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									                                           A P PL ICA TI ON FOR TH E
                                 T ER M INATI ON OF D EC ED ENT ’ S I NT ER E ST
                              AND CON FIRMATION OF A PPLICAN T’S INTER EST
                                                 IN PRO PERT Y
   Use black ink

      DECEDENT’S NAME                                                   DATE OF DEATH

      ADDRESS OF DECEDENT AT DATE OF DEATH                                    CITY                   ST         ZIP

   I c e r t i f y t h a t I h a v e v i e we d a c e r t i f i e d c o p y o f t h e d e c e d e n t ’ s d e a t h

   _ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ __                                   _ ___ ____ ___ ___ _
   REGISTER OF DEEDS SIGNATURE                                                         DATE                                      Recording area

THE INTEREST OF THE DECEDENT IN THE PROPERTY NOTED HEREIN                                                                    Name and return address:
I S H E R E B Y T E R M I N AT E D / C O N F I R M E D U N D E R T H E F O L L O W I N G S T AT U T E :
 (please check appropriate statute)

   s. 867.045 which pertains to real property in which the decedent was a joint
tenant, had a vendor’s or mortgagee’s interest, or had a life estate. (You must
provide a copy of the document establishing interest in the real property.)

   s. 867.046 which pertains to property of a decedent specified in a marital
property agreement; survivorship marital property; or a third party confirmation; or
a nonprobate transfer on death as described in s.705.10(1).
(You must provide a copy of the document establishing interest in property.)
                                                                                                                             Parcel Identification Number
Presentation of recorded document establishing interest in real estate.                                                      S E N D T AX S T A T E M E N T T O :

     DOCUMENT #                   VOLUME/REEL                 PAGE/IMAGE              RECORDS/DEEDS

Description of the real estate.                                                         S e e At t a c h e d

     Description of personal property (if any) being transferred.
     You may list savings accounts, checking accounts and securities on attached pages. Indicate person(s) receiving property.
     DECL AR ATION: I(We) declare that this document is, to the best of my(our) knowledge and belief, true, correct and
     complete and is in conformity with the provisions and limitations of the Wisconsin Statutes.
              Name and Address                    Applicant’s                  Applicant Signature
         (List all remaindermen/            Interest in Property                   (Notarized)                   Date
            beneficiaries. If more space is                       (ie: spouse, remainderman,              (Print or type name below signature)
            needed, attach pages.)                                beneficiary)

     This document was drafted                           ST ATE OF WISCONSIN, County of
     by:(print or type name below)                       Subscribed and sworn to before me on:

                                                         by the above named person(s):

                                                         Signature of Notary or other person
         Wisconsin Register of Deeds                     authorized to administer an oath (as per
          Association Form HT-110                        s 706.06, 706.07)
         Website Version 05/27/2010
                                                         Print or type name:
                                                         Title:                                                       Date Commission Expires:

             DIRECTIONS FOR COMPLETING                           D. COMPLETING THIS FORM
                  THE HT-110 FORM                                 Complete the form accurately and legibly, using black
A. WHO MAY USE THIS FORM                                         ink. If needed, ask your attorney for help with legal
This form may be used by persons entitled to receive             questions and contact your Register of Deeds for
property of a decedent under sections 867.045(1) and/or          information on recording requirements.
867.046(2) of the Wisconsin Statutes. Note: Complete
form TOD-110 for transfers to a Transfer on Death                If you are transferring securities and bank accounts, your
beneficiary.                                                     banker may provide assistance, if needed.

Section 867.045 pertains to the decedent’s interest as a         Submit with this form:
joint tenant or life tenant in real property, in the vendor’s       1. A certified copy of the death certificate.
interests in land contracts, and a mortgagee’s interests in         2. A copy of the document that shows joint tenancy,
mortgages. The surviving joint tenants, remaindermen or             life estate, survivorship marital property, vendor’s
any person interested in the property may file this form.           interest, mortgagee’s interest or other interest noted
Section 867.046(2) pertains to the interest of the                  3. A copy of the real estate tax bill for each parcel for
decedent in Real and Personal Property (including                   the year immediately preceding the decedent’s death.
among others and without limitation, saving and                     Many counties no longer require the property tax bill to
checking accounts, securities, and money and other                  be attached to the HT-110. Check the WRDA website
benefits due as noted in §705.10) which is held as        
survivorship marital property, or is noted in insurance             to be certain.
policies, contracts of employment, bonds, mortgages,                4. Check the WRDA website at
promissory notes, certificated or uncertificated securities,
account agreements, custodial agreements, deposit                   es.html for current recording fees to be submitted with
agreements, compensation plans, pension plans,                      document.
individual retirement accounts, employee benefit plans,
trusts, conveyances, deeds of gift, marital property             Describing real estate (if any):
agreements, vendor interests in land contracts,                     1. Attach the complete and accurate legal description
mortgagee interests in mortgages or other written                   of each parcel of real estate. A copy of your deed will
instruments of similar nature. The remainder/surviving              have this information, but if part of the land was sold
person(s), or person(s) receiving the interest, or any              off prior to decedent’s death it must be excluded from
interested person may file this form.                               the legal description.
                                                                    2. If your county requires a parcel identification
B. WHAT PROPERTY MAY BE TRANSFERRED                                 number, that number is found on the property tax bill.
This form may be used to transfer the following non-                There will be a number for each tax parcel.
probate property in which the decedent had an interest:             Check the WRDA website
     1. Real estate in Wisconsin. (Includes vendee’s                tm to see if your county requires a parcel identification
     interest in a land contract as per OAG opinion 1/97).          number
     2. Vendor’s interests in land contracts.
     3. Mortgagee’s interests in mortgages.                      Describing personal property (if any):
     4. Savings accounts and checking accounts.                    1. Securities – Provide the name of the company, the
     5. Securities.                                                last 3 digits only of the certificate or serial numbers, if
     6. Other property noted in A above.                           any and the ownership interests (such as the number
                                                                   of shares of stock, percentage interest or number of
C. WHERE SHOULD THIS FORM BE RECORDED                              units in a partnership or limited liability company).
If the decedent had an interest in real estate, a land             2. Savings and Checking Accounts – Provide the
contract, or a mortgage, record this form with the Register        names and addresses of financial institutions in which
of Deeds of the county in which the real estate is located.        savings and checking accounts are located along with
If this form does not include real estate, a land contract, or     the last 3 digits only of the account numbers.
a mortgage, record this form with the Register of Deeds of         3. Vendor’s interest in land contract and mortgagee’s
the county in which the decedent lived prior to death.             interest in mortgage – Attach a copy of your land
                                                                   contract or mortgage containing a legal description of
If the decedent had an interest in more than one parcel of         the real estate affected. No tax bill is required for a
real estate, land contract or mortgage, and the relevant           vendor’s or mortgagee’s interest.
real estate is located in different counties, a separate form
must be filed with the Register of Deeds of each county in        NOTE: If you are the person(s) signing this form, your
which the relevant real estate is located. On any form           signatures(s) on the form must be notarized.
recorded with a Register of Deeds, only list the real estate,
land contract, or mortgage related to real estate located in
that particular county.

Rev  5/13/2010 

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