, Grants Administrator

                                                                              The section of State Road 7 between Broward Boulevard and
By utilizing the Community         popular in Europe and is being             Sunrise Boulevard, one of the most widely traveled
Development Block Grant            used more and more in the                  transportation corridors in Broward County, experiences
(CDBG) funds, the City is in       United States.                             heavy congestion. One reason for this congestion is the faulty
the process of installing a                                                   layout of parking and driveways on the west side of State Road
vacuum-type sewer system           To date much of the piping is              7. Despite the close proximity of businesses and opportunity
                                                                              for additional parking, each is accessible by its own driveway
along the southwest section of     installed. This work was done
                                                                              rather than shared access points evenly distributed along the
State Road 7.               This   in conjunction with the water
                                                                              corridor. This leads to impaired, sluggish traffic flow and a
revolutionary system is much       main installation in the same              high rate of accidents resulting from dangerous stops, starts,
different in concept than the      area. The Utility Department               and abrupt turning movements.
normally installed gravity sewer   is in the process of procuring
system, which utilizes large       the specialized materials for the          To remedy this problem, Broward County awarded
gauge pipes and pumping            vacuum system from England                 approximately $1 Million in funding to connect parking areas
stations. The vacuum system        where the parts are manufac-               and enhance pedestrian circulation by forming a continuous
utilizes a closed system with      tured. Installation should be-             parallel drive between Broward Boulevard and Sunrise
smaller gauge pipes and            gin this spring and be com-                Boulevard. This will allow local north-south traffic to travel
vacuum suction to remove           pleted by the end of the year,             slower and independent of higher speed through-traffic on
wastewater to a central station    allowing operation to com-                 State Road 7. In addition, the parallel drive will create more
for processing. The ease of        mence soon after. As this                  parking spaces and be enhanced with landscape, streetscape
                                                                              and lighting.
operation and installation cost    sewer system will be the first
savings give the vacuum            of this type utilized in the City,
                                                                              This County-City partnership will create a convenient and ef-
system distinct advantages         it is with much anticipation that          ficient transportation system that meets the needs of State
over the gravity system. The       we look forward to its comple-             Road 7. Keep your eyes open, construction is slated to begin
vacuum system has been quite       tion and successful operation.             soon!
  Economic Incentives
   cont. from page 1                                                     ABC 441
                                                                       Richard Allison
Special signs will be installed
on the property site while the
redevelopment projects are        In January, ABC 441 sponsored a breakfast at the Miami Subs on State Road 7 to
under construction. In the        recognize Mayor Rae Carole Armstrong and City Staff for the outstanding job they
next few weeks, look for signs    have done “kick starting” redevelopment on State Road 7. The breakfast was attended
that say, “This redevelopment     by approximately 30 people, which included local business owners, City Staff, the
project was funded by the         Police Department and representatives from Melrose Park, Park East and Country
City of Plantation through the    Club Estates.
Plantation Gateway Economic
Incentive Program.” All           Redevelopment is not the sole responsibility of the City at large. It is up to local
funded projects are being         businesses and organizations to also make the commitment to redevelopment and
redeveloped according to the      become involved. In an effort to revitalize the ABC 441 organization, the City’s new
vision set forth in the           Communtiy Redevelopment office and Police Department, in addition to other City
Community Redevelopment           departments, have expressed an interest in working with businesses to help us realize
Agency Plan.                      our goals. This cannot happen without your support. By involving your business in
                                  redevelopment activities of State Road 7 and Plantation Gateway, we can prioritize our
If you have questions about       goals and put together a plan to reach these goals. If you have any ideas on how to
the program, please contact       reinvigorate businesses on State Road 7 and are interested in becoming involved, please
Kristin Mory, Econ. Develop-      contact Richard Allison at 583-1929.
ment Coord., at 797-2622.

                          Landscape Edge Treatment to be Installed along State Road 7
                                         Rachel Smith, Redevelopment Specialist
                                   As proposed in the Conceptual Plan, the installation of a continuous landscape edge treat-
                                   ment along State Road 7 is slated to begin early this summer. The first phase, to be
                                   constructed from SE 6 Street to Broward Boulevard and on the west side from Broward
                                   Boulevard to Plantation General Hospital, is being funded through the Community Devel-
                                   opment Block Grant Program and should be completed by the end of the year.

                                   The landscape plan calls for a Coco Plum hedge with Royal Palms evenly distributed along
                                   the corridor and will be embellished by Coconut Palms or Sable Palms at the intersections.
                                   This will enhance the FDOT installed decorative lights along State Road 7 and create a
                                   well-defined street edge. If you are interested in seeing what the completed project might
                                   look like, a demonstration project has been constructed at Plantation General Hospital.

                                   Because this project will be constructed behind the right of way line on private property,
                                   the City will be requesting a 10-foot landscape easement from property owners. This will
                                   enable the City to construct the landscape and irrigation, as well as continue to maintain it.
                                   The City will be contacting you shortly with this request.

                                   Once this project is completed, it will enhance the visual quality of State Road 7, along
                                   with the other streetscape improvements such as bus shelters and lighting. It will also
                                   contribute to a more positive perception of the corridor and attract new consumers and
                                   businesses, and generate a renewed interest from property owners in redevelopment
       Rezoning Amendment
         cont. from page 4

    Commercial” will be a general
    business district that allows retail
    sales, personal services, and
    office uses. Properties within this
    district are generally located on
    the east side of State Road 7,
    north of NW 3rd Street, and
    those properties generally
    located south of SW 1st Street
    and North of SW 8th Street on
    both sides of State Road 7.

    Additional information on any
    adopted or proposed Ordi-
    nances can be obtained by con-
    tacting the Planning and Zoning
    Department (954) 797-2225.

                                                   The Gate
Please submit your news and ideas about Plantation Gateway by June 2001. Submit to: Rachel Smith; 4312 W Broward Blvd.;
Plantation, FL 33317. By Phone: (954) 585-2330. By Fax: (954) 585-2331. By Email:

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                    Plantation Gateway Quarterly Newsletter

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