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Arch Bridges
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Bridge Engineering
Champion: Dr Albert Daly, Research Manager, National Roads Authority, Dublin

Bridge Engineering is planning a themed issue for March 2012 on arch                     Bridge Engineering publishes high quality papers on
bridges.                                                                                 all aspects of bridge engineering likely to be of use
                                                                                         or general interest to practitioners and researchers.
The arch is a bridge form that is widely recognised by the public. The arch form         Topics covered include the design, construction,
dates back to long before Roman times, although the Romans made wide use of              maintenance, management, monitoring and
arch bridges in the construction of their strategic road networks. Arch bridges are      upgrading of all types of bridge structures including
important structures, not only because of their heritage value but also because          highway and rail bridges and viaducts, pedestrian
of the large number of these bridges on the road and rail network. In the UK, for        bridges and walkways, aqueducts and temporary
example, 60% of all bridges are arches.                                                  crossings. State-of-the-art papers, reviews of
                                                                                         current methodologies and systems, project
Arch bridges are fundamental to the functioning of the road, rail and waterway           case studies, brief descriptions of innovation and
infrastructure of the country and, as such, need careful management. Some arch           historical papers are all welcomed.
bridges are more than 500 years old and are experiencing loads never envisaged
by their original designers. In spite of this, many old arch bridges are quite happily
carrying modern 44 tonne vehicles without any apparent signs of distress. Arch
bridges come in many forms, from the conventional stone and masonry arch
bridge with rubble or gravel fill, to the more spectacular long-span modern
arch bridges constructed with steel and concrete, of which there are over 100            Why publish with ICE?
worldwide with main spans in excess of 300 m.
Despite the large number and variety of arch bridges, both their short and long-         access to ICE membership – Thomas Telford
                                                                                         Limited, as the publishing arm of ICE, is the only publisher
term behaviour is still poorly understood even after significant research.
                                                                                         that brings you direct access to ICE’s membership of
Papers are invited on subjects related to the design, construction, inspection and       80,000.
management of arch bridges including the following:
                                                                                         visibility   – we also have thousands of readers who are
Papers are invited on, but are not limited to, the following themes:                     not members of ICE, from corporations, to governments,
                                                                                         to universities. Our journals are included in major
 n Historical significance of arch bridges                                               engineering indexes and resources.

 n Inspection and non-destructive load testing as an aid to assessment                   quality – our journals’ reputation for quality is
                                                                                         unsurpassed, ensuring that the originality, authority and
 n Methods for the structural assessment of masonry arch bridges                         accuracy of your work will be fully recognised.
 n Long-span concrete and steel arch bridges
                                                                                         support – if your paper is accepted, you will have a
 n Innovative arch bridge forms                                                          dedicated editorial contact who will handle all of your
                                                                                         enquiries and provide you with guidance on writing your
 n Maintenance of arch bridge                                                            paper.
 n Repair and strengthening methods
                                                                                         marketing – our marketing team has extensive
 n Dynamic loading and response                                                          experience of working with author and librarian
                                                                                         communities to make sure your work is seen by people
The deadline for abstracts is 26th November 2010. The deadline for submissions           who matter, including top academics, industry leaders,
is 25th March 2011.                                                                      companies and institutions.

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