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									Expert tips for product selection
of parquet and laminate underlays

                 1. Walking noise reduction

                 Unpleasantly loud impact sound is often created by the hard upper surface of laminate floors in parti-
                 cular. These noises are noticeable within the same room and called walking noise or footfall sound.
                 The walking noise is significantly influenced by the insulating underlay. Modern products (e.g. the
                 SELITAC® or SELITFLEX® series) attain a walking noise reduction of 5-6 dB, which corresponds to
                 almost half of the sound level!

                 2. Impact sound insulation
                 Walking on laminate flooring also creates a noise load in the rooms underneath. These noises are ge-
                 nerally called footfall sound and their containment is extremely important, especially in flats. This type
                 of noise is also significantly influenced by insulating materials, for which peak values of 20 - 22 dB
                 are attained (SELITAC® or SELITFLEX®). These values were measured as per ISO 140-8 for a stan-
                 dard commercial laminate floor.

                 3. Compression strength
                 A pressure-resistant underlay is absolutely necessary, especially for click laminate floors, in order to
                 prevent possible damage in the tongue and groove joints.

                 A resistance to pressure of at least 2 t/m² is recommended. This is the only way to ensure that the
                 click connection is also effectively protected against heavy furniture, etc. The SELITAC® or SELIT-
                 FLEX® series can nonetheless also absorb or compensate for smaller uneven areas.

                 4. Compensation for unevenness
                 In addition to insulating against impact sound and walking noise, an underlay also has a com-
                 pensatory function. In the final analysis, the wood flood should be fully supported and not contain
                 hollow areas. This is the weak point for many “silent laminate floors”, which include insulation against
                 impact sound. If the design is too thin (< 1 mm) or too hard, unevenness in the floor cannot be
                 compensated for and hollow points are created in the surface used! The most suitable are insulating
                 underlays, which indeed demonstrate high resistance to pressure (see point 3), but nonetheless com-
                 pensate for occasional unevenness. SELITAC® 5 mm can compensate for e.g. intermittent uneven-
                 ness of up to 4 mm, yet still offer high stability under pressure!
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Expert tips for product selection
of parquet and laminate underlays

                   5. Increased walking comfort

                   Laminate floors in particular are very hard floor materials which severely limit walking
                   comfort. Through a compressively elastic insulating underlay (SELITAC® / SELITFLEX®) a
                   more pleasant walking feeling (forest floor effect) is created and walking comfort markedly
                   increased. Silent laminate floors with very thin (< 1 mm) or very hard insulating materials
                   on the back side of the panel create a decisive disadvantage in particular in this case. It
                   thus makes sense to also lay down compensating insulating underlay to optimise walking
                   comfort (e.g. SELITFLEX® 1.6 mm) for such floors.

                   6. Protection against moisture
                   Parquet and laminate floors in particular are extremely sensitive to moisture from below. In
                   general, 0.2-mm-thick PE foil is thus mandated as moisture protection for a mineral subfloor
                   (as per VOB). The combination products SELITAC®-, SELITFLEX®- and SELIT-PRO® series or
                   the PE vapour barrier foil can also be used in this regard. What is decisive is the impervi-
                   ousness to vapour of the products used. These should possess a value of at least sd > 100
                   m. The combination products of the SELITAC®, SELITFLEX® and SELIT-PRO® series, as well
                   as the SELITstop® PE vapour barrier film meet this criterion (sd > 100 m).

                   7. Installation over floor heating
                   As both laminate and parquet are good insulating materials, installation over floor
                   heating should be considered carefully. Installation is in principle possible, but the fol-
                   lowing considerations must be observed: The entire floor construction (insulating underlay
                   + laminate / parquet) should not have an overall thermal insulation resistance of over
                   0.15 m²K/W. The less this value is, the better the floor heating efficiency will be.

                                    7 mm laminate                 7 mm laminate                14 mm parquet
                                    (0.07 m²K/W)                  (0.07 m²K/W)                 (0.11 m²K/W)

                                    +                             +                            +
                                    SELITAC® 2.2 mm               SELITAC® 5 mm                SELITFLEX® 1.6 mm
                                    (0.063 m²K/W)                 (0.143 m²K/W)                (0.04 m²K/W)

                                    = 0.133 m²K/W                 = 0.213 m²K/W                = 0.15 m²K/W

                              suitable                   not suitable                    suitable
                           ≤ 0.15 m²K/W                > 0.15 m²K/W                 ≤ 0.15 m²K/W   
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