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									                                                   Telephone               07905 154130
                                                                          020 8289 8258

Schools judged “outstanding” by OfSTED have the opportunity to convert to become an
Academy. The process of conversion can be time consuming with a considerable amount
for the school to do itself – and requires some key decisions.

Apsidea Ltd manages the process with the school as follows:

In the preliminary stages, we will:
 attend governing body meetings, as required, to support consideration of Academy
     status – describing opportunities and implications for governors and senior managers
     and for funding

   provide summaries of the funding agreement and advice about the procedures that
    Academies have to put in place.

   support consultation– producing documents and managing meetings, including with
    staff and parents. At this stage we will commence the TUPE process

   support the school, where necessary, in discussions with dioceses, trusts or
    foundations, particularly about future governance and land ownership.

    Once the decision to convert is made, we will:
     Continue the TUPE process and negotiations about land transfer

        Create the Academy Trust – securing agreement to governance documents from
         the DfE and incorporating the company

        Commence contract transfer and new arrangements for bank accounts, payroll,
         audit and insurance

        Prepare and secure DfE sign off for the Funding Agreement

         When the funding agreement is signed, we will:
          Complete registrations and contract and land transfer

             Support publicity and any launch or other event

Please contact Adrian Smith – either by telephone or email – to explore the process and
the support that Apsidea Ltd provides.

Apsidea Ltd offers these services for a fixed fee of £7,000 – including expenses - plus VAT.
Apsidea Ltd                                                     
A company registered in England and Wales:
company no: 7286494       VAT no: 996 7417 52    53 Hayes Chase, West Wickham, Kent BR4 0HX
                                                  Telephone               07905 154130
                                                                         020 8289 8258

Apsidea Ltd can provide further support if required as the school adapts to its new status.

Conversion costs
The DfE provides a fixed sum grant of £25,000 towards the costs of conversion, any
balance from which transfers to the Academy. Our fee can be claimed against that grant.
In addition, there will also be some small additional costs for legal services; Companies
House and land registry fees; and possibly from the school’s HR provider to support the
TUPE process – in particular to ensure all staff are included and the appropriate
organisations are consulted.
Other costs will vary from school to school, but you can expect to be charged over half of
the DfE grant to enter into a new license for your information management system. There
will also be some rebranding costs.

Apsidea Ltd is a small consultancy undertaking projects for schools and interim
management in central and local government.
See our website for more information:

Academy conversions are managed by Adrian Smith, who has 27 years experience in both
national and local government, including at strategic level, ending as Deputy Director of
Children’s Services in a London Borough.
Adrian was the lead LA officer for three Academies – opening in record time; he has lead
national and local implementation of federations and trusts; and made successful BSF and
PCP submissions.
Since July 2010, Adrian has successfully supported two schools to convert to Academy

Adrian brings a strong blend of experience in policy development and implementation in
education and Children’s Services; with strength in partnership working. Adrian is an
Associate Member of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services.

Apsidea Ltd                                                    
A company registered in England and Wales:
company no: 7286494       VAT no: 996 7417 52   53 Hayes Chase, West Wickham, Kent BR4 0HX

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