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					                           A President’s Farewell
Many of you have heard rumors that Stephen Miller is not seeking re-election as
President of Fauquier Girls Softball Association. Last night the rumor was laid to rest
when I did in fact step down. In doing so, I have left the organization in good hands and
under the leadership of Colin Borgstrom. Colin and several other members of the
organization will be embarking on a new journey to steer FGSA into the years to come.
I wish them well in their endeavors and am comfortable knowing that the girls of
Fauquier and surrounding areas will be well looked after and will have a place to play
softball for many years to come.

As I look back over the last six years, I have seen the organization go through many ups
and downs, tosses and turns, and we always seem to come back stronger. During my
tenure as President, FGSA has placed many people into positions that strengthened the
organization, building a strong Executive Board to provide a framework for success.
Without these board members, the organization surely would not have survived some of
the rocky terrain. As President of the organization from 2006 to 2011, I could not have
done the job without my wife Sharon, my daughter Michaela, my son Dakota, and all the
board members whose sacrifices and contributions often go unnoticed. To my wife and
children and fellow Board Members, THANK-YOU.

FGSA has seen many changes throughout the recent years, including the addition of
Coach Books, Codes of Conduct, Tournament Team Division, All-stars, Christmas
Parade participation and Scholarships for High School Seniors. Uniforms received a
much needed upgrade. We have implemented an Umpire Division to ensure that
games have umpires. FGSA participates in FGSA nights at the High Schools, which is
evolving into Youth Nights as other organization took our lead and wanted to get
involved. We have introduced training clinics for skills and agilities, pitching, batting,
coaching and scorekeeping. All of these enhancements were done to improve and
keep FGSA moving forward for the betterment of the girls playing in our league.

Safety has been increased over the years by updating equipment. Chin Straps and
Face Masks have been implemented to keep our girls safe. Double First Bases have
been installed. New equipment bags with first aid kits were distributed to all coaches.
New equipment boxes have been installed at several locations and a new equipment
shed had been purchased and placed in service. Every child and coach has been
covered by league insurance in the event an accident or injury did occur, and an
administrator placed in position to assist in handling getting those claims processed.

We worked hard to ensure that teams were age appropriate. Teams were divided using
a systematic approach with rules that applied to all. It may not have been what you
wanted, but it was always fair because it applied to everyone.
With the addition of two separate websites, we now have better tracking of registrations
with online registration and payment of fees, and coach registrations with the ability to
complete background checks on everyone. Our executive board has made
modifications to the by-laws to keep up to date on changing needs, we have updated
and improved the rules and regulations, age exception rules and made sure that
everyone has access to these documents on our website.

FGSA has made many enhancements to our league. Our Recreational league
continues to be the backbone of FGSA. We grew our 08U division and turned it into a
machine pitch division, giving these young players the opportunity to see a ball coming
with speed across the plate. We opened up a tee-ball division for our youngest players.
The end of season tournament format is now more like a regular tournament over one
weekend rather than several weeks. Players in the 08U division to our oldest players
now have the opportunity to play on All-Star teams, and participate in two All-Star
tournaments, with FGSA hosting its own All-Star Tournament every spring. And our
newest division, Fauquier FUSION Tournament teams who travel throughout Northern
Virginia and surrounding areas playing in tournaments as well as hosting small
tournaments here in Fauquier County. We are very proud of the progress made in

Please help me in welcoming and wishing good luck to the new and returning board
members of Fauquier Girls Softball Association.
Colin Borgstrom – President
Allison Coppage – VP Administration
David Jones – VP Operations
Ken Hasle – VP Finance
Shawn Preston – Secretary (temporary)
Becky Fitzwater – Treasurer
Nikol Jones – Registrar
Stephanie Streight – FUSION Business Director
Dean Sheetz – Equipment Manager

Yes, FGSA has grown a lot, and I have been fortunate to have been a part of the
growth. I will miss many aspects of this position as I move on and FGSA will always be
a special memory of mine. As a final reminder to parents, coaches, board members
and players, this organization cannot move forward without the countless hours of
dedication and work performed by all those who volunteer their time and effort. FGSA
is run 100% by volunteers, administrators and coaches alike, and there is no pay except
that which we gain by watching the girls of Fauquier County and surrounding areas
learn, enjoy and PLAY SOFTBALL.

Stephen Miller
FORMER President, Fauquier Girls Softball Association

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