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                                Reality TV


                                        Executor: „MatchMaker Serbia“

                                      The Agency has been present for several
                                      years on the territory of Serbia and Europe
                                      in the role of matchmaking, organization of
                                      tournaments      and     management      of
                                      sportsmen from this region.
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         printing institution

A tendency that began fifteen years ago in the world (Japan, USA) is
becoming more popular in Serbia. Namely, thanks to serials like “Big
brother” or “Operation Triumph” popular world reality series, an interactive
form of telecommunication has become extremely popular within a large
specter of the domestic population. The audience through reality shows has
finally been awarded the necessary element of its own participation, its
voting and decision making about the outcome of the show. Therefore,
worldwide new and interesting concepts of reality shows that are even more
appealing for the audience are being developed.

               It gives us great pleasure to present you
           a unique Reality show in Serbia, even in Europe!

               “THE ROAD TO THE RING OF FIRE”

The essence of this program is presenting sixteen candidates out of all
applicants who would literally fight their way into the “Ring of Fire”. The
“Ring of Fire” is an American company that promotes a sport under the
name of MMA ( MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is the most
dynamic contact sport in the world. A fight consists of three rounds per five
minutes according to the unified rules. In order for a sportsman to fight
according to the rules of MMA it is necessary to master the following sports:

  •   Standing: various forms of boxing, kick boxing, thai boxing as well as
      full contact karate
  •   Clinch: Greco-Roman wrestling, Freestyle wrestling, Sambo, Judo
  •   Ground: Brazilian jiu-jitsu, shooto, Judo and Sambo

One of the most attractive aspects of this sport is the ground game, and one
of the reasons it is destined to become an Olympic sport is its similarity to
Ancient Greek wrestling. Namely, in countries like Japan and USA sportsmen
that are MMA fighters enjoy the status of top stars and sports halls are sold
out with record attendance of even 60.000! Even the famous Donald Trump
bought shares in the promotion of the new “Affliction” MMA organization.


The Agency “MatchMaker Serbia” has been present for several years on the
territory of Serbia and Europe in the role of matchmaking, organization of
tournaments and management of sportsmen from Europe and America. It is
the holder of the franchise: “Ring of Fire Europe” since December 2006.
“ROF” or the American “Ring of Fire” has branches in USA, Europe, Japan
and Brasil.

Thanks to the cooperation of Mr. Sven Bean, the owner of the franchise,
three fighters from Serbia have participated in the “Ring of Fire” in Denver,
Colorado. “ROF” in Denver has been nationally televised on “HD NET”
Television owned by Mark Cuban (NBA Dallas Maverics owner).

                   Now for the first time in the area
               an original reality show is being formed,
   to find a sportsman in the region worthy of “The Ring of Fire”.

The basic condition for competitors is that they have not participated as
amateurs or pros as fighters in an MMA event. However, competitors must
have experience in the afore mentioned sports as this is only one of the
steps to the “Ring of Fire”.

The agency “MatchMaker Serbia” guarantees that all participants that apply
and later qualify for participation in this reality show, will receive the top
possible coaching from all aspects of mixed martial arts sports and camps.

The agency “MatchMaker Serbia” has provided two of the most competent
people in the world as judges:

   1. Mr. Sven Bean, longtime Sports Director of K-1 USA and owner of the
      “ROF” franchise.
   2. Mr. Igor Jushko, the most famous European Manager/Promoter and
      Director of the K-1 European Division!

     All major martial arts camps in the country and the region are more
than enthusiastic to convey their knowledge in martial arts, in sports where
they are highly qualified, either as world champions or coaches of world


The reality show “The road to the Ring of Fire” as MMA itself has multiple

   1. The most important goal is the audience. According to research of several
      leading rating agencies, the target group would be mainly male and would
      cover an amazing span from 17 to 77 years! Every spec of violence that
      could eventually be negatively conveyed to youths would be transformed
      through a positive slogan: “Prove yourself in the ring”. This would enable
      hooligan like young men to form themselves as self conscious
      fighters and not a horde that violates the streets. Thus, MMA is a sport,
      NOT a violence, and it is a sport that does not tolerate doping, alcohol, or
      other chemical stimulus, a sport that emphasizes the development of
      body and soul as a choice of the future!

   2. The “Modus Operandi” of the entire project has the goal of finding a
      sportsman worthy of the world scene in Serbia. Namely, the winner of
      the reality show “The Road to the Ring of Fire” has a guaranteed fight in the
      original “ROF” in Denver and in case of success there may go on to sign a
      one year contract with a leading MMA promotion in USA!


The reality show “The Road to the Ring of Fire” consists of the following

   1. Marketing
   2. Informing and application of potential candidates (auditions)
   3. Filming: Casting – extremely interesting part in which we are provided with
      an opportunity to meet the many candidates from various backgrounds,
      education and interests, who have auditioned with the aim to prove to the
      judges why they are the ideal candidates for the King of the Ring of Fire
   4. Filming: Selection of fighters
   5. Filming: Per day, visiting boxing, kick boxing, Muay Thai camps, at the end
      of the day one of the candidates is eliminated by way of jury or audience
   6. Filming: the Final match, two of the best, most skilled competitors fight for
      the status of King of the Ring of Fire.
   7. Following the winner to America, where our winner will perform for prestige
      and the glory of Europe (on national TV)


This is not or neither will it be the first reality show based on MMA skills. The
series as well as the show itself will achieve the biggest success if the winner
really becomes a world class athlete in this sport, that has currently K.O-ed
boxing as the most popular martial arts sport in the world! By doing so, the
winner would bring glory to himself as well as to Europe, who he will
represent at every event. Just as a reminder, many years ago in Tokyo a
Croatian by the name of Mirko Filipovic appeared, his story and popularity
are immense…..simple Google his name….

           Detail from the original ROF in Denver 16.02.2007,
    Damir “Dado” Mihajlovic from Novi Sad against Eliot “Fire”Marshall

 Dado Mihajlovic had apsolutely no problems in getting an American visa
for his trip to the States as apart from being an MMA fighter “Dado” is also
a fifth year regular student of Electro-Technical Sciences at the University
                                 of Novi Sad

                          „МatchMaker Serbia“
                       copntact: Mr. Djordje Vlajić
                Телефон: (+381) (0)11.2455.908, 3830.541

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